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Welcome friends to Polk High, the podcast that celebrates one of humanity’s greatest artistic achievements: the sports film. Join Jack and Dale as they dissect montages, recite half-time speeches and regale listeners with their own sporting failure. A podcast for the underdog.

Welcome friends to Polk High, the podcast that celebrates one of humanity’s greatest artistic achievements: the sports film. Join Jack and Dale as they dissect montages, recite half-time speeches and regale listeners with their own sporting failure. A podcast for the underdog.
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Welcome friends to Polk High, the podcast that celebrates one of humanity’s greatest artistic achievements: the sports film. Join Jack and Dale as they dissect montages, recite half-time speeches and regale listeners with their own sporting failure. A podcast for the underdog.




Polk High: Round 39 - Caddyshack

Dale thinks he's David Stratton all of a sudden and goes in depth on why Caddyshack is 'the most over-rated movie of all time'. Jack once again comes to the rescue with some tasty nuggs that turn it all around, and gives the movie a new meaning.


Polk High: Round 38 - The Mighty Ducks

Polk High: Round 38 - The Mighty Ducks by Polk High: A Sports Movie Podcast


Polk High: Round 37 - Remember The Titans

Remember Remember the Titans? Where Denzel Washington gives a typical Denzel performance and Disney make a typical Disney sports movie? Polk High does. The guys disagree somewhat about this sports movie staple, but manage to play a few games and uncover a few nuggets along the way.


Polk High: Angelo Pizzo Interview

Angelo Pizzo is responsible for Hoosiers and Rudy, two of the most loved sports movies of all time. This week Angelo chats to Polk High about his career as a film-maker, as well as some of the challenges and thinking behind his movies. Angelo also shares a few stories including what it is like to work with your best mate.


Polk High: Round 36 - Bull Durham

After a few weeks off, Dale returns to Australia and Polk High returns with rom-com sports movie Bull Durham. A movie for both mums and dads, the guys finally figure out Kevin Costner’s niche but can’t manage to understand the last 15 minutes of the movie.


Polk High: Round 31 - Semi-Pro

Jack explains how Semi-Pro, a quintessential 'Jack Movie', might have legitimately been made just for him. He also shows his outrage over how unfairly Semi-Pro has been reviewed compared to its over-rated brother, The Revenant. As usual, Dale's broken sense of humour prevents him from enjoying anything slightly funny, and spends 30 minutes trying to make sense of it all, while also reliving some past basketball trauma.


Round 30 - Escape to Victory

Escape to Victory causes a great deal of stress for the Polk High duo this week. If you're looking for a podcast to explain the confusion that this film causes, you've come to the wrong place. Instead, you'll get Jack and Dale discussing how Nazis ruin absolutely everything. They also come up with an alternate escape plot to flee their bumbling captors.


Polk High: Round 27 - Happy Gilmore

It’s the return of Apollo Creed in the 1996 staple, Happy Gilmore. The guys get deep on philosophical undertones of Sandler’s later work, and about who is the Happy of Polk High. Dale reminisces of a better time when airline travel was exclusive, and Jack daydreams about playing 18-holes with Conan O’Brien.


Polk High: Rouind 26 - Any Given Sunday

This week Polk High moves on from high school football on Friday, to the big time, with Steamin' Willie Beamin on Any Given Sunday. The guys discuss their love of fake sporting teams, and their theories on the Quaid brothers.


Polk High: Round 25 - Friday Night Lights

Polk High is heading back to Texas with Friday Night Lights. Dale QB’s the discussion away from Jack’s whining dark side and into both guy’s lighter, delusional, side. Inspired by Billy Bob, both are convinced they could do this acting thing, while Jack believes one scene perfectly depicts all that is America. Enjoy.


Polk High: Round 24 - Miracle

This week the Polk High guys differ about whether they believe in the movie Miracle. But they can agree on the power of Kurt Russell. Jack contemplates if he is Senior Vice President material, while Dale is still suspicious of those sneaky Russians. Vancouver, you may be seeing him soon.


Polk High: Round 23 - Bend It Like Beckham

Polk High ventures away from the USA and Australia, and heads to the outskirts of London with Bend It Like Beckham. A serious conversation about racial integration is the perfect accompaniment to Mel B and David Beckham, as Dale laments his white guy dancing and Jack just can’t let coach Joe go.


Polk High: Round 22 - The Hustler

Polk High ventures into the seedy, dreamy and beautiful world of Bonafide classic, the Hustler. As the guys discuss how hopes and dreams turn into tragedy and despair, Dale admits Polk High is having an impact on him. He questions the merit of sports loose cousin, gambling. Jack bets he'll change his mind soon.


Polk High: Round 21 - Whip It

Get out the Doc Martins. Polk High are going 'alternative' with Drew Barrymore's directorial debut, Whip It. At first Jack has troubles overcoming his 'we are number one' corporate attitude, while Dale is distracted by his punk rock past. But eventually the Podcasting Odd Couple get over themselves, and go behind the exterior to discuss this very solid sports movie. Enjoy.


Polk High: Round 20 - The Sandlot

This week Polk High discusses the nostalgic, piece of American pie movie, The Sandlot. This leads the guys to take an Australia nostalgia trip, to a simpler time when Plugger ruled the goal square, Shane Warne could only harass women via text messages, and Dale's mum bribed kids with food to be his friend.


Polk High: Round 19 - Blue Chips

Do you have a friend with Blue Chips basketball cards? Well now you do. This week Polk High welcomes mate and Nick Notle enthusiast Ryan to discuss Blue Chips, the movie which introduced the world to Shaq as a dramatic actor. The guys agree this movie is unfairly maligned, and highlight some of the real world implications brought about by the movie.


Polk High: Round 18 - Rocky Balboa

Ding-ding. Polk High finishes up Rocky Month with the redemptive Rocky Balboa and then look back at the Rocky franchise as a whole. Jack bangs on about Rocky's lecture to Rocky Jnr, and tensions rise over who gives the better speech - John Candy or Sly Stallone.


Polk high: Round 17 - Rocky V

This week Jack & Dale make lemonade from the lemon that is Rocky V. They explore multiple angles on why this movie missed the mark and manage to find a few bouncy, long haired positives. He may be a complete drop-kick, but he's still part of the family.


Polk High: Round 16 - Rocky IV

Now in the last half of Rocky month, Jack and Dale celebrate 80's time capsule Rocky IV in all it's glory! Montages, Cold War geopolitics, the evolution of the villain, montages, Michael Phelps and more montages are all on offer in this episode. They also get stuck into the big questions like 'Is Rocky responsible for Creed's death?', and 'Is Paulie the Sanka Coffie of the Rocky franchise?'


Polk High: Round 15 - Rocky III

So Dale does 15 episodes of Polk High and he's Roger Ebert all of a sudden. Is his harsh criticism of Rocky III indicative of him losing the Eye of the Tiger? Akin to a civilised Rocky Balboa clinging to the traps of wealth, Dale clings to cinematic buzz phases like 'multi-dimentional', 'character development' and 'I calls them as I sees them'. It's up to an Apollo Creed-esque Jack to stop this soft talk and help him find the Eye of the Tiger again, leading to a podcast finish as strong as...


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