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Live from the Dining Room is a NJ based local and underground live broadcast/podcast. Listen live monday nights, 8pm at

Live from the Dining Room is a NJ based local and underground live broadcast/podcast. Listen live monday nights, 8pm at


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Live from the Dining Room is a NJ based local and underground live broadcast/podcast. Listen live monday nights, 8pm at




Live from the Dining Room 11-20-17 Steve Burks

This Week, we've got a major league MVP in studio, making us evaluate our entire lives, and using those thinking caps. OF COURSE ITS STEVE BURKS! be sure to check him out on Facebook, Bandcamp and Spotify -The Moms - Blow Me -Brian Rothenbeck - 24 Hours -Disseriph - Something in Latin -Steve Burks - These nights (LFTDR In-Studio) -Steve Burks - Retuned Wedding Dress (LFTDR In-Studio) -Chris Skel - Farewell -Collin J. Rocker - NJ Central Railroad Blues (LFTDR In-Studio) -Hidden Cabins...


Live from the Dining Room 11-13-17 Wishy Washy

This week, we've got Wishy Washy in the Dining Room, performing live from the Dining Room South Studios. be sure to check out Wishy Washy on Facebook -Accidental Seabirds - Footprints -Groovy Movies - Beautiful Day -On The Water - Quantum Mechanic -InCircles - Red in my Room -Owel - Death in the Snow -Tru - Kirsti -Party Cops - Idols -People's Temple Project - 1 -Peter Sandler - Spectrum -Jeff Linden - Sad Bastard Song -Comb The Desert - How Stella Really Got Her Groove Back


Live from the Dining Room 11-6-17 LFTLR

This week, we’re having a dinner party. so we broadcast from the living room. WHAT?! -Reese Van Riper - Comfort of Hell (ft.Jerry Jones) -Andrew Lange - Two Dollar Grave (ft. Papa Reese) -Evan Luberger - Money & Time -Alpha Rabbit - Fool Deeds -Rothenbeck - This Ladder is Lousy with Panthers -Eyeswan - Bridge Burner -Phelan Tupik - Season’s Greetings (How Are You?) -Bird Hotel - Endless (ft. Steve Kelly) -Jared Hart - Lucky 7’s -Cachabacha - Fort Song -Communication Redlight -...


Live from the Dining Room 10-30-17 Matt Cook

This Week in the Dining Room, Studio A, we’ve got Matt Cook Playing some new favorites Check Out Matt Cook on Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp and Youtube -Ice Giant - Monster -Zach Russack - Halloween of ’94 -The Paper Jets - Making Me Run -The Paper Jets - I Said You Don’t -Fire Is Motion - Ringside -Matt Cook - Caffine (LFTDR In-Studio) -Matt Cook - Ghosting (LFTDR In-Studio) -T.GUNN & The Semantics - Fear Never Sings -Will Wood and the Tapeworms - White Knuckle Jerk (Where Do...


Live from the Dining Room 10-23-17 Papa Reese // Evan Luberger

This week in the Dining Room, we have Papa Reese from Reese Van Riper as well as Evan Luberger from Rosey Bengal in studio, playing and spinning the hits. Check out Reese Van Riper on Facebook, Spotify, Bandcamp and Soundcloud Check out Rosey Bengal on Facebook, Bandcamp and Spotify Check Out The Adventures of Maple Maurez Shrouzberry on iTunes -Mad Anthony - Weekend Lover -Reese Van Riper - Spoon Fed -Rosey Bengal - Freedom in the Air -Nikki Nailbomb - Ce Qu'aurait pu être? -Evan...


Live from the Dining Room 10-16-17 The Cryptkeeper Five

This week, we are joined by Trenton Legends, The Cryptkeeper Five, checking out their new album, The Stronghold, available wherever you purchase your music. Be sure to check out The CK5 on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter -The Cryptkeeper Five - Ignite -The Cryptkeeper Five - MadDog 20/20 No. 2 -The Catousers - Another World -Roy Orbitron - Copacetic -The Cryptkeeper Five - Frankie -Steve Burks - The Radio Plays Our Song -The Ramparts Rebel - Brings Me...


Live from the Dining Room 10-9-17 The Gray Comany

Check Out The Gray Company on Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram -Holy city Zoo - It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s No Problem Man -The Gray Company - Eliza (LFTDR In-Studio) -Reese Van Riper - Kansas City -Roadside Graves - Jail -Heavy Flow - Shelter -The Gray Company - 🃑 (LFTDR In-Studio) -The Gray Company - Night Light (LFTDR In-Studio) -Weak Moon - o·blig·a·to·ry -The Vaughns - Phase Me -Higher Island - Up The Coast -The Gray Company - Vauxhall (LFTDR...


Live from the Dining Room 10-2-17 Meeko Brando

This week, We’re joined by Trenton’s Meeko Brando. Be sure to check them out on Bandcamp, Facebook and Instagram -Trü - Trouble -Meeko Brando - Uh, (LFTDR In-Studio) -Meeko Brando - PTSD (LFTDR In-Studio) -Meeko Brando - Sega Lemon (LFTDR InStudio) -Meeko Brando - Once A Year (LFTDR InStudio) -T.GUNN & The Semantics - Ovaltine Jenkins -Eyeswan - 89 Drive and Decide -Control - No Remorse -Meeko Brando - Ninety-8 -Meeko Brando - Mako Sharko -On The Water - Superposition -Joe...


Live from the Dining Room 9-25-17 Aqualung Records

Be sure to check out Aqualung Records at Facebook -Groovy Movies - Tambourine -Dust of Days - Heavy -Dust of Days - Porcelain -Red Giant - Salute -Potato Code - Clock -James Harold - Daylight Savings Time -James Harold - Everybody’s Got The Right To Be Happy -Meeko Brando - Mako Sharko -Reilly Brown - Do You Have Bees? -PA Angelo - TASB -Sleeping Satellites - Devil May Care -Fun While You Wait


Live from the Dining Room 9-18-17 Brewster

Check Out Brewster on Bandcamp and Facebook -Rough Springs - Labyrinths -Brewster - Last Night in Neverland (LFTDR In-Studio) -The Bird Calls - You Can Win It All Back In The End -Seamstress - Weak Too -Brian Rothenbeck - Brothers & Sisters -Brewster - (growing up song) (LFTDR In-Studio) -Electric Sensei - Living in a Motel -Julian Fulton & The Zombie Gospel - Wishing Well (A Fool's Waltz) -The Gray Company - Let's Go Away -ManDancing - shows -Brewster - Bird in an Airport...


Live from the Dining Room 9-11-17

-Rocky & The Chapter - Lucky 13 -Meeko Brando - Sega Lemon -Jeff Linden - Sad Bastard Song -Weakened Friends - Crshd -Well Wisher - I'll Go -The Battery Electric - Golden Roses -Fire is Motion - Flowers in Kawameeh Park -ManDancing - stones (again)((and again)) -Hidden Cabins - The Calming -Alriss Nancy - DuFresne -Rothenbeck - In The Aeroplane Over The Sea (Neutral Milk Hotel) -The Best of the Worst - Jonestown, 1978 -Brian Southall & Craig Cirinelli - Title & Registration...


Live from the Dining Room 8-28-17 Spowder

This week in the Dining Room, we've got SPOWDER in studio. Chek them out September 9 @ Volume IV Stdio in New Brunswick as part of the ROCK New Brunswick Warmup Party. Be Sure to check out Spowder on Facebook, Spotify, Bandcamp, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and YouTube -The Cryptkeeper Five - Frankie -Spowder - Miricle Grow (LFTDR In-Studio) -Spowder - Pastry Changer (LFTDR In-Studio) -Spowder - My House Smells Like Kim Deal (LFTDR In-Studio) -Spowder - The Man With Two Mouths (LFTDR...


Live from the Dining Room 8-21-17 Solar Eclipse was lame

Solar Eclipses are always lame, and we, with Nicole Golden, Discuss that garbage -Please Exist - Martyrdom -Comb The Desert - Flightless Birds -Permanent Tension - Pockmarked -Cranes Are Flying - Polyglot -Dead Rejects - Gimme Coffee -Banquets - Backwash -Boy vs. Ghost - Splinters II -Cold Heart Revival - Lonely People -Dogpound - Do What I Do -Bad Whoremoans - Camp Crystal Lake -Jeff Linden and the Black Spot Society - Burn The Witch -Noordzo - Holy Laughter


Live from the Dining Room 8-14-17 The Golden Age

Joe talks to fictional charachters, while practicing his chops on the wood flute -COMRADES - FREEDOM -Charlie Sztyk - Holy War -Crack Filler - Fuck Nazis -Not The Bees! - The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be -Alpha Rabbit - Tonight -Pet Jail - Funk if I Know -Toy Cars - Red Hands -Warsmen - WARSMEN 4 PEACE -Chemtrail - Like All Earthlings -Hidden Cabins - News At 11 -T.Gunn & The Semantics - Ovaltine Jenkins -Trophy Scars - Archangel -The Turnbucklers - All The Time -Jeremy...


Live from the Dining Room 8-7-17 Moose Detective

This week we spin the hits, then speak to Papa Reese about his new podcast, Maple Maurez Shrouzberry (subscribe on iTunes, Follow on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook) -Meeko Brando - PTSD -Eyeswan - Steve Caballero -Rocky & The Chapter - Overthinking -Dan Shields - Farty Party (LFTDR In-Studio) -The Vaughns - Santa Cruz -Weakened Friends - Crshd -Brother Octopus - Dreamer -The Smoking Robins - Surfing on my Devil Board -Maple Maurez Shrouzberry - Episode 1, Part 2


Live from the Dining Room 7-31-17 in the K-Cafe™

This week in the Dining Room, is a reunion of sorts, when Joe and Jason have an old friend/former guitar player in our old band, John Magnanti in studio as well as food truck connoisseur Hank Reed of Oink & Moo BBQ truck -Trü - Kirsti -XtraFlatt - Stale Popcorn in the K-Cafe™ -Bent Knee - Sunshine -SAD LIPS - Breath -Masi & Baxter - Shake It Off -Sammy Kay and the East Los Three - Second Avenue -Screaming Females - Sour Grapes -Erotica - Apollo -HypeVercab - The Three...


Live from the Dining Room 7-24-17 Heavy Flow II

This week in the Dining Room, We've got heavy flow back in studio, playing in the 2.0 room. the connection between math and god is totally connected. Check out Heavy Flow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bandcamp, Spotify and iTunes -Hub City Stompers - Fuck Hamilton Street -Heavy Flow - Mirrors (LFTDR In-Studio) -Heavy Flow - Can’t Shake Yah (LFTDR In-Studio) -Heavy Flow - All I Think About (LFTDR In-Studio) -Heavy Flow - Can’t Complain (LFTDR In-Studio) -Heavy Flow - Bad Penny (LFTDR...


Live from the Dining Room 7-17-17 Damian Rucci

This Week In The Dining Room, We have Performance Poet Damian Rucci, founder of Poetry in the Port -Coach N’ Commando - Satan Rides A Cockroach -Cold Heart Revival - Your Island -Red Giant - Open -ManDancing - (the) Words -Books. - GMO4NOW v3 -Phelan Tupik - Vul Pine -Subitiles - Saint


Live from the Dining Room 7-10-17 Honah Lee // 3 Year Anniversary

Tonight, we celebrate 3 years of LFTDR with one of our absolute favorites, Honah Lee! Full Band in the Dining Room South, 2.0! we go over all the active projects the band is involved in, preview their upcoming tour and smash cake or whatever. Check out Honah Lee on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify and GTG. Also be sure to check out Groovy Movies, Brat Cat, Alpha Rabbit, Pissed and Mercer Bounty Episode 1 -The Moms - Blow Me -Honah Lee - Weezer Pin (LFTDR...


Live from the Dining Room 6-26-17 Joe Galuppo & The Derailment

This week, LFTDR Host, Joe Galuppo, adds drummer Thomas De Vinko and combine as the Derailment, continueing the trend of LFTDR 2.0 then swing focus onto astrological cars or whatever -Spherehead - Pig Sty -Joe Galuppo & The Derailment - Soft Water (LFTDR In-Studio) -Joe Galuppo & The Derailment - Grow (LFTDR In-Studio) -Joe Galuppo & The Derailment - Rotary (LFTDR In-Studio) -Joe Galuppo & The Derailment - Change (LFTDR In-Studio) -Joe Galuppo & The Derailment - Sponge (LFTDR...