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Are you Marked Safe? Join friends Brianne and Melanie as they come together to share some of the worlds most incredible disaster stories and delve into the details and fallout from them.


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Are you Marked Safe? Join friends Brianne and Melanie as they come together to share some of the worlds most incredible disaster stories and delve into the details and fallout from them.






Pink Party Hats: Circus Elephants

This week, we add to our vault of cursed episodes, we plan No Thought November, Brianne gets her giggles where she can, Melanie refuses to change topics mid-episode, Myrtle doesn’t read the room, and Brianne lets the intrusive thoughts win. Content warnings: extremely graphic and upsetting descriptions of animal suffering and inhumane euthanasia. Also: alcohol, death and injury of humans in animal attacks, very brief reference to catholic sex abuse, children seeing traumatic things. Links:


It’s A Wiener, To Be Honest: The Lake Michigan Triangle

This week, Melanie makes her children ride in the cargo hold, Christy exceeds expectations, Bermuda is not the only triangle in town, Melanie loves to give hugs, the arrogance of white men was the real supernatural mystery all along, Brianne loves nerds and experts and expert nerds, and Michigan is ready to get aliens over with. Content warnings: historically poor treatment of Native Americans, deaths by shipwreck, brief speculation about suicide or murder, presumed death by plane crash


Revenge On Death: Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571

This week, Brianne is turbocharged by the moon, the White Chicken apology tour never ends, human complexities reach extreme levels, Cody would be on a mule, and it’s too soon for our usual send-off. Content warnings: cancer, intense description of plane crash with deaths, speculation about decapitation, very graphic discussion of serious injuries, suicide, skull fracture, coma, disembowelment, very graphic discussion of cannibalism, avalanche, buried alive scenario, exhumation of a grave. Koren's GoFundMe Links:


Stop Jabbering, Start Gesticulating: Celluloid

This week, Brianne awards a half-assed bracket advancement, all mistakes are just glitches in the matrix, boundaries are set regarding relaxy time, Melanie loves a factory incident, and technology is in retrograde. Content warnings: gross-sounding slime noise, death by burning, death by drowning, very sad story about couple dying together in a fire, very brief mention of deaths of children in fire, brief and non-graphic mention of vomit in disaster relief. Links:,ivory%2C%20tortoiseshell%2C%20and%20linen.&text=Set%20of%2019th%2Dcentury%20Hyatt,tortoiseshell%2C%20and%20other%20costly%20materials.,33009,789352,00.html


Get Your Hands Dirty: The Hart Family, Part 2

This week, a Canadian goose is nearly lost, Brianne is surprised by her own bracket choices, Olaf is no help for the recap, and we unpack what can prevent a tragedy like this from happening again. Content warnings: transracial adoption, intense and continual discussion of child abuse and murder, non-graphically discussed animal neglect, suicide,


The Comment is We Will Have No Comment: Alusuisse Explosion

This week, Melanie has unexpected responsibilities as the adultiest adult, Bay is marked safe, Melanie forgets to have self-preservation instincts, Jacob gets bonked with some undies, Brianne is ONCE AGAIN right, and Melanie enjoys creating art. Content warnings: death by explosion.


Wall to Wall Horrors: The Hart Family, Part 1

This week, kids get sent for, Geminis know that they’re the problem, we take our laughs where we can, and we reach true equality. Content warnings: intense and frequent descriptions of child abuse and neglect, drug addiction, homelessness, adoption trauma, mental health issues, homophobia, food insecurity.


Hell! Ain’t This a Mess?: Vernon, FL

This week, we were never off our bullshit, Brianne wants to go to the Dixie Dandy Supermarket, it’s prudent to carry a tourniquet when you’re passing through Nub City, we question the difficulty level of hunting possum, Brianne threatens Melanie with a crowbar, the bloopers get left in, and the gobble of a turkey makes everything else go away. Content warnings: self-inflicted amputations.


Absolutely No Dillying & Dallying: Tham Luang Cave Rescue

This week, Melanie is walking trauma, the British a-team of weird dudes arrives, cops probably aren’t the goodest boys, Melanie finally takes a turn being a shitbag, a farmer is thrilled to lose his crops, we pioneer new SAR techniques, and Brianne is feral now. Content warnings: children in extreme peril who survive, extreme survival situation, low oxygen, drowning, ketamine, brief mention of Xanax, statelessness, death of teenager from head injury (brief and non-graphic).





A YOLO Scenario: The Melanie Episode

This week, TimBits lead to a courtroom, Lawrence feels a lot of different emotions, people are unsafe in orchards, Melanie brazenly robs Lowes, Transylvania Little League Safety Officer is a real job title, Brianne calls for a little circumspection around haunted dolls, Natasha puts on her heelies, and we get a cameo from a chaotic dad. Content warnings: graphic description of accidental amputation, fire, helicopter crash, deaths of babies in the context of a ghost story, ableism, vomit


Bad Times In New York City: '77 NY Blackout

This week, we would like you to have some empathy, Melanie is a sour bitch, the bracket box doesn't age well, New York has a rough summer, a loose-locking nut causes problems, selective decisions are made to drop loads, a disaster leads to Christmas music in July, everybody gets high, and Melanie white-knights for God. Content warnings: lightning strikes, power outage, looting related violence, labor and delivery under dangerous conditions, brief but upsetting mention of a baby who may have died at 46:15, fires, murder, gun violence. Links:,33009,915331-1,00.html


#BossBoars: Listener Dreams with REMelations!

This week, some of us are snack sized, a dinosaur interrupts Tooty Bubbles shopping, Riley earns a first responder discount at Carrabba's, a wedding goes sideways (and into the water), a giant evil hedgehog crashes the musical party, we conceptualize a wild boar in a robe, we need to clarify that we don’t technically condone violence as a way to move on from your ex, we have a spirited debate about fecal loops, and Dr. Dre is really hard to impress. Content warnings: very brief mention of suicide, slightly implied sexual assault in a dream


Cave of Wonders: Union Park Flood with REMelations!

This week, we make friends with alternate reality versions of ourselves, we try to make it right with Big Shark, Brianne is changed by the Hat Man, Melanie pulls a shot out of her gills, the Virgo apology tour never ends, electricity is a hard sell, Mindy and Brooke learn about the power of nope, Melanie is dicks-lexic, there’s vodka and VD behind the carousel, it’s a jerky ride in the cave of wonders, dinosaur measurements return, we have an established tragedy to dick joke ratio, and we look for (and find) the naked helpers. Content warnings: flood, deaths of children with sometimes intense descriptions from 27:30 on. Links:


The Nature of the Game: IndyCar Disasters Pt. 2

This week, Melanie provides no context, traffic gets avoided, Brianne is willing to deploy anti-bird measures, Melanie finally regrets googling something, and we plan a petty obituary. Content warnings: kitchen accident leading to blood loss and partially severed fingertip, alcoholism, stabbing, plane crash, intense descriptions of car accident deaths, survivor's guilt, and PTSD.





Death Has Waved the Checkered Flag: IndyCar Disasters

This week, Ann has a tool to survive the grief blender, Brianne has the hottest bracket take so far, Melanie plans racecar drivers' cute birthday parties, Brianne goes to hospitals with the stars, there is an important distinction between bfs and bffs, and we pour some strong racing tea. Content warnings: dry drowning, burn injuries, decapitation, broken bones, intense descriptions of car accident deaths, description of gore 57:30-59:00.


A Home for Every Kind of Villain and Misfit: London Beer Flood

This week, the next bracket begins, Melanie loves to talk about butts, Brianne is plagued by artificial intelligence, human complexities make an appearance, and beer is canceled. Content warnings: crushing/drowning deaths, funeral for toddler, deaths of children in the 1800s, anti-immigrant sentiment. Links:,once%20London's%20most%20notorious%20neighbourhood,Butt%20(Imperial),US%20gal%3B%20491.0%20L).


Inches Away from Catastrophe!: IZOD IndyCar World Championship

This week, the smell bracket comes to a close, Melanie wants pure pandemonium, Brianne is going to receive Melanie's box, Randy didn't get here through charm, wolves do not go to the track, we have opinions on the Randy to NASCAR pipeline, and we're gestating but not a baby. Content warnings: racing accidents, loss of legs in car accident, intense descriptions of someone's experience with her husband's death


Everyone Got Quiet: Hot Springs Duck Boat Accident

This week, Brianne experiences a glitch in the matrix, Melanie is thirsty and begging, Arkansas and the gay community are not on the same page, Melanie plans to explore bathhouses for the podcast, there's no crime in a gangster's paradise, Brianne lacks self-preservation, and the NTSB never gets invited to parties. Content warnings: intense descriptions of drowning deaths, including multiple children, throughout the content of the episode. Links: