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Join award-winning beer writer Ben Johnson ("The Globe and Mail" "The Growler" "Toronto Life") for a weekly podcast blending interviews with personalities from the craft beer industry and conversations over beers with assorted people who just happen to show up in his garage.






Join award-winning beer writer Ben Johnson ("The Globe and Mail" "The Growler" "Toronto Life") for a weekly podcast blending interviews with personalities from the craft beer industry and conversations over beers with assorted people who just happen to show up in his garage.




#59 - ”Buck Tucker” revisted

A throwback to 2020: Revisit Ben's interview with reclusive US distiller Buck Tucker where they discuss the intricacies of liquor distribution, sourcing ingredients, and building a brand; featuring Josh Murray.


#58 - Return of Ren

Our friend Ren Navarro returns to the show to talk about accountability in craft beer, blackface Polish Drake, Assy Juice, and the countries that drink the most beer; plus we get into the best Quaid, the most expensive beer you ever had, and more!


#57 - Chris has a delicate mouth

Ben and Chris talk back to school memories, Ted Cruz, chugging beer at US Open tennis, hair of the dog, and more.


#56 - Justin Belanger

A Pellhead special treat! Chris chats with Justin Belanger, co-owner of London's Storm Stayed Brewery, about East Coast beer destinations, the inspiration for their beer, and running out of colours to use on their labels.


#55 - BFFs 4 EVA

When their guest backs out of this week’s show, Ben and Chris opt to take a quiz to see how much they know about each other. Tune in for TMI, including their dream jobs, embarrassing sexual encounters, Chris’ trip to the east coast, and how Buck Martinez likes his hot dogs.


#54 - Scott Simmons

Ben chats with Scott Simmons, the President of the Ontario Craft Brewers association, about provincial taxes for brewers, the future of retail craft beer in Ontario, codes of conduct, what's in his beer fridge, and more.


#53 - Cass Enright

Ben and guest co-host Chris Schryer chat with International Man of Beer Mystery Cass Enright about the early days of The Bar Towel, the Free Our Beer Campaign, and tourism and hospitality in Ontario -- plus we demonstrate an embarrassingly poor knowledge of vexillology.


#52 - Do it doucement

Ben and Chris discuss three year-old pale ales, cheesy, sexist beer labels, True Lies, the World Beer Mile, and the Pell’s Corner Japanese spin-off.


#51 - Music of Tim Bruce Johnson

A solo Ben chats beer news and pint sizes and shares some music from Regina-based singer songwriter Tim Bruce Johnson.


#50 - Fiftieth episode mailbag extravaganza

To celebrate the show's fiftieth episode, Ben and Chris delve deep into the Beer and Bullshit inbox and social media DMs to answer all your burning questions. Come for the competitive eating, hangover talk, pints vs. flights debate, and food trucks, but stay for the "woke" brewery exploration, real talk about LeBron, and the reason you should hate guys named Chet.


#49 - Matt Tweedy

Ben and Chris talk to Matt Tweedy of Tooth and Nail Brewery about the Ottawa beer scene and why draught is king, and ponder whether or not craft beer has gotten too serious, or if maybe it isn't serious enough. Plus 13 year-old dictators, taking over people's bodies, and shameless plugs to buy Beer and Bullshit merchandise!


#48 - Rob Arsenault

Ben and Chris chat with Rob Arsenault, aka The Drunk Polkaroo, about his prolific content creation and the beer scene in Hamilton; plus bats, walking your cat, and an awkward but well-intentioned segment on men’s health!


#47 - I’ll race your daughter right now

Ben and Chris drink a “lambic” beer and talk about it a bit, challenge the kids of their neighbourhood to various feats of strength and combat, and debate the merits of Starbucks’ newest offering. Plus Ben issues a “would you rather" challenge and Hunter talks about working for a bowling magazine and brings Dave an explosive gift.


#46 - Gavin Anderson

Ben and Chris chat with Gavin Anderson of Anderson Craft Ales and talk about ushering in the short can craze, being the first craft brewery in Ontario to use CO2 capture technology, and straightforward branding as a symptom of poor creativity; plus they debate mandatory singing vs. mandatory dancing, the ability to stop time, and alibi-busting tattoos.


#45 - Ren Navarro

Ben and Chris chat with Ren Navarro, the founder of Beer. Diversity. about the Craft Brewers Association, equity, diversity, and inclusion in beer, and the definition of “craft” (again, sorry). Plus we debate the merits of watching the world burn and Ben eats a burrito mid-podcast! Mentioned on this episode: - The Hundred Year-Old-Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson - A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman - High on the Hog by Jessica B. Harris


#44 - Aaron Prothro

Ben chats with Aaron Prothro, owner of Mascot Brewery, about carving out a niche for his business as Canada's first Black brewery owner, building a culture of inclusivity, his plans for the newly-acquired Kensington Brewery, and how experience in hollistic dog care may have helped along the way.


#43 - Walking by cool places

Ben and Chris discuss recent brewery closures and openings and the merits of Toronto's Liberty Village, weigh the benefits of solitude, debate being stinky vs celibate, and Chris continues to champion the understated legacy of Mark Chapman.


#42 - Beer and Bullshit sells out

Ben and Chris talk about selling out in pursuit of big classic rock money, rednecks dumping Bud Light and craft breweries embracing it, the 1990s, Micheal Bublé and more.


#41 - Carmen Vicente

Ben and Chris chat with Carmen Vicente, the Head of Marketing for Bellwoods Brewery in Toronto, about the path from brewer to marketing, developing a brand voice, chasing limited edition Milk Sharks, and why she doesn't really get to name beers anymore. We also debate pools, kids with pierced ears, and going topless. Recommended on this show: - Dune by Frank Herbert - The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes - How to do Nothing by Jenny Odell - City Primeval: High Noon in Detroit by Elmore Leonard - @Dick_Graffiti by Pat


#40 - Kevin Freer

Our first returning champion, Kevin Freer of Block Three Brewing returns to the show to chat with Ben and Chris about bringing your kids to the tap room, ordering the haziest beer on tap, why brewers probably don't need to worry about AI taking their jobs, and stinker tinker time. Recommended on this episode: - WWE Rivals on A&E - Begin the World Over by Kung Li Sun - Madison Cunningham - Remi Wolf - Canada's Ultimate Challenge