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Adam and Jp have a Podcast. This is it. It's called Pod Casserole


Nashville, TN


Adam and Jp have a Podcast. This is it. It's called Pod Casserole






#400: Adam and Jp Turn 400!!

Adam and Jp return to bring you the long awaited episode 400. The boys catch you up on the last two years, relive some favorite moments of the past 12 years and look to the future.



You Still Here???


Pod Casserole Bonus: CMA Fest, The Batman, Obi-Wan, and Doctor Strange

Well look who's back! It's a bonus episode that features Jp interviews from CMA Fest 2022, then he gives some quick thoughts on stuff we have missed in the last year or so.


Hey... How You Doin?

JP checks in with an AJP update and shares a recent radio project.


#399 - Ska Pits & Multiverse Science

Season11 starts now! Adam and Jp kick off the new year with some leftover Christmas chat about holiday novelty songs. Adam talks about getting injured in the ska pits. Jp has some science chat about the Large Hadron Collider and mini-black holes. Plus, Star Wars and Cyberpunk. Email: adamandjp@gmail.com Tweet: @adamandjp


#398: Christmas at Ground Zero with Adam and JP

Adam and Jp share the magic of the season... of course that means talking about the Mando season finale. Adam has the rundown on the best and worst Christmas movies, according to the internet. Plus, all the Disney goodness involving The MCU and Star Wars. Email: adamandjp@gmail.com Tweet: @adamandjp


#397: A Christmas K.I.T.T. or The Force Re-Awakens

Jp goes down a nostalgic road he has traveled in the last few weeks. Then, a revisit to a happier time... Christmas 2015, where Adam and Jp chat Star Wars: The Force Awakens and bad gifts. Email: adamandjp@gmail.com Tweet: @adamandjp


#396: A Very Special Rocky Thanksgiving or Maybe Baby Yoda Ate Your Baby

In which Adam and Jp discuss if Rocky is a Thanksgiving movie. Adam has a Thanksgiving food list. Jp discusses Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade mishaps.. Plus, what ever happened to the family steakhouse, Got Milk, and The Beef Council? Featuring, a drunk Herman Munster and Mando. Email: adamandjp@gmail.com Tweet: @adamandjp


#395: Best President EVER or The Tragedy of Peter Pan

The one where Adam and Jp go through an internet list of the greatest presidents of all time, play some music, talk about The Mandalorian, list their least favorite Trumps and wax nostalgic about dumb playground jokes. Email: adamandjp@gmail.com Tweet: @adamandjp


#394: Shania Trump Train or A Puddle of Tommy Hilfiger

Adam and Jp try to avoid election returns with a very 90's That Hits the Spotify. Plus, regrettable fashion choices and a new console edition of Gamer's Corner. Email: adamandjp@gmail.com Tweet: @adamandjp


#393: Election Night with Adam and Jp

Adam and Jp chat during election returns. Really all you need to know about this one. Email: adamandjp@gmail.com Tweet: @adamandjp


#392: Halloween 2020: Satan's Candy & Abe Lincoln's Ghost

The time has arrived for the official 2020 Halloween episode. In a year that feels like one long horror film, Adam and Jp discuss the greatest Halloween candy of all time. The satanic panic of the 80's. Plus, Adam's ghost heads to D.C. Email: adamandjp@gmail.com Tweet: @adamandjp


#391: Halloween 2020: Scientifically Scary Movies & Paranormal Politics

Jp has finally seen Halloween 2018!! Adam has a list of films that claim to be the scariest of all time. Plus, Annabelle, Zombieland, Jigsaw and Cobra Kai. Adam's ghost visits the town so nice they named it twice. Email: adamandjp@gmail.com Tweet: @adamandjp


#390: Halloween 2020: Generic Ghouls, Vampire Sweaters, & Creepy Max Headroom

The boys chat Adam's collecting and Jp's lack there of. Then, least favorite Halloween costume. Adam's ghost covers the mystery of "The Wadddler." Finally, the creepy Max Headroom or took over a Chicago PBS station. email: adamandjp@gmail.com Tweet: @adamandjp


#389: Halloween 2020: Halloween Film Retrospective and Pandemic Trick or Treating

Halloween Begins!!! Adam and Jp visit the ghosts of elections past, discuss what Halloween was like during the 1918 pandemic. Finally, the official kick-off to Halloween 2020 starts with a retrospective of the Halloween franchise from Halloween (1978) to Halloween Resurrection (2002) Email: adamandjp@gmail.com Tweet: @adamandjp


#388: Some Tom Time or Ol' Bat Pat Accents

Adam revels his new collecting obsession. The boys try to get caught up on current WWE champions. Plus, favorite Tom Hanks films, The Batman, Old Rocky and Gal Gadot's accent. Tweet: @adamandjp Email: adamandjp@gmail.com


#387: Back in Time with Toll Booth Willie

Hey, look! A new episode. Adam and Jp come out of their COVID caves to chat Adam Sandler movies, the Halloween series, Red Dead Redemption, Fortnite, and ADAM's GHOST!!! Welcome Back to Pod Casserole.... Tweet: @adamandjp Facebook.com/adamandjp


#386: The One With The Mystery Lists

The boys fire up the zoom machine to chat with Brooklyn and Josh for a Pod Casserole challenge. Create your top five list...anything you want. This is what happened. Email: adamandjp@gmail.com Tweet:@adamandjp


#385: Collecting With Cameron & Return of a Producer

Adam and Jp invite Pod Casserole fan Cameron on the show, and he invites everyone into what could be the coolest bunker around to wait out Rona. Then, after a years long journey, Producer Brian returns. (Note: Full the full effect of this episode, go to: facebook.com/adamandjp to see the zoom video.


#384 A Video Game Game & A Picture Show

Adam and Jp are joined by Brooklyn and Josh (on Zoom, see) to play a favorite Pod Casserole game with a video game twist. Plus, Adam finally gets to chat massage techniques with Brook and Josh. Then, the old friends get nostalgic and share stories from past adventures together. (Note: This episode has a lot of visual references that can be found at facebook.com/adamandjp Email: adamandjp@gmail.com Tweet: @adamandjp