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Welcome to Sign Me Up Podcast! Tune in every Wednesday to hear how @CheekyBobbi and @CydneyPoppins2 navigate the world of dating with the help of the star signs. We'll use the undeniable powers of astrology to solve your love life problems and possibly help you find the perfect "BAE." You've never heard pure conjecture sound so good.

Welcome to Sign Me Up Podcast! Tune in every Wednesday to hear how @CheekyBobbi and @CydneyPoppins2 navigate the world of dating with the help of the star signs. We'll use the undeniable powers of astrology to solve your love life problems and possibly help you find the perfect "BAE." You've never heard pure conjecture sound so good.
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Welcome to Sign Me Up Podcast! Tune in every Wednesday to hear how @CheekyBobbi and @CydneyPoppins2 navigate the world of dating with the help of the star signs. We'll use the undeniable powers of astrology to solve your love life problems and possibly help you find the perfect "BAE." You've never heard pure conjecture sound so good.




Shanna's Series of Unfortunate Events

HELLO VIRGO SZN!!!! WELCOME!!! WE OUT HERE!! lmaooo You ever had just a shitty ass run of events and there was no retrograde in sight?? Who do you have to blame??? to all my Virgo brothers and sisters, what type of virgo are you?? Are yall obsessed with napkins too??


Party Podcast LIVE

ISSA PARTY!! Cydney and Shanna meet up on the east for #ClarkandCydneysSummerParty to talk about some real shit! Do yall think everyone has a soulmate??


Slap The Titty

We're back in #LeoSZN and the shenanigans continue! #Getsilly what do you do if your new bae is getting breastfeeding pics from his babymom?? #TheLionKing movie and album review.. we still love you Beyonce foreverrrrrr! We just went thru a #BlackMoon, its the time to encourage self-love.


Hot Girls Vs. City Boyz

IT'S A HOT GIRL SUMMMMERRRRR lmaooo JK we're old and washed. Happy #LeoSZN.. and how fitting that #LionKing just came out! If you could trade places with anyone in the world, who would it be?? Shoutout to all the female rappers!!! sooo who's winning tho? Hot Girls or City Boyz??? #IWannaDriveTheBoat


Gemini SZN

*BONUS* this episode was supposed to go up weeks ago!! lmaooo wow my badddd lol. What do you do when your man catches The Garter Belt at the wedding?? we learned a new #planteryaspects and the C word really irkssss Cydney!!! Also are old people still getting bizzy?? LOL


Tinder Tale 2019

hellooooo #CancerSZN !! we out here with allllll the cancer friends and family this month getting it in!! We delve into another #planetaryAspect the opposite. Do opposites really attract??? This week also marks a very very very special throwback edition #TinderTale lmaoo YES, you guessed it, tinder still aint shit lmaooo


Extra Meat

Gemini SZN wessguddddd!!! Wow, hold on to your britches with these bitches lmao. If you could only have THREE apps on your phone, which would you have? shoutout to jeff beso's ex.. a billionaire with a heart! lol now onto the extra meat on the meat.. how yall feel about the uncircumsised penis??


Wow, I Can Smell Your Breath From Here

It was a full house on the show this week! Shoutout to Cathy and Autumn (and Trouble) for coming in the closet this week and indulging our antics!! Shoutout to all the Taurus' including Cathy, this is yall time!! if you ever need to tell someone their breath sinks, ask Cathy!!! What do you want an unlimited supply of?? Male pattern baldness, METGala and moreee!!!


Whistle Blower

Cydney seriously loves Baby Boy!!!! WOW RIP to John Singleton! As we strolled down college memory lane, we realized our whole group was in an extracurricular dance troupe! lmaooo (#shoutout to Joce) #TaurusSZN what it is heaux, wessupppp!!! Saturn is in retrograde and that means you should all start setting rules and regulations for yourself! #GetYaLife! We also dived into the next planetary aspects, sextile, square and trine!!!


The MARATHON Continues

This week has been tough for everyone! sheesh.. residual #mercuryretrograde had us all f'd up! We recorded the day of Nipsey Hussle's Celebration of Life and it was a beautiful experience for all of us. The energy in LA was electric! #TheMarathonContinues We're FINALLY learning planetery aspects! wooo! This week: Conjuntion and Semi Sextile.. if your friend was paying a bill for you and you didn't know about it.. would you be mad? Let us know!


Broughteth & Seeketh

We back! SPOILER ALERT!! We're talking about #Us.. shit is wildddd, go Jordan Peele!! There's a zombie apocalypse, what 3 people are you choosing to survive it with?? (def said Chris' wrong position, hes an O-lineman lol) We need Magic on our side lol It's officially a new astrological year! Happy Aries Szn.. we're playing a fun guessing game about astrological traits. Give it to me baby!! Always remember, the gossip can be broughteth.. but dont go seeketh. periodT. Mental, physical, and...


Get Out: Resort Edition

Hey Starbeams!! How yall surviving the #MercuryRetrograde?? it's a bumpy time aka Mercury's naptime!! lol we're on vacationnnn!!! Wooo #SMUHoliday Have yall ever thought about resort culture and if resorts were real places where people lived full time?? it's honestly creepy if you think about it for too long LOL How long does it take you to get over a break-up? What's a fair amount of time? I conquered my Karaoke fear!!! shoutout to Chris Stapleton!! lmaooo hey yall.. check on your strong...


did Kylie Know?

Hiiiiii Pisces Friends!! It's fishy outchea because #Mercury is #Retrograding !!!! PROTECT YA NECK SIS!!! lmaoo Venus is in Aquarius right now, how does that make yall #pisces feel? soooooo Jussie, Shadrach and Meshach.. yall all annoying. We're still waiting on the facts! The Jordyn Woods tea was #lukewarm! the reallll tea is.. did Kylie know about the shit!?! So what do yall think about asking your partner permission to do something? With it or nah?!


We Got The Ultra Starbeams

Welcomeeee back from Thotney and Thotianaaaaa!!! lmaooo shoutout to our loving #Starbeams!!! What do yall think of our new gang name?? #Starbeams Happy Happy Birthday Shanna!! and all yall other Aquarius, its been real!! Can you work with a guy professionally who did you wrong personally?? What does it depend on for you?? Let us know!! What energy are you giving off in the workpalce?? Dont let these niggas steal your joy in the office!!


Valentine SZN

It's that time of year yalll.... it's Shanna SZN!!!!! lmaooo shoutout to all the beautiful Aquarius souls out there. #themonthoflove #themonthofBLACKNESS Sooooo the panties in a new bae's drawer.. are we letting that shit slide or calling him out?? Shoutout to ATL for hosting the SuperBowl.. (but the game was wack af!) we share a little love story for #2cents because this is of course.. #ValentineSZN !!


Can You Have a Bottle of Wine on Death Row?

Happy AquariusSZN!!!! This week we have Lola in the closet helping us wrap up CapricornSZN.. do you think we would have a poppin prison podcast?? Lol Shoutout to MLK for helping us have the basic civil rights we deserve likeeee making this show! Meanwhile... govt is still shut down. Bruhhhhh Fyre Festival really tried it lmaoooo, we’re unpacking the documentaries and it’s crazzyyyy! Shoutout to Soulja Boy!!!! He’s having the greatest comeback of 2019. How do you handle a friend with bad...


R. Kelly Trash AF

i only got FOURRRRRR MINUTESSSSS!!! what are you doing with your 4 minutes? lol Heyyyy CapricornSZN! how you doin?! *wendy williams voice* Cydney had a rough start to the new year but Shanna sure didnt!! lol ok, lets cut to the chase.. R.Kelly is trashhhhhh its just an ever-present theme this week. We had to talk about it!


The Avocado Series

We had the opportunity to chat with a very special guest, Aunty Salaam! We want to hear from YOU- what would you like to hear Aunty Salaam dive deeper on?? LET US KNOW! listen to the end to hear Cydney get her mind blown by her life path number lmaooo. What's your life path number? Comment below!


Have You Ever Loved Someone With A Micropenis?

hey guyzzzz!!!! Welcome back again to a special two-part episode of life lessons mixed with mess lol Let's talk about micro penis' and strap-ons, shall we?? #Shoutout to all the charming, intellectual, manipulative Saggitarius out there! We see you!!! LOL. And make sure you check out part II of this episode, The Avocado Series, featuring a special guest you don't want to miss!


Do You Boo!!

Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!! This is a wonderful time of year, enjoy! Were y’all last min shopping? 👀 prolly lmao Kylie getting that 30 year career money..sheesh! Cardi and Offset are “divorcing”.. we gon see, but let’s unpack shall we?? What are your holiday traditions? Were here for them all !!! But when do you bring bae around the fam for the holidays? Lol