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255: Korean Grocery Throat Punch

The MIRPs endure Marty's tale of daring do when he actually meets someone who happens to have a different worldview from him. Ooh! So bold and gritty! More importantly, we premiere the finale of Buzzsaw 2: This Again? Miami Nights. It's a bold and joyous celebration. Please join the conversation:


254: We Love to See It

The MIRPs endure Marty's tale of daring do when he actually meets someone who happens to have a different worldview from him. Ooh! So bold and gritty! More importantly, we premiere the finale of Buzzsaw 2: This Again? Miami Nights. It's a bold and joyous celebration. Please join the conversation:


253: The Buzzsaw 2 Collection

Distract yourself from the election hubbub with a collection of all Buzzsaw 2 episodes. Make sure you're caught up so you're not lost for next week's conclusion!


252: So You Want to Start a Cult…

In a sausage hang while Cassandra is out, Krueger and John come up with a cult startup. Then there's some other stuff about stuff. And mail. And a teaser for a Buzzsaw 2 extravaganza!


251:Toxic Meet Masculinity - Thy name is Steve

Come for the MIRPs, stay for the interruptions. Lots of that, some wishful thinking about a post-Trump USA, and some awesome mail sack. What's that, you say? A tenth chapter of Buzzsaw 2: This Again - Miami Nights, you say? Prepare your ear holes for some of the buzzsawiest Buzzsaw....2.


250: Subpar Art

For better or worse, Marty remembers to record episode #250 of the Nooner Podcast. Things get sad as Marty laments the state of the world and John becomes an empty nester. Krueger helps Cassandra with her podcast and Cassandra almost goes viral. Some sweet Sack from Steve Owens followed by the latest episode of Buzzsaw 2: This again? —Miami Nights. Then, the saddest game ever...Fill the sack!


249: When is a podcast too short?

Dickhead moron, Marty, forgot to press record. He tries to piece together 2 hours of genius into 30 minutes of...meh. But there is a new episode of Buzzsaw 2: This Again? Miami Nights. Give us your feedback and more:


248: A Monster Nonetheless

The MIRPs try to make the best of these dark times of social unrest and political insecurity with some sunshine-filled TV recommendations, fun games, and the usual trading of insults. Plus, episode 7 of Buzzsaw II: Miami Nights - This Again? Join in the fun at:


247: Senator McConnell: Just the Tip, Please

In this time of crisis, the MIRPs, led by Cassandra and joined by Erika Curry, the trashy half of the Trashy Trashy podcast, eschew dwelling on the pain of the collapse of democracy in favor of: extended "Would You Rather," scraping the bottom of streaming services, and some sweet-ass softballs. Plus another episode of Buzzsaw 2! You're welcome for your peak life! Thank us at


246: A Buzzkill Twofer

Making up for Marty's late entry into the Buzzsaw 2 canon, you get two episodes of Buzzsaw 2! Plus the usual nonsense about stuff on TV the MIRPs haven't watched and books they haven't read. But two eps! Let us know what you think and how you are:


245: Hot Period (not temperature related)

The MIRPs spend 102 minutes shitting on each other and 12 minutes talking about movies they watched over the weekend. Yay? This ep's saving grace is Diaper Taffy? Save us! Hear ad nauseum about Buzzsaw 2 updates and a brief update from Gisele.


244: A Good News Podcast...?

The dark souls who are MIRPs do their best to bring good news to the Nooner Podcast. In spite of some stumbles, they give in their all. Share your stories


243: You've Been Jeremy Ironed

When Marty tries to bring the podcast down with environmental news, the other MIRPs strike back to talk about movies that changed their lives. Then there's the thrilling next chapter in Buzzsaw 2: This Again? (Miami Nights). You get what you pay for.. Join in the fun:


242: Marty Is Garbage People

The MIRPs take great delight in talking about shows they haven't seen, but then get into good media recommendations, a poetry-filled mail sack, and how little they care about the Democratic National Convention. It all comes to a head with the premiere episode of Buzzsaw 2: This Again? (Miami Nights). Join in the fun:


241: John and Cass Have a Conversation...

...that lasts 3 minutes. Then the podcast happens and the MIRPs talk about the death of movie theaters, WAP, Buzzsaw 2, meditation, and loads more. Plus, listen to @casscardenes' other podcast Trashy Trashy as homework for next week!


240: Buzzsaw 2: This Again (Miami Nights)

The MIRPs try so hard to be nice to each other but it all falls apart. They share lockdown stresses, the whiny elite, and dive into a deep sack of mail. It's quite a journey. And Stephen King! Fill the sack, please!


239: Where's the GD Millennial?

Three middle-aged MIRPs talk without being checked by the youthful wisdom @CassCardenes. Meta-bickering, dumb lists rejected by High Fidelity, and general nonsense. Fill the sack, please!


238: I'm Getting Fucking Real

Shit goes down when Cassandra takes the helm. After some conspiracy nonsense, she breaks down why the MIRPs are MIRPs. And some sweet Goya and Schmaltz pitches. Pitch our nonsense:


237: I'm a Western? No, you're a Western!

John Sylvain takes the helm as he leads the MIRPs on a journey through recent American history, time travel, Palm Springs, and funny movies. We play a round of You Know It and start to break the next TBS buddy cop show, Goya and Schmaltz! Fan fic and mail sack, too!


236: Tri-Coastal Thanksgiving

The bickering MIRPs lovingly navigate through the COVID debacle, cancelling JK Rowling, and Marty being a trash person. Marty also fails to spark conversation about Star Wars (thanks, suicide!). Steve has an epic rant about...something? It's two hours of your worst family gathering without the overcooked turkey!