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A comedy podcast to help better understand humanity and also to make fart jokes.

A comedy podcast to help better understand humanity and also to make fart jokes.


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A comedy podcast to help better understand humanity and also to make fart jokes.






#407: Obsessive Obsessive Compulsive Compulsive Obsessive Compulsive Compulsive Obsessive Compulsive Compulsive Compulsive Obsessive Obsessive Obsessive Compulsive Obsessive Obsessive Compulsive Compulsive Compulsive Obsessive Obsessive (with @EliSairs)

Eli Sairs came over to talk to me about his OCD. He's got it bad. And it's all wrapped up with Jesus, too, which makes it even harder to deal with. The levels this guy has to go through just to make through basic life stuff is astounding. I bet he eats box really thoroughly, though. Didn't ask him about that. I wish I had. Follow Eli Sairs @EliSairs on Instagram Click here for Eli's podcast, The Roast Ghost. Follow me @AriShaffir on Instagram Sign up for my patreon....


#406: Oh, The Horror! (Zac Amico)

Zac Amico told me some amazing stories about producing low budget horror movies. Zac is a hilarious comic and podcaster and he's also a producer of films for Troma, one of the greatest pulp horror makers of all time. We talked about the history of this kind of campy, low budget horror. Why they always seem to have ditzy bimbos. Where the ridiculous titles come from. All of it. Plus I did the intro from an abandoned cemetery for maximum effect. Watch Zac's horror podcast, Zac Amico's...


#405: War Stories (Jake Hanrahan)

Jake Hanrahan talked to me about conflict reporting. He goes to war zones and tries to bring back word of what's actually going on in these areas. It's crazy. He brings back tons of footage. Look at and you'll see what I'm talking about. He's not even welcome in a lot of these places. Once they put him in a Turkish prison! Really interesting stuff in this one. You gotta excuse the sound a little. I recorded in the wrong button on my audio recorder so I had to end up using...


404: Talkin' Baseball (Lip Reading) with Jimmy O'Brien of Jomboy Media

Jimmy O'Brien from Jomboy Media came over and we had a great talk about baseball. Jimmy is crazy about the sport. And we share favorite teams! The greatest sports franchise of all time, The New York Yankees. Jomboy has these amazing videos on Instagram that you should all check out. He l it’s how to read lips so he somehow gives insight into what is actually being screamed at opposing players during fights and stuff. It’s awesome. Check it out at The...


#403: Mailbag (with Joe Derosa and Louis Katz in the park)

Joe Deros and Louis Katz met me in a park on the outskirts of Chinatown just to shoot the crap. Derosa and I drank Natty Lights. Katz kept his mask on the whole time. We got stared at by old Chinese people. A black dude named Freedom talked to us for far too long. It was a fun episode in the record-anywhere spirit of the Skeptic Tank. The mailbag part of it is something I do on my patreon. The Skanks table read live Pay Per View is Sunday, October 18 at 8pm Eastern...


#402: 2020 State of the Union Part 2 w/ Dave Smith

Dave Smith and I finish the last 4 hours of the craziest year of our state of the union podcasts we've ever done. There was just so much going on. We got into politics, the press, war, the way everybody's turning on each other, and the role of government. Dave was giving me eyes the whole time like he wanted more than just talk, if you get my drift. I Check out Dave's podcast "Part of the Problem" if you want more political talk. Check out Dave's other podcast "Legion of Skanks" if you...


#401: The 2020 State of the Union part 1 (w/ Dave Smith)

Dave Smith came over to start our yearly talk on what's going on with America. Dave is a libertarian. So he's one of the more unbiased voices you'll get on politics because he has no political team. I mean, I guess Libertarian is a team, but it's not a team that ever wins so he's unbiased about the main two parties. This year, a bunch of stuff happened so we ended up having to stop ourselves after 3 hours and we're gonna come back and do a part 2 next week. The Music Rammstein -...


#400: Shoot To Kill (@DanishAndOneill) Ryan Oneill and Jeff Danis of Beach Cops and Boner City USA fame join Skeptic Tank to talk about getting shot at from 5 feet away and living to tell about it.

Ryan Oneill and Jeff Danis come on to talk about some criminal mastermind shooting 3-5 gunshots at Oneill from about 4 feet away. Unfortunately the guy missed. But something good will come from it. And the good is that D&O, The Danish and O'Neill, The Beach Cops boys are able to come on Skeptic Tank to talk over the harrowing experience. Harrowing for Ryan. Jeff was changing his kid's diaper or something, which I guess is also harrowing. Probably more harrowing when you think about...


#399: e-Rage: (@SteveRannazzisi, @ShaneMGillis, & @PhilanthropyGal) (backlash, death threat, bomb scare, rape threat, cancel culture, 9/11, SNL, online anger, backlash, mob, corinne fisher, shane gillis, steve rannazzisi, twitter)

I'm playing Royersford, PA on Sunday. Mark Normand is opening (probably). 6pm show is sold out, 9pm show just added. or for tickets. Steve Rannazzisi, Shane Gillis and Corinne Fisher came over to the Skeptic Tank Studio to talk about what it's like going through a mass internet backlash. It has many names, online mobs, cancel culture, outrage, but I like to call it e-rage. We talked about the similarities in all their...


#398: Simps Up, Ho's 'Round (@KerrynFeehan)

Kerryn Feehan came over to tell me about this wild world of getting dudes to just send you money. For nothing. I mean, legitimately for nothing. And then we started talking and she started telling me about how to get them to send you way more money for doing at least a little something. It's a crazy world we live in and it's full of simps. Also, we will tell you what a "simp" is while you listen to the episode. I honestly loved this one. I found it so interesting and entertaining and I hope...


#397: Loss Prevention Officer (@JoeListComedy) The hilarious tales of his time stopping thieves like me. (sears, stealing, mall cop, I hate myself, tuesdays with stories, tuesgays

Joe List came over to tell me about his years working theft prevention at a Sears outside Boston. These are great stories about being exactly my enemy at one of my passions, shoplifting. Put this podcast down and go right now to watch Joe's new standup special, "I Hate Myself" on YouTube now. And check out his podcasts, "Tuesdays With Stories" and "Mindful Metal Jacket" This episode is brought to you by Kushy Dreams. Go to and enter promo code "Ari" to get 15% off your...


#396: Music is for Drugs (@AriShaffir)

I took too many whatevers and went on a deep dive into the way music is a response to social events and drug use. It's a solecast originally on my patreon. Join, if you want, at This episode is proudly brought to you by Yo Kratom: The home of the $60 Kilo. The Music Betty Blowtorch - Big Hair, Broken Heart LCD Soundsystem - Losing My Edge Peter Frampton - Do You Feel (Like I Do) New Order - Blue Monday


#395: New Dog Old Tricks (Justin Silver) (....... Dog, Training, puppy, trainer, the, language, of, dogs, skeptic, tank, bandit)

Justin Silver, heralded dog trainer from the @TheLanguageOfDogs instagram page and the book by the same title, comes in to tell me how he got started training dogs, the methods he uses to get dogs listening, and how he's probably going to vote for me for president of Legion of Skanks. He explains all this stuff so clearly. As a dog owner, this one was really really helpful in addition to being funny as heck (sorry for the cuss). Make sure to check out Justin's page @TheLanguageOfDogs for...


394: Doing Rails (w/ Nick Cody) (nick cody virus train o&a portland australia myanmar shah shan state food poisoning toilet quarantine hotel bill burr 7 more minutes philly rant mid-flight brawl heggie luke

Nick Cody joined me from Melbourne, Australia to tell me about his epic trip he took across America at 19 years old. Went from Portland to NY by train to save like $90. Idiot. But also very cool. The entire trip was just so he could go see the O&A show where Bill Burr would end up doing his Philly rant that I always refer to as "7 more minutes" and that still makes me laugh. Nick was in the audience for that amazing comic/crowd fight and I'm so jealous of that and this whole trip. Listen to...


#393: Shaped Like a Human Question Mark (@CarmenComedian)

Carmen Lynch was a scoliosis nerdburger in hight school. She wore a back brace and couldn't make friends. She came on the podcast this week to tell me about it. How she dealt with having scoliosis at such an important age and how it's helped shape who she's become now. Get it? Shape? Anyway, she's a very well respected comic in NY. Ask any comedian in the city about her and they'll tell you she's really funny. Her new album, Vertically Challenged is available today! Purchase Vertically...


#392: NYC Street Fair (@JoeDerosaComedy & @PhilanthropyGal) tags: Corrine Fisher Joe Derosa NYC Drink Street Drinking outdoors guys we f*cked 3 more weeks cocktails to go

Corrine Fisher and Joe Derosa came to the studio to talk about the awesome and unique state NYC boozers find themselves in. It's summertime and none of the bars allow indoor seating. So many of them have gone to window service. You can get cocktails, beers, wine, and frozen drinks TO GO! It has turned the entire city into a giant street fair. It's amazing and people are really turning into their alcoholic butterflies.


#391: Cops (@BigJayOakerson)

Big Jay Oakerson came to the studio to talk to me about Cops. His favorite show in the history of television just got BLMed so he's in a bit of a state of mourning. And when I say favorite, I mean of the 150 times I've stopped by his apartment, he's been watching Cops 80 of those times. I honestly don't know what else he does with his time. Big Jay is a hilarious comic. Check out his instagram and twitter at @BigJayOakerson and all his tour dates at The Music A$AP Rocky -...


390: Gingie Whisker (@CheetoSantino)

Andrew Santino met me for the last podcast in my quarantine to talk about the wet brown devil, whisky. Bourbon, Scotch, Rye, you know what I'm talking about. It's my favorite alcohol. For when I want to smoke cigars, for when I want to be surly, for when I want to relax, for when I'm drinking. Andrew is a hilarious comic and you should DEFINITELY go see him if he's in your town. But since that looks like it might never happen again, watch his show "Dave" on FX. It's as funny as you can get...


#389: Sam Morril's 5 Things I Can't Wait To Do Again

Sam Morril hung out with me in my backyard to tell me what he's been missing lately. He's so damn funny. Please everybody watch his new special, "I Got This" on YouTube now. I guarantee he'll be a household name to anybody who like standup at all in the next two years. He's too funny not to be known. And we just talked about stuff he's been missing. A lot of it made me realize that I miss the same thing. Watch Sam's Special here: 1)...


388: Free Hong Kong (@IAmGarron)

Garron Kertnen Chiu met me at a Hong Kong comedy club to tell me about the protests for autonomy that have been going on there over the past year or so. All the important details, like how do you get tear gas out of your eyes, protesting on shrooms, and much more! It's a real Skeptic Tank classic. And this episode almost definitely inspired similar protests all over America. Am I a hero? Yes.