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Tune into your old transistor radio and follow us down the rabbit hole as we muse about Indian culture, the 90s, bad art, existential crises, sex, drugs, cartoons, bollywood, feminism, racism, puppies, bunnies, unicorns and rainbows. We promise to whine about everything. New episode every 2 weeks.

Tune into your old transistor radio and follow us down the rabbit hole as we muse about Indian culture, the 90s, bad art, existential crises, sex, drugs, cartoons, bollywood, feminism, racism, puppies, bunnies, unicorns and rainbows. We promise to whine about everything. New episode every 2 weeks.
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Tune into your old transistor radio and follow us down the rabbit hole as we muse about Indian culture, the 90s, bad art, existential crises, sex, drugs, cartoons, bollywood, feminism, racism, puppies, bunnies, unicorns and rainbows. We promise to whine about everything. New episode every 2 weeks.






Episode 65 (Season 4) November Aaj Ka Kabootar / Today's Pigeon News

For this month's Aaj Ka Kabootar aka Today's Pigeon News, Pappu and Sweety discuss their favourite celebrity Halloween looks, which were the looks that killed, and which were just "blah." Sweety talks her heart about her latest Netflix obsession, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. And since it's November, we have to talk about the two big upcoming Bollywood weddings - Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh #DeepVeer and Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas. Enjoy! -- // Starring: •...


Episode 64 (Season 4) All About Dreams

This week on episode 64, Pappu and Sweety discuss the #MeTooIndia movement that has taken over India by storm - the floodgates have finally opened! And then for our main topic we talk about Dreams - everything from nightmares to lucid dreaming to what our dreams mean, why we have them and the psychology behind them. -- // Starring: • Sweety & Pappu // See what’s next on Chuski Pop: • // Buy Art Prints - // Donate - // Patreon -...


Episode 63 (Season 4) October Aaj Ka Kabooter / Today's Pigeon News

This week on Chuski Pop we talk about the hashtag that went viral around the world - Why Didnt I report - then we talk about Bollywood's own me too movement concerning Tanushree Dutta and her allegations against veteran actor Nana Patekar. And then finally we wrap up with some pop culture news on Fashion week and a quick movie review from Pappu. -- // Starring: • Sweety & Pappu // See what’s next on Chuski Pop: • // Buy Art Prints - // Donate -...


Episode 62 (Season 4) Interview with Danny Pudi

This week we interview actor and comedian, Danny Pudi. He is known to most of y'all as Abed Nadir from the NBC/Yahoo comedy series Community, as well as the lead in the film “The Tiger Hunter." He is also currently the voice of Huey from the Disney reboot of Ducktales, woo hoo! Danny has just landed the lead role in an upcoming film, BabySplitters - that is written and directed by Sam Friedlander and is currently in it’s preproduction phase. He also shares a funny story about his search for...


Episode 55 (Season 4) May Aaj Ka Kabooter / Today's Pigeon News

For this weeks’s episode, our mix bag of Aaj Ka Kabootar aka Today's Pigeon News stories starts off with our Show the Bhindi Award (Show the Lady Finger) – to deserving Lawyer Deepika Sing Rjawat, we talk more about her badassery and why she is a force to recon with. Next, Sweety shares her favorite moments from Michelle Wolf’s address at the Correspondents Dinner. Moving on to entertainment, we talk about Kendrick Lamar winning the Pulitzer, Drake’s new video and Cardi B’s first album. And...


Episode 54 (Season 4) Musje Dosti Karoge? (Adulting & Friendships) + Interview with Mimi Mondal

‘Female friendships that work are relationships in which women help each other belong to themselves.' ― Louise Bernikow This week’s episode is all about holding on to your girl gang or femme-identifying gang. For our Mujse Dosti Karoge episode, we will be discussing the challenges we face in making new friends when you are older and the importance of holding on to your old connections. Sweety and Pappu have some very practical steps you can incorporate into your own lives. Also, as part of...


Episode 53 (Season 4) April Aaj Ka Kabooter / Today's Pigeon News

For this week's Aaj Ka Kabootar aka Today's Pigeon News, Sweety and Pappu dive right into April with our celebration of Dalit History Month. If you are not sure what that is, or if you're unfamiliar with the caste system, let this segment be your primer. The recent news about about 2.8 million CBSE students in Grade 10 and Grade 12 having to retake their exams really gave Pappu a cold sweat because it reminded her of her dreaded Board Exams (and that horrible reoccurring dream of her trying...


Episode 52 (Season 4) Conscious Consumption + Interview with Jasjyot Singh Hans

This month is going to be all about stopping to smell the flowers (literally and figuratively) and finding ways to feel less overwhelmed. If life around you has been generally been feeling shit, then let me tell you something: shit is a great manure to make flowers grow! For this episode, we are going to focus on rising above the flotsam and jetsam brought about by the bombardment of links, think pieces, book and music recommendations. We will be talking about the art of thoughtful...


Episode 51 (Season 4) March Aaj Ka Kabootar / Today's Pigeon News

Happy Holi everyone, spring is finally here! On this week's March Aaj Ka Kabootar aka Today's Pigeon News, Sweety and Pappu kick off the episode with a tribute to Sridevi. Last week, we lost the one true queen of Bollywood. She danced her way into our hearts as Hawa Hawai and Chandani. As Sweety said, it feels like losing a part of your childhood… We celebrate her legacy by sharing our favourite Sridevi moments. In other news, Gucci swims turb-u-lant waters with its fashion faux pass. Sweety...


Episode 50 (Season 4) - February Feels: Radical Self Love

Hope you guys had a happy Hallmark Day on the 14th! For our special February Feels episode Sweety & Pappu dive deep to bring you some truth nuggets about Radical Self Love. This episode has been a tough one for us because both of us have had an arduous journey towards self-love. Pappu gets down to the root of it, to deliver a definition of ‘love’ that all of us could use (with help from bell hooks). According to bell hooks the word ‘love’ is often described as a noun, but it should rather be...


Episode 49 (Season 4) February Aaj Ka Kabootar / Today's Pigeon News

Welcome to the first AKK for 2018! As promised, for this edition of Aaj Ka Kabootar we are going to keep everything #posivibesonly! But before we jump to our top stories, Pappu & Sweety give an update on the #MeToo movement. We talk about Aziz Ansari & about the spectrum that is the prevalent rape culture. Our top stories: first up, its award season, we talk about The Grammys, Filmfare, the Golden Globes + the Fashun at the Black Panther premier. Sweety shares her #MCM Crown Prince Manvendra...


Episode 48 (Season 4) Spirituality: The Millennial Edition

Happy 2018, you Poppers! (Wait, does that sound wrong? We’re trying out something new) We know its already the last week of January but technically we’re allowed to wish Happy New Year for the whole of this month. At Chuski Pop we’re are all about new challenges, and so we are kicking off our fourth season with some heavy lifting (not literal, but metaphysical). In this episode Sweety and Pappu talk about why millennials (Pappu included) find themselves drawn to astrology, horoscopes and...


Episode 47 (Season 3 Finale) #TMI with Sweety & Pappu

December allows us the vantage point to sit and reflect on the tire-fire of a year that was 2017. As promised, this week Sweety and Pappu will run each other through a series of questions designed to reveal the inner workings of our tatti minds – we call it our #TMI, or Too Much Information round. But before that, we will share our personal best and worst moments from 2017. Finally, not to be missed - in true Chuski Pop tradition, Sweety and Pappu play a round of Kill, Marry, F*ck (or Maar,...


Episode 46 (Season 3) November Aaj Ka Kabootar / Today's Pigeon News

It’s Sweet November, folks! So, best to enjoy this episode with some garma-garam aadrak-wali chai. We start off with the 10th annual Queer Pride march that just happened in New Delhi. 2017 is really turning out to be the year all our favourite celebrities let us down. Remember when we hated 2016 for killing all the famous people we loved? Ronan Farrow's New Yorker article has had a butterfly effect - reports are coming in of white men in power in business being called out for their behavior...


Episode 45 (Season 3)The Single Girl's Guide To Surviving Wedding Season

November brings in its wake cooler evenings that you can enjoy with chai and onion bhajis, but it also brings a wave of wedding invites. Weddings can stir up a special kind of social anxiety among single desi girls. Nothing, not even the promise of a smorgasbord of all-you-can-eat chaat counters and an open bar can quell the unease of navigating that aunty-minefield that is a desi wedding. For the next better part of an hour we are going to lay down some practical steps that will get you...


Episode 44 (Season 3) October Aaj Ka Kabootar / Today's Pigeon News + Interview with Hriday Ranjan

Time for this month’s Aaj Ka Kabootar aka Pigeon Mail! In recent weeks the general direction of all things ‘news-worthy’ has been different shades of, however this month we’re off to a great start – Beyoncé released a new video to mark the International Day of the Girl. Though any track on the Lemonade album could be a fitting anthem, she picked Freedom. Featuring feisty little girls from all over the world lip-syncing to Queen B, this rabble rousing track packs just too many feels to...


Episode 15 (Season 2) - On Being Gen-Y, and Making Way for the Gen-Z

How do you now if you are a Gen-Y or a Gen-Z? Easy - did you Google ‘how to use Snapchat’ at any point in your life? If yes, then welcome to the club where us Millennials hang out. You will be in good company though, as this club counts the likes of Lena Dunham, Jennifer Lawrence, Kimmiy K. and even Zuckerberg as its patrons. This club doesn’t have bartenders, it has mixologists. Most ladies at the bar prefer their flute of rosé while munching on avocado on toast and watching the evening’s...


Episode 14 (Season 2) - On Being Done Being the ‘Cool Girl’

We all know that girl, we may also have been her at one point or another. That girl who doesn’t want to throw a hissy fit if her boyfriend doesn’t call or text her for two days straight, because nothing is worse then being called ‘clingy’. That girl who will wait forever till they guy gets his shit together, and doesn’t want to be called a ‘nag’, or worse his ‘mom’. She is the all-time ‘chill girl’. In pop culture, this ‘Cool Girl’ is given a face and a voice as Amy, the titular character in...


Episode 13 (Season 2)- On Why Your Life Needs a Mid-Year Review

Mid-Year Reviews are familiar to us corporate slaves. It is that time of the year when we look back at the past six months and call out on times where we f'up, and times where we excelled on our Excel sheets. We are accordingly rewarded in classic Pavlovian style with a congratulatory email or a 'can do better' report. While mid-year reviews generally suck for me, and fill me with the level of enthusiasm that would rival Jaya Bachan's, with the idea of her husband sharing screen with Rekha,...


Episode 11 (Season 2) - #TMI With Sweety & Pappu

Sweety and Pappu kick off a new season of Chuski Pop with a sansani khez, tell-all drinking game. No, scratch that. Actually, all that lassi, vodka, whiskey did its turn on Sweety. For now, she is teetotaler. But nevertheless, us being the oversharing binches we are, we would like to depart with a lot of deeply personal shiz about us - like, what would our cocktail equivalent be, or which is Sweety's #1 track on her 'lauv' #mixtape, or when was the last time Pappu felt insignificant... stuff...