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Four guys sit around and discuss all manner of randomness and laugh at each other. We occasionally discuss more serious matters, but try and keep that to a minimum. It's the show you and your friends would make if you weren't so lazy.

Four guys sit around and discuss all manner of randomness and laugh at each other. We occasionally discuss more serious matters, but try and keep that to a minimum. It's the show you and your friends would make if you weren't so lazy.
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Cleveland, OH


Four guys sit around and discuss all manner of randomness and laugh at each other. We occasionally discuss more serious matters, but try and keep that to a minimum. It's the show you and your friends would make if you weren't so lazy.






Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 249: Podcasting For Your Heart

For a bit you get an all TAYREL and Lunchbox show which is the most laid back, small talk ass venture you ever heard. We talk weather, basketball, and hockey. We discuss the evolution and devolution of language. We talk about an entire different podcast that on this podcast. From that podcast discussion, we end up writing a rom-com and then discussing our favorite romantic comedies. Gabe frustrates all of us by driving his pure electric vehicle in the most unsafe way possible. It’s so...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 248: Pizza Socialist

We’re outside, feeling the breeze, making art and testing Oreo along with friend of the show Fez of the Afterburn739 Podcast. Fez tells a little bit about himself and his show and how it was founded. Dan unintentionally offers to “take care” of his boss and we decide he’s a dirty mack in training. We discuss a certain celebrity’s descent into madness. Tatum l TAYREL713 l Lunchbox l Gabe DOWNLOADS l RSS l Apple Podcast l Google Play l Spotify l TuneIn l Facebook l Twitter l YouTube l ...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 247: Sound Cancelling Butts

Tee’s kid is heading out on a school trip so he takes advantage to gauge his place amongst other parents. We pretty much write an episode of SVU. Gabe’s oldest son takes Big Grandpa to school with him. Workplace Sexual Harassment and the accidental tiddie touch. Ant thinks you can’t have women friends when you are in a serious relationship. Tee thinks Public Sex isn’t worth the potential legal ramifications. Tatum l TAYREL713 l Lunchbox l Gabe DOWNLOADS l RSS l Apple Podcast l Google...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 246: Communal Boner

A moment of silence for Ant’s penis’s namesake Bruno San Martino. We try again to get Box to chat up a lady. With Gabe in the building we give Mandarin Kit Kat a sampling. Song Confusion is a debilitating disorder that to many o us suffer from. Tee shares his tale. Box attended a wedding and wow do the results end up in hilarity. We also discuss a bit of wedding etiquette. Gabe presents the notion of odd arousal. Tee’s admission apparently rocks the table’s world. English slang is the...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 245: Kitto Katto

Tee’s back from vacation with tales of Boston, and PAX East. The rebirth of Hulk Hogan is nigh and Ant doesn’t support it. Speaking of wrestling, we get a mini Wrestlemania recap via Box which leads into a chat on manners in the age of the internet. You ever luck up and get free pay per view? Can Hardcore Porn be shot at Softcore angles to double one’s profit? Oh yeah, and we taste test some more Japanese Kit-Kat. We prepare for the impending Oreo flavors and ponder how they chose the...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 244: Wife Prospects

With our fearless leader out of town and The Podfather tirelessly working away at the new gig, this week’s episode comes down to the two coolest members of the team. After figuring out the equipment, they sat down and chatted for a spell. Ant had a disappointing, (as far as lookers go) road trip. Dan end’s up at the strip club and also didn’t get any head turners but he does have one helluva story to share with you the listener. Tatum l TAYREL713 l Lunchbox l Gabe DOWNLOADS l RSS l ...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 243: The Come-Hither Finger

All your starters are back to play. We talk public sex, and lack thereof. Shooting blanks, both metaphorically and weapons. We discuss Hulk Hogan’s ol’ racist ass seemingly in the midst of a comeback tour. We chat a little Charlize Theron. Then back to the various fuckups of pro wrestling. You know when couples have a celebrity list of possible? Who’s on your list? Do you disclose if you knocked someone off the list? Are people with racist parents more likely to get down with people of a...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 242: Pimp My Tank

****THERE WILL BE BLACK PANTHER SPOILERS! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!**** Back up in this bitch again. We start discussing our untimely children but near immediately start talking fries and burgers. Ant recreates a childhood favorite from scratch but will most likely never be able to recreate it. We finally get to discuss Black Panther as a full crew and delve into the MCU. Oh, Howard the duck did not have sex but that scene is pretty erotically charged. However, there was some duck nudity. Gabe...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 241: Principle of Pleasure

Eating right is so much more difficult than it should be. Racism is wild and clearly based on ignorance. Sibling rivalry is wild. Daylight Savings Time has ruined us. Kids and cursing. Providing for our kids but not spoiling them. Office bathrooms are awful. The Browns offseason moves have ignited a small fire of fandom in our host which gets us talking sports. What does one do when another podcast shares a clip of your show without asking you? Is it flattering or thievery? Tatum l...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 240: Ice Cream Truck Baller

****SPOILER WARNING**** For The Walking Dead about 45 minutes into the show. Our host sat in on the Word to the Mutha Podcast discussing A Tribe Called Quest. Go Check it out. Did you have a neighborhood Candy Lady? You ever get to ball out at the Ice Cream Truck? Ant likes lunching alone where as Tee hates it. Ant’s kid will abandon him even at his young age for other kids, why don’t we do that as adults, you know, make friends. Adulting and what it means to adult. Dope summer movies...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 239: A Boy Named Wakanda

It’s Oreo taste test time once again. This time it’s this year’s Peep’s Crème Flavored model. ****SPOILER ALERT**** Though we don’t go super deep, we are def talking Black Panther and if you haven’t seen it (why) then you may want to skip this episode until you are caught up. We spin off and discuss Netflix and our viewing habits We need a replacement old black guy for when Morgan Freeman heads on to glory. What’s the most disrespectful thing you have snuck in a theater? Tatum l TAYREL713...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 238: Winnie the Pooh Your Way In

We discuss gift giving, Gabe’s babies being on Irish time and then we end up with Baby Power Rankings for his kids. Is LaVar Ball an awesome dad or is he fucking up his kid’s lives? NBA vs NFL unions. Racism has been rearing its head just a bit too much in all matters. We chat movies and the Peter Cottontail Food Allergy debate is discussed. While discussing bullying of kids Tee shares a story of unintentional grown up on kid bullying. When dreams get shot down and bosses aren’t...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 237: Teen Wolves

Taste testing is how we roll, and this week is no different. We sample Rap Snacks Oowee Lil Yachty’s Hot Cheese Fries. We then discuss foods that have changed and new cereals. We celebrate the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl victory. There is no left leaning media. Its either centrist or right. We discuss the commercials of the big game. We give new meaning to “Cross” Fit when trying to invent religious based exercises. What do people sick of PC culture want instead of it? Respectability...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 236: The Puerto Rican Shuffle

January sucked for team SKiM which we break down for y’all. It gets a little serious but in a we are strong way. Our host is suffering from Carpal Tunnel syndrome and getting it fixed is going to be involved. Diversity training is really training for the majority, not minorities. Have sex-based novelty items been ruined by the internet? We then slide off into a cereal sexual kind of situation for no reason at all. Then we present the question, what’s your indecent proposal amount? Ant knew...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 235: SKiM Goes to the Movies

We’re back, and we’re eating snacks. We try the Hershey’s Gold Candy Bar you have possibly seen advertised everywhere and really work on our metaphor game. We also try out the brand new Taco Bell Nacho Fries. We discuss the new Netflix Godzilla series (light spoilers). We discuss how Gabe is always behind in his viewing of shows and movies. Ant checks out Netflix’s Drug Lords series and we discuss the Frank Lucas episode. We discussed Denzel’s nine, count em nine Academy Award nominations...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 234: Pi$$y Penny Loafers

Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 234: Pi$$y Penny Loafers Gabe shares electric car ownership info with us and how much and little he knows about his new car. This becomes a bit of a transportation episode at the start, who knew. It also becomes a discussion of carting our children to and fro as parents. Ant looks out for his fellow man as only he can. Amber Rose gets a breast reduction and some of us mourn the loss. Smartphones and dating apps must be terrible or amazing for those that...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 233: The Gay Nazi

We take y’all back with this one. Old school intro, old school show length and segments. We of course hope you enjoy this blast from the past that of course begins with us, eating cookies. Tee is out here hustling cereal. Gabe tells us all about Marvel’s Starfox, yes Marvel not Nintendo. We test the latest Limited Edition Oreos. Chocolate Hazelnut and Hot and Spicy Cinnamon flavor Oreo. We discuss how the turning of a phrase can have very distinct differences. The Republican Party is a...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 232: Pretty Gay on Paper

It’s colder than a witch’s tiddy in the city we call home. Props to Khloe Kardashian for showing this town love. We end up doing our annual “Salute to Cleveland” in which we discuss the good and bad of it all. We have decided that white men need a strong woman in they life to get them together. The video we discussed in the show can be found here. We then dive into the idea of sexy animals and the sexual mores of American’s in general. Here is the link to the Vox story about American’s...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 231: White Men Evolving

Ant is sick and has a super scratchy voice but the show must go on. It’s freezing in home of SKiM, we crack a joke about climate change only to have the President say something dumb about it like a day or two after we recorded. We discuss post-Christmas and pre-New Year’s plans as well as New Year’s past. Siblings are both amazing and awful and we break it down. Gabe comes through with a fresh copy of That’s My Boy™ What would Trump have to do to make you be cool with him? We measure it...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 230: Lonely Sideburns

Black women continued to save America in 2017 and lets just assume in 2018 as well. Though it could go unsaid, fuck slavery. Also, Black Twitter will always get your ass up out the paint if you fucking up. Our home state of Ohio is also to often in the news as of late and that has to stop. Tee has an update to his eBay/PayPay situation, but here, let me update the update. He did not have to ship the buyer anything, PayPal just looked out for him and gave him the dough for being a good...


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