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278 Good Moms Bad Choices

We're joined this week by the hilarious and groundbreaking co-hosts of the Good Moms Bad Choices podcast, Erica and Milah! They share what it's like to be thirty-something black single moms dating in LA. This is by far the best convo we've had with regard to race and romance. We also chat about what it's like to talk about sex with your dad when he's an NFL legend (Eric Dickerson!). This is a two-part episode! The first half of our discussion is featured on the Good Moms Bad Choices...


277 Cam Parks Like a Grandma

This week was full of disrespect. A parking attendant harasses us. We're talked over at a conference. A guys hits on my mom and simultaneously sends me a dick pic. Do you know what we have to say to all this? EAT. MY. A**. Despite all the haters, we had a lot of fun 5-4-3-2-1-ing our way through a podcast conference. We also celebrated Valentine's Day with a new segment: "I Wish I Didn't." Want better sleep and a wonderful way to learn to meditate? Check out our favorite meditation app,...


276 Nina Hartley's Best Sex Ever

NINA HARTLEY RETURNS, and this time she brings along her brilliant romantic partner, Windee Patterson! Last time the iconic porn star and sex educator came on our show, we got into kissing and oral sex tips. This time we deep dive into relationships. What is it like to divorce a man and end up with a woman? How does someone transition from femme to butch? What is it like for two women to be in a large-age-gap relationship? Both of them are well-experienced when it comes to sex, and we learn...


275 Money Makes Cam Horny

I am happy to report that things have been falling into place recently, and as a result, I've grown hornier! This week, my mom slides into Brad Pitt's DMs (or rather, his fan account's DMs), I befriend a world-class boxing trainer, and FreddieTheDriver hits on my mom *off the record* and in front of me. We discuss listener comments/questions related to body-shaming, love after cheating, and sex with someone who can't get it up. Strap in and strap on! If you like what you hear, please help...


274 We Smoke Weed w/ Sara Weinshenk (Shenk Podcast)

This is obviously my mom's favorite episode to date. Why? Because we get high with comedian Sara Weinshenk (Comedy Central)! Is revenge worth a dry, finger-blasting pity fuck? What if it comes with a side of corndogs? When does slapping shift from sexy BDSM to painful BS? We discuss these important questions and more with the hilarious, weed enthusiast-fashionista-stand-up-comic Sara Weinshenk. Follow Sara on Instagram and Twitter @PrincessShenk. Make sure to check out her Comedy Central...


273 The Grandma Lover Texts Cam

I try to outmaneuver a troll who texts us at midnight about how hot my mom is. My mom advises a fan to listen to his wife's requests and suck another man's dick. She acts as a very bad influence and tries to convince me to start using social media again. I learn unwanted information about my mother and butt plugs. I am told that I am old, look like John Lennon, and act like Ted Mosby. Overall, it's a rollicking, uplifting Monday Morning After Show! If you like what you hear, please help...


272 Cam Makes a Sex Tape with a Celery Stalk (feat. Michael Longfellow)

Comic Mike Longfellow (CONAN) joins us for one of our most revealing episodes to-date! Things we discovered: We've all jerked off in public restrooms, Mike discovered porn from a friend in computer class, and I made a sex tape with a celery stalk. But honestly, who hasn't? If this magical romp is not enough, join us at for more sex laughs with Mike. You can watch Mike's stand-up and find out about his tour dates at Make sure to follow him...


271 Public Poops and Dumping Instagram

I push myself to talk to strangers this week, and my mother thinks I'm turning into Larry David. I'm cursed by a witch in the grocery store, and I'm rejected for the second time by the same hippie on the dance floor. My mom almost poops in an Uber. We answer listener questions, including how to get your partner to initiate sex more often. Strap in – this is a fun one! Want to learn to meditate in 2020? Check out our favorite meditation app, Calm! To get 40% off of Calm's premium...


270 Intimate with Intuitive Comic Monique Marvez

Let's get witchy with hilarious veteran comic Monique Marvez (Showtime)! This episode deep dives into the key to relationships: Intimacy. How do you build and sustain it? She shares stories from dating all sorts of men – cops and cowboys, young and old – and the wisdom she's gained from her experiences. We learn about how she became the powerhouse intuitive comic that she is, and the way she manifests her own reality. Want to hear more about Monique's thoughts on dating younger men and...


269 Heckled By Strippers

The haters are out here! I take an adventure to a strip club only to be heckled by the strippers' friends! My mom shames me for not smoking enough weed, and her boyfriend make fun of me for having braided hair. Despite the negative nancies, the clown prevails! We discuss listener questions about pursuing dreams, circumcising kids, and eating snot. Having trouble getting it up? Check out our sponsor, BlueChew! They make getting dick meds a breeze! Get a free first order (just $5 for...


268 The Anal Experts Return (feat. Speaking of Sex with the Pleasure Mechanics)

Curious about the booty hole? This chitchat will help you discover your anal pleasure. Chris and Charlotte Rose, a.k.a. The Pleasure Mechanics, give us step-by-step guidance to explore our butts. We also delve into Mindful Sex and how we can help change our relationship to premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and the inability to reach orgasm. Mom and I debate about where fantasy fits into mindfulness, even if the fantasies are about Bill Clinton. Make sure to check out the Pleasure...


267 Care if She Cums? w/ Comic Liza Treyger (GlitterCheese)

Liza Treyger, a.k.a. GlitterCheese, is a hilarious stand-up comic (Netflix, Comedy Central, Late Night w/ Seth Meyers) and together we dive deep into CUMMING. We discover we all hooked up at the University of Illinois. She shares a very bloody virginity story. We delve into the awkwardness with her parents when it comes to talking about her highly-sexual stand-up specials. She let's us in on her favorite pornstars! Want to learn to meditate in 2020? Check out our favorite meditation app,...


266 Cam Pays to Get Whipped at BDSM Party

Strap in and strap on, folks! I attend a BDSM party where I experiment with getting whipped. My mom is secretly jealous of the experience and shares her opinion on being spit upon. We discuss how to avoid sick people during the holidays, even if they're your extended family. On New Year's, I took a 5AM naked run in bitter cold Denver with some friends. My mom spent the night harassing policemen about the Beatles. Having trouble getting it up? Check out our sponsor, BlueChew! They make...


265 What Happens In Vegas Doesn’t Stay In Vegas

My mom and I take a family trip to VEGAS BABY! We somehow are BOTH reprimanded by the dealer while gambling. My mom also got a massage during which she was yelled at for stripping in front of the masseuse. We discuss New Year’s resolutions of creating better boundaries, which can supercharge compassion and strengthen relationships. Mom has a new twitter @BoomerThirsty, a.k.a. The Thirsty Boomer. I test out lying on dating apps. The results are not satisfying. Having trouble getting it up?...


264 Hug It Out

Despite my mother calling me a "Boring Buddhist," she agrees to participate in my hugging meditation. It was awkward, but beautiful. In this episode, we share the meditation (created by zen master Thich Nhat Hanh) with you! We also discuss fear of intimacy, hyper-sensitivity, and scary movies. Listeners chime in about their sensitive penises and premature ejaculation. We attend a comedy show with a 5-person audience and make predictions about whether I'll meet a lady on this upcoming family...


263 The Itchy Anus

Mom and I have finally found common ground: We both have an itchy butt. I go to the doctor who promptly ends our appointment. Mom goes to a concert and finds a trick that makes her VIP. She also thought I was dead for a few hours this weekend. We discuss listener questions related to non-monogamy and how to hack dating apps. Need a better way to groom below the belt? Get the best trimmer and other male grooming products at Enter promo code MOMTALK for 20% off and free...


262 Humiliation for Sale (w/ Humiliatrix Ceara Lynch)

One of our wildest episodes to date! Ceara Lynch earns loads of money online and she doesn't have to shed a piece of clothing. All she has to do is humiliate her clients with her words. Get an inside look at the life of a humiliatrix. We delve into what drives her and her clients, her career's effect on her personal life, and her parents response to her work. Want to hear more about Ceara Lynch's fascinating life? Tune into our Patreon bonus episode all about her sex life:...


261 Emergency Room Anal

My mom gets an MRI on her hip and harasses another patient in the waiting room. I got a rod shoved up my a$$ in the Emergency Room. In this episode we discuss the following listener questions and more: How do you encourage your partner to have sex if you're the one always initiating? Is everyone half present when they're at a social gathering, with half their mind on the activity at hand and the other half focused on finding a romantic connection? What do men appreciate as foreplay? Join...


260 Shameless Sex on Vibrators and Sex Positions

You think we're out there for talking about sex every week? Amy Baldwin opened a sex toy shop with her mom! Then she brought her bestie April Lampert into the mix, which eventually led to the creation of the Shameless Sex Podcast. These two are the most knowledgeable sex toy moguls that we've met and they're super fun. We discuss their top sex toy recommendations, the best sex positions and movements with toys, and whether sex toys desensitize your clit. We could have chatted with these...


259 Camping and Cumming

Is that a bear in your tent? What's with the rustling? We're giving thanks by answering your hilarious questions! We discuss sex while camping, our favorite and least favorite sex positions, and my womanly haircut. While at home for Thanksgiving, my mom steals a cake with her friend. My relatives urge me to prioritize romance, but I have second thoughts after I talk with my friends. Mom receives a message from her deceased father. Need a better way to groom below the belt? Get the best...