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Great Friday with Pastor Tom Ryberg

Had a chat with Pastor Tom Ryberg about Good Friday, dirty hippies, and the appropriation of religious iconography by non-religious folk. Fun! Tom is a pastor at the United Church of Christ, presently serving a church in Battle Creek, MI. Check out this article he wrote for the Battle Creek Inquirer about guns, crime and humanity. About the 5 Min Podcast: I'm working together with the people at to take calls from anyone and everyone, a few of which will make it into my podcast...

Minisode: Pastor Present & A Political Heaton

On the show today I check in with Andrew Heaton. and Pastor Tom Ryberg about politics, religion, and the coming Trumpocalypse.Check out Heaton's full length episode here, and check him out online here. Tom is a pastor at the United Church of Christ, presently serving a church in Battle Creek, MI. Check out this article he wrote for the Battle Creek Inquirer about guns, crime and humanity. About the 5 Min Podcast: I'm working together with the people at to take calls from...

Minisode: 5 Minutes in Heaton

Welcome to our first 5 Minute podcast. I'm working together with the people at to take calls from anyone and everyone, a few of which will make it into my podcast feed. If you want to talk with me for five minutes about Comedy, the world, the mind or anything else that you think I'd dig, look me up, I'm @mike on sparemin (, and our chat will be posted on there and possibly on here. Inaugurating this series is previous guest of the podcast comedian...

88: Sam Dingman

Sam Dingman is a radio producer, podcastronaut, storyteller and writer in Brooklyn, NY. He makes podcasts at Panoply, and previously made radio shows at On the Media.He is a winner of the Moth GrandSLAM, an MLB Fan Cave Top 30 finalist, and his work has been featured on RISK!,SplitSider, UCB’s "A Funny Thing,"TBTL,The Billfold, the First Person Arts Festival, The Los Angeles Comedy Festival, Seattle Sketchfest, Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, and beyond.He makes radio shows in his living...

87: Religion (Live show)

Holiest of Molies, get your rolliest of pollies to the showiest of showies! Ahem. All that is to say, we'll be talking religion at this month's Malignant Brain Humor. Our panel features comedic voices from the religious to the non. Bring your Jewish guilt, your catholic shame or your non-denominational self-esteem and enjoy the show! As always, if you have comedy vids that you especially like which touch on or around the subject, please post them below! I will watch them and be available...

86: Political Correctness - LIVE

Loved this panel. Check them out on the episode and individually. Hey. Sometimes people say words. And then other people get angry at them. And then we fight over whether the people who got angry were wrong to get so angry or if the people who said the words were wrong to say the words. WHO'S THE REAL VICTIM HERE? WHO DO I SHOOT? (Non-Trigger warning: There will be no shootings at the show).We'll be talking about political correctness. Is it a thing? Is it too much of a thing? Does it...

85: John Rodgers: Idiot (Micah Sherman & Dan Hirshon)

I sit down with Micah Sherman (High Maintanence, The Second City, Improv Asylum, iO, Annoyance Old School Sketch Show, Please Be Seated) and Dan Hirshon (Funny Cakes Comedy, Grandma’s Favorite, Miracle Workers, and Kandid Films), to talk about their new sketch album, John Rodgers: Idiot. We also talk about Donald Trump and Kanye West a lot. :D Micah & Dan On the Web Get the Album:

84: Women in Humor Live at The PIT

First in our monthly live at The PIT series (next recording is on May 14th, tickets will be available here soon). This show was a rousing success, great audience, great guests. Still figuring out how to mic everyone up and get the best audio for the recording but I think you'll enjoy this one. If you dig the show please subscribe and rate us over at iTunes! Guests include:Chemda Katg of Keith & The Girl (she's the girl) - Kennedy, Albuquerque's funniest comedian who...

83: The OCDelightful Lance Weiss

Lance Weiss is a hilarious comedian and a delight to chat with. Hewas aTop 4 finalistinCMT’s “Next Big Comic”, and onNBC’s “The Today Show,”MTV, Bravo, PBS, NY1, Sirius/XM,,,, NY Times, NY Post,, Comcastas well as inAT&T and Kit KatCommercials. He was a semi-finalist in theNew York Comedy Festival’s “NY’s Funniest Standup Competition,” and hasperformed in theBridgetown Comedy Festival, Boston Comedy Festival, Out of Bounds Comedy Festival,...

82: Anxiety, Alcohol, Catholicism, & Jason Sáenz

Just coming off a stint writing for Night of Too Many Stars I talk with Jason Carlos Sáenz, hilarious comedian, improviser, writer on UCB's award winning maude team Onasis. Jason was a New Face at the 2014 Just For Laughs Festival and is the mind behind #SaenzSigns, which you should definitely check out (A couple are below, go check out the rest). Check out his upcoming webseries "Foxworthy and Friends," and if you're in NY go to the premiere party this Saturday in Brooklyn at Videology.

81: Social Media Sociopaths, The Saddest Sorrority, and Mara Wilson

In today'sepisode I talk to Mara Wilson about genetics, forced maturity andthe lost of family,feminism, creepy creeps on the internet, love, coping with OCD, Nightvale andgrowing up under the shadow ofMatilda. She's a joy and the whole damn episode is a joy. Check her out at Buy tickets to her live show at Union Hall,What are You Afraid Of! Follow her on twitter@Marawritesstuff And catch her voice work on the beloved podcastWelcome to Nightvale. --...

Stand & De-Libertarianism with Andrew Heaton

Everyone knows how much I hate talking with people who have different beliefs than I do, but I really loved talking with Andrew Heaton even though he is a libertarian, and therefore evil. Skilled comedian, sharp thinker, talented speaker. Perhaps a bit too tall, but it's forgivable. Check him out at Read his books: On Twitter:@MightyHeaton And on facebook at:

79: The Architecture of Comedy & Aaron Kominos-Smith

Excellent comedian andman about townAaron Kominos-Smith comes on the show to discuss his path to Comedy which included an advanced degree in architecture. Which architect isrepresented byLouis CK? Which comedianis Frank Lloyd Wright?Which Building is like Larry the Cable Guy?Listen and find out. Check Aaron out at and on Twitter at@funnyaaron.

78: Slow Publishing, Fast Company, & Joe Berkowitz

Hey folks! This episode went in the can ages ago, but a bunch of time-sensitive releases pushed it back. Thank goodness that the excellent writer Joe Berkowitz is still killing it over at Fast Company, and alsoina wide range of other publications including The Atlantic, Mcsweeny's Buzzfeed, GQ and more (and more (and more)). Clever, insightful, and (most importantly) I like him because (just like me) he was a fat kid. Check him out at: @JoeBerkowitz, onTumblr, and atFast Company. And as a...

77: ILL Literature & Dan Wilbur

Dan Wilbur joins the podcast to discuss his book How Not To Read, the differences between being funny in writing and being funny out loud, Venn Diagrams and the role of esoterica and self-promotion and internet culture on Comedy & more. Excellent episode, excellent fellow. Buy his book(I own a copy and very much enjoyed it), check him out, on twitter@DanWilbur, on his podcastTwo Book Minimumand Thursdays in NY at UCBEast where he hostsLasers in the Jungle.

76: Epic Zach Prattle with Rap Addled Zach Sherwin

Zach Sherwin 3: Epic Rap Battler and excellent MC-about-town Zach Sherwin makes his 3rd appearance to the show. We talk about his varying styles, collaborations with Watsky, and more while I am wildly over caffeinated. If you'd like to listen to our first two chats, where we talked about the structure of comedy in rap and his shedding of the name MC Mr. Napkins or his appearance on the live show, both are great, and availablehereandhere). Check out the episode and check out a bunch of Zach's...

75: Sensuality, Art Flakes & Heartbreak, MOVED, & Julie Sharbutt

The multitalented Julie Sharbutt is an excellent and articulateactor, improviser, writer and producer. She and I discuss relationships, friendships, comedy, dramedy, gender politics, the necessary selfishness of artists, ego, inequality and unearned orgasms! We also discuss the excellent movie she wrote and directed,Moved, and so much else! I forgot how much I loved this episode till I went back and listened to it. Wowza! Watch her movie on November 9th at the Big Apple Film Festival...

74: Marriage, Divorce, TruTV, and Kevin McCaffrey

Hey folks! The very hilarious Kevin McCaffrey is on the podcast today, though also in the past by quite a bit. Kevin's a touring comedian who's worked with Tru TV and Letterman, and since appearing on the Podcast Kevin has appeared on Letterman, and in my humble opinion did a fantastic job. Well done Kevin! In order to speed up the process of getting these podcasts out to you I'm going to take a break from the production elements involved in recording a pre-show introduction and making...

73: Wicked Funny 2

Hey Great episode today featuring Kevin Froleiks (guest on episode 61: The Worst Landlord) and Lisa Romagnoli,Producer at Kornhaber Brown and owner of Notion Films. Her documentary about the New Hamshire comedy scene and NH Comedians, Wicked Funny 2 was just released on youtube. We discuss the mindset and lifestyle differences between comedians in secondary and tertiary cities to New York or LA, the struggles of moving to a big city when you've been a big fish in a small pond (see also:...

72: Public Mourning & Robin Williams - Live Podcast

72: PUBLIC MOURNING & ROBIN WILLIAMS - LIVE PODCAST August 13, 2014 Abbi Crutchfield, Ted Alexandro, Nick Turner"> Abbi Crutchfield, Ted Alexandro, & Nick Turner From Abbi's instagram (click through for link)"> From Abbi's instagram (click through for link) I had a wonderful panel on the show last night, Ted Alexandro, Abbi Crutchfield, and Nick Turner. Unfortunately the planned antics had to be put on hold to discuss the pall hanging over the comedy world by the sudden loss of Robin...