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Based in Grand Rapids, MI, host Kirk Ross brings a fresh perspective on a weekly basis. Some episodes are comedic think pieces (lower case titles). Others are INTERVIEWS with musicians, artists, business leaders, and friends (ALL CAPS TITLES). All original music by the host. Original theme song written and performed by HILTON & Lover Boy.


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Based in Grand Rapids, MI, host Kirk Ross brings a fresh perspective on a weekly basis. Some episodes are comedic think pieces (lower case titles). Others are INTERVIEWS with musicians, artists, business leaders, and friends (ALL CAPS TITLES). All original music by the host. Original theme song written and performed by HILTON & Lover Boy.






a tale of two times

**watch on youtube** ... in honor of his birthday-sharing brother and late grandmother, kirk looks back on september 20th in the years 1926 and 1976 with the help of archival news broadcasts. attic links Support the show



*WATCH ON YOUTUBE* ... Connor Musarra is an LA-based hip-hop artist & producer who once dropped a new song every day for an entire year. That's 365 songs in 365 days! Learn from Connor himself on the value of such a massive undertaking and the fearlessness that it helped him harness. You might recognize Connor as the guy who famously duped Elon Musk by verifying his Tesla parody account, or maybe you've seen him on TikTok. But make no mistake: Connor Musarra is a musician. And soon, the world will know him as just that. Episode Music Guide (ordered by timecode): 3:08: Mercury (excerpt) 4:59: Steal This Idea #95 - as attempted by Kirk (excerpt) 15:01: Algorithm Freestyle (excerpt) 48:10: Elon Musk Can Go F* Himself (excerpt) 55:22: Algorithm Freestyle (entire song) CONNOR MUSARRA LINKS 1. Apple Music 2. Spotify 3. TikTok 4. Instagram **ATTIC LINKS** Support the show


honolulu hype: a neil young parody

on rare occasion, an unholy alliance of kirk's interests mash into each other. this episode is one of those occasions. in today's musical installment, kirk reimagines neil young's 1971 classic 'after the gold rush' by infusing hit with that special brand of honolulu blue kool-aid as the detroit lions get ready to kick off their 2023 season. 'after the gold rush' on spotify 'after the gold rush' on apple music all the attic links Support the show


TODD BACON: International Man of Mystery

Kirk sits down with his friend TODD BACON, a world-traveler, serial entrepreneur, father, and all-around funny dude. Don't be alarmed by the long runtime, because this episode is well worth the investment. Learn about Todd's background in Adrian, MI, his roller coaster of an academic career, which ultimately landed him in Bangkok, Thailand, where his foray into foreign business mixed with politics and ended in a coup d'é·tat. Other topics include: Chulalongkorn University, hill tribespeople, Japan, Laos, Miles Davis, impossible feats of baseball spectatorship, and even health insurance! This episode truly covers it all. So call into work and settle in for the longest episode to date, but one that is surely worth your while. *WATCH ON YOUTUBE* ATTIC LINKS Support the show


Electric Forest 2: Great Expectations

WATCH ON YOUTUBE! A new installment in the Electric Forest series, which puts a fantastical spin on otherwise true experiences. After his total amazement at his first Electric Forest last year, Kirk came into EF2023 with massive expectations. Burdensome as they are, Kirk had to look inward to capture the true magic of Sherwood Forest. Support the show


pink af

a quick visit to kirk's excuse corner reveals the reason it's been so long since a new episode dropped. well, you'll be tickled pink by this one, because it's all about our pink house. **WATCH THE MUSIC VIDEO** Support the show


KORIN HOLLINSHEAD, Black Napkin Takeout & Any Colour You Like Popsicles

*WATCH ON YOUTUBE* ... Korin Hollinshead is a co-founder of Black Napkin Takeout and Any Colour You Like Popsicles along with her husband, Jason. Learn about their journey to success straight from Korin's perspective, which is rooted in her infectious positivity. What started as a potential storefront for their popsicle company quickly transformed into an idea for Black Napkin, home of the best burgers in Grand Rapids. Shoutout to Mac Miller (RIP) for the tunes in this one. Links: 1. Black Napkin on IG 2. Any Colour You Like on IG ATITA LINKS Support the show


Jerry Springer (1944-2023)

*Watch on YouTube* ... A biographical eulogy to the legendary TV icon and an examination of his legacy. Born in a London bomb shelter as World War 2 raged on, future politician and broadcasting legend led a life worth looking back on. Before there were chants of "Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!", there was man of serious intellect and political aspirations. Lawyer, councilman, mayor, newscaster, ringmaster: what was Jerry Springer? And more importantly, what does his meteoric trajectory say about American culture? Works cited: 1. A&E Biography (2006) 2. New York Times Obituary (2023) 3. The Jerry Springer Show YouTube channel ATITA LINKS Support the show


excerpt: self-indulgence

excerpted from kirk's appearance on author jody sperling's podcast t.r.b.m. podcast. joined by co-host christopher tallon, the fellas discuss imposter syndrome and the fear of appearing self-indulgent. 1. listen to the whole episode 2. jody sperling website 3. christopher tallon website all the attic links Support the show



"Rock & Roll w/ Country Soul"... Nashville recording artist Derek Randall stops by the Attic to discuss his band's debut album, How We Get Down, dropping Thursday, 4/20, and their upcoming Hometown Throwdown Tour, which begins at Pyramid Scheme in Grand Rapids on Friday, 4/21. This episode includes a bunch of music and a lot of insight from Derek...and a little Big Foot talk, of course. Derek Randall Links ATTIC LINKS Support the show


animal court

animated short on youtube! a live look-in at the united states interspecies court of law (usicl), better known as animal court. the honorable owl t. blankenship presides. today's featured case is a classic bee vs. hornet dispute that is hard to not see human parallels in. 'the big one' by alan tew was covered by the host and serves as the soundtrack. all the attic links Support the show


"The Future's Redesign" by ChatGPT

Just the song from e223 'a.i. talk in the attic'. The lyrics and basic chord progression were generated by AI chatbot ChatGPT and performed by the soon-to-be-replaced host, Kirk Ross. Watch on YouTube. all the attic links Support the show


a.i. talk in the attic

**watch on youtube** ... for this episode, your host takes a backseat to chatgpt, an a.i. chat bot that will undoubtedly lead to the inevitable machine uprising. chatgpt can write stories, jokes, and even music. so step aside allen iverson, there's a new a.i. in town. support from flight of the conchords and their cautionary tale "the humans are dead". today's installment concludes with a new song written by chatgpt and performed by your soon-to-be-replaced host. all the attic links Support the show


we vacationed first class

*watch on youtube* ... in the first solo episode of season 4, kirk dives into his and Jessica's recent trip to antalya (turkey) and zürich (switzerland). you'll learn about the ancient art of hammam and turkish bathhouses and "angry endings". you'll hear about dental tourism and luxury dental turkey... and it wouldn't be a vacation without a little rainbow kitten surprise. all the attic links Support the show


WILL SHAKE: Work Hard, Stay Humble

(This is episode 2 of Kirk's other podcast project, Keep On Truckin'.) Meet Will Shake of Shake Trucking in Homer, MI. With humble beginnings in Alaska, Will decided to make the move to Michigan to learn the ropes of over-the-road trucking. Just a few years later, and he and his wife are running a trucking company specializing in moving steel to Detroit for its massive auto industry. Links: 1. Shake Trucking on IG 2. Keep On Truckin' Podcast 3. ATITA Links Support the show


TODD KAPTEIN: Keep On Truckin'

Check out host Kirk Ross's newest podcast project: Keep On Truckin', presented by Image Wash Products. In this premiere episode, you'll meet Todd Kaptein, founder of Image Wash Products, a fast-growing company specializing in big rig truck washing products. Start those engines, and strap in for a truck-focused ride! Links: 1. Image Wash Products on YouTube 2. Keep On Truckin' Podcast 3. ATITA Links Support the show



Welcome back for ATITA Season 4! Meet Audrey Adams & Mason Mahoney of A&M Fitness Coaching, an online fitness service based in Houston, TX. Learn how the couple is able to manage its growing business while not losing their focus on one another. #fitness #personaltraining #coaching #entreprenuers **WATCH ON YOUTUBE** Audrey on IG Mason on IG Athlete Mentality Website ATITA LINKS Support the show


lo-fi one-liners

as a little mid-break bonus, the host rattles off some jokes from a recent writing session over a lo-fi track he produced himself. season 4 returns february 10th. lo-fi instrumental attic links Support the show


RYAN MILLER, Cannabis Photographer

RYAN MILLER has been a photographer for years, but he has found his niche in the cannabis industry. Roasted Media Group is his full-service marketing company that specializes in shooting incredible photos within the world of legal weed. Today, Kirk explores Ryan's mindset on finding his place and understanding his value to the world. Watch this one on YouTube so you can see his incredible work spliced over an intimate conversation in the Attic. Intro & outro song produced by the host feat. guitar by HILTON. ATITA LINKS Support the show


boxing box: curated gifts for your servants

the twelve quips of christmas, pt. 7. december 26th marks the observance of 'Boxing boxing day', a commonwealth holiday that became official in 1871 and the purpose of which was for servants to receive a gift and a day off from their masters. brought to you by boxingbox.box, the world's first curated gift box service for elitist a-holes. watch on youtube attic links Support the show