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Writer, comedian and unabashed crappy television fan Alison Rosen (you know her as Adam Carolla's news girl) shares all the junk in her head in a fun and silly (but sometimes serious) weekly interview show touching on relationships, pop culture and current events, listener interaction and trying to figure out if that thing you do that you think no one else does is normal.

Writer, comedian and unabashed crappy television fan Alison Rosen (you know her as Adam Carolla's news girl) shares all the junk in her head in a fun and silly (but sometimes serious) weekly interview show touching on relationships, pop culture and current events, listener interaction and trying to figure out if that thing you do that you think no one else does is normal.
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Writer, comedian and unabashed crappy television fan Alison Rosen (you know her as Adam Carolla's news girl) shares all the junk in her head in a fun and silly (but sometimes serious) weekly interview show touching on relationships, pop culture and current events, listener interaction and trying to figure out if that thing you do that you think no one else does is normal.






Alison's Rage, Lululemon Horseplay, An Upsetting Snackchat

Alison is FIRED UP! You know how books burn at 451 degrees Fahrenheit, apparently? Alison's rage is burning at 452! And it has nothing to do with the event she's missing to do this recording. Also Renee used to work at a fancy yoga store and got let go for the best reasons. Plus Daniel shares some of his cult knowledge, David tells a harrowing boat story that Alison had a teeeeeeensy weeeeeeeensy bit of trouble following because of aforementioned rage and then everyone tried the Cynthia...


Nikki Glaser is Monogamous with Her Hatred

(CW: This podcast contains a discussion of suicidal thoughts.) Nikki Glaser (Comedy Central, Sirius XM's You Up w/Nikki Glaser, Dancing with the Stars) stops by the show to talk about why she finds nihilism to be soothing, her struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts, the huge impact meditation has made on her life, giving guys PTSD, becoming best friends with a guy who broke her heart whom she actively hated for over a decade, how she got over the hate, jokes you can and can't make...


Alison's Medical Scare, Alie's Sleep Tracking, Cynthia Nixon's Bagel

Alison had a frightening doctor's appointment and is having trouble shaking it off. Alie Ward is here to fondly recall the cupcake she gave Alison a bite of and share news of how tracking her sleep has resulted in sleeping better. Daniel scratches his back and eats peanuts like a dad, both of which started before children. Plus we talk about some important topics such as Marky Mark's hate crimes and crazy schedule and Cynthia Nixon's sweet/savory bagel order. And a round of Just Me Or...


Ken Marino and I Have a Date to Get Facials

Ken Marino (Dog Days, The State, Burning Love) stops by the show to talk about male grooming products, whether he's ever had a facial, working with his wife (screenwriter Erica Oyama), directing Dog Days and the challenges of filming animals, whether he feels typecast, how he got into comedy, exercise, the relationship among members of The State, fatherhood, that Rock n Rollercoaster pre-ride video, catchphrases and so much more. We also took your questions over Patreon and Twitter and did a...


Hiccup Remedies, Standardized Birthdays, Social Jeff Warriors

Where's Jeff been on recent Monday shows? Why won't Alison allow him to talk or plug his projects? The listenership demands answers and we have them. Plus some hiccup remedies, a plea for whoever sent the nice "Nibbles" tray to reveal their identity, some talk about giant olives and Las Vegas over the years, financial and existential anxiety, a terrible idea that everyone except Alison seems to like regarding how people should celebrate their birthdays, a misunderstanding about cereal, an...


John Henson Wants to Teach You The Basics

John Henson (Talk Soup, Wipeout!) returns to the show to regale us with stories of Judge Judy's distractingly soft coat, the emotional letter his father wrote to his grandchildren, his new pilot where he quickly takes you through the news of the day with a comedic left-leaning slant, hosting for Food Network, why improv is "36 hour Cialis," the tough questions raised by Louis CK's recent performance, what kind of parent he is, The Big Picture, falling asleep during a recent tattoo and so...


Email Loops, Valley Girl Voiceovers, Malicious Blueberries

Alison forgot to close an email loop creating temporary scheduling chaos and this isn't the first time this has happened. Eric Martin is here, fresh from Korean BBQ and pinball. Alison is afraid of her beloved blueberries and also thinks her feet might be shrinking. Renee is impressed with Daniel's knowledge of Rogers and Hammerstein. Alison is wondering what's going on with a certain voiceover style she keeps hearing. And she relates strongly to Glynnis MacNicol's book No One Tells You...


Erin Gibson Thinks You're Nasty

Erin Gibson (Throwing Shade, Gay of Thrones) stops by to talk about her forthcoming tome, Feminasty: The Complicated Woman's Guide to Surviving the Patriarchy Without Drinking Herself To Death. I loved this book. It's as informative as a textbook but as readable and hilarious as a memoir which is quite a feat. We talked about the writing process, how Erin became a font of info, the book she originally set out to write, her DIY divorce from her first husband, being aware of inequality from a...


Alison's Million Dollar Idea, "Virtue Signaling," Fan Phone Call

Alison has a million dollar idea for a product called Hidden Bite Henries. What are they? See if you can guess! (But then listen to find out.) Demi Adejuyigbe is back after far too long and now he writes for late night! Alison wants to know how to handle a certain type of online interaction. Daniel's all about Country Garden magazine. Renee Colvert is here and she's a good person but not nearly as good as our fan phone call recipient, Todd Campbell, who donated a kidney to a stranger and...


James Gunn (orig. aired 3/25/12)

I really like James Gunn—I disagree with his firing—and I wanted to replay one of the episodes he's been on. Decided to go all the way back to the near-beginning of this show. He was one of my first guests, appearing on the fifth episode of this podcast. The show has changed in big and small ways since then. I say more about this at the top of the episode. He also appeared in 2015 and talked a lot about Guardians of the Galaxy. What follows is the original show description: On this episode...


Alison's Eyebrow, Daniel's Shame Face, Eating Songbirds

Alison recalls something she heard that always confused her when she was a teacher's aide at Vacation Bible School many years ago. Renee Colvert is back and she's dressed like supergirl. Danielle Radford is back and she was once hit by a bus. Not to be outdone, Jeff's been hit twice by cars. We also talk about toxic fandom, hair texture types, wearing a wig, Alison's eyebrow, Alison's windedness and a tiny bit of marital serendipity that Daniel and Alison experienced. Plus so much more...


Sara Schaefer Is Sick of Social Media

Comedian Sara Schaefer is back to talk about her upcoming memoir and how the process of revisiting old diaries allowed her to see herself more clearly. We talk about the traumatic turning point in her childhood when her father admitted to criminal activity, her relationship with religion, concerns that entertainment was a selfish pursuit, being a rule follower, the experience of having a show on MTV (Nikki and Sara Live), working with Nikki Glaser, pitching shows, feeling understood by her...


Daniel's Birthday, Baby Gender Reveal, Alison's Self-Tanning Fiasco

It's Daniel's birthday and it's a big one. My God he's old! Alison and Daniel celebrated at a picturesque romantic restaurant that was neither. Renee and David are here and Renee snorted at a client. David won't tell us his birthday. Alison finds out that there's... oh no I started this sentence and then got a text and now I can't remember what I found out. Oh yes! I found out there's a podcast which shares a similar name to one of our segments and should I send a cease and desist? Also...


Greg Fitzsimmons Needs a Good Cry

My future podcasting partner joins me for a candid talk about the second season of Crashing on HBO, the rough few months he's had with the passing of his father in law and his wife's emergency surgery, fatherhood and relationships with fathers in general, needing a good cry and a line of cry spas he wants to open, the Me Too movement, the difficulty in talking about aspects of the Me Too movement and so much more. Check us out on Patreon: Buy Alison's Book:...


Daniel's Baby Names, Dr. Laura's Legos, Old Timey Pranks

It's been a heady week with National Lipstick Day and National Cheesecake day and we determine early on that businesses should hire us to consult for them since we have a lot of stuff figured out. Except we don't have any baby names at the ready so Daniel's put together a list. We also talk about Dr. Laura, whether to read other people's emails if they're handed to you, picking up money on the street, old timey pranks, Daniel's butt crack awareness, "The Rooster," and so much more. Plus we...


Allie Mac Kay Doesn't Care What You Think... Anymore

Television and radio personality Allie Mac Kay (KROQ's Kevin and Bean Show, KTLA) stops by the show to talk about the challenges of joining a long running radio show under difficult circumstances, second guessing herself, her path to becoming a reporter, going for what she wants and her self-described "delusional" self-confidence, the job she almost took instead of Kevin and Bean, working in Park City, sports, birds, KTLA, power struggles, online rumors and so much more. We also took your...


Life Updates, Pudding Revisited, David's Luxurious Extensions

Turns out a lot of people at the table are unfamiliar with Yorkshire Pudding which is shocking to Alison. David Huntsberger is back and his hair is even more luxurious than before. Alison has an update about a recent controversial topic on the show. Also, house remodeling updates, moving updates and baby updates. Plus some talk about how neatly loose ends need to be tied up in a movie heavy on symbolism, a challenge to the listeners to name a specific room in the new house, iTunes comments...


Corin Nemec Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Corin Nemec (Parker Lewis Can't Lose, The Stand, Stargate SG-1) stops by the show to talk about growing up fast as a child actor, his experiences on Webster and I Know My First Name is Steven, playing villains as he's gotten older, the particular challenges he faced playing Ted Bundy and Richard Speck, his involvement in graffiti culture, painting and art, getting community service when he was busted breaking into and tagging a high school, a special acting coach who opened his eyes to what...


Heel Clicks, Vape Lords, Daniel's Ally Sheedy Crush

Renee Colvert is convinced Alison can do a heel click and Daniel can do a cartwheel but she doesn't know what she's dealing with here. Also, she used to host a show called Fear Factor Live at Universal where audience members volunteered to be electrocuted for a t shirt. Audiobook bigwig and Bubble director Eric Martin is back and he's kicked off his new work-from-home attire of sweatpants to join us. (He wore pants.) Alison is excited about her upcoming interview with Corin "Corky" Nemec and...


Maria Menounos Is Pressing Pause

Maria Menounos stops by the show to talk about the craziness of discovering she had a brain tumor while caring for her mom who, herself, was battling stage 4 brain cancer, the surprising gifts the experience gave her, her relationship with God, trying to stay positive, learning guitar, the letters she wrote her parents and boyfriend (now husband) before surgery, what she fights about with her spouse, mending fences with her brother, whether she'll take another position on air, her Sirius...