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In this podcast, Doug McDonald interviews smart people, funny people, creative people, and other types of people. And sometimes he doesn’t interview anybody at all! Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s educational. And SOMETIMES it’s both. Instagram: @myviewsaremyown_podcast Twitter: @myviews_podcast


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In this podcast, Doug McDonald interviews smart people, funny people, creative people, and other types of people. And sometimes he doesn’t interview anybody at all! Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s educational. And SOMETIMES it’s both. Instagram: @myviewsaremyown_podcast Twitter: @myviews_podcast



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Continental Split with Alison Chace

If you guessed I was going to ask Alison Chace about her role in the Tubi original disaster film "Continental Split" then you’re a pretty good guesser. But if you also guessed that I was going to surprise her with an improv scene that proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that I would be the best chief of staff for any governor in the country, then you’re practically clairvoyant! Alison shares with me some of her best stories of her experiences an author, actor, documentary film maker, and app developer. We also create a short story through one of co-producer Colleen's Mad Libs that should be adapted into a high-budget blockbuster action film immediately.


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Under the Sea with Avery Nunn

In this episode, I am joined by environmental science journalist and photographer Avery Nunn, who shares with me about her love for the planet and all things nature and how she uses visual storytelling to share this love with others. She tells me about her work in investigative climate reporting and what she hopes to accomplish by sharing information and illuminating both problems and solutions. She tells me about the connection between talking to whales and talking to aliens, and about how the rich social lives of dolphins can help teach humans about climate solutions. Avery tells me about the most incredible places she's been and how she's captured some of her most difficult photos. She also shares her advice for everyday ways to develop a stronger connection to nature and the outdoors.


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Picture in Picture

In this episode, I am joined by actor Bryan McClure, who most recently appears as a documentary filmmaker opposite Oscar winners Jessica Lange and Kathy Bates in the newest HBO original movie "The Great Lillian Hall." McClure has also appeared in a number of films and TV shows, including as the Headless Night in the Disney mystery adventure film Haunted Mansion, as well as The Walking Dead, Atlanta, The Summer I Turned Pretty, and Mindhunter. In his latest film, loosely based on a true story, Bryan's character is documenting the production of a play in which the lead actress, a renowned Broadway star, suffers from memory loss and struggles with an increasingly noticeable illness. Bryan explains what it is like making a movie within a movie and shares his experience working alongside the stars of the film. Of course I ask about his intense scene in The Walking Dead where he stabs himself in the throat with a giant screwdriver while facing off with some of the show's most iconic characters. Bryan also talks to me about his upcoming comedy short which he wrote and produced, Roast Pork Butt, based on the worst date he ever had.


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A Journey to the End of the Road

In this episode, I talk to sustainability and ESG strategy expert, best-selling author, and award-winning documentarian James Fountain about protecting the environment, making lasting global change, and seeking adventure in the farthest corners of the planet. James, who has been referred to as a "real life Indiana Jones" talks to me about his new show, "The End of the Road," in which he travels by motorcycle to visit Indigenous communities across the globe, highlighting the unique cultures of each community and challenges with climate change and sustainability. James explains to me what ESG strategy means and how this concept has influenced his work in leadership and as a corporate consultant. He shares some of his greatest stories travelling and working in remote areas as well as some tips for leading a more sustainable lifestyle.


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The Progressive Parent with Kavin Senapathy

In this episode, I am joined by award-winning science journalist and author Kavin Senapathy to discuss her forthcoming book "The Progressive Parent: Harnessing the Power of Science and Social Justice to Raise Awesome Kids." We talk about the inspiration for digging into this topic and how to help children develop the traits and characteristics that help them grow to become awesome adults. We also talk about how and why to prioritize science and research-based information in parenting, but also to be aware of and question the relationship between medical science and capitalism. She shares her perspective on trendy parenting advice, and also tells me about the time alt-right figurehead Jordan Peterson attacked her on Twitter for discussing the ethics of Monsanto's genetically modified foods.


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Doug and Levi and Lisa at a Gas Station on Charlotte Pike

In this episode, I talk with married filmmaker duo Lisa Hammer and Levi Wilson about their newest short film, "Luke and Emma at a Gas Station on Franklin Ave," a semi-autobiographical story about a mixed Asian-American boy and his mother and the interactions they have while stopping at a convenience store. Levi is an award-winning playwright and Lisa is an award-winning producer and the voice of Trianna Orpheus on Adult Swim's The Venture Bros. We discuss the process of creating an autobiographical film, what it's like casting actors to play yourself or people you know in real life, how to work together as husband and wife, and how documentaries and narrative films can be a powerful method for driving social change. We also talk about Lisa and Levi's participation in the Occupy Wall Street movement, and the bizarre irony of the fact that many other participants have since moved to the extreme right, such as Tim Poole, who I consider my personal podcast nemesis. We discuss gas stations at length, including the weirdest things we've ever seen sold at a gas station and which gas stations are the nicest ones and the grossest ones.


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From the Archives: More Bees Please

This episode was originally released on October 19, 2021. In this episode, Cindy Moore tells me how she maintains 1,300 beehives and the millions of bees that live in them to pollinate farms in Florida, California, and New York so that we can continue to have food and oxygen. Thanks Cindy! We also talk about how 75% of the honey in supermarkets is not actually honey, but the good news is real honey is extremely good for you. And we both share several honey-based home remedies. And there is 1 in 12 chance I will read you your horoscope.


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From the Archives: A Shipping Container Named Desire (aka Cat on a Hot Tin Shipping Container)

This episode was originally released on August 7, 2022. In this episode, I am joined by author and journalist Amy Fusselman to discuss the religion of money. Is it ethical for a cognitive behavioral therapist to sell real estate to their clients? Why are so many people who work in high finance so attracted to mysticism? What is Eco-Marxism? Can a shipping container house be haunted? Is my dog talking to me? All these questions and more get answered on this week's episode. Prepare to develop a healthy relationship with money! OR ELSE!


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Perspective is Everything

In this episode, I am joined by Adam Butler, author of Butler's DMT Field Guide: A Brief History, Step-by-Step Recipes, and Personal Experiences from a DMT Saturated Consciousness. Adam had a successful, lucrative career in real estate but, in his own words, was a "narcissist asshole alcoholic." Seeking a dramatic change, he took a huge leap by leaving his past life behind and embarking on an intense journey of self-discovery through DMT, one of the most powerful hallucinogens on the planet. He emerged with a completely new outlook on what he wanted to do and who he wanted to be. Now the happiest he's ever been, Adam is sharing his story and information with those seeking a similar experience. He also shares how it is possible to achieve an experience similar to taking DMT through deep meditation and breathwork for those seeking a substance-free journey.


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Bad People on Both Sides: Marquis de Morès vs. Teddy Roosevelt

In this episode, I am joined by actor Jeff DuJardin, who plays the Marquis de Morès on the new TV show Elkhorn. The Marquis de Morès was most known for being an adversary to Theodore Roosevelt while both men lived in the badlands of North Dakota. Jeff and I discuss whether his historical character, a French entrepreneur who married into money and started his own meatpacking industry in a town he founded in honor of his wife, was really a villain or just an ambitious dude that was a little misunderstood. We also talk about how the Marquis de Morès notoriously challenged Teddy Roosevelt to a duel and which of the two men was really responsible for starting their infamous beef. We debate whether duels should be legalized in modern times and why the genre of westerns remains popular to this day. And we hear one of the best MadLibs stories ever written.


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Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride

Actor PJ Sosko joins me on the podcast to talk about his role as the iconic Hunter S. Thompson on the HBO MAX series "Girls on the Bus." We talk about his method for how he prepares to portray such well-known and legendary figures such as Hunter S. Thompson and Ernest Hemingway, as well as other acting techniques for playing larger-than-life characters. We also discuss his role on Reservation Dogs and how his impromptu Shakespearean quote got him turned into a meme. We discuss the struggle of modern journalism and of course I ambush PJ with a series of drug-fueled improv scenarios that we act out. We also inadvertently write an incredible script that I am sure HBO would love to acquire.


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Another Nashville Episode? With Kaelin Denton

Doug and Kaelin set out to answer the question that seems to be on everyone's minds: Should I move to Nashville?? Together, they dispel some myths about Nashville, take a deep dive into several news articles, and analyze some claims about whether or not the city should be considered a hotspot. While Doug responds to this burning question with a resounding "NO" and proceeds to get out of his rocking chair to tell everybody how Old Nashville used to be, Kaelin responds with a resounding "maybe" and acts as the voice of reason. We discuss the ridiculous rise in housing costs and rent, why Nashville is indeed a good city for music, how nearly all of Doug's favorite places have been bulldozed, and how the first fur trapper to move to Nashville lived in a place called the Demonbreun Cave.


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Mother Father Sister Brother Frank

In this episode, filmmaker Caden Douglas joins me to talk about his new horror comedy film "Mother Father Sister Brother Frank," the keys to writing great dialogue, the role of set design in creating the right mood for a scene, and the joys of witnessing great stunt work. We also talk about several activities that can either bring a family together or tear them apart.


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Sign the Show with Cat Brewer

Filmmaker and educator Cat Brewer joins me on the podcast to discuss her award-winning documentary feature film Sign the Show, which tells the story of American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters at live performances. The film aims to amplify voices in the deaf and hard of hearing community and raise awareness about the quest for access to live entertainment events, including music performances, comedy shows, and more. The film was recently released in April 2024 in celebration of National Deaf Awareness Month. Sign the Show combines informative storytelling with humorous and heartfelt conversations, educating audiences about the need for ASL interpretation at live events, the ways interpreters creatively overcome challenges, and the important difference this type of accessibility makes for event attendees. Cat shares amazing stories with me about the filmmaking process, including meeting Andre 3000 from Outkast and his enthusiasm for bringing sign language accessibility to his live performances, and about her interactions with Matt Maxey, who interprets live shows for Chance the Rapper and several other performers. I share some of my favorite stories from the film, including how Maxey describes how he creatively interprets slang terms in lyrics such as "lit" and "trap" to Waka Flocka Flame, who is also an executive producer of the documentary.


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Want to See a Cool Trick?

In this episode, I am joined by the phenomenal magician Gabriella Lester. Gabriella started her magic career at the age of ten, performed Houdini's legendary straight jacket escape at 14, and by 20 years old she had been featured in the New York Times as one of the most important women in magic, making her mark in a male-dominated industry. We discuss why being fooled by up-close magic is so entertaining and brings out your inner child, how she maintains control over the show even when audience participants get a bit unruly, and some of the most daring plans she has for her future in magic performances. We also talk about the mentalism branch of magic and I'm pretty sure I get mentalized into conducting a better interview than I usually would. Woohoo! Sorry, she mentalized me into saying that word. Gabriella is also a serious dirt bike and motorcycle expert and we talk about how that could possibly be integrated into one of her future magic shows.


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A Jackass, a Whalecock, and a Big Brother Walk into a Bar

Dave Carnie is the former Editor-In-Chief of Big Brother Magazine, one of the co-creators of MTV's Jackass, the owner of Whalecock Skateboarding, the proud father of two dachshunds, and my new favorite pen pal. He joins me on the show to talk about his experience writing and working with the greatest magazine in the world and how it launched the hit TV show and movie franchise Jackass, featuring Chris Pontius, Steve-O, and Johnny Knoxville. We discuss how dachshunds are particularly talented at hunting badgers, and how in German, dachshund means "badger dog." My dog is part dachshund too, so we have that in common (part of why we are such great pen pals). We also discuss his time working at a highly successful magazine that broke all the rules and how he has continued to seek creativity through art throughout his career. I share how Dave Carnie inspired me as both a skateboarder and a writer. Turns out you should meet your heroes! All this and more on this week's episode.


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Fear of the Unknown

In this episode, I am joined by Marina Pirkle, a clinical hypnotherapist, shamanic healer, and spiritual coach who has traveled the world to study under some of the most powerful healers across the globe. Marina shared with me how the mind is capable of healing most anything, why guilt is often attached to grief, and how our psychological reality can affect our physical well-being. We talk about our beliefs on the spiritual realm and why people find it so frightening (and why they shouldn't), and how she worked as a spirit guide at one of the most haunted locations in America, the Stanley Hotel. Marina also explains to me how hypnotherapy works and shares several examples of how this practice has helped people heal in remarkable ways.


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The Craig Kelly Story with Eric Blehm

In this episode, I am joined by New York Times best-selling author, journalist, and former Editor in Chief of Transworld Snowboarding Magazine Eric Blehm to discuss legendary pioneer snowboarder Craig Kelly. Craig Kelly is arguably the most influential snowboarder of all time. Eric's new book, "The Darkest White: A Mountain Legend and the Avalanche That Took Him," explores the life and legend of Craig Kelly and the controversy surrounding his untimely death in an avalanche. Eric shares with me several firsthand stories of what it was like to snowboard with Craig Kelly and the life philosophy that Kelly lived by.


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It's a Penguin Attack!

In this episode, I am joined by sci-fi author and penguin enthusiast Kris Bird to discuss her new book series, everything about emperor penguins, and why Benedict Cumberbatch struggles to say the word "penguin." We consult two important sources - the Wildlife Federation and Buzzfeed - to measure Kris' immense expertise on penguins, and we discuss one of my favorite GWAR songs on the same topic. We also name our top picks for the most anticipated films of 2024, and Kris drops some big news about her Time Bender series that may or may not rhyme with Shmetflix. We also solve all of the issues regarding Big Pharma and explain the top ways to fight back through an epic Mad Lib story.


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Taking Real Action Toward Protecting Endangered Species with Ian Redmond

In this episode, I am joined by internationally renowned conservationist Ian Redmond who has more than 45 years of experience ranging from field research to developing anti-poaching policy for the United Nations. Ian is the Head of Conservation at Ecoflix and is an ambassador for the UN's Convention on Migratory Species. Ian takes me on a journey through his work to protect endangered species including working with Dian Fossey on creating the film Gorillas in the Mist and being the first to introduce Sir David Attenborough to gorillas back when he was just David. We talk about Ian's trip around the world following Sir Francis Drake's circumnavigation of the globe and taking a detour into Kenya to find the only elephants that are known to go deep into caves to mine salt. Ian gives us insight into how ecotourism helps endangered species by creating ecological parameters to preserve natural habitats while increasing anti-poaching efforts. We discuss what people can do in their day-to-day lives to help endangered species thrive and continue to exist, and Ian inspires me to want to meet, learn about, and respect the world's most vulnerable animals while respecting and protecting their natural habitats.