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Free advice from three of the world's most qualified, most related experts: Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy. For one-half to three-quarters of an hour every Monday, we tell people how to live their lives, because we're obviously doing such a great job of it so far.


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Free advice from three of the world's most qualified, most related experts: Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy. For one-half to three-quarters of an hour every Monday, we tell people how to live their lives, because we're obviously doing such a great job of it so far.






MBMBaM 700: Good Choices Today, Business Man

We've all got that dog in us today, so we're saying 'Ello 'Ello to some good advice about real British television shows, office lunch espionage, and faking your way through football. No real football learning required – we would never make you learn! Suggested talking points: Telly Title Tellers, Little Chips Justin, Floral Purchases at the Liquor Store, Quarterback Pod, Bad Beef on Thursdays The Marsha P. Johnson Institute


MBMBaM 699: The Platonic Dad

Don't worry if you missed out on the pop culture zeitgeist in the big sport event! We've got the rundown on everything you missed: not going in twisters, anti-Valentines, Jon Bovie the cow musician, and hedgehog-adjacent tater tots. Suggested talking points: Caffeine Porridge, An R2-D2 Full of Bath Bombs, Skibidi Valentines, Dolly Parton Drifting The Marsha P. Johnson Institute


MBMBaM 698: Don't Piss on a Shark

This might be the closest we’ve come to an actual argument, but we worked it out all for the sake of giving you our best advice. Of course, at least one brother is very wrong about peeing in the ocean, the Dune vs Avatar debate, and breaking up via pizza. Suggested talking points: Bummed Out Popcorn Bucket, Glasses on, Hair Up, Men's Riddle Activist, We All Have Our Darude Within Us, Swingey Todd The Marsha P. Johnson Institute


MBMBaM 697: Vamples

Can you believe the Oscar mnomnations came out recently-ish? Congrats to the narminees: Jeff Dunham's puppets, the house across the street, Charles Entertainment Cheese, and the Cream Gentleman. Good luck to all those nerminated! Suggested talking points: Retirement is Death to a Puppet, Presidential Taco Bell, Damage to His Fun Centers, Jasper T. Jowl's Howlin' Hootenanny, I Don't Want Love, I want Donuts The Marsha P. Johnson Institute


MBMBaM 696: Robo Wants an Oreo

We're getting our pitch together for billionaire Cube Markan and his friend Bald Randy. We have so many good business ideas we don't even know where to start: Ask me A Brother, Robert Cop, shopping mall snacks. Once we get in with Cube we'll chuck some ducats and make some buckets! Suggested talking points: Hot Dead Famous People, Burner Brothers, Foot-Long Cookie Paddles, TravWife World Central Kitchen:


MBMBaM 695: Snuffling for Gubbins

GET FIRED UP this Friday . . . Monday . . . because we're going treasure-hunting! You never know where you might find an antique violin, or an AI Companion, or maybe even wings with bones. Suggested talking points: That's Not a Time, Grown Friend without Secrets, Crotch Emergency, Child's Basement Rainboots, Jeremy Lupin, Cousin Fazolis World Central Kitchen:


MBMBaM 694: Pre-Show Pzizz

This episode is coming to you, TravNation, hot from the high seas, where anything and everything is legal! That includes spaghetti showers, ham whittling, and your dad's LSD. We're gonna be here for a while, at least until the Merfolk invade the land. Suggested talking points: Scurvalicious, Embrace Bouyancy, Wild Hog Soul, White Beyond our Years, Don't Touch Me Until I've Had My Shower World Central Kitchen:


MBMBaM 693: Run, Don't Wonk

The most anticipated film is finally out in theaters and we're so excited that we're cussing up a storm. It's good there isn't a sign to stop us for this uncensored discussion about new gizmos, salty coffee, and the strongest Beatle. Suggested talking points: Farewell to a Friend for The Clapper, Don't Call Santa Be Santa, Bart Simpsons Curse-Free Zone, Arm Truss, Where Are Triceps, Sweet Meets Salty For Your Cup of Coffee World Central Kitchen:


MBMBaM 692: The Naming of 2024

Never before have we faced such a challenge as this: coming up with a year name that rhymes with "four". It's so unusual that it even caused a shift in the brother energy, so now there's a new Justin and we sure hope he remembers his Mavis Beacon lessons. Suggested talking points: Not Every Bridge Goes to Somewhere, Limited Totemic Energy, The MB in MBMBaM is Mavis Beacon, Painted with the Color of Paranoia World Central Kitchen:


MBMBaM 691: The Sword of Good Grades

Rip yourself a fresh baguette, in half or length-wise, chug that 84% fresh milk, and grab your sword the size of a cookie sheet. It’s time for a training montage before seeing Wonka, as long as you keep your grades up. Suggested talking points: Mild Piquant of Griffin, Wonka Nate Silver, The Elder Statesman of Fish Throwing, The Smart Swordsman Doesn't Lose, A Yucky Phonetic Journey Harmony House:


MBMBaM 690: Freewheeling Josh Types

It took some time to compile, but it’s finally here: our Wonka gift guide. Share this extensive line of movie tie-in merchandise with your family and friends. Things like Wolf Blitzer Buddy Comedy, tiny truck nuts, and Noodle. Suggested talking points: Tell Hugh if His Face is in the Movie, All Interpretations of Noodle are Valid, Grumpus McElroy, Big Package for the Little Package, The Mind is Not an Immortal Machine, Josh Outta Hell Harmony House:


MBMBaM 689: I Live in the Walls of Downton Abbey

Time is running out to talk about all the Wonka-verse tie-ins, and we're already falling behind! So it's a rapid-fire session about Wonka the Chocolate King, purple pancakes, DDR, and voting on airplanes. Suggested talking points: JSMR, Chalamet-Bounding, Sinskull Shamy, Dragon Drop, Toilet Risotto, Shoes or No Shoes Harmony House:


MBMBaM 688: Face 2 Face: You Can’t Boo Through the Whole Thing

This was during a very important sport game, so thank you Philadelphia for coming to the beautiful Miller Theater instead. We know how much Philly loves their sports, but we also learned they have a lot of feelings about other things, like large bees, studying, Step Mania, and Dolph Lundgren. Suggested talking points: Dog Bees Got Wolfman Magic, Loudest Baddest Idea, The Curse of Pocket Grandpa, 12-year-old What Got Bigged, Salt Knuckles, Who is the Chief of the Munch Squad, Fix Our Special Food, Easy and Good Cheating Fair Elections Center:


MBMBaM 687: Trunchbull on the Phone, Temple Guards Behind Me

Hello, you've reached My Brother, My Brother, and Me. We're kind of busy right now cooking actually five pounds of corn, deadlifting at the beach, and building the perfect booth to keep those nosy guardian angels from peeping on you. Don't leave a message, though, we definitely won't check. Just send a text like a normal person. \ Suggested talking points: So Much Corn Power, Pod Up the Garfield, Pre-Existing Arby's Account, Queso Erotic Dreamscaper, St Michelangelo's Jerkin-It Faraday Cage Fair Elections Center:


MBMBaM 686: Oompa What Now

We can finally talk about movies again, and we don't even know where to start. Just kidding, of course we do. We'll have to unpack Cold Ghost Busters another day, because it's time to get into the Wonkaverse! Suggested talking points: Wonky Makes Me Feel Good, Berry-trocious, Ketchup Joke Surcharge, Anti-Sports Island, Jackson Pollock of Autumnal Flavor Fair Elections Center:


MBMBaM 685: Take the Egg

Happy birthday to Justin and Travis! As a birthday treat, Griffin is taking over the episode to let them chill, bringing segments about plane seats, slang for immortals, and celebrity wine. It’s all punchlines, no setup. Suggested talking points: Creamed Corn?, Rudd Run, Edgehogging, Hypermortality, You Would Get Langoliered, Sad Music Chris Fair Elections Center:


MBMBaM 684: Beta Bat Bet

A representative from the Democratic Republic of Griffin has been granted special Travlomatic immunity to Trav Nation this week, and they're here to talk all about tasty eats for the creepy season: movie theater dinners, kids made of pizza, three donuts baked together, and delicious bugs just in your house. Suggested talking points: Six Degrees of Ke$ha, Who's the Pace Horse, A Hearty Snack for Boys After Dark, Tech Deck Devil Sticks Reproductive Freedom for All:


MBMBaM 683: Cool Ranch for Drama, Nacho Cheese for Comedy

We’d like to take a moment to sincerely apologize for the excruciating and honestly impressive detail, contained within this episode, concerning instruction on how to savor a certain fancy chocolate snack. We also thought about apologizing to our fantastic guestpert Felicia Day for a gross episode, except that she does offer advice about the intersection of IBS and therapy. Suggested talking points: Gross Nation Pee-Pee Vitamins, Go Woke Go Broke Dad, The Ferrero Rocher Ceremony, Fifth Wing Fancast, Bespoke Tater Tot Container Check out Felicia’s new podcast Third Eye: Reproductive Freedom for All:


MBMBaM 682: Face 2 Face: The Fourth Brother

It’s the closest we’ll ever get to making our dad proud, live from the sports-themed WaMu theater in Seattle, WA. Join us as we learn more about cool French stuff, famous internet cats, and Griffin’s misconceptions about rodeo clowns. Suggested talking points: Killability, Swizz Beats is Holding You Back, Bone-Ruggedness, Costume of the Nose, Good Eye It’s From France, You Wouldn’t Download an Aquarium Fish Reproductive Freedom for All:


MBMBaM 681: Strawberry Banana Bonanza Testicle Festival Shake

In the Spirit (get it?) of the season, we present you the three copyright-free brothers: Chaddy, Smelsa, and Shaquille O’Squeal. They’re here to educate us all about scary topics like acting, how to talk to children, and sloppy burgers. Suggested talking points: Spirit Trampo-ween, No Christ No Pain, There’s Only so Many Seals Left, 24/7 Baby Craving, Jims from Juice, Put the Soup Burger at the End Reproductive Freedom for All: