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Two brothers explore the movies that influenced them as kids and, now that they’re dads, how these films guide them in parenting. This is not an advice show nor a movie review show but introspective look at parenting, pop culture and talking smack. We’ve come to the conclusion that nobody really knows what they’re doing!


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Two brothers explore the movies that influenced them as kids and, now that they’re dads, how these films guide them in parenting. This is not an advice show nor a movie review show but introspective look at parenting, pop culture and talking smack. We’ve come to the conclusion that nobody really knows what they’re doing!




EP 39: The Shizz About Better Off Dead

Ah the 80's! Where dark topics were hilarious! We have a lot of love for this film, one of the first introductions to one of the coolest actors we know: Mr. Demian Slade or Johnny "Two Dollars" as we've known to call him! Remember when movies had inexplicable music numbers in them? Miss that? Well this film delivers! This film holds up in ways that truly surprised us!


EP 38: The Shizz About Student Bodies

Once in a lifetime, a movie comes along that perfectly parodies a genre! Then this was made. This was a classic for us growing up and it's got some truly great moments in it. And some not so great.


EP 37: The Shizz About Innerspace

Awe yeah!! Get your shine box machine! Zero defects!! We've always loved this one and it was a joy to see it again! Sexy Meg Ryan, Ripped Dennis Quaid and a brilliant Marty Short! For reals!!


EP 36: The Shizz About Alien

Kay, watch Ian Holm in this movie. I sure he's sparked a whole sub genre kink about getting choked out with a sticky porno mag. Anyone? Just me......? What a kick ass film this is! The only thing that takes away from it is knowing that the jerk director of Blade Runner stole every aspect of world building from this director! If I was Ridley Scott, I'd think about suing!!


EP 35: The Shizz About Escape From New York!

They say consistency is the key to a good podcast! Well we say sporadic episodes are the key! Take that logic! We took some cues from one of our favorite tough guys: Ernest Borgnine! Tune in to this tale of one man's struggle to run a cab service on a prison Island with surprisingly good theatre shows! Strap a couple of chandeliers to your Caddie and dodge some landmines in this blast of a film!


EP 34: The Shizz about Spartacus (1960)

We've sorted out our audio problems and have launched into this beast of a film! Holy crap this film! In our minds it holds up and has a powerhouse cast! On the other hand, it's frickin hilarious! To be a stunt man on this film probably ended your career! This is a stable sword and sandal film in our home!


EP 33: The Shizz About Army of Darkness with Ross Smith

We're back!! We took a wee bit of a break but are back to chat about our childhood films!! We are marking this the beginning of season 2!!What better way to kick this off than with our good friend Ross Smith! We talk about this buckwild movie and try to figure out the parenting beats!


EP 32: Shizz and Giggles!

As an experiment, we're gonna start throwing in some shorter episodes about films we love minus the synapsis and get right to the meat of it! We talk about where we were when we saw it and our state of mind at the time. Sometimes you just gotta geek out about these films!


EP 31: The Shizz about The Running Man

This movie is the complete Arnie package: Infinitely quotable, brilliant action, a villain you hate and a love interest with zero chemistry! This is the movie where we learned that if you had your balls cut in half, you would begin to sing in a beautiful falsetto! This movie skyrocketed the acting careers of musicians and made Dweezil Zappa a household name!


EP 30: The Shizz about Mad Max 2

The precious Guzzoline! This film is all about family at it's heart. Lord Humungus was just looking out for his adopted family as he worked the shit out of that mic! He would grief when they were killed and put them in a time out choke hold when they were in a blood frenzy. He lived live a quarter kilometer at a time!


EP 29: The Shizz about Poltergeist

Is Craig T. Nelson the Buster Keaton on this film? Find those God Damn Keys already!!! Sorry, sorry. We try to find out where Robbie is today and the amount of therapy he has needed. This film we a hoot and is the root cause of why Tristan struggles with Jello emotionally.


EP 28: The Shizz about Lost Boys

This one is dedicated to our buddy Marc who loves this film more than any other vampire film. Including Fright Night! Ah we're just hackin on ya Marc! This film created the mullet and one the award for most times Michael was said in a film!


EP 27: The Shizz about Tron (1982)

Is Tron the spiritual brother of Flash Gordon? Are there parallels to Spartacus layered within it's code? No. Not at all. But who cares!! This movie was amazing and if I still had the mini discs that came with the cereal boxes, you'd be gettin one right in the brain box just like Sark! Loved this film!!


EP 26: The Shizz about Raiders of the Lost Ark

Okay...Okay. This film is so good for so many reasons!! Sure it's got a couple of flaws like cultural appropriation and the French but generally it's amazing! The iconic Silhouette, the hat, the whip and all that God stuff! Just awesome!! We can't say enough about it so 'nuff said!


EP 25: The Shizz about Batman Returns with the 3 Geeky Dads

(Epic voice) In a world where titans in the: amateur, movie related, dad bod podcasting arena meet. You can bet something explosive will happen! Well. That. Just. Happened! We had the pleasure to riff with all 4 of the 3 Geeky Dads ( about one of the finest batman movies ever!! This one was pure joy!


EP 24: The Shizz about Rocky 3

Welcome to montage the movie! This movie is so efficient you could do it in 10 minutes (although we take about an hour and twenty to talk about it)! The first introduction of Mr. T who is frickin awesome in this!! A film that laughs in the face of blocking punches with anything but your head! Brain damage? That didn't exist in Regan's America!! Ding ding!


EP 23: The Shizz about Die Hard (With Chad Fletcher)

Yes! Let me end the debate right here and now! This. Is. Alan Rickman's first American action movie! There! Let's put that to bed finally! We talk the crap out of this movie with our brother from a mother that was not our mother: Chad Fletcher!! Always a blast to have this guy on!


EP 22: The Shizz about Flash Gordon

Wow.....Just wow. This is the first film I ever saw on a VHS player and I had forgotten how buck wild it is!! There is a deep rabbit hole of behind the scenes drama but we may have stumbled on something else.... something familiar!


EP 21: The Shizz about Back to the Future

Oof! this is a long one! There is so much to unpack in this phenomenal movie! We gave ourselves nose bleeds trying to puzzle out: Time travel, how Doc's house burnt down and how setting every clock in your house to be 25 minutes slow constitutes an "Experiment"!


EP 20: The Shizz about Top Gun

This one (a little late because... well because life!) Had us Revvin' up your engine Listen to her howlin' roar, Metal under tension Beggin' you to touch and go! You know what I'm talkin about!! There are layers to this like pullin an S turn while inverted and feelin the need for speed! Enjoy!!