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Season One (1988-1989) Wrap-Up

Welcome to what the gals hope to be a regular feature on the podcast: A season-ending retrospective! Jesi and Lauren have prepared questions for each other on their favorite things from the past season. Questions include: what changed during their rewatch, favorite episodes, moments, guest stars and more! Also, a special Season Two podcast announcement!


Interview: Barnet Kellman (Series Director: Seasons 1-4, 10) Part 2 of 2

Welcome back to our Season One wrap-up interview with director Barnet Kellman! For Part 2, Barnet chats with the gals about his mark on the show, the writers’ room, what other famous people auditioned for Miles Silverberg, and how much of a team player Candice Bergen really is! Also, Barnet goes over a few of the pod’s previous episodes with his added thoughts! Check out Show Notes at Please also review/rate/subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or wherever you listen...


Interview Barnet Kellman (Series Director; Seasons 1-4, 10) Part 1 of 2

Welcome to our Season 1 wrap-up with series director and architect of Murphy Brown, Barnet Kellman. The gals discuss Barnet’s early life and how TV lead him to theater and then back again, as well as the series regular casting process, the origins of Frank Fontana, the real story of casting Miles Silverberg, and how Barnet met Diane English! Stay tuned next week for Part Two! And join our Patreon to get a special sneak preview of Part 2! Check out Show Notes...


1.22 The Morning Show

And so Jesi and Lauren end Season One with a bit of a future redux as they reach Episode 22, The Morning Show - an episode in direct parallel with the upcoming Murphy Brown revival series on CBS this fall! Topics include: The arc of Murphy’s relationships with Miles and Corky in Season One, the amazingness of Faith Ford and eggs, and why the gals have changed their minds about this episode. Plus, some exciting news regarding the podcast and Jesi teaches Lauren the difference between baking...


1.21: The Bickners

Lauren and Jesi dive deep into the penultimate episode of Season 1, “The Bickners” written by friend of the pod Russ Woody. Topics include: Season finales, the depiction of age and sex on television, and Native American appropriation in art and fashion. The gals also discuss an alternative reality to the episode at hand! Will you agree or not? Stay tuned! Check out Show Notes at Please also review/rate/subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or wherever you listen to...


1.20: The Summer of '77

Put on your disco shoes and book those Hustle lessons (or not)! The pod enters 1977 and one of the few Murphy Brown flashbacks episodes with this Diane English-written pod favorite: Summer of ‘77. Topics include: Flea Markets, women anchors in the late 20th century, Linda Ellerbee, the Diane English’s DVD commentary. Also, Lauren goes into the history of the word “Cockamamie” and Jesi has some fun news to announce! Check out Show Notes at Please also...


1.19: The Unshrinkable Murphy Brown

As they near the end of Season One, the gals are finally at another Moss/Dukane episode, which means they get to share some great behind the scene tidbits from Denise Moss (“Fraiser” & “Roseanne”)! Topics include: The film “My Best Friend’s Wedding,” the real behind-the-scenes stories the episode is based on, and a very special story from Jesi about one of the guest actors from this week’s episode! Join us!


Interview: Richard Schiff (Season 6 Guest Star)

The gals are happy to welcome to the show Emmy Award-winning actor Richard Schiff! (“The West Wing,” ABC’s “The Good Doctor”) It is only fitting considering how often Jesi and Lauren reference Toby Ziegler and “The West Wing” on the pod! Richard appeared in Season 6, Episode 21, “Anything by Cured” written by friend of the pod Russ Woody (as well as appeared on another Diane English show “Love & War”). Topics include: Richard’s origin story, acting as a process, platonic friendships on TV...


1.18: Funnies Girl

It’s the 18th episode of Season 1! Jesi and Lauren talk their take on “Funnies Girl” - written by Tom Seeley & friend of the pod Norm Guzenhauser. Topics include: The true story behind the word “caricature,” today’s troll culture, and what recent news story may be relevant to this week’s episode! Plus, thoughts about the episode and its origins from Norm himself! Check out Show Notes at Please also review/rate/subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or wherever you...


1.17: My Dinner With Einstein

Jesi and Lauren are talking Murphy Brown and nerds this week! The gals chat legendary guest star Buck Henry (“Saturday Night Live,” “30 Rock,” “The Graduate,” “Get Smart”), take a deep dive into their experiences with perfume/fragrances, plus the secret history of Season 1, Episode 17’s cold open song, “He’s a Rebel.” Bonus email commentary and tidbits from episode co-writer (and friend of the pod) Steven Peterman! To check out Show Notes as well as our previous two-part interview with...


1.16: Moscow On the Potomac

It’s 2018 and the Gals are talking US/Russian relations...only way back in 1989! Look out for accents galore, discussions about inclusion in today’s society, love for Shirley MacLaine (even if Murphy has none), and childhood memories of E.T. & She-Ra. for show notes and our episode archive. Please subscribe/rate/review


Interview: Joe Regalbuto (Frank Fontana) Part 2 of 2

Jesi and Lauren bring you Part Two of their interview with Joe Regalbuto a.k.a Frank Fontana! Topics include: Age on television in the 21st century, more revival talk, the psyche of Frank Fontana, and how Joe’s career may be coming full circle in Astoria, Queens! Check out more episodes and more info about this episode under Show Notes: Note: The film Joe and Steve Peterman (writer/producer for Murphy Brown) did together was a TV movie called “The Other Woman” (1983).


Interview: Joe Regalbuto (Frank Fontana) Part 1 of 2

Jesi and Lauren are thrilled to bring you Part One of their interview with Joe Regalbuto a.k.a Frank Fontana! Topics include: Joe’s origin story on the East Coast, stories of his past co-stars - including Mary Tyler Moore, Frank’s relationship with Murphy, and Joe’s time on television in the 1980s (including Golden Girls). And we ask Joe what he can or not can say about the upcoming Murphy Brown revival. Check out more episodes and more info about this episode under Show Notes:...


Revival Talk (Upfronts 2018)

Jesi and Lauren briefly chat about the new Murphy Brown announcements via last week’s CBS Upfront presentation, which included a revival trailer, air dates, and Lauren shares a news story about AOL emails in the 21st century. Join us!


1.15: Mama Said

The gals are excited to celebrate a belated Mother’s Day with Colleen Dewhurst’s first episode of Murphy Brown (her Emmy Winning role as Murphy’s mother: Avery Brown, Sr.) written by series creator Diane English. Topics include: Parent/child relationships, head canon, and Ms. Dewhurst’s life/career, including her experience working on Murphy Brown in her own words! Check out Show Notes for more on this episode at


Interview: Russ Woody - Murphy Brown Writer (Seasons 1-2,6,10) Part 2 of 2

The gals are thrilled to welcome one of the original Murphy Brown writers to the show: Russ Woody (“Cybill,” “Becker,” “The Middle”) for the conclusion of his two part interview! Topics include: Working alone vs working with a writing partner, his time on the infamous “Cybill” set, Christine Baranski, and truth in comedy writing. And, we ask Russ about the upcoming Murphy Brown revival. Join us for big laughs and lots of TV history! Check out our show notes (under episodes) for Russ’s...


Interview: Russ Woody - Murphy Brown Writer (Seasons 1-2,6,10) Part 1 or 2

The gals are thrilled to welcome one of the original Murphy Brown writers to the show: Russ Woody (“Cybill,” “Becker,” “The Middle”)! Topics include: The timeless allure of Ted Danson, his writing process, and some amazing stories from Murphy Brown. Join us for big laughs and lots of TV history! Then stay tuned next week for tales of Russ’s time working on the infamous “Cybill” set & we ask him about the revival. Check out our show notes (under episodes) for Russ’s resume, pictures, and...


1.14: It's How You Play The Game

Jesi and Lauren dive head first into the beginnings of “Trash TV” as they cover Season One, Episode 14: “It’s How You Play The Game” written by Russ Woody (Season One’s “Nowhere To Run” & “Kyle”)! Topics include: Ratings then and today, Joe Regalbuto and Faith Ford’s Emmy submissions. Lauren takes a “walk on the wild side” and goes in depth about the talk show scene of the late 1980s - including the host that loosely inspired Jerry Gold! - while Jesi discusses verbiage surrounding sex...


1.13: Soul Man

Jesi and Lauren have a jam-packed episode as they talk about a Season One favorite, Episode 13: “Soul Man’ written by Tom Seeley and friend and guest of the pod, Norm Gunzenhauser. (We recommend we go back and listen to his interview - link below - if you haven’t already!) Topics include: Accepting progress, Friendship, Inclusion, and how women can be just as crude as men. Also, Jesi talks Charles Kimbrough’s origins story and connection to Stephen Sondheim, while Lauren goes into the...


1.12: Why Do Fools Fall In Love?

Jesi and Lauren are back to chat Season One, Episode 12: “Why Do Fools Fall in Love?” written by friend of the pod, Korby Siamis. Topics include: Is Amy Yasbeck really in this episode? Frank’s issues, Jim’s flaws, and the gals wax nostalgic on the death of the network TV miniseries. Also included: A brief update on the Murphy Brown revival returns and new casting, plus a few tidbits on the episode (this time about Diane English) via Korby. And the gals briefly chat about the evolution of...