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Could Rudeness Kill Us All?

Could one moment of rudeness really lead to the apocalypse? Could one rude comment to a doctor affect their next patient? And what happens if you’re about to go under the knife and someone is rude to your surgeon? The effects are rudeness are potent, shocking, and important for you to know. Danny and Marc discuss the day Marc was unbelievably rude to a passing politician, and they hear from eminent academic Dr. Amir Erez about the very disturbing results of his research into the darker side...


Why Do We Find Rudeness Attractive?

There’s no doubt about it. Whether we like them or not, we are drawn to rude people. But what makes a rude person rude? Are they born or made? And why do they think they can get away with acting however they like? Plus, Danny and Marc chat to Professor of Philosophy and author Aaron James who explains exactly what an ‘A-hole’ is, and what to do when you meet one…


Why Are Women So Rude?

New research shows that not only are women ruder than ever – they’re getting worse. But can you guess who they’re being rudest to? The answer may surprise you, as Danny and Marc look at your stories of rudeness, and are joined by journalist and critic Grace Dent to discuss the problem with men, the problem with women, and the problem with you…


Fighting Back

When someone is overtly rude to us, we crave revenge. And that revenge can be pretty odd, pretty funny, or pretty dark. But how should we best handle rude people? Danny and Marc chat about the night a woman did something unspeakable to Marc, and Gary Foster from Australia tell us what he did when he saw a man being very rude about Danny’s book! Plus, how one mayor in Bogota battled bad behaviour in the weirdest way possible…



An entire generation of people have been taught they be as rude as they want to people, so long as they’re “only being honest”. Where did that come from? From sociopathic columnists who “tell it like it is” to arrogant TV talent show judges, everyone has to have a horrible opinion that they’re #justsaying. Danny Wallace and Marc Haynes look at why, vent their anger, and chat to veteran American reality show editor Jonathan Siegel about how we got here, why we now celebrate rudeness, and why...


Is Technology Making Us Ruder?

From blasting music from our phones on the bus, to ghosting people or acting like divas to our home assistants, technology is making it easier every day for us to behave so badly. F You Very Much author Danny Wallace and comedy writer Marc Haynes talk about the rudest they’ve ever been on-line, the day Danny confronted his own internet troll in a pub, and chat to tech researcher Veronica Wagenet, a woman who’s trying to solve all road rage using a small electronic ball.


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You're not imagining it. People are getting ruder. And this is a serious problem. Join Danny Wallace, Marc Haynes and guests from around the world, as they share stories, science, opinions and uncover the very surprising truth about why people are so rude. First episode released 23rd May