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Ben Rutz and Erik Fitzpatrick are two entertainment industry vets coming together to host a podcast that discusses what movies would be like in opposing genres. Please consider our weekly podcast.

Ben Rutz and Erik Fitzpatrick are two entertainment industry vets coming together to host a podcast that discusses what movies would be like in opposing genres. Please consider our weekly podcast.
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Ben Rutz and Erik Fitzpatrick are two entertainment industry vets coming together to host a podcast that discusses what movies would be like in opposing genres. Please consider our weekly podcast.






What if Johnny English was a DC Superhero Movie?

What does it take to save a bumbling cinematic universe? The most bumbling secret agent of all! When every member of the Justice League suddenly dies, it's up to Johnny English to don the batsuit and help the Queen get back her crown jewels!


What if Halloween starred Mike Myers?

Laurie Strode has fended off Michael Myers, the boogeyman himself, but will she be able to fend off Shrek, The Cat in the Hat, Austin Powers, AND Dr. Evil?! That's right, we've got a Split-style killer with various personalities, and all of them are out for blood. This movie's like an onion; it's got layers.


What if Goosebumps was a Kingdom Hearts Movie?

You may have seen Goosebumps, the movie in which all of R.L. Stine's ghastly creations come to life and terrorize a small town, but we had an idea-- what if R.L. Stine was replaced by Walt Disney, unfrozen from his cryogenic sleep into the current year, and all of the unleashed monsters are actually Disney villains? Reader beware, you're in for...the happiest place on Earth?


What if Spider-Man was a Paul Blart Movie?

Paul Blart has protected shopping malls and a massive hotel, but now he's protecting the entirety of New York City! How does Paul learn to balance the responsibilities of a superhero with the duties of a security guard? How will he harness his newfound powers? And what will happen when the Green Meanie comes out to play?!


What if Monsters Inc was a Christopher Nolan Movie?

What if Monsters Inc was a Christopher Nolan Movie? by Genre Flip


What if Hocus Pocus was a James Bond movie?

James Bond has tackled villains of all backgrounds, from terrorist leaders to warmongers to rogue agents. But how would he fare against three reincarnated witches? Will his spy gadgets stand a chance against actual, real-life magic? Find out in this week's Genre Flip!


What if Predator was a Conjuring Movie?

Ed and Lorraine Warren have fought many demons and ghosts, but how would they fare against an alien? Will Carl Weathers and his family stay safe from the alien menace? Will the Predator finally impress his parents by becoming the murder machine they always wanted him to be? Find out on this week's Genre Flip!


What if The Conjuring was a Goosebumps Episode?

James Wan's The Conjuring universe now includes five films, with more on the way! But what if this universe was instead created by RL Stine? That's right, the famous author of "Legend of the Lost Legend" is rewriting The Conjuring, and it's going to have all the false scares, cliffhangers, and twists that you've come to expect. Reader beware, you're in for a scare!


What if The Equalizer was a Harry Potter Movie?

We all know how the story goes: An kid living under the stairs suddenly learns that he's a wizard, and he's sent off to a magical school to learn how to cast spells and almost get murdered by teachers every year. But what if the hero of the story was none other than Denzel Washington, and instead of going to education school (lame) he goes to KICK ASS ACADEMY? (cool) Find out exactly how Denzel kicks wizard ass in this week's Genre Flip!


What if Honey I Shrunk the Kids was an M. Night Shyamalan Movie?

With the latest "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" spinoff "Ant-Man" now in theaters, it's only a matter of time before they get M. Night Shyamalan to takes a crack at directing one. He's created so many American classics like "The Last Airbender," "The Happening," and "The Village," and now it's time for his next biggest challenge (or should we say... smallest challenge). Will the kids make it out alive like in the original or will they be cut to pieces by the scorpion that's in the backyard for...


What if The Purge was a Home Alone Sequel?

Kevin McCallister has grown up and become a security consultant to help others protect themselves from home invaders. Surviving two separate encounters with vicious criminals (not counting the made for tv movies because those suck), he's become an expert in generating traps to capture even the most skilled of villains. When the purge becomes law in the United States, the wet bandits break out of prison for one last chance to take down their nemesis. Will Kevin make it out alive? Or with the...


What if Independence Day Featured Jackie Chan?

It's not quite July 4th but it's never too early to celebrate Independence Day! What if the patriotic "masterpiece" Independence Day featured our most beloved local actor: Jackie Chan? Jackie Chan wakes up one day and has no idea who he is or why everyone around him is trying to kill him. He is told his name is Jason Bourne and uses every skill in his arsenal to find out where he came from.... wait... That's not independence day. What movie is that?... I think it's We built a Zoo. Anyway,...


What if Jurassic Park was a Sports Movie?

Back in the 1990s dinosaurs were real. I know it's hard to believe since it was so long ago, but it's true. Back then, people would travel for miles around to go and see these dinosaurs perform at the Jurassic Park. Thousands of people would buy the tickets to the big game. But what if we lost control of the dinosaurs and they went on a rampage killing everyone in sight? These are the hard hitting questions that will be answered in this weeks Genre Flip! Dun dun dun!


What if the Incredibles was a Vampire Movie?

The Incredibles is one of the greatest superhero movies ever made. It proves that even with a PG rating, superhero stories can entertain all audiences. But what if it wasn't PG? What if we turned it into a dark horror movie in which countless lives are lost? What if instead of being heroes, The Incredibles were vampires who murdered people rather than saving them? This episode of Genre Flip answers the tough questions.


What if Ocean's Eleven was a Pirate Movie?

With a name like Danny Ocean... how is this movie not already a pirate movie? Erik and Ben take the liberty of changing this classic heist movie into its rightful genre. Danny Ocean, a world renowned pirate has created the heist to end all heists. He and his crew of 10 have come together on Treasure Island to steal from every other pirate in the world. Will all go according to plan or will Danny Ocean end up at the bottom of his namesake? Find out on this week's Genre Flip!


What if Face/Off was a Courtroom Movie?

You're a hot shot lawyer who is finally going to put away the guy that murdered your son, but then the unimaginable happens! Your face gets ripped off your body and swapped with your son's murderer's! Now you're the defendant who's on trial for life in prison and he's the prosecutor! Will you be able to convince the jury that you're innocent? Or will you be the one going to jail for your son's murder?


What if Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back was a Talking Animal Movie?

Have you ever watched Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and said to yourself "This movie is too good. What would it be like if it were a direct to dvd kids movie?" Well if so, your prayers have been answered! Luke, Han and the gang are now talking animals. How will this change the overall plot of the movie? Find out on this week's Genre Flip!


What if Deadpool was a Chick Flick?

Are you tired of all of that gory action and crude humor from Deadpool? Here's what it'd be like as a Chick Flick... Oh no! Deadpool got a major case of acne right before prom! How will he ever clear up his face before Vanessa finds out! Find out on this week's Genreflip!


What if Shanghai Noon was a Dark Crime Thriller?

When Princess Pei Pei has been taken, one man must answer the call. That man is Jackie Chan. Set in the 1980s, Erik and Ben transform the story of western/kung fu "classic" Shanghai Noon into a dark/crime mob story. What if instead of his happy-go-lucky self, Jackie Chan is now a kung fu mercenary that will stop at nothing for justice. This story will leave you only able to say Owen Wilson's catch phrase. "Wow."


What if The Shining was a Hallmark Christmas Movie?

Hallmark has revealed that there will be 34 new movies coming out this Christmas season. They accidentally made a mistake when purchasing novel rights and bought the rights to "The Shining" by mistake. Luckily Ben Rutz and Erik Fitzpatrick are on the job! It's up to Genre Flip to fix this mistake and turn Stephen King's classic "The Shining" into Hallmarks next hit Christmas movie!