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Dating Cis Men, Bad Communication, & Sissification

In this episode Arielle talks about her dates with cis men and the emotions wrapped up in those experiences, Austin is reminded of a disappointing date she went on the other night, and the fetish of the week is Sissification! As always your hosts are Austin Smartt and Arielle Isaac Norman.


Are We Gay?, Penis Plans, & Transformations

In this episode Arielle is giddy because she has a hot new dentist, Austin talks about her feelings surrounding a recent date with a cis straight dude, Arielle and Austin interrogate their own gayness, everybody should go listen to the hottest new Thin Lizzy cover band Thick Clitty, Arielle comes up with a new segment “What Are You Gonna Do With Your Dick?” and Austin is the first person interviewed, Austin gives one realistic and one cynical opinion about transgender children being given...


Three Boobs, Strapless Dildo, & Trolling

In this episode Austin tells Arielle about a woman who decided to get a third boob surgically added to her chest in an effort to make herself less sexually attractive to men, Austin gives her review of the Ustrap Strapless Dildo that sent her, and the fetish of the week is Trolling! We know, that sounds like a lame fetish, but boy does it lead the conversation to some interesting places. Big thanks to for sending Austin the Ustrap Strapless Dildo. Tune in next...


Tampon Tea, Packer Vacation, & Erotic Fanfic: After You

In this episode Austin tells Arielle about people in Indonesia that are boiling tampons and drinking the water to get intoxicated, the worlds of concealed carry and diaper lovers finally and beautifully intersects, Arielle talks about her experience using a packer for the first time while on vacation with his family, Austin rants a bit about manspreading and how people don’t understand it’s necessity, and Austin and Arielle debut the first Erotic Fanfic For a Fan simply titled “Part One:...


Bloody Ejaculate, Sex Toy Speculation, & Bug Bites

In this episode Austin eats crow for gloating that she would never have a period because her trans vagina would be man-made, Arielle is given a safety lesson on dating cis guys and remarks on her experiences dating them so far, Austin and Arielle share their predictions for what they think their experiences will be with some sex toys they’re reviewing for in a new monthly segment, & the fetish of the week is Bug Bites! As always your hosts are Austin Smartt and Arielle Isaac...


Period Sex, Alligator Rape, & Pantyhose

In this episode Austin admits the Trump administration’s writing trans people out of existence may have had some unintended positive side effects that she has been enjoying, Austin and Arielle attempt to have a conversation about what we are “supposed” to do when dating but end up having two different conversations (this is what happens when you do drugs folks), Arielle talks about disliking the feeling of period blood on her hands and tries to figure out how to tell people that, Arielle and...


Gender Fluids Live!

It’s our first live show! Y’all we are so happy with how this show turned out. When we decided to start doing live shows we didn’t know if anyone would care enough to come, but we ended up selling out the show! The audio for this one is a little wonky, but don’t worry that’ll get fixed next time. In this episode Austin tells the story of a drunken night out dancing for trans rights, Arielle proposes a new system for deciding who goes by what pronouns, we rename our weekly segment “What The...


Trans Genitals, Freebleeding Men, & Vomit

In this episode Austin and Arielle marvel at cis people who want to have bottom surgery to change their genitals, Austin tells the story of getting a rather weird email from her doctor, Austin explains the process of dilation that transwomen have to do after having bottom surgery, a new gourmet dog restaurant is opening up and the menu items are delicious, Arielle and Austin wonder what the point of a transman freebleeding on his period is, Arielle talks about using poor tampon removal...


Hybrid Orgasms, Pervy Architecture, & Farts

In this episode Arielle talks about how she is has learned to have a hybrid anal/clitoral orgasm using the power of her mind, Austin opens up about how she has only ever though positive things about poorly designed buildings that let folks see up her skirts, we rage about people being arrested in Florida in an online prostitution sting, Arielle talks about transboys being into gay porn, and the fetish of the week is Farts! As always your hosts are Austin Smartt and Arielle Isaac Norman.


Gyno Converts, Mispronouning, & Mummification

Arielle talks about asking customers at work how they perceive her, then Arielle gloats about how perfect his vagina is and how he is sad Austin's trans vagina will never be as perfect, this is followed by a story of Arielle helping their gyno understand trans kids, Austin and Arielle talk about why the use of mispronouning is better than saying misgendering in a lot of cases, Austin tells trans people to chill out, and the fetish of the week is mummification! As always your hosts are...


Mo Alexander: An Old School Kinky Dude

The incomparable Mo Alexander graced us with his presence for this episode. We talk to Mo about how he figured out he was kinky, what its like to be a sadist, going to gay bars in Memphis, TN at age 16 so he could drink underage, Tennessee bondage clubs, how he things about being a sadist, and so so much more. Mo also asks Austin about her Star Wars fantasies, and gives Arielle advice on going to kink parties in ATX as well as encourages them to finally eat some ass. There is also talk of...


Religious DDLG, Trans on Trans Misgendering, & Hypnotism

In this episode Arielle talks about a table read they went to where the director and cast ended up naturally figuring out how to use pronouns around Arielle, Arielle talks about a weird gender/genital oriented pickup line tossed at them, Austin admits she wasn't happy about getting set up on a blind date with another transwoman, Austin and Arielle dive into the sensations of butts and putting things in them, Arielle opens up about some roleplaying she has been getting into, Austin and...


Canine Copulation, Twincest, & Doll Fetishes

Arielle tells the story of being confronted by an old lady with a cane after a comedy show, Austin and Arielle parse through the story of a Colorado couple who got caught having sex with their dog, Dog anatomy is discussed, the wonderful experience of having sex with a Penguin is yearned for, Austin talks about a recent Twincest scenario that caught her off guard, Arielle wants someone to make a clone for them to fuck, thank god neither of us has to hump a Cabbage Patch Doll to orgasm, and...


Thank You, Sex Party Proposition, & GO VOTE FOR US!

Gender Fluids got nominated for Best Local Podcast in the Austin Chronicle's Best of Austin 2018 poll! Arielle and Austin decided to record a short livestream video thanking everyone that nominated the podcast and encouraging folks to go vote for Gender Fluids on the official ballot. This is the audio from that livestream. Here is the URL to vote:


Learning to Lie, Changed Minds, & Ovipositors

We start off with a lovely clip from Dan Savage's podcast Savage Lovecast because Dan beautifully (and much more articulately than we ever could) comment on an article about folks openness to dating trans people we talked about a few episodes back, Austin talks about taking advantage of cis people's lack of knowledge surrounding trans peoples' genitals, Arielle and Austin dive into faking orgasms, Arielle opens up about their journey from frequent white liar as a kid to unfortunately honest...


Butthole Maintenance, Genital Aromas, & Dental Fetishes

Arielle helps Austin realize she is a cum slut, Austin talks about what tucking as a trans woman makes her dick smell like, we dive into regulating what you eat in order to be clean and clear for anal sex, Arielle talks about anal and bonus holes with their boyfriend, Arielle talks about the pleasant experience of meeting their boyfriend's mom for the first time, we wonder if everyone is actually Bi, Austin wants to talk about what PG-13 comedy actually is, Arielle compares society's...


Nude Pictures, Slobbery Make Outs, & Enemas

In this episode Austin and Arielle wish they could work at women's bodybuilding competitions, Arielle goes into their issues with dysphoria and body dysmorphia when it comes to taking and sending nude pictures, Austin talks though her feelings about dirty talk after she had hookup experience where the other person wanted to be called a "little slut", the potential merits of super slobbery make-out sessions and sex are discussed, we talk through having sketchy internet encounters, Austin...


Body Hair, Destroyed Pussy, & Used Panties

Holy shit welcome to our longest episode so far! Austin briefly goes over her romantic history with guys and a little portion of her gender evolution, Arielle and Austin read message from a listener about body hair (that leads into a discussion of where shave came from, how society thinks about body hair, who shaves and who doesn't, what our own personal shaving habits are and why, stereotypes about shaving, what types of pubic hair grooming we prefer, and what it is like to "wake up" and...


Bitchin' Bodies, Trans Name Changes, & Sneezing

A mushroom trip helps Austin feel ok in her own body, Arielle discusses leaving their sports bra on while fucking their new boyfriend, we go through some ways we talk about trans peoples' genitals, Austin decides it is time to change her first name and offers up the her top picks for new names, Austin and Arielle talk about how the alt-right and different groups can like their jokes for the wrong reasons, and the fetish of the week is sneezing!


Dog Licking, July Whore-O-Scope, & Blood

Ep. 25- Dog Licking, July Whore-O-Scope, & Blood by Gender Fluids