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Sign Me Up Podcast was founded in 2015 by college besties Cydney and Shanna. The bi-weekly podcast is set around the duo as they (not always) gracefully navigate their early 30s covering all issues from dating to pop culture to self-care. The show hinges on astrology as an ever-present influence on every aspect of life.




Sign Me Up Podcast was founded in 2015 by college besties Cydney and Shanna. The bi-weekly podcast is set around the duo as they (not always) gracefully navigate their early 30s covering all issues from dating to pop culture to self-care. The show hinges on astrology as an ever-present influence on every aspect of life.




Use Your Words

Beware of New Covid! We’re at the age where talking about the weather is a priority. Lol activate that inner throat baby!! This week we dive into our 7 chakra khans aka our chakras. Veryyyy fascinating lol #shoutout to all the new and newly announced black couples! We love y’all <3


Leos Be Lyin

Entering 2023 & Capricorn szn with a guest! Our friend CC joins us and we figure out what’s cap, body journeys & haters, plus literally running from these niggas. Tory Lanez is on the docket and of course, he’s a Leo lol. Happy New Year !


Pre Christmas

Home for the holidays ! No travel this year but equally excited for the break. What does everyone know about us?? The Tory Lanez/ Meg the Stallion case is the wildest ride of 2022. Do Harry & Meghan watch Tyler Perry's shows?? Lmao Happy Holidays y’all !


When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong

The Sagittarius’ are coming with that heater this December !! Our friend @Jaylatheselfesteemqueen comes thru dropping gems about reiki, polyamory, and even Kanye! Y’all surviving 24 hours in the open ass ocean ?? Updates since recording: Amy & TJ are off the air & Britney Griner is free! *TRIGGER WARNING* this week’s whore story includes themes of SA and may be sensitive to some audiences.


No Rules

XOXO Sane Jane brought some sense & maturity to our humble podcast lmao. Surprisingly.. there are no rules to journaling!! If you’re feeling blue, we’re here for you. Cydney taps into her detective bag.. we’re cracking cases yall !


Pluto in Scorpio

Hello lovers!! Listen, we’re jumping straight into it today.. what are you doing if your partner’s mom slaps you?? Not us learning the meaning of the Pluto placement today lol wait for the whore story Lmao Cast your vote for the new name of our astrology segment! Is it “The Sign Up” or “Star Gaze” ???


Very Slithery, No Bones

Hello from the year 2002! Lol it’s the Halloweekend! Shanna shares how Seal Paul rocked her world. We played a very toxic game of “reframing our thinking” on Scorpios lmao.. Kanye is making it almost impossibleeeee for us 😭


You Won't Know You Were Robbed Til The End

It’s Spooky Szn ! Y’all doing anything spooky? Lol what’s the scariest thing that’s ever happened to you? Ye is at it again.. and we’re tired. All the couples are splitting, is marriage the goal? What are your thoughts on spending money on your partner??


I Quiet Quitted When I Was Hired

It’s arguably the best zodiac season of the year, it’s Virgo SZN! God bless lol we had a special guest this week who we literally throw right in the deep end ! Are you ready to date outside your comfort zone?? Thanks Joe, but we need more lol. Listen to the end for a truly whorible surprise lmao


Cancel Him

Oh hello!! Back again, this time asking “if a Leo was a designer brand, what brand would they be??” We think the answer is pretty obvious. Lol what natural deodorant do y’all use? Asking for a friend.. Also, what’s something your date over shared on the first date??


Prepare to be Sick of Me

Seduce & Schemee!! Shoutout to the Leos, I’m really seeing the importance in Leos lmao, we love that for y’all. Did y’all play in the mega millions? If so, do you live in Illinois ?? 👀 who y’all got in a fight, Beyonce or Kelis? Haha !


Revenge Porn

We love a same-city recording session! Shout out to being happy and singing and colored LOL. Ever thought about having a sex room? Comment below on how you would design yours! Also apparently WIll from Stranger Things and Doja Cat got beef but its been protect black women. And how do we feel about revenge porn and nude leaks from celebs?


Going to Sex Clubs

Kicking off the episode with a game of date, marry, divorce- Cancer edition and let's just say our choices are Summer is for living and Cydney and Shanna can't catch a break! Parenting the parents is a real thing, and Ray J is still out here wildin. What are your thoughts on sex clubs? Listen til the end for a whore story surprise!


Lord, I’ve Seen What You’ve Done For Others

Happy PRIDE to my gworls and Gays! What would you do if your partner spent your entire wedding fund ?? (Break up with em!) The Gemini horoscope this month is literally on the money for our Gemini friend Johnny Depp! Our friend Chantalle joins us to talk about crunching those numbers ! Are you living inside your means? 👀 *New segment alert!!!* We’re getting into these whorestories.. listen in!


That Jupiter Juice

The Geminis are gemin!! Shanna & Cydney are embracing their Gemini placements and it’s fortunate time for the gworls. Rih is a mom! Thoughts on men not cutting ex’s off? Make sure you know the difference between knots in your stomach & butterflies!


Fuckboys Don't Die

cydney is a chatty patty this epi, ready to run her fucking mouth lmao! Shoutout to all the amazing doctors in our lives, we love y’all! Tell us the amazing things you’re doing in life.. Listen, reading is fundamental!! Don’t mess around with these edibles and their potency ok?! how has taurus szn been for you so far?


It's Hard to Come Back from the D

We’re in a super positive space this week! I stan Shanna’s academic success literally every week !! Lmao what show got cancelled too soon?? We’re into the THICK of Aries szn now, our girl Susan Miller provides some insights. Britney Spears is preggo ! Lmao it’s a new day yall.. I’ll be tuned innn..



These Gas prices!!! Putin fuck you girl ! Kentanji really been going thru it smh these whites have no respect. What’s the most embarrassing moment in your life?? Are drakes braids with his real hair?? We will share some Manifestations to live by for Aries..


This One’s for the Girls

Would you give up your CEO role to your man/partner because he lost his job? Rid us all of the toxic male podcasts that cover irrational topics, it’s a breeding ground for low fragile masculinity. Women been socialized to be THAT girl since the beginning of time! Cydney and math definitely dont mix but when is the last time yall used your scientific calculator from Texas Instruments?? Lmao


The Tinder Swindler

We got into Shanna's fun birthday weekend, then it was straight to the Pisces slander!! lmao Y’all think Rihanna gonna drop an album soon? Have you ever argued with a Pisces?? Best of Luck! Russia is climbing in your windows and snatching your people up.. smh to our international listeners, stay safe! Lastly, if the scammers come for you, we got the tips to make sure they don't get you!! #tinderswindler