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Running my mouth from this side of the microphone.

Running my mouth from this side of the microphone.


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Running my mouth from this side of the microphone.






Episode 346: A Fresh Coat of Paint

Sometimes you have to look at your surroundings and hope to come to the realization that some things have to change. That is the conclusion Ric has come to about this From Radioland. Across the podcast landscape, there are so many shows out there that get stale. Some start out that way with nary a change. Keeping it fresh is something that kind of has to happen from time to time. This show is not immune to that obviously. In the past six and a half years, From Radioland has undergone all...


Episode 345: Post Pandemic Panic

Of course we are nowhere near a post pandemic situation, but that doesn't stop Ric from taking a look at how some things in our world will change from all of this. Specifically, the change coming from the world of media. We have certainly seen a change in the way certain things are covered and there has been a rise in all sorts of fake news. But if it is one thing people can do rather well, it is to adapt. Part of the adaption process will probably see an end to such fake news silliness....


Episode 344: It's All An Act

Everything you consume through any sort of media is not being honest with you. It's not so much an outright lie as it is just in the manner of presentation. In this episode, Ric is going to lay out the vibe all content creators go with when it comes to the dissemination of any thing. From all your news to your music, it's all a big fat lie carefully designed to do one thing. Here's a hint, Ric will explain this by using two bands KISS & Ghost. NEXT WEEK: The Post-Pandemic Panic


Episode 343: Biopicture This

If it were to seem you are hearing more about biopics being made about your favorite rock acts, you are not alone. There is a reason for this and it is simply because fans of the classic rock genre are getting older and frankly, no one is making any more of that music. There is a solid nostalgic factor at work. There is an issue when it comes to these things. As Ric will tell you about in this episode, the problem with these films is it gives you the chance to "meet your heroes", if you...


Episode 342: Meme Me

Those ubiquitous posts the internet version of a cartoon from the Sunday paper (back when they were a thing), the picture with the funny text that isn't all that funny that gets shared and "stolen". The Meme. Most of them have a lifespan of about 3 hours. After that, they turn into most things on the internet, disposable content. In this episode Ric delves into the concept. Did you know there are some legal ramifications to the genre of the meme? Also, Ric has a rundown of all the things...


Episode 341: The Cost of Free Entertainment

It's the age old question, should entertainment be free? How much advertisement justifies a free show? How much should one pay for advertisement free content? All these questions are basically answered with what the market can bear and what the patience is of the audience. There is quite a bit to unpack with this topic especially these days. People spending more time dealing with streaming content are trying to figure out the balance between needing to be entertained and with what...


Episode 340: Video Killed The Internet Star

It is arguable whether The Buggles were anywhere near correct. To be fair, Viacom killed MTV, so there is that. Anyway, all the talk of Tik-Tok and other such video outlets has now led all of us down an interesting time line. First, there was Periscope, then along came Vine, Facebook video was coming along and now there is Instagram Reels. There is something they all have in common. First, they are all platforms for disposable video and the second is that they are not YouTube. Big...


Episode 339: Facebook Jesus

There are churches out there who are deeply concerned with their current business model. Thanks to the pandemic, attendance is down by a large amount as people continue with social distancing. Yes, there are some religious institutions out there who are embracing digital platforms, but by and large, many are not. In this episode, Ric gets a little snarky with this idea of trying to run a church in a cashless society. He have exposed more than meets the eye on this enlightened episode. NEXT...


Episode 338: Shaving With Occam's Razor

In a time where we are flooded with news, opinion and terrible perspectives, we increasingly find ourselves dealing with the dearth of conspiracy theories. It seems, the more ridiculous the theory, the more notoriety it seems to get. Why is this? Why can't people simply accept the facts of any story as being the cause, root and solution to any issue being thrust upon society at large? In this episode, Ric takes a look at why these things seem to be getting worse and worse and what can be...


Episode 337: Paint A Rosy Picture

In this day of altered states of media, corporate reigns supreme. When it comes to getting information of either an entertainment nature or educational bent, there are a million sources. One of which Ric is involved in revolves around the print media. As odd as it may sound to have a radio guy write a column, he does (so far, as of this publication) for a nationally owned magazine with a syndication in Memphis. Apparently, as Ric explains in this episode, umbrage has been taken on the...


Episode 336: We Have Watched Everything

One of the basic needs of people during a quarantine seems to have been Netflix. The issue is that Netflix hasn't been able to keep up with demand. Not in a connected sort of way. In a content way. It would appear the quality of some of the productions they bought into fairly recently were not all that great. It presents an interesting problem. Just how long, in this cord cutter society, are people going to suffer through bad shows before they decide they have had enough? It's a viable...


Episode 335: Facebook's Legitimacy Issue

It's hard to say exactly who thinks Facebook is a legitimate source for anything. Seriously, who takes Facebook seriously at all? That question has since become more valid as time has progressed. That same question is also being asked by major companies who used to give the social media platform money for advertisements. There is certainly something to this and it seems to have started when Twitter began labeling certain tweets from the President of The United States as being devoid of any...


Episode 334: Ain't Nothing on The Evening News

We have all had that conversation with people who invariably say they don't watch the evening news. Then there are those who will admit they do but tell you they hate watching. Which begs the question for both of these people, why? The answer is really quite simple. There is nothing to see here. In this episode, Ric tells you about his time in the world of television news and what it was once like. Now with the internet hanging around, it seems sort of redundant to have such an institution...


Episode 333: Social Media Toxicity

When one looks at all the different social media platforms out there, you would see they are all fairly different in approach to one another. Ranging from sort of useful to downright bogus, there is a little something out there for everybody. However, if you were to look at all these platforms with one particular filter, you find only one as being the single most toxic of them all. Here's the thing, it's probably not the one you are thinking of. In this episode, Ric takes a look at how one...


Episode 332: It's A Big Problem

It is one thing to get into a pandemic, but it is a completely different thing to get out of one. There are so many things to consider and the prudent among us would like to think you should get back to some sort of normalcy in a practical and safe manner. Apparently, a lot of people in power didn't get that memo. In this episode, Ric takes a look at what is happening around the country as things begin to open back up. There is a big problem. It appears The United States is not ready. The...


Episode 331: Sponsoring a World Crisis

Corporate America has a knack for being tone deaf. That is a simple fact. There are some ads out there using a protest as a backdrop. In this episode, Ric takes a look at the idiocy of this move. It is yet another point proven when corporate tries to look hip and with the times, they look ridiculous. Now is not the time for anyone to be tone deaf, but here we are. The amount of willful ignorance happening around us all is astounding. It's as if there are those out there who want to give...


Episode 330: A Change is Going to Come

Protests and pandemics are all harbingers of things to come. If you spend any amount of time looking at the history of the world, you might see as societies have dealt with very similar things in the past, one valuable lesson that is always learned is that change can be and is often quite difficult. This difficulty with change is rooted in one simple notion and that being fear. Everyone who is not accepting of the reasoning behind any type of change are afraid. They are afraid that their...


Episode 329: The New Normal

Change is an issue and it is never easy to cope with the inevitable. When something like a pandemic occurs or the other social issues we all face these days, coming through the other side expecting anything to be the way it was before all of these events is a pipe dream. We will never be the same after all of this is said and done. That is just a simple fact. The other simple fact, is there will be a select number of people in our society who will reject the first fact. We tried this in 2016...


Episode 328: Connection Interrupted

Being connected seems to be bringing about all sorts of innovative tech. All of it is designed to keep you on the platform you are using it from. Be it Facebook, Twitter or Google, none of those companies want you to go anywhere else. As consumers, we certainly do have a bunch of options when it comes to this sort of thing and that can be good. Some you pay for (Zoom) and others are free (Facebook & Google). But how would you define "free". Also, as cool as it is to have this technology in...


Episode 327: Semper Pie & Meal Team Six

We are all getting weary of this pandemic, it seems. The truth is, we are weary from the coverage of the pandemic. There is a very loud minority of people out there who feel they are being put upon by having to stay at home or having to wear a mask when they go out in public. These people are going out to protest and they are doing so with assault rifles and are agitating an already nervous population. On top of this, we are getting information about the pandemic from so many different...