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A D&D comedy improv podcast, where two retired adventurers give questionable advice to the next generation of heroes. Starring Oliver Redboots (@OliverRedBoots) & Swan Maulsmith (@SMaulsmith), and broadcast every week from the Yawning Portal Tavern in Waterdeep. Send your questions to or


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A D&D comedy improv podcast, where two retired adventurers give questionable advice to the next generation of heroes. Starring Oliver Redboots (@OliverRedBoots) & Swan Maulsmith (@SMaulsmith), and broadcast every week from the Yawning Portal Tavern in Waterdeep. Send your questions to or






Episode 30: Colleges & Traditions

Highlights: - Question-palooza! - How to write an entry essay to your Bard College - Your party member may be a serial killer - Monastic traditions leave a lot of unanswered questions - Feather Fall etiquette - Where-wolves? - Revisiting sky daddies


Episode 29: The Winter Solstice

Highlights: - Boots returns from the Astral Plane - We go deep on Elven high cuisine with Chalmont Percil, of Percil's Parcels - The slow food, low heat movement - Chalmont's specialties: chicken-seasoned hay, salted water, artisanal light, beef broth and lemon seeds - Serving at Persimmons through a policy of Culinary Inclusivity - Richard the Mimic joins us to discuss mimicry - Permission eating - The safety smoked turkey leg Happy Winter Solstice!


Episode 28: Post Mirt-em

Highlights: - Getting arrested in Waterdeep after bar hopping with Mirt - Swan taking over some Luskan engineering - When upcasting goes wrong - Boots opens the chest, and finds something unexpected - Thou shalt not mix pocket dimensions - Some monks will love you to death - Beholder reproduction - Donations to the (recap) Salvation Army are appreciated


Episode 27: Mirt (with very special guest Ed Greenwood)

We are joined this week by the legendary Mirt the Moneylender, played by the legendary Ed Greenwood - creator of the Forgotten Realms. Highlights: - An episode preamble by Elminster of Shadowdale - The importance of a consistent policy in adventuring - How Laeral keeps her wand at the ready - How Mirt and Durnan tackled the Undermountain - The secret to long life - Preferred method for dealing with tax collectors - Why tradesman don't all have Rings of Featherfall - The real scourge of The Forgotten Realms: nepotism - Mirt's favorite magic weapon - The statute of limitations on bounties - The history of Durnan's facial hair - How to handle Waterdeep nobility - What keeps Mirt up at night


Episode 26: The First Rule of Adventuring

Highlights: - Boots is part of the Order of Mages and Protectors - Swan has a picnic - We find an office - Spell Slots & Implosions - Bullywugs & Banshees


Episode 25: The Value of Wall Sconces

Highlights: - Oliver has his chest stolen, and he's not happy - Developing that sixth sense for treasure - We need a work office - Gnolls are worse than you think - Brains in a jar fail the trolley problem - Coffee is magic, but not magic magic - Parting ways with a swordasexual - You can't stare your foe to death


Episode 24: Double Freedom Daggers

Highlights: - Assembling the Stupidology - What kind of toenail? - Stormy is dating a young woman from a family of Eldath - Specters are Swan's weak point - Otyughs at the shore - Dying in a cool way - Grease is the word - Also please check out our friends at RPGsAnonymous ( ) who are featured in the mid-show break See you next week, don't die. Praise Gond.


Episode 23: Not the Brightest Light Spell

Highlights: - We're joined by Tygram, Warlock for Graz'zt, to share some road stories - How Tygram crashed a flying tower - The power of walking sticks - Swan's healing potion testing - The deplorable habit of trying to seduce dragons - Research is important - Everywhere doesn't mean everywhere


Episode 22: Tiefling Music

Highlights: - Swan talks podcast audio quality from the Yawning Portal - A blue tie fling musician writes us our new intro - Monsters of the week: Rust Monster & Harpy - Find Traps is a stupid, stupid spell - Tasting Healing Potions - Best potions, if you can pick - The new outro


Episode 21: Hot Forge Talk

Highlights: - Swan gives Boots & Morgan a tour of the Forge - Swan explains working with first year acolytes - Early success as quest givers, and our quest giving rates - Round two of Don't Poke The Owlbear: drums, rhinos, gods, and the Giant steeplechase - Take care of your monks, and they will take care of you


Episode 20: Caveat Emptor

Highlights: - A message from the High House of Wonders - The start of our cataloging bad ways to die - This week's sponsor: Wandsworth Gently Used Wands - Kicking off our new feature (Don't Poke the Owlbear): Flying Swords and Trapped Rugs - Enchanters are terrifying - The man with the Iron Flask


Episode 19: Funeral for a Friend

Highlights: - The unfortunate passing of Paco The Ranger - Stupid ways to die while adventuring - From quest takers to quest givers - Boots was once approached to help rule a level of the underworld - Staying in shape in retirement through unorthodox means


Episode 18: Serial Cultists, Featuring Balthazar The Grim

Highlights: - We rekindle our on-again, off-again acquaintance with Balthazar the Grim, a serial cultist - Cult free-lancing, the new old gig economy - Knowing your lane - Benefits of being in cult middle-management - Young liches are impatient - The importance of a good tailor, that can make 800-year old fashion


Episode 17: Awkward Treasures

Highlights: - First world sorcerer problems - Random encounters of the worst kind - Order of the Ancient Philosophy lacks conviction - The treasure you don't want - Terrible sorcerer parents - The flying halfling problem


Episode 16: Fruit Basket Diplomacy

Highlights: - The unwilling transition to semi-retired adventurers - Swan discovers a bad spy - How to apologize to high level adventurers - Kobolds are not pets - The spell 'Heat Metal' for smelting - How not to tip a squire - Boots is angry


Episode 15: Live, Laugh, Love, Abjuration

Highlights: - Boots and Swan take on their biggest challenge yet: fundraising - Artistic genius of destruction - The paperwork of producing golems - Abjuration wizards and you! - Meathead fighter, meet tanning paladin - Tips for dealing with embarrassing moments from high school - The best magic items are not the same thing as your favorite magic items


Episode 14: Forget it Swan, it's the Feywild

Highlights: - Boots & Swan return from an unplanned trip to the Feywild - The Feywild is amazing and annoying for so many reasons - Ajax the Warpoodle delivers an important question from Dr. Zed (@RPGsAnonymous1), and we deliver well-meaning advice of questionable value - The absolute wrong use for a Bag of Holding - The worst Club Sport at Waterdeep Community College


Episode 13: A Pan-tastic Wedding

Highlights: - The amazing wedding of the Clerics of Pan - The Zhentarim dishwasher intercepting the mail - Blow drying your weasel - Using a doppelganger to get out of jury duty - Bathing your owlbear - The clothing stipend for your werewolf - Druids protecting horrible monsters to save the environment - Read your weapon's manual


Episode 12: Waterdeep HOA

Highlights: + Swan gets annoyed by the Castle Ward HOA + Boots tests his magic on Vincent + Messing with warlocks + Apologizing through prayer + The factions of Waterdeep + The fancy balls of the Lords Alliance + Planning to crash a wedding


Episode 11: Thief Emeritus

We're back after our short time away! This week's highlights: Swan visits his sister in Tribor and does some forge sightseeing Boots has Thieves Guild business that involves a dinosaur Ten foot poles are beyond stupid Carry the tiny shiny Never trust a weapon that thinks for itself You could do worse than a Warforged companion