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Ep294 - Dad Dick (Classic)

Nothing like seeing what your parents are working with downstairs! For this week's classic episode I dig back to episode #126 - Dad Dick from January of 2015. It's a really fun one, I know you'll dig it. ------------ Classic notes: One of my most favorite shows yet. Tons of funny in this one. Eddie and I discuss holiday drinking, he’s doing “Biggest Loser” at work, my father-in-law gifted me deodorant, I saw my dad’s dick (spoiler: it was pretty big), Eddie and I play Lazer Tag and bully a...


Ep293 - Jon Hendren (Classic)

Digging out one of my favorite interviews from the past! This one is from Feb of 2014 and has me talking to Jon Hendren (notorious as @fart on Twitter) about all sorts of things. As we move through our month of May vacation, I thought some of you new listeners might enjoy an older interview episode. This show brought on a bunch of new fans, and was our most popular interview. Maybe we start having guests again? Let me know your thoughts. Enjoy and if you are a fan of Jon's and new to the...


Ep292 - Birth Story (Classic)

Rejoice! Eddie had his kid! And baby Remy and his wife are doing just lovely. While Eddie is on paternity leave, the show is going to take a breather for the month of May as well. I am going to post some classic shows, maybe some solo bits, etc. But we're going to use this time to recharge our batteries and consider the direction of the show. It's been nearly 6 years and 300 episodes! And it's time to make sure we are as proud and as happy with what we're doing as ever. I urge you (whether...


Ep291 - Top Shelf Placenta

Eddie’s lovely wife is going to have a baby any day! We talk about that, giving birth and more. Plus a little on the Boy Scouts, Kanye West, and a huge fajita scam that blows my mind. A listener has some serious accusations against me and we get an update from our tea friend Geoff. It's a fun one, thanks for listening.


Ep290 - The World's Most Relatable Podcast

Eddie and I discuss how our show is super relatable to everyone! And what would happen if one day it wasn’t because we were famous and had a butler. I’m back on keto and pissed about it. Plus avoiding a sunburn and the three ways a man can go swimming, being a dad with a sport cart, I teach my kid some new bad words, some great voicemails, re-stealing your own property, pee stream logic, being an RA in a dorm is weird, why reading books is cool and oh so much more.


Ep289 - Jenkums

When was the last time you punched a friend? We discuss this plus my wife’s birthday (spoiler alert: I blow it), a terrible calamity befalls poor Eddie, we discuss how video games have given us terrible hero fantasies, why strippers don’t take ‘Square’, discuss the prison drug ‘jenkums’, when your legs ‘fall asleep’ on the toilet, shout out to our patrons, new sponsor and all sorts of more. Sidenote: we're pausing the video livestream of the show...


Ep288 - Bidet

After a week off, the show is back and we are rip-roaring and have a lot of weird and gross fun. This is a great episode, we had a blast recording it. I go on a tour of San Francisco (the homeless people! the startups!) and Los Angeles (the bidets!) and have an interaction with Paul from Roanoke, I get spooked while camping and wish I had a gun, I clarify whether or not I am ‘thirsty’, I have fun with a new advertiser (yes that’s a real URL), we contemplate doing a ‘listener...


E287 - Red Wings (Classic)

Your best friends are back on their bullshit this week and couldn't do a show. We made a little intro to bring you one of my fave epsidodes ever, Ep197 - Red Wings. It's a hoot. New show next week. Thanks for hanging in their Sifties. ------ Original show notes God damned Dads and Grads. We wax poetic about being a dad and Father’s Day plus Eddie and I go to a shooting range! Is Obama on Reddit? I wonder if I drink too much (probably), have we ever had a gay experience, do we get down...


Ep286 - When a Man Hugs a Woman

On this week’s show we discuss the ways a married man can hug other women, how strong ‘scent’ is tied to memory, the process of spending $10,000 to archive your brain for eternity, we debate the merits of ‘tasting your own seed’, when is the time to ‘rewipe,’ plus Dax Sheperd’s new podcast, Queer Eye and a lot more. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch us live stream the show: And check out for info on...


Ep285 - Steam Room

Show is back and we’re feisty. I shit-talk women who wear hats and recap my SXSW adventures including my favorite lotion for Dan-Time, I meet actor Adam Pally and weird him out in a steam room, the cool Westworld activation that was there, my son is in a Spelling Bee again, ‘Morning Recovery’ is amazing, I inspire someone to have a baby and a whole lot more. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch us live stream the show: And...


Ep284 - Rag Time (Classic)

Your favorite boys are working hard this week and couldn't make a show happen. We'll be back in action next week. Until then, enjoy this classic episode from a few years ago that's a really fun one. And if you are itching for some new Dan content, I interviewed my good friend Robert Duff (Duff The Psych) on his podcast "The Hardcore Self Help Podcast". Find it on iTunes or at ------ (Original Show Notes - Sept 2015) Flying out of John Wayne...


Ep283 - Sex Dolls

We dive deep on sex dolls and all the minutiae surrounding them. Plus Hyrdoflasks are stupid, we find out ‘how Jewey I am’, I share some ‘tweets from Dan you might have missed’, some embarrassing stories, old gross jokes from when we were kids, sex advice and lots more. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch us live stream the show: And check out for info on merch, Patreon and more.


Ep282 - Jiffy Lube

New goal: own a Jiffy Lube! I meet an interesting guy on an airplane who inspires me to want to own some serious lube. Plus we discuss how rad California is, I see a huge celebrity at the Soho House in LA, the podcast blows up and we hit #8 in Comedy on iTunes, a listener realizes he and I are the exact same person, conspiracy theories we believe in, sexts from your parents and lots more. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch us live stream the show:...


Ep281 - Unfollow DJ Khaled

I’ve finally become a man! I get balls deep inside my house and do all sorts of cool repair and project stuff. I discuss that plus an outing to Top Golf, why it’s a bad idea to follow porn stars on social media (and being totally overwhelmed by them sexually) and also forbidden porn from the middle east. Of course we dig into the gun debate a little bit and share a great story of late night tattoos. Thanks for listening! Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch us live stream the show:...


Ep280 - B Day V Day

It’s a B Day V Day Show where we celebrate Valentine’s Day and my birthday! We discuss both of these joyous events in detail including having sex while under the weather and the two types of sex men have. Also, late night booty calls, sending a dick pic vs. butt pic and lots of listener questions. Really fun show this week. Thanks for listening! Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch us live stream the show: And check out...


Ep279 - Chaos Meal

Eddie is colorblind. Which is the worst. We discuss that plus smoking cigarettes out of the long filter stick things. I have a harrowing late-night text experience including what it’s like being drunk on social media (not me, no way!). Eddie tells a great story about putting himself and his passions on full display at work. We also discuss ‘deep fake’ porn, the ridiculous ‘Lady Doritos’ (I have some great alternatives I bring up) and some Super Bowl and advertising chats. Send us in your...


Ep278 - Superbing

Eddie and I are weird friends! We discuss our dynamic and how the podcast effects our relationship. Plus we go DEEP on Chuck E. Cheese (tickets, drinking, business dorks, the music, animatronics, everything) and we also wonder what Trump’s hair routine is like, Steve Wynn being a creep, sad and crappy old malls, we ponder who still writes checks, getting a ‘viper’, drinking games and so much more. Thank you for listening. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch us live stream the show:...


Ep277 - Athleisure Dad

Eddie and I take our relationship to the next level and he gifts me his pants. We discuss this and why men don’t share clothes, the agony of kid’s trying out for sports, people who went crazy when they thought the world was going to end (and what they might have done), we discuss Stormy Daniels, all the recent porn star deaths and more. Plus a fissure update, we talk about doing ‘serious dancing’, a throwback discussion of ‘tastebuds on your dick’, and a whole lot more including an ironic...


Ep276 - Fissure

My garage is over run with vermin! We discuss the trials and tribulations of this, plus my likely heritage, a little bit about Aziz Ansari, I have a cry for help regarding anal fissures, lots of listeners questions and voicemails (send yours in at and and so much more. Be sure to check out the live video and stream of the show on YouTube and our Thanks for listening.


Ep275 - Barista

You know the show loves data, so we do a deep dive on all the incredible data in porn from 2017. It’s fascinating and you’re going to love it. And yes ’step’ porn is as big as you think. Plus, I’m getting in deep with a Starbucks barista (and making bad friends at Baja Fresh), I breakdown a special relationship I have with a listener (I don’t want to spoil it in the notes!) and lots more. We’re live streaming the show now so go to our website for more info.


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