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Step into the world of fantasy sports wunderkind Roto Robbie as he obsesses over all things DFS and Fast Food.


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Step into the world of fantasy sports wunderkind Roto Robbie as he obsesses over all things DFS and Fast Food.






TRAILER: Robbie’s Roto Roundup - Season 1

Introducing notorious fast-foodie and podcast wunderkind: Roto Robbie. All he ever wanted to do was have a fantasy football pod, but the universe thought otherwise. Presented by: Makin Nickels Productions and The Fan Kings app


Vis-à-Vikes - Episode 12 - Lumps and Bumps pt. 2 (Crunksgiving)

Everyone is down in the deep.


Vis-à-Vikes - Episode 11 - The Flu Game

With Carter sidelined due to an undisclosed medical issue, Ragu Bolognese assumes hosting duties. They briefly recap the Bills/Vikings candidate for Game of the Year and preview the Viking's upcoming clash against the Cowboys. Dubsac looks to change his luck in Cell Block D. But wait, who is that coming out of the medical tent?!!


Vis-à-Vikes - Episode 10 - Gettin’ Bully on Them Billies (Ride the Light Rail)

On this episode of Vis-à-Vikes, the RC Boys are bout it, bout it with the Purple People Eaters putting them Commanders “In the W” and going to 7-1. The Boys talk Kirky’s return to Washington, JJettas resurgence, and Akayleb Evans stepping ep. Carter has been recuperating well. Robin gets a defeat rubbed in, and Carter doesn’t hold back. Getting Pumped goes haywire as an unexpected guest gives his take on the Midterms. The RC Boyz cap it off by mobbin' thru tha hood, 6 deep hoo' ridin' up to...


Vis-à-Vikes - Episode 9 - Casa De Cackle

On this episode of Vis à Vikes, the RC Boys are bout it bout with the Purple People Eaters putting them Cards “In the W” and going to 6-1. Feelings and ankles are hurt as a crank caller ruins The Crushers mood. The Boys talk Justin Jefferson, get a call from Carter's favorite VàV fan, and meet Reggie from Oak Park Heights. Getting Pumped goes haywire as Carter forgets his Epipen and Robbie says some bad words.


Vis-à-Vikes - Episode 8 - Dedicated to the Memory of Sateen

The RC Boys are back and ready to get over their Bye-Week Blues and come down from putting Miami in the "W". In jam packed segments the Boys covered a certain Viking's league woes, free agency and the landscape of the NFL, the boys get Chalky AF. A promotion goes haywire to no fault of the producer, Ragu, who completely covered his tracks. Ragu Shreds. Carter gets the Boys Pumped and the Dom's order is in, on this episode of Vis-a'-Vikes.


Vis-à-Vikes - Ep 7 - KOCtober

The RC boys reflect upon life and most importantly, the last two Vikings games, as they assess the Vikings above average offense and vanilla defense. Dubsac (5-2 overall) calls in with his power plays. In Chalk Talk, we take your calls as we get chalky and dive deep into Sundays match up against Miami before the bye week. As always, the boys cap off the show by GETTING PUMPED


S1 Ep19 What a Tangled Web We Weave

In the Season One finale DFS Podcast OG Roto Robbie, Jake and King Karter break down the main slate, give their cash and GPP Picks, and player props they like for Week 5. A local pizza legend has a new pie for the boyz to try. They also hop in the Notesack to answer listener questions. 0:00 Cold Open 1:22 Opening Segment 11:48 "Ad Break" Pizza with Pizzazz 12:49 Robbie Grades Grub 16:13. Notesack 21:06 "Ad Break" Gitcha Gummis


Vis-à-Vikes - Ep6 -London Callin’

Robbie is served a literal S-H-I-T sandwich. Soon after, the boys dive deep into the NFL landscape.


Vis-à-Vikes - Ep5 - Lumps and Bumps

While Carter is on holiday a guest host fills in to discuss the Vikings loss to the Eagles and they look forward to the division clash Sunday against the Lions. A new field reporter is added to the crew to share the wisdom he has obtained from nearly a half-century of Vikings fandom. The crew takes your calls during a give and take Chalk Talk segment.


Vis-à-Vikes - Ep4 - Get Silly on Dat Philly

Can't wait for the big game Monday? Get pumped with the RC Boyz! The boys celebrate the Vikings week 1 victory over the Green Bay Packers and bid farewell to Mike Zimmer. Dubsac shares his MNF plays and the boys take your calls. The boys and a special guest finish the episode with fantasy discussion and get pumped for the MNF showdown vs. the Eagles!


Vis-à-Vikes - Ep3 - Boundary Bloodbath 123

It's almost game time Y'all! The RC Boyz go into the deep discussing the NFL's most premier rivalry. While talking Packers/Vikings history, they also compare the 2022 version of these NFC North titans. After taking your calls, the boys make a few bold predictions for the 2022 NFL season.


S1 Ep18 The Great Minnesota Get Wet Together

Smitten with his brand new Kia Soul, Jake takes Robbie on a journey to The Minnesota State Fair! While recording their first ever on location podcast they find themselves picking up a few enigmatic stragglers along the way. What you are about to hear promises to be the ultimate tour de force of a "Robbie Grades Grub" on a stick.


S1 Ep17 New Kia Boy on the Block

Mike McNichols follows through on a long-standing promise to Jake and should get an A+ as a boss. Robbie and Jake catch up on recent events and unearth a piece of Robbie’s family history. In RGG they rate a scorching new item from America’s first fast food establishment. This week’s Notesack topics include: the Montreal Alouettes; the quaint resort town of Lac Du Flambeau; and a disturbing live-streaming format. The show closes with a heartfelt apology from a local media personality.


Vis-à-Vikes - Ep2 - Shredded In The Key of A Minor

The boys are back with a proposition to fix the NFL's growing preseason problem. Dubsac is back with more bets to give you the heat sweats. Callers weigh in on the Vikings backup quarterback situation and one has the meat sweats for Kevin O'Connell. They close with a special birthday tribute to Kirk Cousins and AT-19.


Vis-à-Vikes - Ep1 - Rounding Up on the Vikes

Carter catches up with the 2022 Vikings and gives a brief recap of the offseason for more "casual" fans. Dubsac calls in with his best bets of the week. The show concludes with questions from callers and chalky Vikings/49ers predictions.


S1 Ep16 Welcome to Vista Town

Jake has a maintenance issue at his apartment, so he embarks on his maiden voyage to the Mecca of Roseville: Rose Vista. Embroiled in the scandalous false adoption, Jake immediately becomes frustrated with the shabby acoustics and dilapidated condition of Robbie’s home. As the boys set out to find a decent recording space, they encounter hurdle-after-hurdle, giving them no choice but to head back to Jake’s residence. They finally conduct RGG, provided by the ghost establishment of a...


S1 Ep15 The Sweet Martha’s Incident

Jake has a secret meeting at Tin Cup’s and is presented with an offer he wanes to refuse. Robbie is back at Jake’s apartment. As they catch up on the latest Vista-Verse happenings, they find little in the way of closure, as loose-ends fail to come together. This week’s fare for RGG comes in the way of Fair fodder with an announcement of new foods, provided by the Great Minnesota Get-Together. This NoteSack ties up aforementioned loose-ends from the opening segment, while catching up with...


S1 Ep14 Vibin’ at the Vista, pt. 1 | Comme ci, Comme ça

With Jake out of town and Carter still nowhere to be found; Robbie taps his Bumpa, Owen Lane, to handle co-hosting duties. Robbie and Owen discuss the Montreal Alouettes budding season and revisit a moment in Canadian sport history which changed the trajectory of BC Golden Gloves forever. Chico Fuego is joined by Terry Tones in Fuego’s Loco’s Hamburguesos kitchen for an exclusivo segment to RRR. This week's Notesack contains antagonizing emails and revealing audio submissions. The literal...


S1 Ep13 Jesse

Reeling from the fallout of last week's episode, Robbie is relieved to rejoin Jake in the serene surroundings of Jake’s apartment. They discuss the punishment imposed by Robbie's mother Luanne and the sequential isolation by his peers. In RGG the boys hit up a fast food titan that features a new menu item unique to their menu in it’s nearly six decade existence! The Notesack quickly puts an end to any festivities, as we discover one pod member has skeletons in his closet. Just as Robbie...