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Three professional comedians and incompetent scientists take you through this week in science. Incompetently. Featuring Matt Kirshen, Brooks Wheelan, Andy Wood and a rotating cast of special guests.

Three professional comedians and incompetent scientists take you through this week in science. Incompetently. Featuring Matt Kirshen, Brooks Wheelan, Andy Wood and a rotating cast of special guests.
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Three professional comedians and incompetent scientists take you through this week in science. Incompetently. Featuring Matt Kirshen, Brooks Wheelan, Andy Wood and a rotating cast of special guests.




Episode 293 - Robyn Morrison

Comedian Robyn Morrison (@RobynSomething) joins Andy and Matt to discuss concert height etiquette, the best sciences on drugs, more aphantasia, snail memory, science trivia questions, sitcom tropes, Korean nukes, thermal tasters, hippo shit and drowning wildebeest.


Episode 292 - Ori Amir

Neuroscientist/comedian Ori Amir (@OriAmir) joins Matt and Andy to talk about putting Matt in an fMRI, how your brain constructs jokes, prosopagnosia and aphantasia, politics and the brain, what computers find easy and hard, AI and game-solving, and more about Uber's bad driving. Plus, fill out this survey and we might go on a cruise together!


Episode 291 - Brett Erickson

Comedian Brett Erickson (@iBrettmypants) joins Matt and Andy on location at the Jim Jefferies Show offices to talk about meeting Slayer's guitarist Kerry King, Oliver Sacks' book An Anthropologist on Mars, Temple Grandin and her hug machine, aphantasia, penis transplant updates, New York water updates, DNA findings leading to the Golden State Killer, caterpillar danger, Globetrotters facts, an instrument to help reveal faint exoplanets, the Retro Encabulator, The Freeze, and large spleens.


Episode 290 - Emily Fleming

Comedian/actor/writer Emily Fleming (@FlemilyEming) joins Matt and Andy to discuss bad AI, gastro doctoring, constidar, Andy’s phone getting stolen mid-show, the smell of Uranus, New York water, penis transplants, David Reimer, ravens ruining science, why privacy on the internet isn't privacy and kids bouncing back from bouncing.


Episode 289 - Jono Zalay

Comedian/neuroscientist Dr. Jono Zalay (@JonoZalay) joins Matt and Andy to discuss coke rats, accidental rat ejaculation, ibogaine for opiates, ketamine for depression, rodent cocktail, animal popularity, a daring baboon escape, pronouncing science words, endangered charismatic animals, chili head, the Scoville scale and Jono's licenses.


Episode 288 - David Smalley

Comedian and podcaster David Smalley (@davidcsmalley) joins Matt and Andy to talk about bullying bullies, different names, Texan science, why meth is bad, paints for self-driving cars, herpes, 3D printing with space poop, what we should have printed, and women who lost their hair after eating bitter squash.


Episode 287 - Shane Torres

Comedian and Guy Fieri apologist Shane Torres (@shanetorres) makes his first appearance on the show, joining Andy and Matt to talk about horse herpes and rodeo adaptation, the #DickTracyChallenge, super gonorrhea, acupuncture studies, cocaine and Parkinson's, spray-on skin update and HVAC and Legionnaires' disease.


Episode 286 - Ian Abramson

Comedian Ian Abramson (@ianabramson) joins Andy and Matt to talk about the death of Jim Jefferies, the Inland Empire, Roger Bannister, how fast the average person can run, Dick Tracy, a rocket man and the flat earth conspiracy conspiracy, Andy's connection to a waterslide tragedy, Grantland's article about said waterslide, magic skin spray, dirty rubber duckies, the forensic mystery behind Legionnaires' disease, essential oils for boy boobs, California’s silly Prop 65 cancer warning, Uber...


Episode 285 - Charlie Clausen

Actor and TOFOP co-host Charlie Clausen (@CXClausen) joins Matt and Andy to discuss Aussie soaps, dental nightmares, Mask vs. The Mask, Eric Stoltz, Daylight Saving Time and koalas, smell-the-fart acting, political reasons for slow clocks, pizza innovation and The Noid, space twins and DNA, Dolph Lundgren gym run-ins and self-driving car risks.


Episode 284 - Jena Friedman

Comedian/writer/producer/host of Adult Swim's Soft Focus Jena Friedman (@JenaFreidman) joins Matt and Andy for an on-location recording talking about Cannibal Cop, Jena's cold fusion-seeking grandfather, acupuncture and opioids, how the Sackler family are murderers, Hitler's art, new battery technology, Tesla's megabattery, Dinorwig, the political economy of Chicago’s improv scene and Jena’s thesis, the ethnographic method, the Comedy Cellar podcast and rape statistics, female emotional...


Episode 283 - James Fritz

Comedian James Fritz (@fritzisdead) joins Andy and Matt to discuss Kentucky science, Oscars theories, magic mushrooms, neanderthal art, turkey history and Ben Franklin on birds, airplane air, soldier terminology, the early universe, scientists running for office and Matt's recent Star Talk appearance with Stephen Hawking, Janna Levin and Michio Kaku.


Episode 282 - Sarah Morgan

Writer and friend of the show Sarah Morgan (@sarahlmorgan) returns to talk with Matt and Andy about the prey defines the chase, vampire bats, memory wire, bismuth, robo-bees, playing HQ Trivia (and using the referral codes "andytwood" or "Mattbk"), Uber scams, plants and anesthesia, motherland vs. fatherland, curing Alzheimers in mice, pervy Koko the gorilla and reading too much into animal communication.


Episode 281 - Zabeth Russell

Actress Zabeth Russell (@zabsters) joins Matt and Andy to discuss Tom hanks killing a dog, placebo boobs, monkey sex workers, eye worms, fast and slow colors (and more color experiments), and dinosaurs overstretching. This episode is brought to you by Hello Fresh. For $30 off your first week of HelloFresh, visit and enter PROBABLY30.


Episode 280 - Valerie Tosi

Comedian/actor/voiceover artist Valerie Tosi (@valerie_tosi) joins Andy and Matt (and Roo) to discuss Andy’s dogsitting business, whale dissection, Boston accents and pirate accents, Cheddar Man the early Brit, when humans first left Africa, potholing/spelunking, kids performing better when they're Batman, oil patterns on bowling lanes, SpaceX success, and blowing up their near misses, vaping risks and clove cigarettes.


Episode 279 - Lauren Flans

Actor/improviser Lauren Flans (@laurenflans) of Another Period, Wild 'n Out and the new podcast Tell Us We're Funny and We'll Go Away joins Matt and Andy to discuss travel credit cards and Mexican drugs, Orphan Black, anti-abortion teachers, legislating numbers, different infinities, '70s poison toys, radioactive Fiestaware, Gerrymandering and its origins, a fake RHCP song, lasers that can rip apart empty space, whales that talk, elephant painting, Svengali and Machiavelli, poisonous...


Episode 278 - Kiran Deol

Comedian/actor/writer Kiran Deol (@shitfromkiran) joins Matt and Andy to help celebrate the six-year (iron) anniversary of the podcast and discuss crashing astronomy conferences, shooting Prince Rupert’s drops, breathing oxygen at depth, predator/prey turning, chalk and cheese, monkey clones, celebrity pet adoption, crow hooks, space lungs and yucca injuries.


Episode 277 - Ben Roy

Comedian, star of Those Who Can't and frontman of the band SPELLS Ben Roy (@benroy00) joins Matt and Andy to talk about Andy’s accessibility, Poison songs, evolutionary psychology, the books The Mating Mind and The Righteous Mind, space growth, living underwater, cell phone risk, bats melting in Australia, frozen alligators, gila monster saliva helping diabetes, and bonobos liking jerks.


Episode 276 - Ricky Carmona

Comedian Ricky Carmona (@RickyCarmona) of the podcast Who Shot Ya? joins Andy and Matt to talk about when to say Happy New Year, Weird Science vs. Real Genius, how to stop superbugs, raw water, the other John Snow, laser eagles, slowing down light, power plant mirrors that explode birds, things deadlier than sharks and parking mathematics.


Episode 275 - TJ Chambers and Auggie Smith

Friends of the show TJ Chambers (@TJChambersLA) and Auggie Smith (@AuggieSmith) return to kick off 2018 with TJ and Andy's new podcast Twinsies (@twinsiespod), space beer, monkeys bonin’ deer, the recent SpaceX launch, traveling salesbees, sleeping jellyfish, Matt Walker on sleep (and on Probably Science), how to keep your exercise resolution, and Tommy Wiseau’s surprise tenant.


Episode 274 - Environmental Science and Sustainable Food with Dr. Pete Newton

Matt’s on the road in Colorado and meets up with his old university friend Dr. Pete Newton (@newton_pete) who's now an assistant professor at the University of Colorado, Boulder to talk about his TEDx Talk on why "food miles" are aren’t all they’re cracked up to be, his journey away from and back to academia, safari tours in Botswana, hunting pangolins, anaconda attacks in the field, the perils of ruminants, changing our behavior, changing a whole country’s behavior, and whether you’d eat...


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