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A series of exhibition snooker matches in which comedian Richard Herring recreates his lonely childhood by playing himself at snooker and commentating as he plays.

A series of exhibition snooker matches in which comedian Richard Herring recreates his lonely childhood by playing himself at snooker and commentating as he plays.
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London, United Kingdom


A series of exhibition snooker matches in which comedian Richard Herring recreates his lonely childhood by playing himself at snooker and commentating as he plays.






Avalon Live 4a Exmoor St. London W10 6BD


Frame 84

Frame 84: It's About Snookering Time. Yes, they're back. It's been hard to get all the players back in one room for various reasons, but they're back in the arena and hungry for victory, even if they have forgotten how the podcast works, how to play snooker and how to count. But for now, all any self-playing snooker fan cares about is that they are at least returning to the old green board. And hopefully this time they're back for good. It's recorded on Apple AirPods, so if you don't like...


Frame 83

Frame 83: Ancient Beam. After the controversies of Frame 82 there are some hirings and some firings into space, but the new blood seems to inject some new super snooker energy into the arena, with an extraordinary level of play which already has some people calling this the self-playing frame of the century. More back and forth that insert a topical reference in here. To see Richard on tour or talking to famous people rather than himself, check out his tour and podcast recordings at...


Frame 82

Frame 82: Snooker Wars: A New Hope. It's been about 8 months and the arena has moved and the table has gone from London basement to Hertfordshire attic and nobody involved can remember what is involved in this podcast or what the rules of snooker are. But we're back motherfuckers with a frame wrought with controversy. Is the snooker board true? Is commentator 2 still on board? Where's the snooker scorer? Is Robot Voice booted up. Who will win? See an exclusive pre-match video on the secret...


Chris Evans (Not That One) Trophy 2017 REPLAY

Chris Evans (Not That One) Trophy 2017 REPLAY - I Hate St Alban. After the missing pink controversy in the original CE(NTO) Trophy 2017, the National Self-Playing Snooker Convention has insisted on a replay of this crucial annual tournament, this time at the venue that was once know as the St Albans Arena (but is of course now renamed forever). It's a war of attrition and a difficult frame to listen to, let alone watch. But who will be the ultimate victor and take home the cup (it's actually...


Chris Evans (Not That One) Trophy 2017

Me1 Vs Me 2 Snooker Special - Chris Evans (Not That One) Trophy 2017 - Who Sunk The Pink? It's an exciting day for self-playing snooker, as finally the sport is played in what was once a bastion of two player snooker, the Reading Hexagon. 500 people crammed into the venue to watch Richard Herring do stand-up and at least 100 of them stayed to watch the main event, the snooker, played under a tight time frame, during the interval. Herring was tired and unimaginative, but thankfully he could...


Frame 81

Frame 81: The Blue Incredible Hulk. A week has passed in your humdrum lives, but only minutes have gone by in the Me vs Me Snooker universe as these two giants of the game play their 76th frame against each other (at least in this particular tournament - I am sure none of us have forgotten the embarrassment of the Me3 Apostasy). It's another corker of a frame which leaves the players as emotional wrecks with the souls of poets. It has to be heard to be believed. Though would have been better...


Frame 80

Frame 80 - A Child's Organ. We've been away for a long time, but now for the first frame of 2017 the players and commentators have reconvened, having found a mutually agreeable space in their diaries, to play the 80th frame of Me vs Me snooker, in this long-running battle to find the best Me on the old green board. There has been some damage to the board and the room is littered with toys, but it's a thrilling frame. You will find out about an impending frame at the Reading Hexagon and all...


Frame 79

Frame 79: Big Brexit. After the death of arguably the greatest sportsman of all time, Me1 and Me2 must get back together for a frame in honour of that man, but also it's timely as they have the chance to play for whether the UK stays in Europe or Brexits. But which player will play for each side (even Richard isn't sure) and is it oddly apt that the snooker board is surrounded by childish things as they try to settle the most childish of debates. It's one of the most ridiculous frames of...


Frame 78

Frame 78: It’s Better Than Drinking Alone - After a heady night and a kickstarter triumph, the players relax with a little drink. It seems to hit them hard though and they both make uncharacteristic errors. And when you think how characteristic errors are for these players that is pretty amazing. It’s a denouement that beggars belief and will raise questions about collusion, betting patterns and off-shore tax havens. See Rich and the Mes (after the show) on tour. All remaining dates at...


Frame 77

Frame 77: Vice-Versa. At times tonight it almost feels like the players have swapped styles of play. Is it possible that they could have switched bodies when they already have the same body? I am no scientist, but I say, almost certainly not. This is, seriously, one of the most thrilling frames of Me vs Me snooker ever. I wish you could have seen it. Catch Richard on tour:


Frame 76

Frame 76: But Is It Art? Excitingly or annoyingly depending on which Me you are, the Mes have been invited to perform in an extreme performance art event in June, but shouldn't they be being embraced by the sporting fraternity rather than the artsy fartsy genital manipulators? Who can say? You're just here to find out which Me is best at snooker, and this frame should help make that clearer. Or possibly obsfurcate it. There are children's toys and cats everywhere too. It's a nightmare....


Frame 75

Frame 75: To Kill (beat) a Mockingbird (mocking snooker player). It's the third frame in a night and so the chat is kept to a minimum and the snooker does the talking. A cat gets on the table. A child sleeps. Whisky is drunk. We try to work out if parenthood or self-playing snooker is more important. I think you all know the answer to that. See Rich on tour, not playing snooker:


Frame 74

Frame 74: Big Brexit (Break). Everyone has been given a kick up the arse and is trying properly now. And it's a big frame this week as the result will decide if the UK stays in Europe or not. Who is right Jeremy Hunt or Michael Gove? Is it ever possible that one of them is right? But if not, then what does that mean? Congrats to all concerned for not doing the 'Is there an Eco in here?' joke this time. The malaise is over. This podcast is back where it belongs. But is that in the UK or in...


Frame 73

Frame 73: A Total Boutros Boutros Shambles. It's been said before many times, but this might be the worst frame of Me1 vs Me2 Snooker of all time. It's amazing that something this bad could have a nadir, but it's all relative. Everyone was off their game from the players to the commentators to the referee to Richard Herring himself. Only Smithers and Phoebe (the future Me2) played their parts correctly. Still it's a great advert for Herring's tour, which is scripted to the most part and has...


Frame 72

Frame 72: Philip J Rock and Roll. In the third frame played in little over an hour, the intense rivalry of the Mes really comes to the fore, with some intense and brilliant snooker, plus at least on fart and a glass of whisky. Who will end this three frame marathon in the ascendant. And does it really matter? Self-Playing Snooker is not a matter of life and death, it is less important than both of those thing, yet brilliantly encompasses both of them. With some snooker.


Frame 71

Frame 71: Naked Sauna. Almost straight after the last frame finished these two gladiators of the green board were straight back at it, even though the room was as hot as a sauna with a naked middle-aged German woman in it... to see if they could ascertain which of them was best at snooker. Just like Bailey's Comets, the competition continues, never-ending unless it fails to get recommissioned. Who remembers Bailey's Comets? Just me. I will never be Peter Kay. See me on tour:...


Frame 70

Frame 70: Blank-Playing Snooker. In tribute to one god of audio broadcasting, two almost equal gods of audio broadcasting play a frame of snooker against each other. Look at Terry Wogan there. Who is to say he isn't listening to self-playing snooker in the picture? Not me. I wouldn't dare presume. Thank God he didn't live to listen to this awful frame though. Some of the laziest and worst self-playing snooker and commentary you will ever hear in audio only format.


Frame 69

Frame 69: The 69 Club. By a bizarre coincidence that probably proves that God listens to Me1 Vs Me2 Snooker, we hit Frame 69 as the number 69 dominates the news and gives a tough choice for the name of the arena. The snooker board is covered in the residue of a Christmas tree and a cat. A baby is sleeping. There's an exercise bike and a wall in the way. But, even so, the players manage to put together a match of unbelievable tension and twists and turns and snooker skill that you won't...


Frame 68

Frame 68: One Off My Favourite Number. With Me1's wife at a pop concert and Me1's baby asleep upstairs, the Mes dust off their cues and make a last ditch attempt to raise 924,000 in 19 hours via their kickstarter campaign: With the world's news being so serious, the mood in the arena is respectful and sombre and this is a time to show the world that the way forward is for everyone to stay in their basements playing...


Frame 67

Frame 67: A Frame Worthy of the Birth Year of the New Jesus. A week has passed for you, but in the dead film critic arena only seconds have gone by and Me1 and to the same extent Me2 are both at each other's throats trying to seek revenge/prove their worthiness for the controversial Frame 66. This is another scintillating tussle, easily worth the million pounds that the Mes are trying to raise via Kickstarter on its own....