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PokerFraudAlert Radio is a gritty, uncensored show calling out the scumbags of poker and providing an unfiltered opinion on current events in poker.

PokerFraudAlert Radio is a gritty, uncensored show calling out the scumbags of poker and providing an unfiltered opinion on current events in poker.


Las Vegas, NV


PokerFraudAlert Radio is a gritty, uncensored show calling out the scumbags of poker and providing an unfiltered opinion on current events in poker.




Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 02/27/2021 - Win $60k, Get a Bullet for Free

(Topic begins at 0:18:58 mark): Justin Bonomo, Owais Ahmed latest victims in Venmo hackings targeting big name poker pros.... (0:48:12): Mike Postle defamation case update.... (1:06:02): A guy won $60k at MGM National Harbor, showed off, and then a girl set him up for robbery in his room.... (1:25:58): NBA Top Shot craze brings opportunity for virtually guaranteed profit, if done right.... (1:48:15): Full Tilt Poker brand finally shut down for good.... (2:00:18): Norman Chad suffering...


Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 02/20/2021 - Cancellation Department

(Topic begins at 0:20:42 mark): Negreanu and Hellmuth will play the next high profile heads up match, but is it what it seems to be?.... (0:46:23): What Would Druff Do? PFA listener writes in about $12,000 Superbowl ticket disaster on Stubhub.... (1:40:19): Hilarious prank call to foreign "computer tech support" scammers.... (2:02:06): McCarran Airport named after former Senator Harry Reid.... (2:33:24): Update: Lee "AHoosierA" Bradbury had another court hearing involving Christopher...


Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 02/12/2021 - The Terrence and Mike Twitter Show

(Topic begins at 0:24:28 mark): The Heads Up Undercard - Landon Tice versus Bill Perkins.... (0:49:12): Terrence Chan, Mike McDonald get into Twitter battle over Pokershares bet on Tice/Perkins match.... (2:12:28): Update: Fired Bellagio dealer "Patches" lands on his feet, gets new job.... (2:25:10): The controversial desertrunner calls in.... (2:33:06): Bovada refusing to pay out any bets regarding streaker at Super Bowl.... (2:52:29): Hustler Casino owner Larry Flynt passes away at 78.......


Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 02/05/2021 - The End of the Grudge

(Topic begins at 0:20:28 mark): Doug Polk defeats Daniel Negreanu in heads up match by fairly wide margin.... (0:48:36): Negreanu has different story about tanking strategy than people were claiming.... (1:11:23): Polk claims he will go on two podcasts, but Druff explains why PFA won't apply to be one of them.... (1:22:54): Polk says he will not do more heads up matches, citing hatred of poker.... (1:30:28): Will this match's end also mean the end of the Polk/Negreanu feud?.... (1:39:23):...


Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 01/29/2021 - The Four Polyps of the Apocalypse

(Topic begins at 0:18:58): Druff describes his experience with his colonoscopy, and the surprising result he got.... (0:47:23): Call with Master Scalir.... (1:08:06): Week of internet financial influence: Reddit board sends hedge funds into turmoil, Dogecoin pumped up.... (1:52:11): Doug Polk, Daniel Negreanu get into flap over limping & stalling during match.... (2:21:14): Christopher Mitchell's baccarat scam cracking as angry customers rebel.... (2:58:28): Mike Matusow accuses Scott Ball...


Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 01/17/2021 - So Long, Sheldon!

(Topic begins at 0:14:57 mark): Mike Postle's attorney Steven Lowe dismissed by judge as his counsel, Veronica Brill files anti-SLAPP motion..... (0:36:29): Sheldon Adelson dead at age 87.... (1:04:05): Netherlands woman releases "gender neutral playing cards".... (1:31:26): Annie Duke featured in cringey Forbes article.... (2:11:46): Daniel Negreanu goes on winning streak, then gives some back against Doug Polk.... (2:20:57): Australian sportsbettor sues site after mistaken line wins him...


Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 01/09/2021 - Looking for Love in All the Wrong Tweets

(Topic begins at 0:20:49): Check-in with Ken Scalir..... (0:36:12): Vanessa Kade under fire after tweet suggests most men in poker are degenerate losers.... (1:09:31): Prahlad Friedman's ex-wife dropping serious accusations against him on Twitter.... (1:27:54): Damian Salas wins WSOP Main heads up match, continues recent trend of older champions.... (1:47:22): Veronica Brill has retained famous first amendment lawyer Marc Randazza in Postle case.... (2:06:03): Correction: Voting system for...


Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 01/02/2021 - World Series of Negative Testing

(Topic begins at 0:20:37 mark): WSOP Main Event final tablist Upeshka De Silva disqualified for positive COVID test, force-finished in 9th.... (0:58:08): Matt Stout draws community's ire on Twitter for making multiaccounting accusation against De Silva.... (1:21:22): WSOP "International" Main Event winner Damian Salas couldn't get into the US to play $1 million heads up freeroll.... (1:34:53): Huck Seed elected to poker HOF.... (2:06:37): Matt the Rat calls in.... (2:16:26): Seals With Clubs...


Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 12/26/2020 - You Ain't Got a Thing, If You Ain't Got That Ting

(Topic starts at 0:15:50 mark): Druff gives his thoughts on Flight Simulator 2020.... (0:35:31): Druff's son Benjamin in a battle with Roblox game after getting hacked there.... (1:03:37): Poker player Krsitin Ting in unusual legal battle to become guardian of ex-boyfriend's son.... (1:32:41): British gambler threatens to burn down casino after massive loss.... (1:44:08): Danish poker player & hacker Peter "Zupp" Jensen sentenced to 3 years in prison for cheating.... (1:53:59): Pokerstars...


Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 12/18/2020 - That Dam Hoover

(Topic begins at 0:19:58 mark): Update: Bart Hanson's battle with continues, and spills over to Twitter (featuring Bart call-in).... (1:01:29): Update: Aria dealer "Patches" officially fired for attacking player, posts apology on Facebook.... (1:16:52): Poker HOF nominees announced, including Isai Scheinberg.... (2:00:58): Mojave Desert and Las Vegas History, Part 4: The Colorado River and Hoover Dam.... (3:00:50): Ike Haxton calls for poker players to quit live poker until COVID...


Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 12/12/2020 - SLAPP Dat Ass

(Topic begins at 0:20:37 mark): Druff's attorney Eric Bensamochan comes on to talk about major developments in Mike Postle's civil case against Druff & others.... (1:22:22): Veteran poker dealer "Patches" gets in fight with unruly Aria player while dealing.... (2:03:42): Update: November ruling in 21 Blitz case goes in favor of plaintiffs.... (2:28:55): Daniel Negreanu continues getting walloped by Doug Polk, has after-game meltdown.... (2:58:28): High Stakes Poker returns for first time...


Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 12/04/2020 - The GG Hoedown

(Topic starts at 0:31:50 mark): Dan Bilzerian signs as GGPoker ambassador, immediately gets into hot water after calling Vanessa Kade a "hoe".... (1:29:52): Update: Daily Mail claims Tony Hsieh accidentally died after passing out while doing nitrous oxide whippets.... (2:19:50): Update: Cheating Cubans CAUGHT at Dallas-area cardroom, thanks to PFA listener.... (2:28:35): 2+2 strangles own forum with obnoxious, persistent ad at bottom of screen.... (2:57:01): Former employee of armored car...


Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 11/28/2020 - The Last of the Greyhounds

(Topic begins at 0:23:20 mark): Jeff Madsen and Bart Hanson battle on Twitter.... (0:55:18): Interview with Bart Hanson about election betting and a variety of other topics.... (2:08:22): Former Zappos CEO and downtown Vegas investor Tony Hsieh dies as a result of November 18th house fire.... (2:39:13): Nasty Venmo hack targets Erik Seidel, Daniel Negreanu, Vanessa Selbst, and perhaps others.... (3:16:05): Bellagio renames famed "Bobby's Room".... (3:27:14): Doug Polk wallops Daniel Negreanu...


Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 11/21/2020 - Amanda's Long Road Back

NOTE: Poker Fraud Alert Radio now on Google Play Podcasts, and several other platforms.... (Topic begins at 0:28:10): Interview with Amanda Stinchecum, former PFA guest, about her past life issues.... (1:59:33): Amanda describes the Texas poker scene.... (2:17:29): Ty Stewart, head of the WSOP, explains to Pokernews why Caesars decided to do second 2020 Main Event.... (2:48:24): Gamber claims Four Queens is not interested in following up on assault he experienced in elevator there.......


Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 11/13/2020 - World Series of Asterisks

(Topic begins at 0:24:36 mark): Master Scalir has COVID-19.... (0:51:31): Biden wins the election, but other Democrats didn't do so well. What does this mean?.... (1:22:31): Druff goes over his remaining bets on the House of Representatives.... (1:32:55): How will online gambling change under a Biden Administration?.... (1:41:30): WSOP announces a $10k Main Event will take place in 2020, but with some weird twists.... (2:04:37): Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk get off to an up-and-down start...


Poker Fraud Alert Election Special - Audio Simulcast - 11/03/2020

This is the audio simulcast of the 8-hour video show we did on election day, featuring PLOL, Drexel, Dan Druff, khalwat, tradershky, Daly, matos, Jean Gluck, adamantium, sonatine, DaGreek23, and others!


Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 10/30/2020 - The Restraining Order From Hell

(Topic starts at 0:06:13 mark): Announcement about PFA YouTube Election Show on November 3 at 3pm.... (0:40:14): Interview with Lee Bradbury (AHoosierA) about his ordeal with Christopher Mitchell's frivolous restraining order against him.... (2:29:04): Doug Polk, Daniel Negreanu set for heads up match on November 4, sidebetting is heavy.... (2:59:06): Old school poker character Sam Grizzle passes away.... (3:28:44): Interview with forum member "Kn1sh", who claims two Cubans are cheating live...


Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 10/18/2020 - Don't You Dare Cut That Deck

(Topic starts at 0:10:07 mark): Interview with Clayton Jiang, who claims he and others got scammed for big money at a live, private poker game.... (1:24:24): BetOnline getting hammered by brutal DDoS attack or hacking, site repeatedly going down.... (1:45:40): Doug Polk goes on Twitter trolling spree.... (2:00:36): Hackers playing poker for people's stolen identities.... (2:14:16): Gambler hits amazing 20-bet parlay to turn $1 into $680k.... (2:27:30): A look at some questionable YouTube...


Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 10/12/2020 - The Silver Standard

(Topic begins at 0:19:33 mark): Druff's attorney Eric Bensamochan comes on to briefly discuss Mike Postle's lawsuit.... (0:25:44): Major development in Raymond Davis criminal case.... (1:56:06): Midway Poker Tour ends in disaster, as players are surprised by payment in silver, and shorted 30% in value.... (2:44:29): Doug Polk, Daniel Negreanu in heated Twitter battle over terms of upcoming heads up match.... (3:15:09): Dan Bilzerian, Jean-Robert Bellande in feud over high stakes private...


Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 10/03/2020 - The Best Defense Is...

(Topic starts at 0:25:31 mark): Mike Postle suing Druff, ESPN, Pokernews, and lots of big name poker pros.... (0:36:37): Veronica Brill, also named in the Postle suit, runs successful GoFundMe, and gets a boost from Bill Perkins.... (0:48:45): GGPoker/Fedor Kruse controversy continues, as they attempt to deny his connection to their sponsored pro team.... (1:49:58): Three years later, what do we know about Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas spree killer?.... (2:45:27): Donald Trump has the...