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Episode 5 - Vagina

Psycho Lesbian Podcast Episode 5 - Vagina - Summary and Links Synonyms of Vagina – cunt, twat, slit, pussy, trim, quim, vagaga, poonani, taco, cheesy taco, hairy taco, cheese steak hoagie, hamberger, pooter, snatch, cooter, beaver, coochie, bacon sandwhich Sound Clips Tom Greens “Vagina” song - Pupetry of the Vagina - Pussy Cat Song -...


Episode 4 - Do Lesbians Hate Men? Nah!!!

Do lesbians Hate men? My partner and I discuss men and if we hate them. What types of men are there that were determined within this conversation. Men we dig (we not meaning all lesbians but just us) (PS I LOVE YOU CHRIS, BILL, BUTTERs (TOM), RYAN ,TONY, RON, JOHN. ) These are the guys who seemingly are just chill, whom I feel like one of the guys with/ gals they tend to be kind of fem……… THEN THERE IS THIS - These are the fellows who are not intimidated or somehow over compensating for...


Episode 3 - Closet Lesbians 2 Types – “I am not gay” type and One foot in and one foot out

So far in the closet they still think they like men – My partner and I discuss the ladies, who look so gay, but will never admit to their gayness. In fact they run for the hills when they see us out ladies on the street. Stop pointing fingers at them, they will come out in due time or be miserable till the end of time. We shouldn’t hate on them, we should have a “that sucks for you” outlook. Lizzy the Lezzy - the lesbian comedian “I’M PROUD” EPISODE 1 Lizzy the Lezzy - Episode 2 - "Coming...


Episode 2 - Psycho Lesbian Stories, and a Discussion about U-Hauls

Sitting at the Softball field after games, is the best time to hear all the Psycho Lesbian Stories, so I brought my digital recorder to the softball game and asked the girls on my team to tell me all about the Psycho encounters they have experienced. Here is what they had to say. Gum Girl – Hooking up in a bar, and finding that your new friend has left you a present in your shorts. Dirty Dirty Girl – Is about the relationship that you thought was a good idea going into it, and once you...


Episode 1 - Crazy Neighbor In The South

Crazy neighbors – you know you have them or have had them and had to move far far away. This VERY FIRST episode is about the craziness of 1 neighbor in the south, and how my sister would like to shank her (I know I used the wrong word the whole episode but I found it amusing after the fact) Also gave props to the Lesbian Mafia Podcast – the podcast that keeps me laughing I apologize for the sound quality, with some practice I will get it right.