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Three professional comedians and incompetent scientists take you through this week in science. Incompetently. Featuring Matt Kirshen, Brooks Wheelan, Andy Wood and a rotating cast of special guests.

Three professional comedians and incompetent scientists take you through this week in science. Incompetently. Featuring Matt Kirshen, Brooks Wheelan, Andy Wood and a rotating cast of special guests.
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Three professional comedians and incompetent scientists take you through this week in science. Incompetently. Featuring Matt Kirshen, Brooks Wheelan, Andy Wood and a rotating cast of special guests.




Episode 308 - How To Invent Everything author Ryan North

In addition to being a programmer and computational linguist, Ryan North (@ryanqnorth) is the writer behind Dinosaur Comics, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, the Adventure Time comic book series, and Romeo and/or Juliet, and he joins Andy and Matt to discuss his new book How To Invent Everything, a survival guide for stranded time travelers who need to figure out where they've landed in time, and how to get civilization back to the present by inventing everything from writing and farming to buttons...


Episode 307 - Dipak Srinivasan

Dipak Srinivasan of the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory makes his third Probably Science appearance to give the inside scoop on a number of current and upcoming projects and missions including, but not limited to, the Parker Solar Probe, New Horizons checking out Ultima Thule, the Space Launch System, NASA's STEREO and the Dragonfly Titan rotorcraft lander.


Episode 306 - Jordan Morris

Creator of the hit podcast Bubble Jordan Morris (@Jordan_Morris) returns to the show to talk with Andy and Matt about bad accents, why the earliest galaxies are local, Andy's tail, the big toe evolving last, The Lottery, the recipe for mummies revealed, The Core, dolphin hybrids, Patton Oswalt and David Byrne on the Wholphin DVD and the Bermuda Triangle mystery possibly being solved.


Episode 305 - Brandie Posey

Comedian and co-host of the Lady to Lady podcast Brandie Posey (@Brandazzle) joins Andy and Matt to talk about her aphantasia, science museums, ska daddies, lazy homo erectus, phone-induced blindness, cheating bots, There's Waldo, the Arabian sand boa, yeast radiation alarms, an aphantasia support group on Facebook, a software engineer's aphantasia experience, and Brandie's album, podcast and tour.


Episode 304 - Thomas Patterson

Thomas Patterson (@thomasdynamic), music supervisor for the new AMC series Lodge 49 (@Lodge49), joins Andy and Matt to discuss the heat,'s Future, Lodge 49 and its soundtrack, Andy's initiation into the Fraternal Order of Eagles, why baby talk is good, plastic causing a greenhouse nightmare, how sleep clears the brain of toxins, a supercomputer modeling one second of brain function, how we forgot how to swim, The Dollop episode on swimming pools, modified mosquitoes and why Earth...


Episode 303 - Sarah Albritton and Josh Cheney

Comedians Sarah Albritton (@SarahAlbritton) and Josh Cheney (@joshcheeeneee) join Matt and Andy to discuss Sleeping With Sarah, narcolepsy, narcoleptic dogs, Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry, the 100 prisoners problem, massive sloth tunnels, weight on various planets, drinking Mars and trippy cicadas.


Episode 302 - Lisa Curry

Comedian Lisa Curry (@lisa_curry) joins Matt and Andy to discuss Olympiads, the other Lisa Curry, reservoir shade balls, Bruce Lee as Kato, secret snakes, skiffs, car vibrations, prison experiment problems and old bread.


Episode 301 - Guy Branum

Comedian, TV host and author of the upcoming memoir My Life as a Goddess Guy Branum (@guybranum) returns to the podcast to talk with Andy and Matt about shipping stories, his knowledge of international law, legal murders in Yellowstone, how dingos changed shrubs, shark pathogens, Nanaimo bars, dogs in fMRIs, Matt in an fMRI, 19th Century female mathematicians, senior wranglers and British TV shows you should be watching on YouTube.


Episode 300 - Brooks Wheelan, Jesse Case, Andy Wood and Matt Kirshen

The gang's all back together again to celebrate 300 episodes of Probably Science while discussing barely any science at all, instead reminiscing about the last six years, getting nostalgic for Country Summer and trying to figure out which actors have achieved the coveted SPATS (piloting a spacecraft, plane, automobile, train and sea ship on film).


Episode 299 - Neuroscientist Dean Burnett

Dean Burnett (@garwboy) is a neuroscientist, comedian, blogger and author of the new book Happy Brain: Where Happiness Comes From, and Why, and he Skyped in with Matt and Andy to talk about the book, delving into the complex relationship that happiness and human brains have with work, love, fame, home, humor, aging and much more.


Episode 298 - Alex Schmidt

Comedian, writer and host of The Cracked Podcast Alex Schmidt (@alexschmidty) joins Matt and Andy to talk about 3D printing, Gategate, phone facts, the English Larval Progression, Andy and Matt's recent Cracked appearance, eels on coke, black holes eating stars, cane toad sausages and lonely radiation bacteria.


Episode 297 - Mitch Burrow

Comedian Mitch Burrow (@MitchBurrow) joins Andy and Matt to talk about boot camp morning alarms, blueprint-building and 3D thought, deaf schizophrenia, Moshe Kasher’s book, exploding head syndrome, cold water calorics test update, the unluckiest guy in Pompeii, why Guatemala’s volcano is more dangerous than Hawaii's, all life on Earth by mass (and what we did to destroy it), The Cove documentary and Mitch’s podcast “We’re With Them."


Episode 296 - Astrobiology with Adam Frank

Astrophysicist and professor at University of Rochester Adam Frank (@AdamFrank4) joins Matt and Andy to talk about his new book Light of the Stars: Alien Worlds and the Fate of the Earth, a look at the history of scientific discoveries on planetary environments and the prospect of alien life, what the very high likelihood that extraterrestrial civilizations have existed in our universe can teach us about the fate of human life on Earth, how an inevitable growing pain of any civilization is...


Episode 295 - Vana Dabney and Deborah Etta Robinson

Comedians and hosts of the upcoming Good Job You Failed podcast Vana Dabney (@vanawrite) and Deborah Etta Robinson (@deborah_etta) join Andy and Matt to discuss human echolocation, marsupials fucking themselves to death, death by fart smell, nerve regeneration (or lack thereof), the longest paths on Earth, non-detectable neutrinos, Deborah and Vana's podcast and bodybuilding goals. Watch Matt's clip on The Jim Jefferies Show here or here.


Episode 294 - Jesse Joyce

Comedian and writer Jesse Joyce (@jessejoyce) joins Andy and Matt to talk about taxidermy, muskoxen, takins, red panda poop glitter, Qinling pandas, Gavin Webster's pandas, Bitcoin's energy usage, Jesse's dislike of live music, pouring warm and cold water in your ears, bad company names, patent trolls, discovering animals, Snoop's pinecone and the mysterious return of ozone.


Episode 293 - Robyn Morrison

Comedian Robyn Morrison (@RobynSomething) joins Andy and Matt to discuss concert height etiquette, the best sciences on drugs, more aphantasia, snail memory, science trivia questions, sitcom tropes, Korean nukes, thermal tasters, hippo shit and drowning wildebeest.


Episode 292 - Ori Amir

Neuroscientist/comedian Ori Amir (@OriAmir) joins Matt and Andy to talk about putting Matt in an fMRI, how your brain constructs jokes, prosopagnosia and aphantasia, politics and the brain, what computers find easy and hard, AI and game-solving, and more about Uber's bad driving. Plus, fill out this survey and we might go on a cruise together!


Episode 291 - Brett Erickson

Comedian Brett Erickson (@iBrettmypants) joins Matt and Andy on location at the Jim Jefferies Show offices to talk about meeting Slayer's guitarist Kerry King, Oliver Sacks' book An Anthropologist on Mars, Temple Grandin and her hug machine, aphantasia, penis transplant updates, New York water updates, DNA findings leading to the Golden State Killer, caterpillar danger, Globetrotters facts, an instrument to help reveal faint exoplanets, the Retro Encabulator, The Freeze, and large spleens.


Episode 290 - Emily Fleming

Comedian/actor/writer Emily Fleming (@FlemilyEming) joins Matt and Andy to discuss bad AI, gastro doctoring, constidar, Andy’s phone getting stolen mid-show, the smell of Uranus, New York water, penis transplants, David Reimer, ravens ruining science, why privacy on the internet isn't privacy and kids bouncing back from bouncing.


Episode 289 - Jono Zalay

Comedian/neuroscientist Dr. Jono Zalay (@JonoZalay) joins Matt and Andy to discuss coke rats, accidental rat ejaculation, ibogaine for opiates, ketamine for depression, rodent cocktail, animal popularity, a daring baboon escape, pronouncing science words, endangered charismatic animals, chili head, the Scoville scale and Jono's licenses.