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OT2: Outtake-isode 2 (or “Social Boogaloo”)

The Weekend Social brings you the best outtakes from the last seven episodes! Hear your favorite guest hosts like you’ve never heard them before! New and improved! And with new dance moves, bitches!!! •E06 w/ Mr. Clean• 01-Kraft 02-Rock Band 03-Non-binary Tomato 04-I Want My MTV 05-Twist On The Downstroke 06-DBB Weiss 07-Like Trivia To Ulcers •E07 w/ High Gravity• 01-Drummers vs. Flatters 02-Chinese Costco 03-Senior Limpiar 04-The Hot Towel in the Face 05-Nipple Shots 06-I Thought It Was...


E12 - The Ukrainian Doogie Howser (or “The Case of The Missing Dogs”)

================================ *🎖🛠🏅CHISLER CHALLENGE🏅🛠🎖* SoundCloud link (click follow) iTunes link (subscribe and rate) Stitcher link (click ➕) ...When you’re done, email us and we will give you a personalized shout out and read your email on Episode 14! ================================ The Husky Weight Tag Team Podcast World Champs, E-Money and The Chisler, return to the podcasting squared circle with first time special guest host, The Mongoose! The three get down to business and...


E11 - The Herbalife of Killin’ Folks (or “The Case of The X-ers”)

Does your podcast go up to eleven? This one does!!! E-Money and The Chisler are joined by one of Chisler’s long-time friends, Saul Goodman, to crank this muzzle fuzzle up! After a shout out to Chris Smith and responding to an email from White Claw, we get down to business and three discuss gen-x-er-ness, the ars juris, fatherhood, an upcoming Halloween party, skipping beer fests, Reggaetron’s gifts to E-Money and the Chisler, a sub-contract hit in China, regrettable tattoos / regrettable...


E10 - The 1st World Podcast Championship Title Match (or “The Case of The Wild Animals”)

It’s official! The Weekend Social Podcasters are the World Husky Weight Tag Team Podcast Champions, and now they have the belts to prove it! E-Money gets a new theme song performed by The Chisler, and the two welcome back their friend, Tazmann, to take on the champs for their titles! Who is ferocious enough to paired with the Prime Minister of Tasmania?! How about the father of the fearless Honey Badger— that’s right, E-Money’s father-in-law, Daddy Badger! After debuting the belts, the four...


E09 - Singing the Bumbaclaats (or "The Case of SEVERAL Too Many...")

E09 - Singing the Bumbaclaats (or “A Case of SEVERAL Too Many White Claws”) Finally the World Husky Weight Tag Team Podcast Champions return to the audio squared-circle! E-Money and The Chisler are joined by their good friend from Jamaica, ReggaeTron! The three gentlemen discuss another trip around the sun for E-Money, hyping E10, a wrestling belt update, Jamaican Patois, water sports (no, not that kind you sickos), birthday plans, rural viagra, a camel suffering an unfortunate injury at a...


E08 - Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind (or “The Case of The Girthy Two”)

The World Huskyweight Tag Team Champions of Podcasting, E-Money and The Chisler, welcome back The Watcher for his second appearance! The three chat about Creature, Legos, smoked brisket, Russians versus Belarussians, binge watching, apologizing to Bachelor Nation, lacrosse activities, Wheel’s broken leg, Chisler’s inability to perform car maintenance, the bad ideas surrounding the storm of Area 51, the floating man, a jogger’s death in an ironic location, a bridesmaid makes the most of...


E07 - If Podcasting Taught Me Anything... (or “The Case of The Runover Foot”)

The World Husky Weight Tag Team Podcasting Champions return with a brand new guest host, High Gravity! E-Money and the Chisler are surprised by our new friends over at From the Earth Brewing Co. ( who send over some amazing food and killer beers to enjoy for the night— thanks again, guys!!! The three guys discuss Chisler’s bricked iPhone, kayaking, mermaids on the river, Buffalo Wings, drinking games for Monday Might Football, Ohio State College, wrestling belts, Bachelor...


OT1 - The Outtake-isode 1 (or "A Case of Money Claws")

In this special retrospective episode, we bring you all of the clips that weren’t included in the final version of our first six releases of The Weekend Social Podcast. Hosted by The Chisler, this show compiles the hidden gems featuring all of your favorite guest hosts, The Chisler and E-Money! Segment titles below— enjoy! E0.5 (Introsode): Quantum Leap - Tables Ladders & Chairs - Million Dollar Noose - What She Said E01 (w/ Mr. Clean): Opening Montage - Penis Enlargement - American Idol -...


E06 - What's With Curry? (or "The Case of the Instafamous Octopus")

The first official guest host on The Weekend Social returns to the podcasting squared circle! Mr. Clean joins E-Money and The Chisler as they discuss the impending school year, weekend plans, a face-hugging octopus in the State of Washington, millennial men hijacking Money Claws, Anheuser-Busch’s current financial situation, pre-war renovations leading to unexpected big returns, banning scooters after hours, game of thrones, ulcers, Mr. Clean’s super power, Chisler submitting his resignation...


E05 - The Four Way Deathisode (or "Being Cesar Millaned")

E05 - The Four Way Deathisode (or "Being Cesar Millaned") The Chisler and E-Money welcome their lovely wives, The Happening and the much discussed Honey Badger, for a cage exhibition match of biblical podcasting proportions! The four chat about video games, flip-cupping, going to the drive-in, E-Money’s garage renovation, Six Flags, undercover cops busting motorists using their phones, their mounts, Missy Elliot’s new album, Alexa apparently saving a woman from domestic assault, a suspect...


E04 - The Last Gold Bond Jedi (or “The Case of the Missing $175K”)

E04 - The Last Gold Bond Jedi (or “The Case of the Missing $175K”) E-Money and The Chisler return from the summer holidays to welcome their guest host, The Watcher! The three discuss the upcoming four-way death-isode with The Happening and Honey Badger, Ohio’s crop status (knee-high?), air swimming, fatherhood, Money Claw Mandingos, Finland’s two most notable exports (knitting and heavy metal) coming together, doors open on an armored car on I-285 and the morning commute lottery, Rip Torn is...


E03 - Plumb and Plumber (or "A Case of The Git Ups)

E03 - Plumb and Plumber (or “A Case of the Git Ups”) E-Money and the Chisler are joined for an action packed episode by beautiful Mrs. Chisler, The Happening (@TheHappeningFAW)! The three chat about the plans for their upcoming Father’s Day weekend, the newest viral video trend / Chisler alarm clock, Varsity Blues and beverage magnate parental abuse, the Chisler’s NYC arch nemesis goes down thanks to Operation Meltdown, Trump swivels on the return to Moon and Mars is inappropriately grabbing...


E02 - Loose Sharts Sink Hearts (or "The Case of the Missing Half Dollar")

E02 - Loose Sharts Sink Hearts (or “The Case of the Missing Half Dollar”) E-Money and The Chisler welcome The Tazmann back to podcasting in this episode of The Weekend Social (now with live 15-Love scoring)! The three discuss Memorial Day Weekend antics, inadequate substitute selzers, Mall Crawlers, Home Depot vs. Lowes, R.I.P. Rip Torn, Scottie Pippen’s ridiculous lawsuit, the implications of drone deliveries, the car buying Bishop in the Chinese Diocese of the Church of Pinching Pennies,...


E01 - No More Second Chantix (or "The Three-Legged Race in the Champagne Room")

E01 - No More Second Chantix (or “The Three-Legged Race in the Champagne Room”) The Chisler and E-Money invite Mr. Clean to the first official episode of the Weekend Social! Mr. Clean and E-Money’s long standing friendship is discussed, Mr. Clean gives some fatherly advice, the Chisler contemplates the effect of creating Mortal Kombat 11 on it’s developers, Bruce Willis gets booed by the Philadelphia Phillies, Kim Kardashian is skin shamed, E-Money reveals his own skin troubles, White Claws...


E0.5 - Introductions (or "A Case of Routine Poutine")

E0.5 - Introductions (or “A case of Routine Poutine”) The Weekend Social E0.5: The Chisler and new co-host, E-Money, introduce themselves and discuss life in Roswell, the Chisler’s 4-year podcasting hiatus, the Happening and Honey Badger, the Duggar’s )$1.8 million flip, the Quebec Hamburglar, WWE wrestling, Smackdown, Shane McMahon, Xbox, waking up / throwing up to Trump’s America, and wrap the show up with a trivia drinking game. (@FoChisel on Twitter, Articles:...