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Episode 028 - The Cult of PodScure

Episode 28: Welcome to the family! Here's your Kool-Aid! Promo for episode: Pitney & Amelia's Bitchen Boutique - http://bitchenb.libsyn.com/podcast Don and Dean have a bantersode this week and talk about: Why NFL games start at :25 past the hour Breast feeding Free the nipple R.I.P. Tumblr Porn Jam - PAWS - https://www.paws.org/ Northwest Harvest - https://www.northwestharvest.org/ Go Fund Me: https://www.gofundme.com/manage/z3dbq-for-the-love-of-dogs Thank yous for donations Duvall...


Episode 027- Freddie Mercury In Retrograde (Rabbit Hole Motel)

Welcome to Episode 27! 6 months in! 10K+ downloads! THANK YOU!!! Also, a HUGE thank you to Ryan Brown (https://twitter.com/ralisterbrown) of Bigfoot and Bob who created our new cover artwork for us!!! Today Don and Dean start off chatting about: Alice in Chains (Dean's lack of knowledge of the band's catalog) Bohemian Rhapsody Freddy Mercury - Best rock singer ever??? Dave Attell, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and why you shouldn't have human heroes Being "my kinda creep" Ruby ate a leash and doggo...


Episode 026 - Rusty-Razor Taint Punch

Episode 26: Ever go spelunking in a snail cave? Promo for episode: Piecing It Together - https://www.piecingpod.com/ Don and Dean have a non-interview episode this week to chat about things we're thankful for as well as: Don learning to use Reaper Where Don keeps the gimp Don't snail cave New listeners BUY OUR COFFEE!!! ko-fi.com/podscure Dean cries at commercials Tiger-centipedes Hitting 10K downloads! Don's new phone Football Thanksgiving Skate Island Putting a box of dildos on Alexa's...


Episode 025 - Sloppy Side-boob (Pop Psych 101)

Episode 25 - A shrink walks into a podcast... Today Don and Dean ruminate on: Dean's Super Soft 50th Birthday Party Talk of starting a new podcast on Letterkenny with Bryan and Andrew Working title: "How Are Ya Now?" Alternate title: "Shirt Tuckers" Don's Susan Sarandon bikini poster First celeb crushes: Don - Pam Dawber Dean - Olivia Newton John Grease Is Star Wars "sci-fi"? Star Wars vs. Star Trek - why not both??? 70s/80s raunchy teen movies Sarcasm font MySpace Dean and Don interview...


Episode 024 - A Different Kind of Taco (Pop Culture Shitshow)

Episode 24 - A different kind of taco... Today Don and Dean kick off the show with: Election Day Blues Jeff Sessions Trump: The Bully Challenging someone to a duel? Trump = The Norwegian Blue Dog toys vs. Sex toys Bullymake - https://bullymake.com/ PodCon Buy our coffee!!! https://ko-fi.com/PodScure We're weird 9000 downloads! Welcome to new listener, Kang! Meyers-Briggs is as accurate as astrology Narwhals are REAL! Dean, Don, and Tiara interview with Becca and Tessa from Pop Culture...


Episode 023- Theatre of the Mind Knives (FriGay the 13th Horror Podcast)

Episode 23 - VOTE!!!!! Today Don, Tiara, and Dean get down with making your election bigger, stronger, and long-lasting! They also discuss: The PodScure Bunch theme song? Tibetan dog celebration Dean's new side podcast project: FanFixture Navigating pronouns Drag queens Interview with Matty and Andrew from FriGay the 13th Horror Podcast Chicago, Michigan, and Indiana Jehovah's Witnesses vs. LDS PodCon 2019 Legion Podcast Network John Hughes movies Haunting of Hill House The Passage - Justin...


Episode 022 - Science, Dick Jokes, and Bewiggery (Two Girls One Mic: The Porncast)

Episode 22 - Dick jokes make the science better! bewiggery - be*wig*ger*y - noun - Old white dudes making up shit rules for everyone else. "I say, my good man, that is more than enough of your bewiggery! Good day!" Today Don and Dean get explicit. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!! Don having to drive the fired guy home. Dean's upcoming podcast project of fanfic reading fanfiction.net Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy erotic gay fanfic Joe Kenda's dry delivery A brief history of Chris Hardwick Consent -...


Episode 021 - Don't Bring Your Shit Pie to the Potluck

Episode 21: What Would Mr. Rogers Do? Still working on lining up new interviews for the coming shows, so, for now, you get Don, Dean, and Tiara talking about all the things you love to hear them talk about. Today's top hits include: Mr. Rogers The Bonercats VOTE!!! Very Bad Humans (aka VBHs) Politics Taking Uber or Lyft to the polls Mail-in ballots (only in CO, OR, and WA) Using human breast milk for other-than-baby consumption Come to the Ballot box - The glory hole for all your political...


Episode 020 - It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad Podcast

Episode 20: We’re back and more mad than ever! The last couple of weeks have been…trying. Aside from all the general fun brain monkeys we have throwing their crap around our brains on a daily basis, we had: Family flying into town and having to go to the hospital upon arrival. Having Aileen Wuornos as your nurse. Throwing out your back. Bronchitis. Technical issues. Podcast host issues. Today, Don & Dean discuss: • Failed hard drives • Psoriasis and Otezla • Pepperoni Cheese Rolls •...


Uh oh, Don is doing stuff

We got a note from a "doctor"


Episode 019 - International PodScure Day (International Podcast Day with Podcific Northwest)

Episode 19! It's International Podcast Day! Let's meet our community! Today's show brought to you by: Rabbit Hole Motel - https://twitter.com/rabbitholemotel Today's show is a little different. We had our first ever meetup of the Podcific Northwest community at the Starbucks WHQ in Seattle. We met up with our friends Ryan and Laila from Bigfoot and Bob and met some new community friends, Erskine and Andrea from Mental Vitamins and Devotions. On the agenda for the day: Podcific Northwest...


Episode 018 - Let's Get Fundressed (Womansplaining Podcast)

Episode 18 - Is the "Fish Pic" the new "Dick Pick"? We find out! Buy our coffee - ko-fi.com/PodScure Dean and Tiara discuss Football Roller derby Buskers of Ellensberg What we're looking forward to The Passage TV series Dropkick Murphy's / Flogging Molly show (Tiara) Going to the Cowboys @ Seahawks game (Dean) Next season of American Gods Letterkenny Listening to: Common Ground Football Podcast - https://twitter.com/CommonGroundFBP Super Fun Time Trivia - https://twitter.com/sftimetrivia...


Episode 017 - The Differences Between Joe Montana and Joe Mantegna (Common Ground Football)

Episode 17 - Apparently Joe Montana and Joe Mantegna are not the same person Buy our coffee - ko-fi.com/PodScure Dean and Don discuss What else...POO HOLE!!! Suicide prevention Mental health Listening to: Common Ground Football Podcast - https://twitter.com/CommonGroundFBP Super Fun Time Trivia - https://twitter.com/sftimetrivia Bigfoot and Bob - https://twitter.com/BigfootAndBob Womansplaining Podcast - https://twitter.com/TWPCast Interview with Bryan and Andrew from Common Ground Football...



Episode 16! GODDAMMIT REF! ENOUGH WITH THE FLAGS!!! And other things we discuss on Sundays. Today's show brought to you by: Voice From The Underground - http://voicefromtheunderground.com/ Today, Don, Tiara, and Dean talk about: FOOTBALL! Rules in football and rules for life. Yet even MORE poo hole adventures from Don. Don's Seven Dwarves SPOTIFY!!!! (Call to action! Everyone tweet to @SpotifyCares and tell them you want us ON SPOTIFY NOW!!!) Psoriasis Rants! Raves! Things we're looking...


Episode-015 - The One Where They Call Out Creepy Dudes

Episode 15! Hey! Dude bein' creepy. STOP IT!!! Today, Don and Dean talk about: Buying our coffee (ko-fi.com/Podscure) iTunes reviews (PLEASE LEAVE US A REVIEW!!!) - https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/podscure/id1390412799?mt=2 Podcific NW community Rants Creepy dudes Raves FOOTBALL SEASON!!! What we're watching: Dean - Jack Ryan (Amazon Prime) Don - I Am A Killer (Netflix) Recommendations from listeners/followers Heide from Facebook Welcome to Night Value Alice Isn't Dead Within The Wires...


Episode-014 - Chum-Handling Superman (ft. Ryan and Laila)

Episode 14! The PodScuad is quickly becoming a gang! Today’s episode features a FULL host situation (Dean, Don, and Tiara) as well as having Ryan and Laila from Bigfoot and Bob (https://twitter.com/BigfootAndBob) co-hosting. Dog Day Afternoon Teaching Doggos Letterkenny Jessie Maltin’s 4 Film Challenge PodCon Can We Cult – R.I.P. Podcific Northwest Recasting Apocalypse Now as would be done today Disappointments What we’re excited for DOGS! (Laila’s upcoming new podcast!!!) Q&A from...


Episode-013 - Podcasters Performing Pantsless

Episode 13 - Expect the unexpected when riding a train full of creepy dolls fueled by nightmare cartoons! This week's episode brought to you by: For Better or Worse Podcast - https://followthis.media/fbow/ Buy our coffee - ko-fi.com/PodScure Dean and Tiara discuss How Ace of Base has a white supremacist background. Swan Song by Robert McCammon The Stand by Stephen King The Passage by Justin Cronin Listening to: Sleep with Me - https://www.sleepwithmepodcast.com/ My Favorite Murder -...


Episode-012 - The Beardless Christening of The PodScuad

Episode 12! The PodScuad will kick any nazi’s ass! And we’re better than Space Force! Today, Don and Dean talk about: Matt’s big box o’porn! Being beardless (and for how long). You are now members of the PodScuad! The Gospel According to Douglas Adams (aka The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy). iTunes reviews (PLEASE LEAVE US A REVIEW!!!) – https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/podscure/id1390412799?mt=2 Don’t be a fucking nazi! Charlottesville, 1 year later. Don’s guaranteed fix for the NFL....


Episode 011 - Chicken Nougat With A Side Of Potato Chip Fetuses (Super Fun Time Trivia)

Episode 11 – Tangents, forks, voicemails, chicken, nougat…So many things to talk about. This week’s episode brought to you by: Buy our coffee – ko-fi.com/PodScure Dean and Don discuss Don’s voicemail Tusk Seahawks and the “12s” Poohole = FIXED! Salary negotiations and how to have leverage #TakeAKnee – Potential solutions TV reboots GALORE! Border crossing – USA from Canada The Mariners SLIDE! Listening to: Fact Up – https://twitter.com/FactUpPod Common Ground Football Podcast –...


Episode 010 - Hold My Beer and Wasp This! (Mike Seibert Radio)

Episode 10 – Wasp warriors! Armed with WEEDWACKERS! CHARGE!!!! This week’s episode brought to you by: Buy our coffee – ko-fi.com/PodScure Using a weedwacker to kill wasp nests Q&A Old-person things The cure for the hiccups Unsettling movies Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches Deep bread discussion Glenn Danzig with a pornstache learns to make bread GET VACCINATED! Don discovers mixer FX Is BJ Shea the Green River Killer? Don and Dean have a nice long chat with Mike Seibert of Mike Seibert...