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Welcome to Sign Me Up Podcast! Tune in every Wednesday to hear how @CheekyBobbi and @CydneyPoppins2 navigate the world of dating with the help of the star signs. We'll use the undeniable powers of astrology to solve your love life problems and possibly help you find the perfect "BAE." You've never heard pure conjecture sound so good.

Welcome to Sign Me Up Podcast! Tune in every Wednesday to hear how @CheekyBobbi and @CydneyPoppins2 navigate the world of dating with the help of the star signs. We'll use the undeniable powers of astrology to solve your love life problems and possibly help you find the perfect "BAE." You've never heard pure conjecture sound so good.
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Welcome to Sign Me Up Podcast! Tune in every Wednesday to hear how @CheekyBobbi and @CydneyPoppins2 navigate the world of dating with the help of the star signs. We'll use the undeniable powers of astrology to solve your love life problems and possibly help you find the perfect "BAE." You've never heard pure conjecture sound so good.




18 Wheeler with a Curve

#VIRGOSZN IS HERE IN FULL EFFECT!!! Happy Birthday Cydney!! Our friend Tam joins us in the closet to chop it up... if you were an Uber driver, and one of your riders leaves a duffle bag full of cash in the backseat, what you gna do?!?! Yall Cardi and Nicki done got to fighting!! TUH! cant take the Bronx outta Cardi, but we knew that!! Kanye heading up the pornhub awards.. but we dont even watch pornhub!! lmaoo which is better, dating older or dating younger?? let us know what you think in...


Dating H.I.M.

We LATE af but we have a guest in the closet this week!!! J'Lamar joins us this week as we talk about dating H.I.M.!!! Matchmaking is a thing yall! and the kids are signing up quick! More importantly.. its #VIRGOSZN !!! its a delightful time of year, happy birthday Beyonce! Shenanigans continue with Nicki.. shes sick yall get her some milk lmao and Kanye's slides? what's the tea sis?? RIP Aretha Franklin!


What You Gon' Text Back?!?!

GANG GANG!! wessupp #LeoSzn !! Listen, what kinda produce would you be and why? lol We came up with the most delicious drink, it's called Sign Me Up.. duh! we had a new moon!!! did you remember to set your intentions?? What would yall do if an ex resurfaced with a whole marriage proposal?! You saying yes or nah? *insert eyes emoji* what chu gon txt back?!?! Cydney is meditating yall!!! 10 days in, we litty!


Raw-Dogging Life

#LEOSZN weessuuppp!! shoutout to all yall out here with no health insurance #RawdoggingLife lol. What's something that you don't like for no good reason?? yall ever notice how your grandparents been toothless for like 30 years?!??! what's that about?? lmaooo anyhoooo.. SIX whole planets were/are in retrograde.. so we all out here struggling! TUH! and shoutout to mommy Bardi for choosing her baby over these niggas on tour! lmao



Hey KIKI!!! We back in America from Haiti and we have a willldddd story to tell!! Incredible trip overall and we're so blessed and grateful for the experience !! #ShoutoutToMommyKettly ... guess what guys, lip fillers aint cool no more!!! Kylie is off that. #AintNoSelfMade ..last but not least.. KULTURE KIARI CEPHUS. that is all. #LivingMyBestLife


Are You Riding And Dying?

Wasssgudd Cancers??! We here in the dead of summer yall.. its July and its hot af! We're off to vacation.. living our best life in Haiti!! Your man asks for your hand in marriage just before he goes off to a 20 year bid?? #rideordie When was your best year to date?? Drake has a baby!! lmaoo #WhoKnew ??? Did yall like the album? It's not cool to fuck without a condom yall!! it's also not cool to ride without a seatbelt! lol DID YALL WATCH POWER?!?! bruhhh lol Lastly, we discuss our...


Who's That Peeping Thru My Window?

Heyy Cancer SZN!! we here!!! Beyonce and Jay dropped an album! Look at God. Shoutout to the professional event planners getting shit done! We see yall!! What was the last lesson you learned the hard way? What's your favorite part about being an adult? Congrats Shanna on your promotion!!.. the full moon ritual is LEGIT yall! T.I still out here being a hoe! #TenOnTwo IM UPSET !!! wow we love #Degrassi lmao


Make Her Your World

It's #GeminiSZN yall and shit is getting weird!! lmao Ladies, what would you do if your man (husband) was infertile?? Sperm bank or nah? Do yall work with crystals at all? Do you believe the energy from a crystal can resonate in your life? speaking of gemini.. Kanyeeee West ! also Drake and pushaaaa lmaoo wow. just.. wow. And we're still gettin our whole lives!! #GetYaLife


I Rather Be Deaded

Heyyy Gemini SZN!! we're back at it again with the shenanigans on the bi-weekly! let us know how you like the new schedule! Have you ever been dealing with a lonnggg drawn out break-up and realize.. u just rather be deaded then deal the with bullsh*t! Us too! lol Finalllyyyy we're introducing our new segment #GetYaLife it's dealing with all things wellness.. mind, body and spirit. Join us on our individual journies to feel like our best selves!


Cinco La Bamba

Heyyy yall!! Hope your cinco de mayo was as lit as ours! We have A HUGGEEE announcement... we're going biweekly! This great news! We're improving our show, taking more time to make sure we're bringing you the best quality episodes we can! Look out for the next episode the week of 5/21 and in the meantime, let us know what topics you want us to talk about that we haven't covered yet!


Let's Get It On

Hey Taurus SZN!!! calling all Taurus'.. are yall feeling like you're in a transitional space? Let us know! Between Kanye and Bill.. we're stresseeddddd :( it's entirely too much. Is it normal to feel like your life is mundane after only a few dates?? As always.. email us!!



We had to run down allllllll the trash shit that happened to us during this stressful #MercuryRetrograde .. all the things that could have gone wrong.. pretty much did! And of course we had to stan for our fave Beyonce tho!!


Desert Chicks And Sweaty Dicks

We're live from Coachelllaaa! This episode was recorded pre-BEYchella so we will get our stanning in next week! Anywho.. we love the desert days.. our friends are with us so we asked them how to tell he/she is not that into you.. the guys break bro code for us!! We snatched up an Aries and a Taurus to chat with us too..


Mercury the Scammer

Hey Aries SZN!!! It's a special time of year for us right now as it's also #CoachellaSZN !! So, if you could change your name what would it be? Listennnnn.. mercury retrograde has been a whole mess! A messy bitch who livesss for drama lmao ! Cardi is preggo yall! Shoutout againnnn to #BlackPanther ! #ILoveUsForreal What's the difference between a side chick and a mistress? DM us! @signmeuppodcast


FAFSA Finesser

Must be a fulll mooooonnn.. feels like one of those nighttttsss lmao Hey Aries SZN! the full moon and Easter around the same time is not by coincidence! Stay Woke! What's the quickest way to get your black card snatched? Mannnnn Howard U out here scamming and stealing from the kids! SMH the finesse is too real! #GucciGang lol and what are some ways to tell he/she is just not that into you?? We'll continue this story next week as well!


Genetics Tell A Story

It's Aries SZN yall!!! We're doing #JustFine WOO! We hope yall had a lit Holy week lol.. dont blow ya budget on ya Easter outfit lmaoo.. what fish makes the best fish sandwich ?? we're in anotherrrrr #MercuryRetrograde -__- hide ya kids, hide ya wife.. As we gaze upon these celebrity babies, always remember, genetics tell a story. lol What advice do you have for a 30 year old woman who has never had an orgasm?? bone in wings? or boneless? lmaoo


How Do I Say Goodbye ??

Happy happy birthday to all yall pisces ! you're SZN is over but newww tings upon us! it's official! Cydney accepted her new job offer and celebrated with her irish brethren for St. Patty's Day! Speaking of irish.. Shanna had the luck of the Irish and won a cool prize.. you ever been reading your horoscope and saw a word you didn't know.. well instead of skipping over that shit now you can understand it! we're breaking down some of the most commonly unknown planetary aspects so you can stay...


Let Me Add Up My Black

Very excited cuz I'm blackkkkk yall!! lol Cydney did her ancestry and let's just say a whole new world is open to us.. and that world is in Africa !! Where my Nigerians at??? The way the ancestry is set up.. those west African countries were leading in the slave trade.. catch that tea. Soo would u rather have a way too big dick or a way too teeny dick ?? Ladies.. what yall know about the flaccid pull-out?? LMAO How much do you share with your friends about your sex life? slideeee in our...


Residue Dick

Hey Pisces SZN! This Virgo full moon is trippy mane! There's some freaky shit going on in Cydney's life.. dm's was poppin! Shanna beat the system and was living luxuriously on a work trip. Who's your 90's sitcom family?? if you're a Pisces artist, this is a great time to work on your craft.. but maybe steer clear of any serious commitments. We're just giving you something to chew on! SWISH SWISH DICK DICK lmaooo Safaree is having the best week ever!!! #innervaginalresidue #theclouddidthat...



Tambourine motherfucker tambourine!!!!! It's March yall! wow 2018 is moving right along. How do you feel about a guy youre dating being dependent on food stamps? Did Chris Rock have it right or wrong when he said women, children and dogs are unconditionally loved.. men have to provide something first. There's a contesttttt going on ! only our true listeners will be eligible !! WHERE YALL AT?? lol Tambourine motherfucker tambourine!!!!!