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Four guys sit around and discuss all manner of randomness and laugh at each other. We occasionally discuss more serious matters, but try and keep that to a minimum. It's the show you and your friends would make if you weren't so lazy.

Four guys sit around and discuss all manner of randomness and laugh at each other. We occasionally discuss more serious matters, but try and keep that to a minimum. It's the show you and your friends would make if you weren't so lazy.
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Cleveland, OH


Four guys sit around and discuss all manner of randomness and laugh at each other. We occasionally discuss more serious matters, but try and keep that to a minimum. It's the show you and your friends would make if you weren't so lazy.






Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 312: These White Men Are Dangerous!

Once Again! We’re back for more, with a full cast in tow. We talk Grill Cheese innovation. Gabe re-learns that white men be actin’ a fool. We break down the rules of “Cuffin’ Season” from our perspective. Dan invents a new Air BnB based kink which leads to Ant discussing a kink he has noticed in these TV and adult cinema streets. Dad is learning what it means to age. Tee celebrates an anniversary which mean, back to Canada for adventures. Tatum l TAYREL713 l Lunchbox l Gabe DOWNLOADS l RSS...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 311: Hard Lessons

We recorded at a new location this week. Susy’s Soup in Downtown Cleveland, OH. Let us know what you think of the sound quality. Listen as we deftly flip from police codes to animal scat and be as impressed as I am. Tee has a parent problem ad shares it with the fellas for their perspective. We debate the merits of sharing on social media. We dip our toe in astrology and talk bike theft. It’s a pretty great episode of a pretty great show. We hope that you enjoy. Tatum l TAYREL713 l Lunchbox...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 310: Blame it on Degrassi!

Live (to tape) from Dan’s Basement Studios! It’s the three hundredth and tenth running of Stays Krunchy in Milk! It’s been a while but guess what, new Oreo’s came out and we tested them. The problem, we tested them after eating an ass load of other foods for our Patrons and that meant very uncomfortable bellies and possibly much to cruel reviews, but hey, what are we to do? Tee and Dan return to the great white north of Toronto, Ontario Canada and share tales of their adventures...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 309: Missile Command!

We’re back! And we tried out another location to record in. Let us know what you think of the sound quality. This episode comes to you live to tape from beneath the stairs of The Arcade. Hang around till the end for some Stranger Things 3 spoilers. Popeyes used to be something so beautiful. We also chat up Tim Hortons and the other food dreams of the then upcoming trip to Toronto that Box and Tee eventually undertook. Tee tells the story of his daughters’ birth. We once had a thing on this...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 308: Have a Coke and a Sorry!

We recorded this in a new location so it’s sound quality will be surprise to all of us. We discuss potential changes coming to Downtown Cleveland and what that means to us. Is the name “Field House” inherently racist? We as a society (at least in the US) have a weird relationship with children and that’s jacked up. The freedom of a bicycle was once a thing of beauty. Tee and Dan prepare for another Canadian adventure. The tale of an apology coke and cheesecake because Tee was all the way...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 307: Is Your Eggplant More Veiny?

We recorded this just as the MLB All-Star festivities began. Does Weird Al get love in the black community? Tee’s kid got specs and continues his adventuring in learning how to drive which leads to an all-out discussion on our driving experiences. Listen in amazement as we transition into a discussion on, of all things, French Fries. We had a discussion on kitty litter and by now, we should be questioning, what’s up with this episode. We figured out an interaction between Android and iPhones...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 306: Trues and Voles

We learn a new to some of us phrase “Ring Rat” as lunch finally recognizes he’s coming along nicely. We chat about casting for people of color in Hollywood. We also discuss our history with Podcast. Tee’s kid got his Learner’s License so we discuss learning how to drive. Ant take’s us on an adventure on the mammals in the great state of Ohio after hearing a story about a Lynx hanging out locally. Hey, are you a fan of stickers? Write a review of the show on Stitcher or Apple Podcast and we...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 305: The Freshest of Nut!

For the first time in a while we return to Dan’s Basement Studio’s and put it down to entertain you. Dan and Gabe try absolutely decimated Peeps that had been in Gabe’s car since March or April. Ant’s Take Your Kid to Work Volunteer experience left a little to be desired. We reminisce about some old school crushes and combined with our church going experiences. Official Pod Cat Smokey is outchea living a double life. We go deep down a FIV whole that is funnier than it has any right to be....


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 304: Anthony Kart Deluxe!

Aging is wild AF when the food’s you love don’t love you. It’s been wild in these internet streets for hacked accounts. Box is aging out of celebrities he recognizes. We consider how to communicate when traveling internationally. Dan’s family sometimes plays him. Ant comes through with the best snacks of 2019 so far. We discuss celebrating Ant’s recent birthday. When the GPS put you on to shit you ain’t even know existed. Tatum l TAYREL713 l Lunchbox l Gabe DOWNLOADS l RSS l Apple Podcast...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 303: I Don’t Like Mayonnaise!

Rest in Paradise Bushwick Bill, gone entirely to soon. Tee’s kid is trying to get his Learner’s Permit. That leads to a discussion on alcohol and breaking one’s fast. We further discuss the BMV experience. Preparing his son to drive means preparing his son for possible interactions with the police. That leads to us discussing Dan’s possible privilege as a white male. That goes straight into our experiences learning how to drive. The Smash Cake game is a racket. Anthony’s youngest’s birthday...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 302: Taking One’s Self Seriously

Another Thursday, another episode of the world’s best podcast even though we forgot to introduce this episode until half way through it. We start it off with, I shit you not, a discussion on cheese. What we really are discussing, is our parenting techniques. That discussions leads to a chat about communication. We try and help Dan find his way in a sense, but, well you kind of have to hear the discussion. Tatum l TAYREL713 l Lunchbox l Gabe DOWNLOADS l RSS l Apple Podcast l Google Play l ...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 301: Church Nomad

Back in the action once again, and boy does it seem like our normal recording location is on the verge of collapse. What do parents do during the summer? Would you go to a nude beach? Once again, we discuss robots and their place in society. We also discuss swimming in the Great Lakes. Time Travel really warps the thought process. Gabe is actually making progress in his Game of Thrones viewing. Tee has found a new podcast he has been enjoying which brought about a bit of discussion regarding...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 300

Six years deep having not missed a week since our third episode through births, deaths. People leaving the show, people wanting to leave but pressing on. From the arrival of The Last of The Golden Coqui’s at episode 19 I do believe, to his little sister, the Silver Coqui taking over for a bit when he had one of his dozens of children (man is that dude fertile). From a Live show to road trips (one of which is coming sooner than later) we have rocked like so. Proud to bring you into the ups...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 299: Bird on Bird Violence

We talk being pet parents and what that means for our wallets. Tee was okay with the Game of Thrones ending just as Gabe and the Mrs. Begin their initial watch of the series. Having kids really does keep you busy. Trying to get our sleep schedules together as adults is proving difficult, but hey, we’ll get there. Box got to see one of his favorite band’s (System of a Down) in concert at the Sonic Temple Art and Music Festival and details his journey and the experience. Tatum l TAYREL713 l...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 298: Black Church, White Jesus!

It’s just the two of us this week as both Dan and Gabe could not escape the office. The Real ODP has been freed from Twitter Jail and wants you the listener to know he wants to lead a more positive Twitter life but Ant and I wonder how he gets into the situations to begin with. We chat a bit of NBA Draft Lotto and the Conference Finals in the Association. ****SPOILERS GAME OF THRONES SEASON 8**** Game of Thrones is nearly wrapped and it has been a delight thus far, to most of us. But we...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 297: Black Shameless

Dan’s lunch situation starts off on a bad beat. So we discuss why Gabe is currently banned from Twitter. We finally get to discuss Avengers: Endgame and we go hard so SPOILERS FOR AVENGERS: ENDGAME! After a quick round of OH/FL we discuss what Ant would have changed in Endgame, Easter Eggs and the future of the MCU. We say goodbye to John Singleton. SPOILERS FOR GOOD GIRLS Ant has been hate watching Good Girls and Tee’s partner has been watching which means Tee has been absorbing some of the...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 296: P is for Pendejo!

The full team is back to make you laugh hopefully as much as we made each other. We catch up with each other and thus catch you, yup you, on what we have been up to. Dan finally gets to see one of his favorite bands. Ant took a road trip to the capital of the Buckeye State and tells us about it. Gabe’s youngest son has a potty mouth and a problem with clothes. We develop a scale for NFL players to be cleared of criminal wrong doing. We talk about our Endgame viewing experience but don’t...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 295: Emotional Support Iguana

The road to 300 soldiers forth. Tee has been re-watching the Marvel Cinematic Universe on the road to Avengers: Endgame ****SPOILER ALERT GAME OF THRONES SEASON 8 EPISODE 1**** We discuss the first episode of the final episode of Game of Thrones. Disney Plus has our interest as we chat about the various streaming services. Dan drunkenly enjoyed some local independent wrestling and is jean pocket pimping via app so we chat Dating via app in 2019. And then, it’s the return of OH/FL or Oh Flo,,...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 294: Death Water

When do start putting veggies on your sandwich? Why do we trust people who’s claim to fame was duck calls as our moral compass? Is the evil of Walmart overstated or is capitalism just on some bullshit? Trying to get off the notion of gendered items. Rappin’ Duke was better than you remember. Gabe’s oldest son nearly bleached the entire house, that leads to us discussing our parenting techniques and how are children behave and how it reminds us of our own behavior and trying to do better than...


Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 293: Junior High Gigolo

You get another two-man booth this week with the return of our regular host The Internets TAYREL713 and the homie Tatum216 holding it down in these podcast streets. We just play give and go with topics and for the first time in a while Ant came through with an all new game. It certainly proved to be a delight to make, we hope it’s just as much fun to listen. Studio Adlibs Japanese Eggs Crosley Record Player IGN Game Scoop PAX East 2019 Panel Former Country Music Label Guy Twitter...