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How Was Your Week with Julie Klausner


In which Julie Klausner asks guests how their week was, and also we learn stuff and have fun.

In which Julie Klausner asks guests how their week was, and also we learn stuff and have fun.


New York, NY


In which Julie Klausner asks guests how their week was, and also we learn stuff and have fun.




"Poppins Grappling" Ep. 230

It is 2019 and Julie has some thoughts about Mary Poppins grooming children, an idea for a new small business, and an update on Merle Allin's ongoing relationship with DryBar. Oh yeah, and John Kasich attacked her through air travel arrangements and it was worse than Fyre Festival. Don't worry, vaccines still work.


"Into a Box of Mike and Ike's" Ep. 229

I've got a puzzle for you, loyal How Was Your Weeklies. What's the difference between a Garbage Pail Kid and the current administration? Answer: Klausner can talk for hours about one of those! Also, your pal Julie K. has a new SNL-related superpower to unveil and some thoughts about the interior design business featured in the podcast-turned-television series Dirty John. Hold on to your seat, Eric Bana.


“I Wanted a Vegetarian Meal” Ep. 228

Hello How Was Your Weeklies! On this episode, Jubees discusses the most fuckable Christopher Lloyd character, we review the discography of the musical artist Kermit the Frog, and meet a doula who can’t spell but who CAN encapsulate a placenta. So, unless you’re Joan Collins eating soup, strap in to hear about the Yiddish Fiddler, 9/11, and Mr. Jazz’s teef in episode 228. #StephenHawking


“All This Horrible Stuff” Ep. 227

Hellos my lovelies! TRIGGER WARNING: People have not been nice to Tracy Chapman. This episode starts with Nazis and the theme continues. But don't worry, there are also some thoughts on what to do with all the fruits and vegetables you have in your basement freezer. Oh yeah, and there are beavers in this podcast and they're not a moment too soon. Oh and hey, do you like Fosse? Do you like grapes? Do you like UNCLEAN COMEDY? Congratulations, then you're a sociologist.


"Jew Hands" Ep. 226

Lordy, lordy look who's Jubees! After banishing Pennywise the clown back to his dark ride, Miss Klausner escaped to Europe for an actual, non-expensed, vacation. As such, we will cover fairy tales, theme park foods, pizza lovers, and what exactly killed Duke, the Bush's Baked Beans dog. Some opinions you can keep to yourself dad, but tell your bullies how much you love episode 226!


"Chaotic Tumescence" Ep. 225

Jubees has made a big list of her favorite musicals (which AREN'T in order) because look around, what the fuck else is there to do? Then we discuss documentaries about wonderful people (and also Marlon Brando), some thoughts about DJ Khaled and ice cream, and a giant fuck you to the American healthcare system for everyone but cats. Whatever you do, don't put a Pepsi on your erection.


"Mumps High" Ep. 224

"BUY YOURSELF A HIGHLIGHT MAGAZINE!" – Goofus, Gallant, and Jubees This week Julie has a certain anti-vaxx goth lady to roast – and how! On a similar note, where are all the smart people? Why cannot we keep them around? There's also some horrible pedophiles, Jerry Springer's money pile, and some thoughts on why the Tonys should be on PBS. As a final note: Bake cakes for gay people you fucking losers. Enjoy episode 224!


"Kenny Contour" Ep. 223

THERE IS A DRILLING NOISE AND IT WILL NOT STOP. DRILLLLLLL! This week we discuss having Shabbat dinner at a Wendy's DRILLLLLLL! get a few goth updates DRILLLLLLL! debate home births on Instagram DRILLLLLLL! and see a Branson Beauty. DRILLLLLLL! Finally, we stop in with a lovesick pal and discover just how he learned to dance and if you can watch him now. DRILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


"Can't Climb Up the Stairs" Ep. 222

Well Jubees has some breaking news for you regarding a several goths (including the world's oldest), DJ Khaled's inability to freestyle a taco, and the dark twisted history of Goofus and Gallant. Will we have time for a line reading from Marisa Tomei? You bet your ass we will. There is also a very sexy poem about a very good boy. Please, enjoy episode 222 and recycle it to your friends.


"Learning Audiences" Ep. 221

Pick up your phone, a beautiful redhead has THINGS TO SAY. First we need to talk about dangerous nonsense like 90s gender dynamics, Jilly Juice, Charles Manson, and the musical Frozen. Then we're going through Cool Dog Gear, the Murphy Brown reboot, and an excellent idea I had at my doctor's office. Don't worry, there will be time for Garry Shandling sex dreams!!!


"Basically Air" Ep. 220

Stop pulling that antenna off that car and get over here, there's a new How Was Your Week! Julie is fresh from glamorous LA where she had been seen hobnobbing with Ted, the dirty teddy bear, and every single Minion. Don't worry there's also some very stupid dogs, Jesus, and Rojo Caliente. See you in the recording studio for Over the Hedge!


"Three Gay Birds" Ep. 219

Ooohhh, I love the pods and the pods love me! Hello to you and welcome to this week's discussion of Oscar films, lead paint, and Victor Mature. There is also a bit of sex, a dab of polka, and some musings on the personalities of hounds and their owners. You're the pudding mix in my salad, Twisty!


"Consider the Mollusk" Ep. 218

Hello my little horse chestnuts, 'tis I, the queens of whole foods (not the store). This week we have an emotional journey through a dog's magnificent and necessary birthday party, my potential allergies, Anthony Weiner, and a cake that aspires to be more famous than Rihanna. Slide into this baby like a bare foot into an Ugg boot!


"The Burlington Mouse" Ep. 217

Is that a death mask you're wearing or did you just get some micro-blading done? Either way, it looks scabby! Miss Julie has returned to you and boy does she has some piping hot takes on Valentine's Day, human torture, and RuPaul's Drag Race! Does she have one on Star Wars? Yes, the old one because of Carrie Fisher and no other one. There is also a very busy mouse you're going to have to deal with and that's just the way it is, pal.


"A Ramekin Full of Lye" Ep. 216

Guess who it is! A globetrotting Jubee with tales of dudes and foods. Only one of those was worth the airfare to Yurope, can you guess which? Plus: We dissect the plot of Rosemary’s Baby... also full of disappointing men! It’s okay, Jimmy learned some new opera skillz – which is the main thing. Stick around for episode 216 and watch Difficult People on Hulu, ya dopes!


"A Bell Tolling" Ep. 215

JUBEES BEAT HITLER! WE'RE BACK! This week, while other cats want to fly, fold, and make bouquets, Jimmy wants to brandish his knife. Meanwhile, we discuss David Lynch, German hotel managers, the goyim, and the 7 deadly sins (such as bird dancing, water parks, and chewing gum). You are not dying. Watch Watch Difficult People season 3!


"Something My Body is Doing" Ep. 214

Gather round and hear the tale (or should we say TAIL) of Julie's recent emotional reckoning with the musical Cats (and also real cats)! Then we'll deal with the cavalcade of stars at the DNC, this Pikachu character, and Margot Robbie – who is NOT basic anymore, as the posters for her new movie are aggressively telling us. Can you wear a white suit if you're not Steve Martin in the 70's? You'll find out in episode 214.


"Where's That Ouija Board?" Ep. 213

Well, we've got what you've been waiting for: JULIE DISSECTS THE 1990 EROTIC DRAMA WHITE PALACE! Also, Brian De Palma has some thoughts! What are you waiting for, a split screen? Cher's the best, but episode 213 is pretty great too! More desserts? I'll pray for you.


"Like Your Bodies Are On Fire" Ep. 212

Hello there, How-Was-Your-Weeklies! Guess who's back? It's your pal Julie reporting live from the streets of New York Cit-ay. Here's some things we need to discuss: Daddy issues, The OJ Simpson doc, The Tony's, and the patriotism of jury duty. Are you a bodega cat? We love your work. Are you a bodega cat owner? Doubly so. Also: Be sure to take notes on everything that is clarified in part one before part two, it is crucial information.


"I'm Your Neighbor" Ep. 211

Julie found an Israel that isn't controversial, AT ALL!!! In other news: Her neighbor is weirded out, she saw some amazing docs about an assortments of great characters (and Jeremy Scott is NOT one of them). We find the exact recipe for a raising a good comedian, so be careful with that. Julie also has some thoughts about which podcasts are good... keeping in mind this one is the best. Why is there a glove? If you're a politician, you're about to find out!