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One part improv comedy, one part game show, one part wrestling spectacular and one part current events, all wrapped in the most professional sounding audio experience in the genre. Featuring the Husky Weight Tag Team Podcast Champions of the World, hosts E-Money and the Chisler are joined by a different guest star each episode to square off in contests of intellects that will entertain you like no other podcast can!


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One part improv comedy, one part game show, one part wrestling spectacular and one part current events, all wrapped in the most professional sounding audio experience in the genre. Featuring the Husky Weight Tag Team Podcast Champions of the World, hosts E-Money and the Chisler are joined by a different guest star each episode to square off in contests of intellects that will entertain you like no other podcast can!






E42 [S3:E03] - Squirrels Up, Tabs Down (w/ Guest Host Tiki Rancher)

•Show Nuts• With the holidays, family, life changes and build videos finally settling down, we can get back to editing. Our latest episode features our SUPER talented neighbor and good friend, Tiki Rancher, making his first appearance on the show! We discuss Silent J’s vocal doppelgänger, thunderbolts, crafting art, the “Superman moment”, E-Money’s basement progress, retelling the squirrel incident, Chisler’s embarrassing intimate moment, quick bits, and the best Just the Tip we’ve had to...


E41 [S3:E02] - M. Night Shamalamadingdong (w/ Guest Host Silent J)

Various projects have been delaying both The Chisler and E-Money, so they bring the Trivia Titan, Silent J, back to the Weekend Social to talk some sense into the boys. Check out the horror movie recommendations (just in time for Halloween) and see if Silent J maintains his hygiene by bathing in more of E-Money’s lost-trivia tears! •Show Nuts• Snakes alive! Georgia couple finds 18 snakes under bed


E40 [S3:E01] - The Cost of Give A Fuck (w/ Guest Host Mr. Clean)

A new season of the Weekend Social begins, and Mr. Clean joins in the conversation. New beginnings for the three gentlemen, as life gets a little Loki. Video bit: •Show Nuts• How UFO sightings went from joke to national security worry in Washington K9 bites cow, SC deputy Tases K9, cow kicks deputy


E39 [S2:E15] - You’re Either Dhalsim or You’re Vega (or “How to Live Like Leo DiCaprio”)

(This episode was recorded on March 24, and the Chisler was blindsided by the news that he needed to find a new house and move. So after a brief hiatus, we are finally back!) In our longest episode ever, E-Money and The Chisler welcome back 6th time guest host, ReggaeTron, and the first time guest, The Archivist! The three discuss Germany, video games, sex during quarantine, good Samaritans, #WhatIsInterlokken, and much more. After trying to guess “What’s in the Box?!” the Tag Team titles...


E38 [S2:E14] - It’s 2021, You Can Be Whatever U Want 2 B (or “How to Crush Life”)

E-Money and The Chisler are joined by the 6th time guest host, The Watcher! The three discuss From The Earth (vote here:, The Watchress, Dennis Rodman, Happy Wife = Keep Your Life, Ring-O, Magic Mushrooms, Robot Fabian, Black bears or Brown bears, and David Goggins. The Watcher brings his depth of streaming knowledge in “Balls Deep”, guess are made for “What’s In The Box?”, and then...


E37 [S2:E13] - Where We’re Going We Don’t Need... Roads (or “How to Live a Wise Life”)

E-Money and The Chisler welcome back The Tazmann for his fifth appearance on the Weekend Social! The three discuss surviving COVID, Robot Fabian, politics, E-Money’s Christmas sweater (video bit:, cicadas, sex dolls, comedians, The Simpsons, Double D and long term plans for the podcast. Tazmann gets his chance to guess “What’s in the Box?!” and then faces off against E-Money in an exciting battle of sports trivia! But stick around for the end, because Tazmann...


E36 [S2:E12] - Social Bubbling Over (or “How to Live a Life Like Dad”

E-Money and The Chisler welcome Mr. Clean back for his sixth episode, and Mr. Clean brings a tag team partner LONG OVERDUE to The Weekend Social, their good mutual friend, Fabian Hill! The four discuss chocolate bars, ushering in the new year, marathon concert tours, football, ear mushroom, was Chuck Norris at the Capitol Building, IoT hackers locking “smart” chastity belts, advice to kids, sex scenes in movies, how the guys met, Daddy Badger and wrestling. A fabulous new segment of “What’s...


E35 [S2:E11] - Micheal Jordan’s Last Dance (or “How to Receive The Best Advice”)

Video Bit Audio Podcast: It’s a landmark episode for multiple reasons!!! E-Money and The Chisler welcome J-Magic to the show for his first appearance on The Weekend Social. The three discuss sports (say whah?!), frisbee golf, the tough decision of putting down an older dog, a dying form of Kung Fu, Will Muschamp, the Chisler’s case against White Claw (see video bit above), Thrive Global (life wizard/global pop star), Monday Night Brewing Seltzers (a taste test...


E34 [S2:E10] - Jerk Chicken and Dumplings (or “How to Invest in Life”)

Video Bit: E-Money and The Chisler proudly welcome the Jamaican Sensation, ReggaeTron, into the five timers club! The three discuss hangover remedies, little Princess ReggaeTron, Tire King, the Chisler’s birthday (with a demo of his birthday present), cooking chickens in natural hot springs, Jamaican Washing Machines, Russian slap competitions, Warren Buffett, Robot ReggaeTron, baby showers, and Chisler’s quest to become 100% in four months. After guessing “What’s in the...


E33 [S2:E09] - How Else Do You Get In The NBA? (or “How to Live Life Like Steve Jobs”)

Video Bit Audio Podcast (courtesy of Chris Smith): The Unboxing (Trailer) (belt reveal) E-Money and Chisler welcome back Inspectah Tech to the Weekend Social! The three discuss hurricanes, Halloween, Poop Knives, Ig Noble prizes, rappers charged with fraud, animal battles, Dennis Rodman, birthdays and the long term vision of The Weekend Social. E-Money and Inspectah Tech try to figure out “What’s in the Box?” and The Chisler brings a...


E32 [S2:E08] - Penis Puppets (or “How to Know The Most Important Things…

After a brief hiatus, E-Money and The Chisler welcome back Silent J for his third hysterical appearance on The Weekend Social! The three discuss Halloween, Birthdays, digital learning, job opportunities, British Mask Wearing, NextDoor greatness and streaming recommendations. After E-Money brings “Just The Tip”, Silent J and E-Money take a stab at “What’s in The Box?!” and the two square off in the trivia battle known as “The Cranial Cage Match”! Video Bit, Audio Podcast:...


E31 [S2:E06] - Creature, Eat Your Broccoli (or “How to Hack Your Life”)

The Watcher returns to the Weekend Social for his magnificent fifth appearance! E-Money contemplates home projects, Chisler talks about the belts (see info below) and deals with no sleep and sunburn, E-Money gives “Just the Tip”, the Watcher goes “Balls Deep” on streaming recommendations, and scores are settled in the Weekend Social Showdown! Win a Podcast Championship Belt! ☑️VOTE HERE:☑️ Click the link above and select who you think should receive a...


OT4: Outtake-isode 4 - The Case For The Belts (or “How to Win a Championship Belt”)

In an explosive podcast, E-Money and The Chisler have decided to do something NO OTHER PODCAST has done before... they have decided to expand the podcast championship division to give away more belts— and you can win one too (details below)! The clips are played in random order (video bit: for each guest host from episode 20 - 29 to tell you: •What title they would have; •What would be on their belt; and •Why they should receive your vote! And to celebrate the...


E30 [S2:E06] - You’re Being a Little Fauci (or “How to Take the Best Advice Ever”)

E-Money and the Chisler celebrate 30 episodes of the Weekend Social! And to join in the festivities, they welcome first-timer Chuckles (aka Carlos) to the podcast! E-Money and The Chisler announce an expansion of the podcast championship division and the biggest giveaway in podcast history (video bit:! Then the three discuss weekend weddings, camping, glory holes, drinking during the week, Wheels’s false positive COVID diagnosis, bullshittery afoot, difficulty...


E29 [S2:E05] - Sunburns & Something-“ated” (or “How to See The World, 81 Different Ways”)

Original intro music: “The Early Edition” by The Chisler You’ve heard Honey Badger, you’ve heard Daddy Badger... E-Money and The Chisler welcome on the third member of the Badger family, Brother Badger! The three discuss in-laws visiting, out chin-upping a teenager, Robot ReggaeTron v2.0 in process, E30 hype, spilling secrets, going somewhere we can’t talk about, Honey Badger’s ticket, Chisler’s level 10 sunburn, Big Mac thieving seagulls, building the world record Jenga tower, fat people on...


E28 [S2:E04] - Snakes on a Plane 2: Planes Not Included (or “How to Live A Better Life”)

Original intro music: “Unman” by The Chisler Video Bits: On the precipice of the Fourth of July weekend, E-Money and The Chisler welcome the Jamaican sensation, ReggaeTron, back on the podcast for his fourth appearance! The three talk about our new amazon affiliate program (see info below*** how you can support the show without spending any more than you already do!), boomerangs, positive thinking, mask rationale, Lady ReggaeTron, an...


E27 [S2:E03] - You Pass Go, They Give You A Sheep (or “How to Be Happy in 10 Easy Steps”)

Original intro music: “And The American Way” by The Chisler Video Bits Audio Podcast: On the precipice of Father’s Day, E-Money and The Chisler welcome back the conversational hurricane, Double D! The three discuss social distancing, diving headfirst into the virus pool, upcoming weekend plans, backyard projects, the Sunbelt CannonBall Run, piss training, Ford’s new Bronco release date coincidences, cabin...


E26 [S2:E02] - Live Action Mario Kart (or “How to Troubleshoot a Printer”)

For the second episode of Season 2 of the Weekend Social, E-Money and the Chisler welcome back their beautiful better halves, Honey Badger and The Happening! The four discuss how dealing with E-Money and the Chisler has REALLY been, adopting kids, dealing with puberty during coronavirus, maintaining sanity, backyard projects, a suggestion leading to more work, helping out Teenage Daughter’s stuck car, MarioKart, turtles through windshields on a highway (the green shell), celebrating a...


E25 [S2:E01] - BOOM SHAKALAKA (or “How to Social Bubble”)

Intro Music: "Sophia" by The Chisler Thank you for supporting us as we celebrate one year of the Weekend Social and E-Money and The Chisler welcome back Mr. Clean for his legendary 5th appearance! After E-Money and The Chisler talk about the meaning of Season 2 and upcoming segments, the three discuss the stimulus, social bubbling, graduations, underground lacrosse matches, backyard projects, social bubbling, urine to make concrete on the moon, where Chisler sends his bottles of urine, slime...


E24 [S1:E24] - WE NEED BEER (or “The Case of 27 Identically Shaped Puzzle Pieces”)

Intro Music: “Clothes Don’t Make The Man” by The Chisler With Georgia relaxing social distancing guidelines and leading the charge into stupidity, E-Money returns and joins The Chisler back at the table to welcome The Doctor and mystery tag-team partner, Double-01 (001🍺) to the podcast. The four discuss continued life in quarantine, love hate relationships with puzzles, those fortunate to have worked from home before this whole mess, the “Fuck Me List”, American History X, testing 20 year...