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Cornucopia Radio Podcast 68: The Exhibit

The gavel slams onto its pedestal and the audience burst into applause. All around them, the gallery is buzzing with conversations from its many occupants, who mingle amongst the different paintings, photographs and sculptures that reside in this beautiful and luxurious endless white room. At the back, beaming with pride; stands Oscar Johansson. He is the artist behind all of this work... even though most of it was created by ‘something’ else. ‘The Exhibit’ is our new Scripted-Podcast...


Cornucopia Radio Podcast 67: Sink With Me

Deep underneath the waves of the ocean, two young women are on an adventure to see what hides within these hidden dark depths. Yet, danger lurks within this alternative steampunk world and soon Evie and Savannah realise that their submersible might also become their permanent tomb. So as the lights slowly fail and the air becomes cold, the only thing left between these two best friends are hidden secrets and forgotten emotions… ‘Sink With Me’ is our new emotional ‘steampunk audiodrama’...


Cornucopia Radio Podcast 66: Accelerator

Deep underground, in a secret location; a team of engineers and scientists are about to embark on a breakthrough experiment which could change our fundamental understanding of science and physics. But do these people actually understand what it is they are attempting and are they really correct in ignoring the dire warnings? They say monsters could be unleashed and that the timestream might even start collapsing backwards upon itself... But that could never happen... could it?


Cornucopia Radio Podcast 65: Pod to Pluto

Today is going to be the last day for Jemima working as a UK space engineer. Once she’s finished this final job on adult satellite , she’s taking the engineering-pod back to Command & Control for her leaving party. It’s going to be glorious. She’s going to make a funny yet poignant speech. People will cry and tell her that they’re going to miss her. She’ll be showered with gifts and then she’s going to Exeter with her boyfriend to start a new life! She’s forgotten to...


Cornucopia Radio Podcast 64: Lonnie Taylor's Bigfoot Encounter

Lonnie Taylor is not a man given to sudden whims or flights of fancy and doesn’t believe in most things until they can be proven to him. But one day in 2002, while deer hunting on Hayden Ridge in Lytle County. He suddenly found himself a true believer in Bigfoot. A creature he’d never previously given any thought to. ‘Lonnie Taylor's Bigfoot Encounter’ is our new scripted documentary (narrated by 'Harper the Fox') about how the things we search for externally, can often be the truths we...


Cornucopia Radio Podcast 63: Luck

I’ve never had any luck. Infact, my entire life has been plagued by bad luck. It just follows me around like a bad smell. I was born unlucky, and it’s followed me around ever since. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not bitter and I wouldn’t swap my life for the world, but couldn’t I have just a bit of what other people have? Luck is our brand new comedy audiodrama about living with badluck and even worse weather...


Cornucopia Radio Podcast 62: Reluctant Genius By Henry Slesar

It is said that life crawled up from the slime of the sea bottom and became ‘Human’ because of some inherent greatness that was bred into us before the dawn of time. But perhaps this urge was not as formless as we might have first thought… For this experimental production we had three different people read out the same short story in its entirety. We then edited/mixed these voices together; creating this unique multicast recording. Please note: This work was originally written for the...


Cornucopia Radio Podcast 61: The Origins of Comic-Book Boy

They are stories of heroism, strength and of courage. Stories in which one person can stand up against the darkness that surrounds us, and say with total conviction and self-belief; that they are the ‘light’. We see pages full of colour and life, in which kinetic action moves across the panels. Dancing in front of our eyes, filling our imagination with endless possibilities... Comics are a way of life for so many people, but do we truly understand their power? More importantly; if that...


Cornucopia Radio Podcast 60: One Last Time

While a backyard tree bellows silently in the wind; Barbara Knox attends her husband David’s crematorium service. Naturally she is sad but also secretly, a little angry. You see, there are unresolved issues between the two of them and questions that still remain unanswered. However as we will soon discover in our new audiodrama; David's story isn't yet over. He needs her help and somehow he finds a way to turn back to Barbara. For one last time...


Cornucopia Radio Podcast 59: Dylan and Blod

Dylan and Blodwyn are sat on a welsh mountainside about to start their weekly picnic. However the picnic basket remains closed and we can only but guess what they’ve brought along to eat. Who knows, perhaps they’ve forgotten to bring anything at all? It’s happened before... They’ve been sat in silence for some time now. The sky remaining overcast and the air hanging heavy and thick. Suddenly, Blodwyn recalls the question she wanted to ask. The question she knew she had to ask. She turns to...


Cornucopia Radio Podcast 58: Stone

Long ago when the universe was young. Alicia Harker, the Twelfth Daughter of Destiny, took the mettle of a dead god and forged it into a bronze hand. That hand would bestow good fortune on anyone who owned it. She then discarded it by a roadside, where it might be found and passed from person to person, bringing good fortune to those who’d done nothing to deserve it. And once every hundred years, she sets out on an adventure to discover it and see what its latest beneficiary’s made of a...


Cornucopia Radio Podcast 56: Unrespected

From the legendary ‘City of Steel’ comes a little stripped down radio satire. Tackling the big issues of the day with wit, wisdom and an old radio sound-effects LP from 1982 that we found at a car boot. Join us as we take a deeper look at a beleaguered NHS and Rail Network. Visit the island of a crazed TV obsessed scientist and try to live life without modern technology. We'll also discover more about a certain 'Messiah Dinosaur', take a quick visit to a charity shop and lastly go for a...


Cornucopia Radio Podcast 57: Spring Poetry Collection

Spring is a magical time of year; when bountiful possibility appears in front of us and everything is reborn anew. So to celebrate the start of the season, we’ve created a lush soundscape of classical spring poetry, sounds of nature and amazing instrumental musical pieces. It’s all designed to take you to a place more magical than this... We also encourage you to listen to this while walking about in whatever local nature surrounds you. Wherever you are in the world, we hope this podcast...


Cornucopia Radio Podcast 55: The Legend Of Nic and Joe - Christmas Special

Nic and Joe are dead and Merlin the storyteller must try to rescue their legend from the mists of time, with one last story and a little help from a few familiar faces, like thingy and whatsit. The epic finale to the interminable series, tells of a Christmas miracle, which sees Nic and Joe come face to face with a new friend - in the vague snow-based shape of Dave Benson Phillips. What could possibly go wrong...?


Cornucopia Radio Podcast 54: Last Gambit in Lisbon

During World War Two, Portugal remained neutral. Many of the people who found themselves there had little choice as to where they might live, work and even survive. Among those who had had little choice but to be in Portugal was Alexander Alekhine, the World Chess Champion. Alexander is a man looking for a life away from sitting alone in his hotel room with nothing but a chess board on a table and dinner in his lap. He is looking for inspiration, looking for his muse and ultimately, a way...


Cornucopia Radio Podcast 53: Welcome to Budley

Welcome to Budley. Although not visible on any map or satnav, this village is home to sporting champions, failed soap stars, fitness innovators and a whole host of unique characters who once met, are never forgotten. Also whilst we want you to enjoy your stay in Budley, we accept no responsibility for financial loss and damages to person or property, including crimes committed by gnomes. So enjoy your stay and best of luck trying to find your way out.


Cornucopia Radio Podcast 52: Unglued

Like all relationships it was based on a commonality. A relational glue that binds two people together. For Beth and Stew it was their daughter Holly. That was the glue that held the relationship together. But what happens to that relationship when the glue goes away? Did they ever really know each other? Can they survive a personal tragedy such as this? Unglued is a brand new audio drama from playwright Paul Kenny, about the death of a couple’s daughter and how they try to cope with the...


Cornucopia Radio Podcast 51: Radio Fore Extra

Welcome back to the continuing story of “Radio Fore”; the secret, long forgotten mothballed sister station for ‘Radio 4′. It was supposed to be a fresh start, a bolder, less middle-class approach to talk radio, but it all went terribly wrong. Now, in the basement passages of Broadcasting House stalks a lumpen, ghoulish, benighted creature, once known as ‘Radio Fore’, the ill-shapen bastard offspring of its elder sibling. However, some of the recorded shows occasional leak into the public...


Cornucopia Radio Podcast 50: Budge and Sundance

Across the galaxy, a great evil empire has arisen. One which threatens the existence of every living creature in the entire cosmos. Never before has there been such a need for heroes to stand up and make a difference, as only those most noble of heart and strong in spirit can turn back the tide. And this story tells the tale of the two greatest heroes of them all. Two simple small Budgerigars, on a small insignificant little blue planet known as Earth, who are about to embark on an epic...


Cornucopia Radio Podcast 49: Bits and Bobs

Jeannie is an American citizen who relocated to Sheffield with her family several years ago and whose US driving license expired shortly after arrival. However with 20 year of driving experience under her belt she felt confident about obtaining a UK license. That is until she had to take the test. Until she meet her instructors.