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Write what you don't know! A podcast from Eric Carlson, Marcus Mann, and Andrew Neill where we write and perform fiction based on TV shows, movies, and books we've never seen before!

Write what you don't know! A podcast from Eric Carlson, Marcus Mann, and Andrew Neill where we write and perform fiction based on TV shows, movies, and books we've never seen before!
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Write what you don't know! A podcast from Eric Carlson, Marcus Mann, and Andrew Neill where we write and perform fiction based on TV shows, movies, and books we've never seen before!






76: The Haunting of Hill House / Season Finale

In this super-long season finale, Eric and Marcus sham-write a pair of ghostly tales based on the recent Netflix original series, The Haunting of Hill House. Prepare yourself for plenty of frights, because there be a whole lotta ghosts up in that house! Meanwhile, your hosts probably set a record for the number of times "spooky" is said on a podcast. They also prove to be pretty bad at math, while attempting to count how many episodes we've made this season. Be sure to stick around after the...


75: The Ritual

Who's been carving these mysterious runes into these trees? Why are my best mates and I being tormented by these horrible nightmares? What is it that's hunting us in this dark scandinavian forest? Will these questions be answered this week on Sham Fiction? Nah. But that won't stop Marcus and Andrew from packing their best rainslickers and hiking boots and heading out into the wilderness to make their own versions of the Netflix original film, The Ritual! Links: The Ritual on Netflix:...


74: The Dragon Prince

When is a book not a book? When it's a season of a Netflix original series of course! In this episode Andrew and Eric cut their way through Marcus' rambling pitch as he talks about The Dragon Prince: Book 1: Moon and gets so excited he doesn't even get to talk about Amaya! He's sorry! TDP for life! Links: The Dragon Prince on Netflix: Support the show: Sham Fiction episode archive:...


73: Riverdale

Riverdale. "The town with pep!" If you're just passing through, you see what they want you to see: white picket fences, manicured lawns, the unmarked chrome of the famous dining car, Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe. Go to Riverdale High, you'll see happy, healthy teens, hitting the books and their extracurriculars with enthusiasm and spunk. It all seems so perfect. ...but stay a little longer, and more will reveal to you. The mysterious death of the high school quarterback. His girlfriend, committed...


72: Westworld

The term 'Host' is a complicated one. Some hosts are your favorite voices behind a beloved podcast. Others are cold-blooded murder machines programmed to kill. This week on ShamFiction, you'll get a little of both! In this one, Marcus and Andrew (one of whom is actually a bloodthirsty robot, I'll let you guess which one!) are diving into the origins of the hit HBO series Westworld by writing their own versions of the the film that started it all! Yes, in 1973 there was a film called...


71: Disenchantment

There's a time in every girl's life when she realizes that the boy she wants to get with won't touch her because he's afraid of being killed by her father, the King. A tale as old as time! In this episode, Andrew and Eric become the hard drinking, hard fighting, fantasy princesses they were always meant to be as they inscribe two scrolls with their takes on the Netflix Original Series, Disenchantment! Links: Disenchantment on Netflix: Support the...


70: A Quiet Place

Imagine a world in which making a sound could mean certain death. A sudden cough or a sneeze (or probably a toot) could result in your being mauled by a vicious monster! Thankfully, this is just the premise of today's featured property—the recent blockbuster horror flick, A Quiet Place—and not real life. We can fart to our heart's content! However, in this episode, your favorite sham host Andrew asks Eric and Marcus to set a story in the film's terrible, silent world. Will they keep their...


69: Lost in Space

Sometimes in this mixed up, dying world, you just need to hear a couple feel-good stories about a boy and his robot. Sure, Dr. Smith might not be who she says she is, and your family might be stranded on a volatile alien planet, and your robot pal might actually be an extraterrestrial murder-machine, but hey, your parents are back together and no homework! Not bad! This week, Marcus and Andrew take on the Netflix original series, Lost in Space! Links: Lost in Space official website:...


68: Cobra Kai

I have three rules for you: Strike first. Strike hard. No mercy. Follow those commandments and you'll be doing awesome kicks and stuff in no time. Live like it's the eighties because that's the only time you were cool. In this episode Andrew and Eric journey to a land of strip malls, car dealerships, and karate tournaments as they learn the ways of the YouTube Orignal Series: Cobra Kai. Links: Cobra Kai on YouTube: Tags: youtube,...


67: Firewatch (Indie Game Edition)

If we've learned anything over the last few episodes, it's that video games aren't all Calls of Duty and Super Marios anymore. Case in point: this week's game, Firewatch, in which you play as a guy who takes a summer job in the National Parks Service, watching for forest fires. Okay, okay, so it's a lot more interesting than it sounds. In addition to the abundance of natural beauty, you'll explore hidden caves, encounter shadowy figures, and investigate a streak of missing persons. Yeah,...


66: What Remains of Edith Finch (Indie Game Edition)

Sham Fiction's Indie Video Game series is back with its second edition! In this episode, Marcus and Andrew will explore the eerie and surprisingly macabre roots of America's most unfortunate family, and introduce us to some dearly departed members of the Finch clan. It's a sweet, charming, and grisly interpretation of Giant Sparrow's hit game, What Remains of Edith Finch! Links: What Remains of Edith Finch official website: Support the show:...


65: Celeste (Indie Game Edition)

Join us as we celebrate digital storytelling with the first adventure in our Indie Games Series! Marcus has climbed the mountain and shares his tales of traveling with Madeline and accidentally killing her literally thousands of times. Can Andrew and Eric do better, or will this be our cutest pixelated killfest yet? Find out as we play with Matt Makes Games' beatiful indie platformer, Celeste! Links: Buy Celeste: Support Sham Fiction:...


64: Brigsby Bear

Hi friends! It's your friend and host for this week, Andrew! Isn't it great that I get to do a show with my friends, Eric and Marcus, and you all (also my friends) listen to it? The world is a big place and full of strange and unknown things, so it's important to have friends to go through it with. I learned that from Brigsby, but you know that. ... Wait... You don't know Brigbsy? From TV? He's a bear that travels through space and time, teaching lessons to aliens and children. It's my...


63: Mr. Mercedes

It's another Stephen King edition of Sham Fiction, and this time, we're taking on our favorite author's recent gumshoe detective novel, Mr. Mercedes! We hope you're wearing your adult-sized diapers for this one, folks, because Andrew and Marcus are writing some bowel-looseningly disturbing stories! Do tales of serial killers bother you? Do yarns that delve deep into the minds of psychopaths make you feel...uneasy? Do you get a sick...pleasure from these feelings? Great! Then this episode is...


62: You're the Worst

Jimmy Shive-Overly, the subject of today's featured property, would definitely have a heckle or two (or seven) for us for even attempting to sham his elevated lifestyle and prodigious literary talent. However, like his oppositionally-defiant counterpart, Gretchen, we're willing to risk it. Sham Fiction can go anywhere! The delightful cruelty of FXX's You're the Worst is simply too great to pass up. But do Andrew and Eric have the literary talent to capture Jimmy and Gretchen's...


61: The Shape of Water

The darkly beautiful fantasy worlds of director Guillermo del Toro have captured movie-goers' imaginations for over twenty years. Now, with The Shape of Water, his work has captured the film industry's top honor, the Academy Award for Best Picture, and del Toro himself received the award for Best Director! Holla at ya boi! About damn time, says Andrew. It's also about damn time we hold a duel of the shams with del Toro's work, which itself is an honor of some sort. But do Eric and Marcus...


60: Future Man

Alright, shut your rat-holes and listen up, humans! Tiger and Wolf have stolen the TTD from the evil Biotics, but it's up to you to save the! It's Future Man! Hulu's original series! In this episode, Marcus and Andrew go toe to herpes-ridden-toe (IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!) to try to save humanity once and for all. SPOILER: It's hilarious. Links: Watch Future Man on Hulu: Support Sham Fiction: Sham Fiction episode...


59: Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

How many times do we have to warn you not to play mysterious board games that you find on the beach that metamorphize into slightly more appetizing video games? It's just not worth it! Sure, you may learn some lessons and get to be The Rock for a while, but you might die! We hope these shams will save your life, as Andrew and Eric take on the cautionary true story of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle! Links: Watch Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle on Amazon: Support Sham...


58: Unforgiven

It's a helluva thing... writing a sham. Eric and Marcus should know that more than most. In this episode, they have to bear the heavy burden of shamming Unforgiven, Clint Eastwood's Best Picture-winning western from 1992. In preparation for writing, they'll have to reckon with all their misdeeds from when they were younger, crueler men and channel that pain and guilt into their prose. Or maybe they won't do that. Maybe they'll just have a good time tackling the western genre! Come to think...


57: Species

Have you ever truly felt anything, brah? According to a character on this week's show, you probably haven't. Alas! We can't all be like Dan Smithson, the iconic empath portrayed by Forest Whitaker in this week's property: Species! It's a kinda-classic scifi/horror flick from the '90s! Eric is pitching; Marcus and Andrew are writing; and they're all getting in touch with their feelings—particularly with how they feel about actress Natasha Henstridges' nakedness in this movie, given how old...