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It's the show you and your friends would make if you weren't so lazy.

It's the show you and your friends would make if you weren't so lazy.


Cleveland, OH


It's the show you and your friends would make if you weren't so lazy.






Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 406: Dusted White With Salt!

On the road again. Just can’t wait to get on the road again! We hit the road to finally try the world famous Buddy’s Pizza (join our Patreon for that episode) but even away from home when Oreo makes that call, we answer. So, we tried Limited Edition Salted Caramel Brownie Oreo. We discuss road tripping and how Gabe in particular enjoyed it. That led to a discussion about music playlists. The city of Detroit is a wild one, but we had so much fun. The road recording portion of this trip did...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 405: Emotional ChEATs

We return to where it all started this week. The Birdtown Studios of Tee’s living room, sans one The Real ODP but with a guest in the room though not actually on mic, Tee’s mom. Y’all ever heard of the Cleveland Super Pimp? What about the Crazy Mall Guy? Well Box is here to bring you up to speed on some local legends. Christmas Tree are the shit. We discuss some our experiences with them. Gift giving is an interesting concept. Is Cheesecake Factory a good First date spot? Tee thinks 3rd...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 404: The White Reveal

What’s your favorite song cover? We dig deep on that very subject to get this week’s episode off. Any of y’all still listen to the radio? What’s your source for new music? Is Cleveland the most stressed-out town? Probably not, but that doesn’t stop list farm style sites from claiming as much. Ant solves the mystery of the missing Doritos Locos Taco. Where is the most ethical place to make clothing donations? Black Widow is worth a trip to the theater and Loki is the best Disney Plus Marvel...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 403: Quoth The Raven

Back to Dan’s Basement Studio’s on the fancy mics we came together to make you, yes you, an episode of your fav podcast. A local police chief surprises no one by being a racist. Do you know what KKK is short for? Edibles are interesting science. Dan checks out the Louis CK tour. Anthony’s youngest is living through some challenging times. Gabe, well Gabe was really on one this week and kind of defies explanation, just listen. And of course, a bit of AITA and so much more. Hope you enjoy, see...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 402: 9MM, I Choose You!

I don’t like remote records. They are a technical nightmare and people stumble over each other talking. Everyone’s space has its own noises that show up. It drives me bonkers. But. I love getting to speak to and stay connected with my friends. So even in a post vaccine world, sometimes, we have to do it remote. This in one of those episodes. This is also me having to grow as a producer and person and know that it’s okay to have a dog snoring or kid yelling or whatever else happens because...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 401: Goin’ H.A.M on Wet Naps

What temperature do you keep the crib at? Box is an ice box man. As you get older and find out your childhood is dying off age. There is an interesting discussion about underwear from men’s perspective but we wonder how it works for the ladies. So, cats only meow to communicate with us. We get caught up on how dan is doing post the loss of his cat, it’s a real nice talk. We discuss recent trends and our usage of Tik-Tok. There once was a world of TV Stars and Movie Stars, now, actors can...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 400: Anti-Microbial Glory Hole

For the first time in a year and half we return to Dan’s Basement studios and record in person. We celebrate 400 episodes and reminisce about the history of this very show you get down with. It has been an amazing time and tis is episode is really just a whole lot of fun. We got to try our new mobile recording set up and you really will learn the ins and outs of our operation. We legit just sat, chopped it up and we are sharing our cypher with you. Tatum l TAYREL713 l Lunchbox l...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 399: Speaking of Racist Caricatures

Back at full force this go round and that, is a great thing. After going through the news Ant share his excitement as his youngest child prepares to enter school. Life is still kicking Dan in the balls but what better way to battle depression than by licking shots in the War Zone as often as possible. After a lively discussion on home repairs, we take a detour into a discussion on glasses and dishes and I gotta tell you, it was a delight. Gabe’s dreams of hitting the road heads to the next...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 398: Boat on Boat Crime

We lost an episode, sorry for that, we move on and let 397 be forever a memory. This episode is not normal. We were missing Gabe, salty over losing an episode, and just not in a mood for a regular show. So, we mostly just chop it up this go round and will return to form next week perhaps. What’s going on with NBA fans? Shohei Ohtani is a once in a century player and that’s so dope. Babe Ruth was def of color, just admit it. “Pete and Pete” was a wildly special program full of amazing cameos...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 396: 10K an Inch!

The Silver Coqui aka The Podsister returns to help us celebrate the show’s 8th anniversary. She catches us up on life. Makes her brother cringe and we just have a great time. We finally reach a cake détente through knowledge. We go through our regular complement of news stories but focus on one story in particular. The changing of how people have decided to earn money in a post pandemic world. People seem to re-assessed their value in the workforce and aren’t just accepting shit jobs...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 395: The Way of the Stripper!

Rest in power Pod Cat, you will certainly be missed. But for real, did you believe REM sang Mad World? A Chinese rocket is the latest piece of space debris to crash back to earth. Ohio is a top ten state for UFO sightings. Counterfeit Covid Vaccination Cards in Cali. A Covid Vaccine Passport is probably in your future. Anthony regales us with some tales from the sandbox and raising young kids continues to be an adventure for the 2-1-6’s own. Box gets us caught up on his life including the...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 394: That Cake Was Asking For It!

Back up in the building it’s 3/4ths of Team SKiM and returning guest the homie Chaufie. Would you eat the pie from American Pie? Would you get down with a cake? After knocking out some news stories, including Derek Chauvin’s verdict could have arrived way sooner. Southern Florida cops issuing tickets to people they didn’t even pull over. Doctors using race to treat patients means black people are often not given proper treatment. Menthol Smokes times may be coming soon. A Republican State...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 393: The “C” Word of Peanut Butter

We once again start on a sad note as we say goodbye to Black Rob and Shock G. Ohio Teen takes AK on the Subway. While discussing the laws used to pull over people of color Box shares the tale of his own traffic stop. There are no monkeys on the loose in Cincinnati. What’s the best way to eat an Oreo? Popular Mechanics thinks they know, so we, the Oreo champs discuss why they are wrong and share with you all, our methodology. This of course leads us to discussing other food consumption...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 392: Your Sperm Took an Uber

Rest in Paradise Daunte Wright, Rest in Paradise Adam Toledo, may the criminals that took you from us be brought to justice. Moving the current Amtrak station back to Tower City Center is currently a dream, but fingers crossed it becomes a reality. A woman is arrested for keeping an over payment. A Canadian MP pulls a Toobin. We head back to the movies again this week, reviewing Eric Andre’s Bad Trip, a challenging film to watch when you are overly empathetic. Before that, we get Gabe’s...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 391: Overpowering Nothingness

Rest in Paradise Dark Man X, you left us entirely to soon. We lose The Real ODP about 40 minutes into the ep, unfortunately none of us noticed his recording had stopped until nearly 20 minutes after that so, there’s something to look for as you listen. If Oreo product hit’s the streets, Team SKiM is there to let you know if it’s a yes or no. We try Krispy Kreme’s Limited Edition Oreo Donuts and share our opinion. Next up, we give our news run down including this week’s Corona chat. Then we...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 390: Home School Dropout!

April Fools really be on some bullshit. The Cleveland Baseball team is banning fans from dressing in Red Face or Native Dress. Covid-19 Vaccine Side Effects may be a good thing. Ant got his first dose and share his, interesting to say the lease, experience. 3/4ths of Team SKiM have not passed out due to inebriation. Can you guess the one who has? Would you watch a show about renovating former Meth Labs? While discussing the “The Suicide Squad” trailer we got to gossiping like a bunch of...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 389: Efficient and Friendly: The Anti Popeyes

Sorry about the late arrival, lots of life happening this week. But we hit the ground running this week and it’s a time. We start off with condom chat, then oddly enough vodka chat. The FEMA vaccination site in Cleveland is up and running leading us to discuss our Vaccine experiences thus far. RTA Police Officer assaulted a mentally ill man. Nerf Gun disguised as a real gun found in drug raid. What are cocaine accessories? A Pittsburgh Police officer is divorcing his wife after discovering...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 388: Accidental Brittle

This episode is held together with spit and bailing wire. Ant’s mic said nope, Dan’s computer said nope, then Gabe’s headphones were like, the fuck? So, like, the fact we are putting this out is a testament to you the listener and our desire to be there for you and provide you a bit of respite from a crazy world. So, at some point, we lose Dan for a stretch, at the same time Gabe’s headphones died, it was a bad time. Then, we got Dan back but some of that recording never uploaded in full so,...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 387: Snack Utopia

We test the new Limited Edition Strawberry Frosted Donut Oreo. We delve a bit deeper into NFTs with the homie GWA Chris. Ohio’s vaccination plans open to include even more people. Begun the Chicken Sandwich Wars Have! Texas restaurant faces backlash over mask requirements. RIP to two Cleveland greats, Michael Stanley and Joe Tait. Getting old is for the birds. Gunshots rang out around Tee’s way; he shares the story. Gabe takes to the Twitter battlefield once more, only this time, he has an...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 386: Puppy of Color!

Team SKiM is back to full strength this week and you get a chonky ass ep for your listening. We detail the new service we use to record. Covid restrictions in Ohio could be lifted once infection rates lower. 3/4ths of team SKiM will probably continue wearing masks going forward as a year without even a cold has proven to nice too turn one’s back on. Delivery drivers aren’t being tipped so customers aren’t getting their food orders. Some US Bishops are discouraging their parishioners from...