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PokerFraudAlert Radio is a gritty, uncensored show calling out the scumbags of poker and providing an unfiltered opinion on current events in poker.

PokerFraudAlert Radio is a gritty, uncensored show calling out the scumbags of poker and providing an unfiltered opinion on current events in poker.


Las Vegas, NV


PokerFraudAlert Radio is a gritty, uncensored show calling out the scumbags of poker and providing an unfiltered opinion on current events in poker.




Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 09/24/2022 - Guaranteed Screw Job

Topic begins at (0:18:29) mark: Daniel Negreanu tweets out link to PFA Radio after enjoying last week's Ebony Kenney segment.... (0:35:52): Donna Morton, the "evil chat mod" from last week's Ebony Kenney story, speaks out on Twitter.... (0:54:01): Major update from Eric Bensamochan regarding PayPal case.... (1:13:44): Venetian cancels guaranteed prizepool events after poor showing in early events of "Stairway to Millions" series.... (1:38:30): Druff pledges to lead effort to lobby Nevada...


Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 09/16/2022 - Ebony, Joey, and the Evil Chat Mod

Topic begins at (0:02:39) mark: Colonel Nigel Fabersham gives a tribute to Queen Elizabeth II.... (0:23:22): Ebony Kenney wins almost $2 million on Phil Nagy's stake at Triton tournament in Cyprus, but gets into controversy on Joey Ingram's show.... (2:48:33): A scammer sold one of Tony Hsieh's Las Vegas buildings without having any connection to the Zappos founder's estate.... (3:06:32): Poker dudes look like a lady? Vanessa Kade alleges ladies event on GGPoker was full of men.......


Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 09/08/2022 - Public Administration and Elimination

Topic begins at (0:20:17) mark: Breaking - Clark County official Robert Telles arrested -- did he murder veteran reporter Jeff German, who investigated his wrongdoing this spring?.... (1:48:01): Druff does a long breakdown of Bryn Kenney's appearance on Chicago Joey's show.... (4:10:41): Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut announces major expansion.... (4:16:00): Veteran poker pro Patrik Antonius makes amazing call in $25k High Roller event.... (4:34:43): Australia considering taking action after...


Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 08/31/2022 - The Mystery of the Phantom Swap

Topic begins at (0:16:33) mark: 2022 WSOP Main Event winner Espen Jorstad accused of welching on a 3% swap worth $300k, but is the accuser telling the truth?.... (1:13:15): Druff gets a Twitter debate started on whether Vanessa Selbst's table behavior should keep her out of the Women in Poker Hall of Fame.... (2:04:25): Women's Poker Association giving trophy for Reno event which looks like a vagina.... (2:14:21): Jean-Robert Bellande wins a historic $800k on Hustler Casino Live stream.......


Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 08/23/2022 - Propeller Head

Topic begins at (0:17:59) mark: Druff deals with tough hack by Russians which threatened to force PFA down.... (0:33:39): PFA listener calls in to discuss Laughlin "boat rental damage" scam which victimized him, and which also exists in multiple cities around the US.... (1:53:52): Dueling propositions 26 and 27 both seek to legalize sportsbetting in California -- which one does Druff support?.... (2:38:44): Sapphire strip club in Vegas looking to be first major strip club in city to have...


Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 08/14/2022 - Grayson the Grifter

Topic begins at the (0:20:25) mark: Former teen actor Grayson Hunter Goss accused of scamming poker player Ethan "Rampage" Yau, YouTuber Ludwig, several others.... (1:46:38): Las Vegas property manager accused in court of requiring struggling mom to sign "sex contract" before moving into the home she rented.... (2:07:35): Political betting site "PredictIt" in hot water with US government, likely to go down in February 2023.... (2:55:58): Three poker players arrested, charged in idiotic...


Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 08/07/2022 - I Guarantee It

Topic begins at (0:00:00) mark: Druff memorializes Vin Scully, who passed away this week.... (0:38:08): Hustler Casino removes $250k guarantee from tournament midway, huge controversy erupts.... (01:50:02): Armored car outside of Hustler is target of robbery, shootout.... (1:58:40): MGM Grand pays out only $1500 for $3000 guaranteed tournament.... (2:13:38): Dan Shak charged with spoofing gold market, Druff tells his own 2005 story regarding Shak and his then-wife Beth.... (2:43:20): Landon...


Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 07/23/2022 - Don't Trample On Me

Topic begins at (0:07:06) mark: Druff makes abrupt return to Vegas to meet with radio co-hosts.... (0:23:21): Rocks thrown through MGM Grand window touches off stampede, trampling throughout the strip and the WSOP -- interview with Jason Lipiner, who was there.... (1:48:25): Interview with Scotter Clark, who was subject to odd ban/trespass due to a costume the WSOP asked him to wear.... (2:17:48): Now that it's all over, what was Druff's impression of the first year of the Bally's/Paris...


Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 07/12/2022 - The Neverending Shortstack

Topic begins at (0:14:44) mark: Update - Eric Bensamochan, co-counsel to appeal arbitration-related ruling involving PayPal theft case.... (0:24:11): Druff plays 2022 WSOP Main Event, runs into highly unusual opponent hand.... (1:12:16): Druff stuck as perpetual shortstack at Mixed Omaha event -- does he cash?.... (1:36:59): Matt the Rat and Druff discuss Ari Engle's deep run in his first-ever Main Event cash.... (1:48:45): Did Mike Matusow make a smart bluff, or punt his chips to bust the...


Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 06/26/2022 - Druff Senior

Topic begins at (0:14:28) mark: Druff returns to WSOP to play his first Seniors event, has a rollercoaster experience.... (1:23:42): Massive scheduling fail wreaks havoc upon Colossus event.... (1:45:45): Daniel Negreanu has major meltdown, throws camera equipment against the wall after bad beat in $250k High Roller.... (2:11:50): Latest WSOP drama: Quadriplegic KL Cleeton versus spoiled Asian chick Kitty Kuo.... (2:46:33): WSOP Cafe closes after players reject its expensive, lousy...


Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 06/14/2022 - Tweak a Nipple, Lose Your Job

Topic begins at (0:18:41) mark: Druff gets COVID at WSOP, despite recent 4th vaccination shot.... (1:00:19): Prior to COVID diagnosis, Druff was struggling at WSOP events.... (1:25:47): Joke nipple massage given to Frank "The Tank" Stepuchin gets masseuse Cintia Amstalden fired, possibly due to Farah Galfond's complaints -- Cintia comes on about 15 minutes in for long interview.... (2:34:37): Daniel Negreanu dealing with false allegations, stalking, and blackmail over past month, involving...


Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 06/06/2022 - Tanks for the Memories

Topic starts at (0:18:37) mark: PFA hat update.... (0:21:09): Eric Bensamochan and co-counsel get result in motion to deny PayPal's arbitration requirement.... (1:09:07): Druff goes to WSOP, plays O8 and Stud events, gives impression of new venue.... (1:57:55): Major dealer fail in Housewarming WSOP event causes hourlong delay for everyone in middle of event.... (2:11:32): Christoph Vogelsang angers poker world in $25k Heads Up event by massive tanking and obnoxious, face-blocking outfit.......


Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 05/29/2022 - Cory and Encorey

Topic begins at the (0:17:59) mark: PFA Hat update.... (0:29:03): Eric Bensamochan and co-counsel have hearing in Paypal case.... (0:37:08): WSOP bracelet winner Cory Zeidman busted in $25 million sportsbetting tout scheme.... (1:46:00): WSOP about to kick off at Paris and Bally's -- what can we expect?.... (3:08:21): Druffytime Theater: Druff versus Las Vegas apartment management.... (4:22:55): DOJ accusing Steve Wynn of being a foreign agent.... (4:36:27): Caller asks Druff what to do...


Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 05/22/2022 - Fourth Time's the Charm

Topic starts at (0:17:37) mark: Update on PFA Hat development.... (0:31:42): Druff takes 4th Pfizer shot -- did he have another bad reaction?.... (0:53:30): Doug Polk starts controversy after criticizing overweight woman on Sports Illustrated cover.... (1:54:20): 2000s/2010s poker pro and 2+2 Todd Terry passes away at 48 from nasty neurological disease.... (2:24:51): Update: Scammer Dan Bekavac finally makes players whole from Midway Poker Tour, following good run in poker.... (2:44:15):...


Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 05/14/2022 - Crypto Luna-tics

Topic begins at (0:19:00) mark: PFA News - Get your new PFA hat, Belly Buster resigns as NoFraud Online Poker Room manager.... (0:41:56):Bryn Kenney donates $10k WSOP Main Event seat to well-respected giveaway contest for female players -- is that a problem?.... (1:07:50): Randy Garcia says that Maurice Hawkins still hasn't paid him, despite agreement three years ago... (1:48:30): Druff wins $750 in Betonline blackjack tournament, but finds out bad news when he sees terms of the contest.......


Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 05/05/2022 - Fold Your Hand, Win the Pot

Topic begins at (0:25:32) mark: Update - Major hearing coming this month involving Paypal money seizure lawsuit.... (0:39:58): Update - Bryn Kenney responds to allegations via weird Pokernews interview.... (2:57:30): Update - Ali Imsirovic and Jake Schindler supposedly banned from EPT due to Pokerstars ban.... (3:11:18): Crazy high stakes game of YouTube streamers takes place on Hustler Casino Live, but did Hellmuth angle a rec player?.... (4:13:19): WSOP Circuit ring winner Mohammed Moeini...


Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 04/26/2022 - Crazy Frog

Topic begins at (0:20:28) mark: Update: ACR Withdrawal Scandal seems to be winding down, but ACR still won't admit to what really happened.... (0:56:50): Alex Foxen makes explosive cheating allegations against Ali Imsirovic and Jake Schindler.... (1:54:55): Matt the Rat calls in about the Founders Card and the Diamond match with Caesars.... (2:01:05): Major analysis of the Bryn Kenney scandal, where former stakehorse Martin Zamani made allegations of collusion and cult-like atmosphere...


Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 04/14/2022 - Substantial Penalty for Early Withdrawal

Topic begins at (0:17:30) mark: ACR Withdrawal Theft Scandal heats up after Druff publicly presses the issue on PFA & social media.... (1:37:26): All American Dave closes down due to WSOP decision, can't/won't refund customer balances held from last year.... (2:24:06): Fillippos Liakounakos caught scamming again -- this time he's in jail, and his victim history involves several poker players with past scandals of their own.... (2:51:39): Big fight brewing between Fremont Street Experience...


Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 03/27/2022 - The Withdrawal That Wasn't

Topic begins at (0:14:41) mark: Q4o-gate! Phil Hellmuth gets everyone talking after calling a big all-in bet with Q4o, but Druff has personal history with him which shows it's happened before.... (1:00:50): Update: Dan Bilzerian maybe not so fired after all.... (1:21:22): WSOP raising pay for its dealers, but how much is out of generosity?.... (1:47:40): ACR player claims a withdrawal was made without his permission. PFA is on the case, with breaking news during the segment.... (2:32:24):...


Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 03/19/2022 - Hennigan or Heneghan?

Topic begins at the (0:14:00) mark: Girl sets up guy on dating site in Vegas, attempts to murder him during sex in retribution for 2020 killing of Iranian general Soleimani.... (0:43:19): High stakes poker player Gal Yifrach charged with illegal slot machine operation, and money laundering at Bicycle Casino.... (1:09:21): Update: Las Vegas Metro Police officer charged with two other casino robberies after being arrested for robbing Rio.... (1:16:53): WSOP releases 2022 schedule, ditches...