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A weekly recap in Baltimore and national sports. Join host Fred Donahue and guests as they ditch the stuffy statistics of most sport shows and interject fun into an hour filled with sports from Charm City and all around the country.

A weekly recap in Baltimore and national sports. Join host Fred Donahue and guests as they ditch the stuffy statistics of most sport shows and interject fun into an hour filled with sports from Charm City and all around the country.
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A weekly recap in Baltimore and national sports. Join host Fred Donahue and guests as they ditch the stuffy statistics of most sport shows and interject fun into an hour filled with sports from Charm City and all around the country.






Episode 67: It's A Sack Party

WHAT A PERFORMANCE BY THE RAVENS DEFENSE!!! Fred and Scott dive into the BIG win in Tennessee! 106 total yards is NOT a winning formula for the Titans! The Ravens set a franchise record for sacks in a single game with 11!! Fred dives into some interesting stats on Joe Flacco. Can the defense repeat that kind of effort with the Saints coming to town? Will Drew Brees do Drew Brees things against us? The guys make their weekly predictions. The Terps with a big win against Rutgers! Now sitting...


Episode 66: Doo Doo Browns

Welp….The Ravens dropped a deuce in Cleveland…..Fred and Scott break down the disappointing loss to the Browns. Fred tells the fans to back of the ledge, and take a breath! What is going on with Michael Crabtree? Will the team ever commit to a more balanced attack?? The team heads into Tennessee to square off with the Titans. Can the pass rush make Marcus Mariota uncomfortable? Will Dean Pees have an impact against this Ravens team that he knows so well? The Terps get manhandled in Ann...


Episode 65: A Steel In Pittsburgh

BOOM!!!! Now THAT’S how you handle Steelers week in Pittsburgh!! The guys breakdown the BIG win versus the Steelers on Sunday Night Football! Just how good is Joe Flacco and the offense this season? Could hen really throw for 5000 yards?! Can this defense stay on this kind of pace? No touchdowns given up in the second half of games this entire season!!!! We are off to the Dawg Pound in Cleveland this week?? Is Baker Mayfield for real?? This won’t be a layup victory for the Ravens, thats for...


Episode 64: Buck The Broncos

This week on the show, it’s Fred and Ryan in the studio while Scott is preparing for surgery. GET BETTER SOON SCOTT!!! The guys break down the big AFC win at home against the Broncos! Can this offense sustain this kind of success? How did the offensive line hold up against the pass rush of Von Miller and Bradley Chubb? The Ravens show more balance on offense. With it being Steelers week, will this be the classic low scoring close game? Or will this be an offensive shootout? Can the Ravens...


Episode 63: A Bengal Beatdown

The fellas recap what was a mauling in Cincinnati, and an awful showing by the Ravens defense. What went wrong with the offense and defensive lines? CJ Mosley gets injured early, and instant confusion set in on the field for the team. Can the team bounce back in week 3 at home against the 2-0 Broncos? Can the defense turn it up to make like miserable for Case Keenum? Will the running game FINALLY get on track? The pass rush of Miller and Chubb will be a problem!! Fred and Scott make their...


Episode 62: Making It Rain

Week one of the NFL season is in the books!! The Ravens ROUT the Bills, 47-3!! Fred, Scott, and Ryan get a chance to hang out with YouTuber, Ingraven, at their tailgate and for the game! How did Joe look with his new weapons? What impressed the guys on defense? The team is moving on to Cinci, and the the thorn in our side Bengals. Is Joe Mixon a problem? Can the team repeat last years performance in Cinci? The Terps are 2-0 on the season!! Whats it going to take to become bowl eligible? The...


Episode 61: The Time Is Now

The Time has COME!!! Week One of the NFL season is just a few days away, and we couldn't be more excited!!! Fred and Scott go to the final preseason game of the year against the Redskins. They breakdown the 53 man roster cut down. Who were the surprise cuts, and what bubble players made it? Week by week win/loss predictions. And an update on the Kaare Vedvik situation, that left the kicker/punter in a local Baltimore hospital. Why won't the Orioles be calling up some of their young talent?...

Episode 60: Doctor Feel Good

On this weeks show, Fred and Scott are joined by Russell Street Report's Michael Telford, aka @ThisIsChibs from Twitter! Chibs helps the guys breakdown the latest developments with the Ravens roster. Does the team carry 3 QB's? What WR's make the team? Is CJ Mosley worth top 3 LB'er money? They also get into the Orioles recent winning ways! By that, we mean the last two games.....What's wrong with Dylan Bundy? Can the team win 50 games? YOU HAVE TO CHECK THIS EPISODE OUT!!!


Episode 59: Here We Go Again

Here we go again.....Jimmy Smith is handed down another suspension, and is set to miss the first 4 games of the Ravens season. A damper on what has been a good preseason so far. The guys recap what they liked, and what they didn't like from the Ravens 20-19 win over the Colts. Some of the WR's on the bubble take a big step back....Fred is more convinced now then ever that the team will carry 3 QB's this year. Is CJ Mosley worth the big contract he is going to demand? The Orioles make MLB...


Episode 58: Cedric The Entertainer

BUCKLE UP!!! THIS IS A LONG ONE!!! Fred and Scott go to training camp and the second game of the preseason for the Ravens. They get into what they saw, and make some easrly predictions as to what the 53 man roster could look like this season....Cedric Mullins makes his big league debut, and it couldn't have happened a day sooner for Fred!! They disect what was a very impressive debut. You can't talk Maryland sports without talking about the situation and investigation going on at the...


Episode 57: Any Dawgs In Da' House

Are there Any Dawgs in da' House?! Fred and Scott reminisce of Ray Lewis' 33 minute HOF Speech. Fred talks about what he sees on offense, while Scott talks what needs to be done with Breshad Perriman. Then they discuss the Orioles' Nest and how our prospects of the future look and what role may they play. Fred introduces some comments from Adam Jones from a podcast interview with CC Sabathia, where he seemed to hold some strong opinions on waiving his 10-5 rights and possible Phillies trade....

Episode 56: He Gone!!!

After having some technical difficulties with our live streams earlier, we come back with our Cliff Notes version of Episode 56!!! We talk all the latest trades and prospects surrounding the Orioles. Did we get enough for what we gave up? Should Dan Duquette be with the team after this season? The Ravens are two days away from the Hall of Fame game! What are we most excited to watch? Lamar Jackson and RGII? The revamped WR core? Are the Ravens playing short at the RB position? We also recap...

Episode 55: We're Talkin Bout Practice

On this weeks episode, Fred dives into his first Ravens Training Camp Experience at the Castle. He ran into a fellow YouTuber, Ingraven. Hear what they had to say about their visit. Scott breaks down the Manny trade, and the prospects the Orioles received. Possible breaking news with Zach Britton being traded during the show? The Brigade are on to the Championship, and host a home game this Saturday! Come check it out!!

Episode 54: I'm Not Crying, You're Crying

It's All-Star gameday, and there are MANY tears in Baltimore over the inevitable departure of MANNY....Fred and Scott breakdown the latest trade rumors and potential pieces involving Machado. The Ravens are seeing a bit of a youth movement on defense. The guys breakdown some of their top young talent. Could Matt Judon supplant Terrell Suggs as the Ravens team sack leader this season? Who is on the Ravens PUP list to start the season? The Brigade bounce back in a big way in their first...


Episode 53: Hey Now, You're An All-Star

If you are looking for a sports variety episode, this is IT!!! The guys get into it all!! From the latest domestic violence accusations against LeSean McCoy, to the Ravens being rumored about DeSean Jackson. Could this be the most anticipated training-camp in Ravens history?? What does Lamar Jackson mean for the team nationally? A former Oriole makes his first All Star game selection!! The guys break down the awful All-Star selection process....Fred uses some choice word selection, that he...

Episode 52: What Time Is It

What time is it?!?! GAMETIME!!!! This week the guys reminisce on their memories of Mr. 52 himself, as Ray Lewis is set to be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in the coming weeks. The Orioles are closing in on the deadline. The talks of Manny are really heating up now. The guys get into a debate about the DH position in baseball. They share their experience from the press-box at Ripken Stadium in Aberdeen. Fred talks about his run in with a familiar number 23. Scott dives into the purposed...


Episode 51: Extra Extraaa!!!

On this weeks episode, Fred and Scott go behind the scenes as media with Baltimore's first place football team? Barry Trotz wasn't wasting any time before signing with another club. The Caps make a trade that allows them to keep one of their own. The Ravens rookies are starting to get settled in. The media has been pretty happy with what they see. The guys try to brain storm what it is going to take to get fans back in the stands at Camden Yards. Do you remember your first autograph? Be sure...


Episode 50: Coaching Carousel

Its Episode 50!!!! Hard to believe we have done 50 of these things.....Ryan joins Fred and Scott on the show this week. Barry Trotz out in Washington? Whats next for the Caps? How excited are you for the Ravens season and to watch the revamped offense? Is John Harbaugh's job safe win or lose this season? How long can Terrell Suggs Play at this elite level? The Orioles finally sound like they are poised to make some moves. Are you open to listening to all offers for all players?? And the...


Episode 49: We're Not Gonna Be Suck

The Washington Capitals are the 2018 Stanley Cup Champions!! And the fellas are SURE ENJOYING EVERY SECOND OF IT!! The team has a good core, but have some questions surrounding upcoming contracts. Whats up with the disconnect between Baltimore and the DC fan base? Will the Ravens be carrying 3 QB's this season? What does that mean for Joe Flacco? Fred and Scott get into some WAY TOO EARYL NFL predictions! As an Orioles fan, would you give up 10 years of Ravens success for a World Series win...

Episode 48: Knight Slayers

Do you have your Zoloft handy?!? You are going to need it after this episode! With the high of the Capitals being ONE WIN AWAY from the Stanley Cup, to the lows of the Orioles losing their last 7 and being the worst team in the MLB, to the optimism surrounding the Ravens and their new weapons!!! If this isn't the most BiPolar episode in Birdland BS history, I don't know what is!! Come join hosts Fred and Scott as they jump into all of these topics and more!