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A Show produced by a Black Collective; This podcast is for your listening pleasure. BackYard Bants is a banter, culture and entertainment comedy style podcast that gives commentary on issues, topics and pop culture and Life experiences. What you do with the opinions are entirely yours. The show is hosted by some unseriously serious Characters - Mista Dre, Naza, Imina and Chemsi. Sometimes, Mel & Anthony come on the POD !!! Join the vibe and be a part of the family by hitting us up on our FAM MAIL or email us with comments, stories and more -






A Show produced by a Black Collective; This podcast is for your listening pleasure. BackYard Bants is a banter, culture and entertainment comedy style podcast that gives commentary on issues, topics and pop culture and Life experiences. What you do with the opinions are entirely yours. The show is hosted by some unseriously serious Characters - Mista Dre, Naza, Imina and Chemsi. Sometimes, Mel & Anthony come on the POD !!! Join the vibe and be a part of the family by hitting us up on our FAM MAIL or email us with comments, stories and more -







Hi Neighbors, your favorite noise makers are back and we missed you guys. We catch up on all the things that have happened since our last recording. Its an easy-going, fun episode full of interesting conversations. Don't forget to to comment and send us a fam mail to - or


Three GBOSA for Sadé feat Sadé Awele || EP 110

Let's paint a picture - Imagine you looking for something to get you in the right mood for the weekend or get you through the week, This episode does just that. On this week's episode, We are joined by singer, songwriter and producer Sade Awele in the Backyard and the conversation is a wholesome good time. We talk about her music upbringing, her performance at the Rogers Arena TWICE and many more ground-breaking milestones, being an indie artist, navigating friendships s an artist and so much more. Follow Sadé Awele - Listen to Her Latest Single "JO"- Send Us a Fam Mail - to or - --- Send in a voice message:


Nothing Moves Without You Guys feat Sayrah Chips and Plantain Percy || EP109

This episode is a special episode as Dre invites not one but three special neighbours; Mr Ibou a fellow Master of Ceremony, vlogger and the Host of the Activated Podcast, Plantain Percy who is a visual artist, Choreographer, Actor and Model and finally Sayrah Chips who is a Dancer/ Choreographer, a serial entrepreneur joins us All the way from Texas, USA. We chronicle Sayrah's and Percy's dance journey, and talk about our breakout moments, what success can feel like and not feel like, Balancing Mother hood, and the intersectionality between Dance and Music Industry and some more fun conversations. Follow Sayrah Chips Follow Percy - Follow Ibou - Send us a Fam mail to or HERE Let us know what your thoughts are in the comments and Don't forget to Share, Like and rate the Podcast. (04:00) - Pick a Number (11:04) - Dancing as a Kid ft Sayrah (19:00) - Percy Wanted to be Spiderman (28:35) - That First Wow Moment ft Sayrah and Percy (34:32) - Humbling Experiences (48:12) - DANCE vs The Music (57:49) - Routines (1:07:20) - Girl Math (1:12:21) - White People Dance (1:14:50) - Does Success Scare You?? (1:19:46) Being a Dance Mum --- Send in a voice message:



Grab your popcorn because this episode gets Heated from the beginning all the way to the end. The gang discuss Wizkid's cancelling of His November Toronto Show, Usher's recent milestone with the Superbowl and with Women at his shows, What is the most important question to ask on a date ?? and Idolizing Pastors being a good thing or a bad thing. Make sure to leave your comments or thoughts in the comment section or send us a Fam Mail (07:45) - More Love, Less Ego?? (24:15) - FAM MAIL (45:00) - Usher at the SuperBowl (53:07) - Keke Palmer vs The People (1:34:52) - First dates, First Questions? (1:42:26) - Idolizing Pastors? Support the Pod - Fam Mail - --- Send in a voice message:


The Hickey Bandit || Ep 107

This week's episode starts with a weekly recap and Dre's phobia, we talk about giving and receiving Hickeys, we also discuss the Housing Crisis in Toronto, Dating Baby Mama's and Baby Daddies, an unpopular opinion, getting in trouble with your partner and more hot takes on this episode Michael of Grake shots joins us in the backyard for this weeks conversation Feel Free to send us a Fame Mail to - or HERE Enjoy ! (04:09) - Week Recap (13:33) - Dre has Globophobia (19:39) - Giving Hickeys (27:06)- spotify comments / Michael responds (34:00) - Housing Wahala in Toronto (39:46)- A Purpose. (43:23) - Chrisbrown vs Tinashe (48:30) - Odumodu Blvck vs X (56:00) - Speaking of Housing (1:02:32) - Unpopular Opinion (1:13:32) - Unpopular opinion pt 2 (1:32:50) - Baby Daddies and Baby Mamas --- Send in a voice message:


After All I Have Done For You || EP 106

On this week's episode, we talk about power play in friendships, Rema @ the VMA's and, current trends in Afrobeats music and Dre giving the team their flowers before sharing a PSA to some unfriendly neighbors. We also dive into some hot takes on when your partner is supposed to come over, liking other people's pictures on social media and taking your Kidney back during a divorce. Please leave a rating review, and comments on Spotify or also send us your Fam Mail - or HERE --- Send in a voice message:


Is there really the one feat Mama || EP 105

We are joined by our French-speaking Neighbor Mama on this episode and We talk about the gang's experience at the CNE Carnival, having only one the one, ordering sex toys on Uber eats, surviving Hippos, dating entertainers and how the pressure of being in the creative industry has and can affect us. Send us a Fam Mail HERE or an email to - (14:27) - The CNE Carnival (20:13)- Dinner in the Sky (34:24) - Surviving Hippos (40:37) - Is there the ONE (55:45) - Sex toys on Uber Eats (1:20:08) - Dating Entertainers (1:32:02) - The pressure of the industry --- Send in a voice message:


I'm in a Happy Place feat Borelson and Nthabi || Ep 104

We are joined by two neighbors on this episode a Super Mum and a Super Star Artist. We discuss Borelson's music journey in Canada, Our Post-Heartbreak Era, and Foods that we will die for before we absolutely eat, and we also chronicle our love for music and more hot takes on this episode. Check out Borelson's New Single - Summer Time in Toronto Follow Borelson on Social Media - Follow us on Social Media - Send us your cool stories to our fam mail - or FAM MAIL --- Send in a voice message:


Fan Boys Club (FBC) - Ep 103

The Boys kick the episode off with how expensive tailoring is in Canada vs Back home before getting into Fan Boy Culture and their friend's recent Wedding. They also talk about Apps that send money abroad and if they can legitimately lend Money to their spouse and more hot takes. Send us a Fam mail - or Feel like supporting the pod - --- Send in a voice message:


Barracks no get Gate || Ep102

From Dre fighting for his life to Imina and Naza wanting us to be a bit more grown and Chemsi not knowing what a Gate is, we get into all of that plus more and the fun things we've been up to since our last session. P.S, Chemsi and Naza agree for once on this episode - Find out on what We'd Like to know how many events you need to be at during a festival long weekend to be considered you were outside? Send us an email - or on here - --- Send in a voice message:


Fighting for MY life ft KP & TOBI (Cruising Out West Podcast) || EP 101

Disclaimer this episode was recorded on June 26/2023 The Gang plus our shareholder, Michael (Grake Shots) get together with Hosts of Cruising Out West Podcast - Tobi and K.P for a long overdue conversation that's a BANGER full of stories, in-depth conversations, games and one or two or three confrontations. (9:45) - Fighting for my Life (12:20) - Tobi's takes us on a Journey (23:20) - Cruising Out West (32:37) - Breaking the ICE (43:45) - Tobi likes Davido (52:03) - An unpopular opinion (58:20) - EMO-GEE (1:01:20) - BYB - Back story (1:11:03) - Misconceptions (1:29:44) - Dre vs KP (1:32:04) - Palm WIne Pappy (1:38:12) - Michael's Grievances (1:48:17) - Breaking More ICE Send Us a FAM MAIL: or an email to "" --- Send in a voice message:


LET THE EPISODE BREATHE || EP 100 Ft Reney and Skyttles

Episode 100 is a milestone episode for us as we reflect, grow and laugh all on this episode. We talk about parenting, thrill seeking adventures, our biggest failure and reflect on our different journies so far. We are joined by 2 Big Personalities and Friends of the Show - Reney and Skyttles When editing it, I thought it was too long of a recording to release all at once. But trust me, you wont know where the time went by the time you're done listening - Dre (18:09) - Gentle Parenting (26:48) - Dre is doing stand Up Comedy IRL (33:10) - Reney's Passport Testimony (45:01) - FAM MAIL ! (50:01) - Submarine (1:02:53) - When we have money ehn ! (1:41:37) - Our BIGGEST failures (grab popcorn) (2:38:27) - Me Now vs Me Before Send us a Fam Mail or email us at Buy us a coffee - --- Send in a voice message:


IT's Giving Selfish Undertone || EP 99

On this Episode, Dre looks for advice on Work-Life Balance, Naza seeks understanding of his friendship relationships, we prove how famous Chemsi is and Imina is well Imina!!!! #Roadto100 (0:55) - All the CATS (11:28) - Week Recap (16:48) - Court of Public Opinion (23:10) - OGA EMCEE (24:43) - Pact / Blood Oath (33:19) - Work-Life Balance (48:10) - Its giving selfish undertone (54:03) - Rich, Famous and African (Recap) (1:08:00) - Dating Content Creators vs Entertainers Want to Support the Pod - Send Us an Email - --- Send in a voice message:


Thriving in Our Community || EP98

Back with another Bang of an Episode featuring conversations full of laughs, truths and personal experiences. We talk about the power of Speaking into Existence, Handling small fame, Dating Circles, Ruger's Show in Toronto, Zion Willaimson's escapades and more Support the Pod - Send us an email - (7:35) - WEEK(end) Recap (14:30) - We are Thriving Now (15:08) - Speak into Existence (20:13) - Know me For Me (25:37) - Handling Small Fame (34:52) - Dre's not a Hugger!! (39:05) - Ruger in Toronto (47:12) - ZIOOOON W (1:05:48) - Toronto Restaurant with HIV Positive Hires (1:11:20) - Daddy Genes instead (1:21:53) - Did her man like that We are now Thriving...Say AMEN !!! --- Send in a voice message:


P for Partner, P for Problem ft MIA || EP 97

On this weeks episode we are joined by friend of the show MIA and we talk about Hilda Baci's Cookathon Record and records of our own, Israel Adesanya's debacle with his ex-girlfriend, Asking your partners for Cash and How to improve your Partners sex game and More !!! Send us a fam mail - Or us this link Feel like supporting the Pod --- Send in a voice message:


JO-PADIZE !!! [EP 96]

The whole gang got together after their recent successful Podcast Live Show !!! The Catchup on whats being going on and discuss Tiwa Savage's Performance at the Kings Coronation, Parents following Exes, Conversations we have with our parents, the current early child education curriculum, Imina becoming a plant Daddy and More Wanna Support the Pod? Send us an Email --- Send in a voice message:


Thriving in Chaos feat TAJ || EP 95

In this episode we talk about Music and how the Afrobeats Culture in Toronto intersects with its counterparts in Nigeria, Hook Up Culture and More Hot Takes with Ayomide TAJ, Founder of the TAJ Agency. (19:08) - Meet TAJ. (23:13) - The Club is my office. (28:22) - Performing at a Night Club. (34:14) - Our Savior Complex. (43:31) - Nigeria is a Mad House. (48:30) - Music Travels, No Visa. (56:00) - !00M on a Music Video. (1:00:29) -Style Bender in the Club. (1:06:03) - Dont Miss your connection. (1:11:36) - TRIVIA. (1:18:46) - Which is More intimate? (1:31:00) - 3 Artists We are listening to! Feel like Supporting the Brand - Toronto Live Show Tickets - --- Send in a voice message:



It's the whole gang and it's a whole mess plus a vibe on this episode. We kick off the pod with - recapping Chemsi's trip (7:33), Becoming Flower Boys (19:04), Dre/Naza's trip (26:11), Jonathan Majors Saga (41:55), Man Wants to Legally Change Age (47:03), Waking up Asian (1:03:01), Naza's Apartment Search (1:07:55), Davido's Timeless Album (1:13:45) Feel like supporting the podcast - Send u a Fam Mail to or --- Send in a voice message:


CatCalling with your Eyes ft Vish [Ep93]

If we had one Vish, she would be on this episode where we talk about living in Canada from Vish's POV, long-term relationships, trying poutine, being Indian and matchmaking and the two-way street of Catcalling. (05:18) - The Good side, (11:55) - One Wish, (17:18) - Moving from India, (19:30) - Long Ass Relationship, (25:08) - Asking Her Out, (38:43) - Indian street Food, (46:20) - Growing Up Indian, (48:43) - Sending Thirst traps, (54:19) - Vish was a Journalist, (1:03:28) - Meeting Celebrities, (1:07:00) - I'm watching You, (1:19:21) - You know when you know (1:26:18) - Match-making in India, (1:33:36) - Catcalling with your eyes Feel like supporting the brand - Tickets to the live show - --- Send in a voice message:


Tap into Your Feminine Energy feat DOXA || Ep 92

Doxa from "Blacker the berry Pod" and Michael of GrakeShots join us this week and we get into so many great hot takes including getting cancelled on TIK TOK, our best and worst dates, sexiest languages, tapping into your female energy and so much more. Imina's birthday Recap (12:30) Award Winning Dada (16:18) Small Trouble (21:34) Sexiext languages (24:52) Getting Cancelled (33:57) Everything, everywhere all at once (52:57) No be juju be that (1:09:33) Best and Worst Dates (1:12:08) Meet Doxa (1:50:16) Elite Meals at a wedding (2:11:03) Send us a fam Mail to or HERE Want to support the gang, Buy Us a Coffee Get Tickets to the Live Show, April 30th in Toronto --- Send in a voice message: