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In a world full of social divide, does anyone really need another comedy podcast starring four guys in a garage? According to Craig, Brad, Matt and Dave, yes ... yes they do. So, if you were into Opie and Anthony when they got along, Howard Stern when he wasn’t star-humping, or Ron Bennington when he still had a Fez, Needless to Say might be exactly what you’re looking for.


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In a world full of social divide, does anyone really need another comedy podcast starring four guys in a garage? According to Craig, Brad, Matt and Dave, yes ... yes they do. So, if you were into Opie and Anthony when they got along, Howard Stern when he wasn’t star-humping, or Ron Bennington when he still had a Fez, Needless to Say might be exactly what you’re looking for.






Are You Not Intertwined?

This week, the guys all had stuff to discuss, but all cobblestone roads led right back to ... well ... adult cinema. It turns out Matt likes a little bit of history in his visual biology. And, after 30 minutes debating the issue, the rest of the guys agreed. They also talk about work protocol, rabid raccoons, and Volvo ownership. But make no mistake, this one's all about Roman smut and films with three Xs. --- #podernfamily #privategladiator #privatefilms #romanporn #comedypodcast #humorpodcast #funnypodcast #RIpodcast



After a week off because the guys battled pinkeye, COVID, arthritis, and vaginitis, they reconvened to discuss topics related to the DMV, AAA, and several entities in Washington, DC. They also recap their Sevendust concert, including the merits of introducing children to the metal lifestyle. And yes, you'll get to hear about "Pam." --- #podernfamily #sevendust #staticx #dope #metal #comedypodcast #humorpodcast #gothchicks #funnypodcast #RIpodcast


It Better When It Stank

The guys enhance their hang this week when their buddy Dakota sits in. Even though he only says 11 words, Dakota definitely brought out the best in the guys, discussing beards, camping, white shoes, and family. Then they play the most disgusting "Would You Rather..." ever recorded. How bad? Let's just say we learn a lot about the guys' views on hygiene. ---- #funnypodcast #humorpodcast #comedypodcast #RIpodcast #darkhumor #podernfamily #dirtybutts


Backboard Shots

You know what the NTS guys don't discuss enough? Wrestling. You know what they discuss too much? Dumps. You know when the magic happens? When wrestling and dumps occupy the same headlines. On a day when Vince McMahon was revealed to be the person we always knew he was, the guys got together to discuss Dave's latest bathroom extravaganza, and how it tied into one of the most disgusting headlines of the week. --- #comedypodcast #funnypodcast #humorpodcast #wwe #vincemcmahon #prowrestling #brownsideofthering #ripodcast #podernfamily


See More Jane

Recently, the NTS guys received a review from a listener who described the show as "a great hang." This episode fits that description to the letter. Some nights, these guys get hyper-focused. Other nights, they go where the conversation leads them. It's not easy to go from stories of winter tree work to middle-aged birthdays, to chewing cud, to Jane Seymour. But they do it so effortlessly, it's like there was no outline at all. --- #podernfamily #comedypodcast #humorpodcast #funnypodcast #janeseymour #drquinn #medicinewoman #gmilfs


The Afghan of Turin

Praise be, NTS! Lord knows the guys didn't need to do another episode of religious jokes, but that didn't stop them from getting touched by God this week. Matt had his revelation in line to buy milk. Craig continued his journey into Episcopal bliss. Dave saw the light while explaining humping to a six-year-old. And Brad discussed his coworker, which turned into a stroke of genius. Set your speakers to "sacrilege" -- this show is comprised of four awful people. -- #comedypodcast #humorpodcast #funnypodcast #darkhumor #cringecomedy #podernfamily #ripodcast


Knew Years. Ray.

They took a few weeks off, but the craptastic four are back from the holiday break to waste your mental bandwidth. This time around, we learn about Craig's new church, trashy elves on shelves, celebrity encounters, and another amazing story from the archives of the legendary Uncle Ray. It's like they never left... -- #comedypodcast #humorpodcast #funnypodcast #darkhumor #cringecomedy #podernfamily #ripodcast


Pouring (Yes... ANOTHER) One Out: The Best of 2023

Another year gone. Another spin around the sun. Another collection of our favorite segments. If you're new to the show, consider this a great starting point. If you're not, it's still a good sampler platter of what we did for the last 52 weeks. Jesus-themed chain restaurants, Dave's murder chairs, computer lab nudes, frat house planned parenthood, and much more -- this was the year that was for Needless to Say. (Spoiler: 2024 isn't gonna be any different.) --- #jesusjokes #bestof2023 #comedypodcast #humorpodcast #funnypodcast #greatesthits #cringecomedy #darkhumor #podernfamily


Dank Christmas

After Craig's birthday episode -- which you'll hear soon enough -- it was time to dust off a few NTS Christmas traditions. After a recap of the surprise 50th birthday, the guys (and gal) read a second collaborative holiday story and break out the buzzers for another round of NTS Jeopardy. The secret clues for this episode? NyQuil, the Matrix, and Craig's inability to say, "What is...?" -- #comedypodcast #christmaspodcast #humorpodcast #funnypodcast #podernfamily #darkcomedy #morningradio


Molasses Gonzalez

This week, Brad took the night off, leaving Matt, Craig, and Dave to fend for themselves. So, after doing three amazing segments before hitting "record" the guys managed to discuss overly observational children, High Karate, Spotify Unwrapped, Deadspin, and much more. A lot of listeners might think Brad wants this episode to suck... and they'd be right. But the guys shut that right down. -- #highkarate #comedypodcast #humorpodcast #podernfamily #spotifyunwrapped #deadspin


Buckets of Load

It was the day after Thanksgiving, so what were the guys thankful for? Family, friends, peanut butter pie, TikTok designers, colonoscopies, corn digestion, House MD, Munchausen's Syndrome, and ruining Santa Claus for children. Happy holidays, all. --- #thanksgiving2023 #christmas2023 #holidays2023 #comedypodcast #humorpodcast #funnypodcast #housemd #podernfamily



This week, the guys give thanks for a lot of things -- Matt's love of Creed's poetry, Dave's college pornography, Brad's nasal entropy, and Craig's looming colonoscopy. It's a love letter to the '90s -- when Brad and Dave were in college, Matt was 10, and Craig was... well... 90. --- #thanksgivingpodcast #comedypodcast #humorpodcast #funnypodcast #holidaypodcast #givethanks #creed #dialupinternet #colonoscopy #90srock


Thighs Wide Shut

This week, the guys were still recovering from their visit with the Official True Story Bro podcast, but that didn't stop them from the usual business. Craig finally gets to discuss Rhode Island Comic-Con, Dave comes to grips with his new identity, Matt targets one solitary customer, and Brad sits on the sidelines, sniping when appropriate. Fans of the old NTS days, this one's for you... --- #ricomiccon #ricc2023 #comedypodcast #humorpodcast #funnypodcast #officialtruestorybro #officialtsbp #coreyfeldman


Otters and Daddies and Bears: An ”Oh My” Evening with the True Story Bros

It was Rhode Island Comic-Con weekend, and the Official True Story Bro podcast was in town to celebrate. YES, they discussed the event, but not even close to the way you'd expect. So put aside any thoughts about celebrities, comic books, and autographs, and make room for a loud, noisy, hysterical, and entirely one-sided dating episode you won't forget. (Especially if you know Dave.) ----- #ricc2023 #ricomiccon #ripodcasts #humorpodcast #comedypodcast #podernfamily


Karma Shart

After a Halloween episode full of creative energy, the guys chose a lower-key approach this time around. But that doesn't stop them from diving deep into topics like high school "decades weeks," sexism at car dealerships, dangerous vehicles, and our weekend as the internet's foremost authorities on male body parts. Oh, the meaning of the title? Ask Dave. --- #podernfamily #comedypodcast #humorpodcast #funnypodcast #decadesweek


Shhhhhh, My Lion: An NTS Halloween

As autumn sets in throughout the region, only three things are certain: Leaves will turn, temperatures will drop, and the NTS guys will read their original horror comedy movie scripts on the air. In the fourth year of this growing tradition, these fictional scripts tell us very real things about Matt's ego, Brad's parking, Craig's punctuation, and Dave's cholesterol. They're also really effing funny. Grab some candy and settle in... --- #comedypodcast #humorpodcast #podernfamily #halloweencomedy #halloweenjokes #halloweenstories #darkhumor


Boys in the Hood

This week, the guys manage to spend a lot of time discussing people who have extra skin. They also spend a few minutes chopping the reputations of some local businesses and discussing why they all need to cover their ugly faces with turtlenecks. It's a positive, life-affirming two hours you won't want to retract. --- #comedypodcast #humorpodcast #podernfamily #menshealth #darkcomedy


Great Mexpectations

This week, the guys (and longtime buddy John) cover the usual array of randomness, ranging from Breaking Bad to false advertising in men's rooms to long-time careers in tree work. If you had expectations for this week's episode, throw them right in the Rio Grande. If you didn't, then you're fully prepared for another two hours of NTS. --- #darkhumor #ripodcast #comedypodcast #humorpodcast #podernfamily


Not-Quite-Kiddie Pools

For any other show, this week's episode would have been over before it started. But the NTS Four were more than up for something a little left of disgusting. From toenails to hemorrhoids to group bathroom visits to ... well, you'll just have to listen for the rest. But if you've ever gone to a frat party or bobbed for apples, consider this your morning-after episode. --- #podernfamily #ricomedy #comedypodcast #humorpodcast #funnypodcast #planB


Welcome to Barrabas

This week, the guys turned an empty outline into an episode Ric Flair would approve of (even if Christians won't). So, sit back and enjoy two hours of jet flying, limo riding, kiss stealing, dwarf pissing, career gambling, sneaker creasing, Jesus joking, and gross sex shaming. WHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! --- #cringecomedy #ricomedy #darkhumor #ripodcast #podernfamily #jesusjokes