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Splish Splash is an interview-based podcast based in fun, playful exploration of the endeavors and minds of creative people.

Splish Splash is an interview-based podcast based in fun, playful exploration of the endeavors and minds of creative people.
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Washington, DC


Splish Splash is an interview-based podcast based in fun, playful exploration of the endeavors and minds of creative people.




9 - Jennifer Crawford / The JellyVision Show & DC PodFest

Jennifer Crawford is the host of the JellyVision Show Podcast where each week, she leads optimistically pragmatic discussions of the ways in which other creative entrepreneurs can move themselves forward in their endeavors. Tony talks to Jen about how her upbringing and provided a "reverse blueprint" for her entrepreneurial career, her work with the JellyVision Show and DC PodFest, DC's first podcast convention taking place next month November 6-8 at the Wonder Bread Event Space. Jen also...


8 - Church Night

On this week's episode of Splish Splash, Tony is joined by the Reverend Stevedore Maybelline Bidet, Esq. and Kathy Piechota of Church Night, a live, once-monthly alternative worship experience. It's alternative in the sense that these two lovers of the Lord preach a message of "coming together at the same time" and plain-old just getting fucked up. The Reverend fields Tony's deep theological questions such as, "Does the Lord like to party?" and "If you could kick it with the Lord for one...


7 - Bryce Rudow / Random Nerds

What you and Bryce Rudow share is a love of the Internet and an exasperation with online content that's deceptively titled and cluttered with ads and other "promoted articles". Based on this premise, Bryce launched Random Nerds, a culture blog with the goal to make Internet reading fun again by focusing on reader experience and bringing writers' personalities to the fore. Tony talks to Bryce about about making the Internet tasty again in addition to dishing out on topics like subtweeting and...


6 - Adam Beslove

Adam Beslove is a guy who's always been very decisive of what he wants to do and when he wants to do it. Throughout the course of his professional life, he's never stayed in any line of work longer than he wanted. Then he'd move on to something else. Pivoting from network infrastructure to real estate and then to the realm of pet food, Adam has spearheaded more than a little "career shift". And he's made one other big occupational shift since the birth of his daughter, and that's to be a...


5 - Dan Drago / 25 O'Clock Podcast

Philly-based Dan Drago and Splish Splash host Tony Porreco go back a little ways: They met in 2012 back when their bands began playing shows together. Since then, they’ve both become independent podcasters, and when Dan recently found himself in DC for a few days, it only seemed right for Dan to come on the show to talk about his excellent arts interview podcast 25 O’Clock, which he’s been putting out at a steady clip since last year. Additionally, Dan shares how Tony’s comprehensive...


4 - David Fogel of Bump n' Grind

David Fogel is a guy who just can't stop starting incredibly cool businesses; and his most recent one is no exception: Bump n' Grind is a hybrid coffee shop/record store located in downtown Silver Spring, MD featuring a unique emphasis on electronic music and vinyl culture. David talks to Splish Splash Host Tony Porreco about his goal of creating businesses that not only resonate with consumers in an increasingly experience-based economy, but also contribute to the cultural infrastructure of...


3 - Jon Weiss & Erik Strander / Babe City Records

This week's Splish Splash is a convo with Jon Weiss & Erik Strander, two of the founding members of Babe City Records, a Washington, DC-based record label that features a well curated roster of artists including The Sea Life, Young Rapids and BRNDA. Jon and Erik talk about what it's like running an independent label, Tony confronts Jon about his high school report cards, and the Babe City guys give a teaser about how they're putting out a reissue from an '80s post-punk band from Greece....


2 - Sean Joyce / Underground Comedy DC

Producing high quality stand-up comedy shows 7 nights a week, Underground Comedy DC is an endeavor that never takes a night off (literally). On this week's episode of Splish Splash, host Tony Porreco talks to Underground Comedy's main man Sean Joyce about the business of running stand-up, in addition to letting Sean in on the secret as to why he's been to so many Underground shows the last several months. Learn more about Underground Comedy DC and their schedule of shows at...


1 - Talkin' Tinder w/ Heather Lucas and Rachel Dzitko

Welcome to the first episode of of Splish Splash, an interview-oriented podcast where host Tony Porreco playfully explores the minds and endeavors of creative people. In Ep. 1, Tony sits down with Heather Lucas and Rachel Dzitko to discuss Tinderette (http://tinderette.tumblr.com/), their photo blog devoted to documenting the bizarrely popular trend of people posing with fish in their Tinder pics and use the blog as a springboard to explore all the other weirdness in the Tinderverse.