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Everybody is offended by everything, but that's okay. Rob is here to cure your confusion and guide you through life. You'll need it next week because Frank dusted off his soapbox.

Everybody is offended by everything, but that's okay. Rob is here to cure your confusion and guide you through life. You'll need it next week because Frank dusted off his soapbox.
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St. Petersburg , FL


Everybody is offended by everything, but that's okay. Rob is here to cure your confusion and guide you through life. You'll need it next week because Frank dusted off his soapbox.






Ep59 - Rob's New Puberty

It ends up that Rob's new sobriety has matured him to the point of going through a puberty, part 2. We spend a lot of this one talking about AA, Rob working through sobriety and some of the situations that led him here. At times he cries a little too much, but at least we have Dougie for some deep fisting.


Ep58 - Flat-Earthers Around the Globe

BoC has returned from Thanksgiving well-fed and partially sober. Seriously. Rob has his white chip and everything. We discuss Rob's sobriety, Fidel Castro's death, and a myriad of issues. Oh, and the Flat-Earth Society gets the love it deserves.


Ep56 - Netflix and Chill with My Anus

Harry Caray is all over this episode since the Cubs have finally made it back to the World Series. There is some arm-breaking and wife-beating discussions and Rob gives some unhealthy marriage advice. Because it's what everyone wants to hear about, we discuss KY sex products and abortions.


Ep52 - Jeter's Herpes Tree

Great news! We don't go into even one second of a backup QB sitting down ... for any reason. Rob does, however, reveal the internet rumor that is the Derek Jeter herpes tress and the rumored tree has long roots. We discuss a little bit of this new Alt-Right term, Rob reestablishes is love for Bieber and Milo Yiannopoulos and some other stuff.


Ball Of Confusion - Ep41 - Team of Dicks

We've got our baseball pants on for a softball game and riding bicycles slowly in the left-lane. We catch up on the 2 weeks since our last podcast and Frank brings up some of Rob's favorite things: sports, Scientology and Secretary Hillary Clinton. Go Bolts.


Ball Of Confusion - Ep22 - Step Up Our Nicaragua Game

Rob was on fire. We talk about gambling and, most importantly, the casino buffets. We spend a lot of time on our love of this fine American serving style. Charlie Sheen has HIV, but Andy Dalton is the one who is butt-hurt. We insult ISIS some more and go back into our love of seafood.


Ball Of Confusion - Ep19 - Obamas Hooker Mom

Why bury the lead? Rob discovers that President Obama's mother was a prostitute when she was impregnated by his father ... Frank Marshall Davis. Yup. Since serious politics are already on the table, we discuss the DNC debate, the riff between the two parties and Charlie goddamned Crist. Frank wonders about Kevin Hart after trying to figure out the pop-culture-happenings of the funny man. We touch on the MLB playoffs and cameras in the locker rooms and, honestly, the rest is a blur.


Ball Of Confusion - Ep18 - Horse Meat Burritos

Put on your cup or Cuchini and give us a listen. We discuss the weird world of exercise equipment, mis-sized limbs and burritos. Frank is the world's foremost expert on horse meat, according to all South FL press. We talk Kiffins, Glazers, MLB playoffs, college football fans and the DNC debates.


Ball Of Confusion - Ep17 - Childhood Turtle Adventures with Dogs

Meander through the psyches of Rob and Frank as they talk about childhood adventures. Collect turtles and get chased by dogs. Power Rangers are killing roommates and Japanese television. Rob talks to porn star Roxy Raye and Frank talks to Congressman David Jolly. It's a weird world.


Ball Of Confusion - Ep16 - Less Offensive Than George Zimmerman

We may have gone a little nutty, but we aren't as bad as George Zimmerman retweeting pics of a dead Trayvon Martin. Your favorite hosts take a trip back to high-school, dodge a few arrests, and explore the side-effects of chronic masturbation. Rob is a football jinx, but has stayed strong in his Fantasy Football universe. He also forgets how to use a mic.


Ball Of Confusion - Ep15 - Rob Loves Scott Walker

Spend some time with your favorite adventurers in Nicaragua, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. We discuss the injuries in the NFL and Fantasy ramifications, Serbians enlarging women's breasts, and being under-dressed at parties. Based on the title, you can see we talk about the most recent happenings in the GOP and DNC primary races. Rob tells us how he feels about Scott Walker who just left the GOP primary as Ragnar leaves Minnesota.


Ball Of Confusion - Ep14 - Alien Strippers Seeded Earth

We bounce around a bit, if you can believe it. Kim Davis is back in the news, as is Caitlyn Jenner. We talk NFL Week 1, Fantasy Football and of course aliens and strippers. Rob gives a soulful rendition of the national anthem.


Ball Of Confusion - Ep12 - Calabasas Penis Binaca

After two weeks off, your boys are trippin'. We go on road trips with books on tape, LSD adventures in Theme Park Land, sexual intrigue with former Presidents and a party in Jared's pants. Rob, the NFL Fantasy Sports phenomenon, talks a little draft and RG3. We end by siding-up with Superman vs. the KKK and then joining the Klan to battle the Westboro Baptist Church.