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Me1 vs Me2 Snooker with Richard Herring


A series of exhibition snooker matches in which comedian Richard Herring recreates his lonely childhood by playing himself at snooker and commentating as he plays.

A series of exhibition snooker matches in which comedian Richard Herring recreates his lonely childhood by playing himself at snooker and commentating as he plays.


London, United Kingdom


A series of exhibition snooker matches in which comedian Richard Herring recreates his lonely childhood by playing himself at snooker and commentating as he plays.






Avalon Live 4a Exmoor St. London W10 6BD


Frame 102

Frame 102 - Streaker. It's the only sporting fixture available in the world today, but Me 1 and Me 2 are back with an action packed frame which has everything: good snooker, bad snooker, multiple pitch invasions, full frontal nudity, a box in the way, a confused babysitter and some cuddles. It's a shame and a relief in many ways that we weren't filming this one, but we might start filming some soon. Follow me at Twitch and if you're an Amazon Prime customer you can...


Frame 101

Frame 101 - A Quiet Place. Rich is meant to be working, but takes a break (get it) to play his final frame of snooker of the decade. But what if his wife finds out what he's doing? He has to be super quiet, a bit like in that film. Will this be the end of Me1's marriage? And is that what Me2 wants? And who will win? And does anything matter any more? The suspense will kill you and Me1's wife may kill him, which will make future episodes less exciting. Happy New Year Listener.


Frame 100

Frame 100 - It's finally here. We're made a century break and it's time to find out who will be in the lead at this crucial though completely arbitrary point of the contest. Will it be Me1 or Me2 or will a different Me come in and win it? There's only one way to find out. The Mes have failed to make a profit at snooker this year and the recent live event actually made a loss. But if you want to help and indeed to see that tournament when it is edited together then become a monthly badger at...


Frame 99

Frame 99 - Commentator Two Is Impressed. We're approaching the 100th frame of this long running contest and both players seem keen to win this not very important frame. And there is some scintillating play and records tumble like frozen fractals all around. The headphones started running out of juice about halfway through so I hope the sound is OK. I couldn't be arsed to check. See Me1 VS Me2 snooker LIVE at the Cockpit Theatre on 4th December. Amazingly some tickets left: tickets here


Frame 98

Frame 98 - Recycled Art Exhibit. It's 17th November 2019 and the news is full of the antics (or not) and the sweat (or not) of the Grand Old Duke of York, but I doubt that that will get a mention in a serious sporting contest like this. But the snooker board has to be cleared of rubbish before the play can commence, which is apt as this is almost certainly the most rubbish snooker that has been witnessed in almost 100 frames. Who will be ahead at Frame 100 and does it matter? Does a foul on...


Frame 97

Frame 97 - Wasp Mortuary. It's been too long, but Me1 and Me2 are back on the old green board for a quick frame, even if they floor is littered with the bodies of insects. There's early controversy as one player gets away with knocking and replacing a ball, but then it's pure high-adrenaline snooker where only one player can win unless it's a draw. Who will emerge victorious as Frame 100 looms. Don't miss the chance to see Me1 Vs Me2 Snooker live on December 4th at the Cockpit Theatre in...


Frame 96

Frame 96: Dizzy The Mes are all ill having been dizzy and in bed all day, so perhaps it was an unwise decision to rise from the sick bed to play snooker. Or perhaps it was the best decision of all time. Although there are some lapses in concentration from the commentator and the referee that might have severely affected the result, the records were tumbling on the old green board and it's an amazing game of snooker. Who won? You know how to find out. Keep an eye on


Frame 95

Frame 95: A Broken Man. As the 100th frame approaches, the contest to find out who will be ahead at this arbitrary stage is really heating up. But this is an awful frame of snooker, both players tired from late nights, with half an eye on baby monitors, under the dim lights of unshaded light bulbs. You are lucky you can't see it and just have to listen. And the victory is hollow and empty today with the loser broken and the pointlessness of the tussle maybe finally becoming clear in his...


Frame 94

Frame 94: Bung. Back from Edinburgh and the old slights literally forgotten in the last month, Me1 and Me2 return to the green board to try and settle this like men. Well like a man. Taking on two fairly similar personalities, both of whom aren't very good at snooker. Or are they? Some spectacular breaks await your ears and also some fouls. But hanging over it all like a ghost at the feast, the possibility of corruption. How is this still going on?


Frame 93

Frame 93: Mr Broofing. Welcome to Frame 93 of Me1 Vs Me2 Snooker, this week sponsored by MRB Roofing ( for all your North Herts roofing needs. And it's a controversial grudge match, as the enmity between the two players increases, which might lead to fisticuffs in real life, but it just means fireworks on the old green board. After a voided frame tensions are higher than ever, but who will win. And who will sponsor this showcase for the UK's fastest growing new sport...


Frame 92

Frame 92: Snooker Egg. Welcome to the newly names Pliny Memorial Nest (like a bird's nest) Arena, renamed for our sponsor Pliny, a fictional crow who died on TV exactly 20 years ago to this day. And as the Tories battle it out to see who will lose to Boris Johnson, Me 1 and Me 2 are also at an epoch defining stage of this contest and the repercussions could echo down the ages. Who will win this tussle? The snooker is dirty and bad, but you can not fault the entertainment value that you will...


Frame 91

Frame 91: Dying Air Pods. There is still a lot of bad blood between the two players after the denouement of the last frame, but who will come out on top in the psychological thriller? And will the uncharged AirPods last the course of the frame? Plus which player is the best runner and how many drugs and Tories references can Commentator 1 get into the frame? It's another absolute thriller of a contest between these two snooker lightweights which will send you reeling this way and that and...


Frame 90

Frame 90: Anal Embarrassment. It's an exciting time for the Mes with sobriety and fitness adding a new level to the contest and both players start out in high spirits, but a thrilling frame is marred by post match petulance and unnecessary rudeness from the loser, with potentially career ending disrespect (cos you can't say anything these days, with all the politically correct brigade). Hopefully it won't spoil your enjoyment of a wonderful frame on the old green (and possibly slightly...


Frame 89

Frame 89 - No Offence. Richard is terrified one of the Mes might inadvertently bring a Twitter storm down on this sporting podcast by making an inappropriate joke, but will they? Or will they let their snooker do the talking? And when these players are on the practice board, who are they playing? It's an incredibly exciting frame with a denouement that no one could have predicted (apart from one person), which makes all European football look like the moribund multi-person entertainment that...


Frame 88

Frame 88 - A Dog and a Dyson. The snooker board is being cleaned and the Mes are 4 months sober, but will this cleanliness count for or against the debauched Me2. I am not going to tell you in this blurb, that would be crazy, but there is incident aplenty, including a curious visitor to the arena (it's Wolfie the dog in a podcast crossover, there's no point in pretending otherwise, she's in the photo). Still a chance to own a signed snooker ball or cool T shirt or sponsor this podcast via...


Frame 87

Frame 87 - Cat Hair On My Balls. The team are back and raring to go on a rare afternoon frame of self-playing snooker, with one of the Mes really needing a win to keep within passing distance of the other Me. It's a thrilling frame with the shot of the competition thus far and an extraordinary end game that will leave you on the seat of your pants. Also Richard explains how clever it is what's going on here and not stupid like you thought. If you want to get 25 more frames of Me1vsMe2...


Frame 86

Frame 86 - The Contents of a Cat's Anus. The Mes are back, but do they have an ulterior motive to sell you something? If they do then all they are selling is the best quality audio only self-playing snooker podcast in the world. Commentator 1 has all his allusions to Brexit worked out and ready to go, and the trailing Me has some work to do if he wants to catch up with the leading Me. Balls fly off the board, the board is too close to the wall and there's cat fur everywhere and maybe worse....


Frame 85

Frame 85 - A Lot of Work For Charity. It's been a while but a debacle of a stone clearing podcast has sent the Mes back to the old green board to clear something more reliable, the 16 balls that make up the 6 by 3 snooker challenge. Everyone is finding their feet in this one, but there is some extraordinary play, a new score board, Robot Voice possibly beginning to become sentient and standing on polystyrene. All the elements that fans of a man playing himself at snooker badly will enjoy....


Frame 84

Frame 84: It's About Snookering Time. Yes, they're back. It's been hard to get all the players back in one room for various reasons, but they're back in the arena and hungry for victory, even if they have forgotten how the podcast works, how to play snooker and how to count. But for now, all any self-playing snooker fan cares about is that they are at least returning to the old green board. And hopefully this time they're back for good. It's recorded on Apple AirPods, so if you don't like...


Frame 83

Frame 83: Ancient Beam. After the controversies of Frame 82 there are some hirings and some firings into space, but the new blood seems to inject some new super snooker energy into the arena, with an extraordinary level of play which already has some people calling this the self-playing frame of the century. More back and forth that insert a topical reference in here. To see Richard on tour or talking to famous people rather than himself, check out his tour and podcast recordings at...