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Join us as we explore the idiosyncrasies and oddities of life and discuss the things that we nerd out about and you nerd out about, and everybody nerds out about.

Join us as we explore the idiosyncrasies and oddities of life and discuss the things that we nerd out about and you nerd out about, and everybody nerds out about.


Seattle, WA


Join us as we explore the idiosyncrasies and oddities of life and discuss the things that we nerd out about and you nerd out about, and everybody nerds out about.




Christy & Jeremy & Jeremy Try to Podcast

After taking a two-year break we wanted to take at least one episode to share about what we’ve been up to, why we came back and our plans for the future of Nerd Out Loud.


Is This Thing On?

We're coming back just the way we left, with a very special guest!


NOL Season 2 Preview

A special announcement about what's in store for NOL. As discussed on the show, just head to, scroll to the bottom of the page, and enter your email to subscribe to our newsletter.


Christy, You're Fired

144 episodes in and this may be our biggest guest yet! Jeremy sits down with aspiring YouTuber, science lover, future WNBA star, greatest podcaster in her kindergarten class, and Jeremy's daughter, Elliot Phoenix. Elliot sits down to talk minecraft, youtube, and field some listener questions before turning the tables on her old man with some questions of her own.


#134: Pièce de #Resistance

Christy and Jeremy sit down for a roundtable with Jesse Dollemore (host of the podcast I Doubt it With Dollemore) to discuss our thoughts on the first month of Donald Trumps presidency and what that means for the groundswell of people getting involved with political discourse in new ways. Links discussed on the show: Find Jesse and subscribe to his show - Find ways to get involved locally - Find your congressional district -...


#142: Selling Virginity, West Wing Report, and Selfie Drones

Jeremy and Christy are joined by Jeremy Henson from the Eureka podcast to discuss selling your virginity, Christy introduces her plan to watch the West Wing starting January 20th, Jeremy (Holmes) has some stories to make Matt Christy mad and we discuss boners in space. Links: - Join Christy's facebook group "Jed Bartlet is My President" - "It's My Decision: This woman is auctioning off her virginity to help her family" Via The Washington Post - "Haircuts With Bangs Might Be Coming Back in...


#141: Episode 141: ED Chat, The Cooler, and Just The Tip?

NOL guerrilla podcaster and long time friend Bobby Pape stops by for a special holiday edition of the podcast. Our very own tipping expert weighs on on how much (and how) to tip the sanitation engineer in your life, we try and help Bobby decide what to bring to his families yankee swap, and Christy goes before the court in her own episode of "Am I A Jerk?". Be sure to check out our sister show - Earbuds and Earworms This episode was originally posted on


#140: Real News, Fake News, and a Giant Hotel

Jeremy and Jeremy take a moment to recap their Thanksgiving (things went off the rails for one of them) before jumping into their stories of the week which include a lot of fake news and a hotel bigger than Henson's hometown. We wrap it up with some toilet themed space news. Links of note: - One Family, Two Strategies for Political Healing - The Worlds Largest Hotel Is Coming And It Has 10,000 Rooms - CNN anchor debunks Fox report in which Donald Trump voter repeats fraud myth - Reports...


#139: So, what now? Featuring Jesse Dollemore

This week we got the old band back together with a very special +1, friend of the show Jesse Dollemore stops by to look at the road ahead and talk about what we're going to do in light of the recent presidential election. Christy brings herself before the court as we talk safety pins in our "Am I A Jerk" segment, and then Jeremy covers what a Donald Trump presidency means for NASA and the space program. As discussed on the show: - You can find Jesse Dollemore on his podcast "I Doubt It...


#138: Shaking Off The Cobwebs, Making New Shows, and Parking Problems

Jeremy (Henson) and Jeremy (Holmes) sit down to talk about where we’ve been before jumping into our discussion about how 20% of straight men (reportedly) watch gay porn. We introduce a new podcast joining our podern family and then we try to strike it rich in another episode of NOL does Shark Tank. As discussed on the show: - Check out our new show Earbuds and Earworms - Over a fifth of straight men watch gay porn, study finds- RIP, Schiaparelli: European Mars Lander's...


#137: Taking a Knee, Burning Man, and Katrina's Korner

We've got some follow-up from last week's show including an update on the protests making their way across the NFL, Jeremy buys Fresca, and a "Holmes (and wise) gets a home" update. Then we take some time batting the nerd-out-loud ball back and forth in our yet to be named round robin segment in which we discuss burning man, new iPhones, and Katrina's list. As discussed on the show: - 49ers owner donate's one million dollars to charity (Twitter)- Seahawks #AllLivesMatter protest is an act...


#136: Tossing Salad, La Croix vs. Fresca, and House Hunters

We jump right in with some listener feedback before discussing a format change to the show and test driving our new segment that Christy is calls "Tossing The Nerd Salad". Christy nerds out about: - House Hunters - Holmes Get Wise edition Jeremy nerds out about: - La Croix - Colin Kaepernick As discussed on the show: SpaceX's Explosion Reverberates Across Space, Satellite and Telecom Industries Philae Found! OSIRIS REx - Launches September 8th


#135: Crossed Boundaries, Buying Houses, and NOL Takes a Vision Quest

In which we take some time to talk about what we've been up to during our extendo break, discuss some of the more interesting discoveries we've come across while looking for a house, Jeremy wants to take nerd out loud on a spiritual quest and we discuss the future of the show. As discussed on the show: Video of the toasts at our reception Little Red Bandwagon #HolmesGetsWise Reception Recap


#134 Special Episode, Pre-Marriage Counseling Edition

While Jeremy tucks into a nice bowl of tortilla soup Christy and our guest Kevin pop a bottle and we go through our own special version of pre-marriage counseling.


#133: Christy is Addicted, WTF is a Zika, and the Notorious RBG

We field some listener voicemails, find out how deep down the Pokemon Go shaped rabbit hole Christy really goes. Then dive right into an interview with our resident Scientist and bio-ethicist Kelly Folkers in which we discuss the Zika virus, the Rio Olympics, and what it all means for us. As discussed on the show: - You can find Kelly over on her Facebook page, and Twitter @kellyfolkers - "Congress lets abortion politics derail Zika fight"


#132: Dirty Talk or DC Talk?, Pokemon Go, and Rodents In The House

We've got a whole "raft" of feedback (that's a thing right?) as listeners pitch in with their thoughts on our ongoing gun control conversation, the votes are in on last weeks "am I a jerk" and Jeremy checks in with an update from our Solar Systems largest gassy body. Up next we debut our new critically acclaimed segment "Is that from 50 shades of grey or contemporary Christian music lyrics" and then discuss "Pokemon Go", the app that got the indoor kids outdoors then Jeremy has a drone...


#131: Our Listeners are Armed, Jesus in the Streets (Not in the sheets), and Directing Juno

Christy shares a heartbreaking story from her recent trip to Safeco Field, we find out at least one of our listeners is armed, and discuss the most recent goings on with the changing national conversation regarding gun control. We visit Seattle Pride Festival and Jeremy is feeling conflicted about it. Jeremy has business idea to keep the sex out of worship music, Christy fuels up the predator drone for a wedding themed drone strike, we face off in what's sure to be another taco soup level am...


#130: We Messed Up, Bad Food Choices, and Even Worse Music

Jeremy Henson steps in on the third mic and joins us as we make a few corrections on last week's episode before jumping into our show. Henson share's a bit about his own weight loss journey, Christy brings the Jeremy's back to their Evangelical roots, rad space news, and a very special announcement from Jeremy (Henson). How to pronounce Ukulele Emoji gun control is easier than real gun control Blue Origin has another successful test of their reusable rocket SpaceX successfully puts 2...


#129: Ukulele Girl, Emojigeddon, and How to Tell if You Live In a TV Show

Christy and Jeremy are visiting the midwest but check in from their hotel room to discuss some of the goings on this week, Jeremy has a theory about ukelele girl from America's Got Talent, he also can't figure out why kinder eggs and lawn darts are illegal. We take a deeper dive into the world of cartoon eggplants and why some long time historians are frustrated over the recent popularity of Emoji. Christy discusses an article she found about the differences between sitcoms and "real life"...


#128: Eureka Out Loud, VW Lied to us, and what even is Gazpacho?

Christy is joined by Craig, formerly of the Eureka podcast who wastes no time in ignoring the run sheet and embracing what we'll call "the Eureka method". Christy peppers him with questions that he can't answer, and a few that he can, as they discuss updates since Eureka podcast ended, work troubles, wedding chat, am I a jerk?, and more!