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TBTL is a daily show hosted by two longtime friends goofing their way through the world the best they can. Join Luke Burbank and Andrew Walsh as they cover the most important topics of the day, from 25 year-old film reviews to whether or not Andrew’s neighbors are secretly using his garbage bins.


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TBTL is a daily show hosted by two longtime friends goofing their way through the world the best they can. Join Luke Burbank and Andrew Walsh as they cover the most important topics of the day, from 25 year-old film reviews to whether or not Andrew’s neighbors are secretly using his garbage bins.




#4085 Other Phish In The Sea

Luke was almost cyber-attacked within an inch of his life this morning, and Andrew wants alllll the details. They also say farewell to Seattle’s favorite weather reporter, Steve Pool, who helped inspire Luke’s broadcast dreams.


#4084 You Were An Old Coot When You Were Still A Young Coot!

Genevieve swings by TBTL to weigh-in on some of the recent “Rants and Raves” sent in by Seattle Times readers and to dissect Reader’s Digests’ tips on "how to get along with anyone."


#4083 Christmas Means Never Having To Say You're Sorry

Andrew ushers in the holiday with a special beverage and a weird tangent about peeing outdoors. He and Luke also discuss so-called “Brown Friday”, a new holiday created by the plumbing industry and lazy journalists.


#4082 The Young Turkeys

Luke’s family is scrambling to adjust to a new Thanksgiving reality after a hot water tank blew in the basement of his parents’ house. But Andrew’s plans are locked in tight, and he couldn’t be happier about them.


#4081 A Well Rootin’, Well Tootin’ Militia

Luke gets some breaking, almost cinematic news about his Thanksgiving Day plans moments before he was supposed to leave for his parents’ house. Now the big question is where he’ll be spending the holiday. He and Andrew also take a Washington Post quiz to see if they’re more like Boomers or Millennials in the workplace.


#4080 I’m Giving Up Joke

Luke ventured into a tavern that really bummed him out yesterday. Andrew is mad at the media for falling for Snoop Doggy Dog’s latest promotional gimmick. And a young Ten helps TBTL with modern slang.


#4079 Always Be Complimenting

Luke had a long, draining weekend working a video shoot for a mysterious software company in the greater Seattle area. He also fondly recalls the time he had the opportunity to spend a day with Rosalynn and Jimmy Carter.


#4078 Things That Make You Go Homme

Luke joins Andrew in the studios of Walsh, Walsh and Doormat to discuss bathroom etiquette and to open packages sent in by listeners in TBTL’s patented “What’s In The Box” segment.


#4077 Tacoma, Olympia, Things Of That Nature

Luke drove a “mystery car” up to Seattle this morning to record TBTL at Andrew’s place. They discuss a follow-up to the story of the drug-loving New Yorker who stumbled on a Chuck Close painting and hoped it was valuable.


#4076 Midnight Squeezings

The amount of activity at Luke’s house is reaching peak levels. While waiting for his new washer and dryer to arrive, he and Andrew discuss the oft-overlooked musical career of Dragnet’s Jack Webb.


#4075 Drastically, Gastrically Wrong

A horse got loose on an airplane, the TBTL merch store got its first customer, and Luke and Andrew got absolutely floored by a listener’s story about a mysterious “mad pooper” caught on camera!


#4074 TBTL Dot Net Slash Store

TBTL Senior VP of T-Shirt Design and Giant Hats Jon Sklaroff joins the show to announce the official opening of the TBTL merch store! Plus, an announcement on Luke’s family text chain has Luke and his siblings scratching their heads.


#4073 I’ll Be Slanged

After failing to identify the slang used by today’s youth, Andrew quizzes Luke on the lingo used on the TV show Dragnet. They also discuss the inaccurate news about Jared Leto “climbing” the Empire State Building.


#4072 Sigma-ficent Other

Luke quizzes Andrew on some modern slang used by the youth of America. And Luke learns that the documentary he went to great lengths to watch this week had been free on YouTube the whole time.


#4071 Ted Talk

Andrew is trying to get his dart game back on track, mostly by making Luke take over his TBTL responsibilities. Plus, cats apparently have over 300 facial expressions, even Dusty “The Cat Burglar” Cat.


#4070 The Pits Of Despair

Andrew has found an inelegant solution to an inelegant perspiration problem, while Luke continues to struggle with a similar issue. Also, Luke had dinner for the first time in a week last night, and it was good! And he finally re-watched the 1983 Seattle-based documentary Streetwise, and he’s happy to report that it stands the test of time.


#4069 Pizza Adjacent

After 5 days of fasting, Luke is going to “do something out of hunger tonight: Eating.” He also has an update on his problematic vacuum cleaner, and a listener helps uncover the long lost William S. Burroughs song of Luke’s youth.


#4068 Attachments Disorder

Luke has gotten a lot of advice about the broken vacuum cleaner that he tried to return to Costco last weekend. Could this advice fix the machine? We’ll find out, on today’s installment of TBTL! Plus, Jeff Bezos is moving to Florida, and Andrew thinks he knows why.


#4067 Ten Rules For Dating My Podcast

TBTL VP of Podcast Operations and T-Shirt Design Jon Sklaroff joins the show to share some of the merch ideas submitted by listeners. Plus, Andrew is anxious about a very big garbage collection day, and Luke is pondering a list of “Dad Rules” he recently received.


#4066 Water It Be?

Luke has a new plan to lose a lot of weight quickly, before a big video gig. You’re going to hate it, but that’s okay! Plus, Seattle chef and TBTL friendo Thierry Rautereah, aka “The Chef in the Hat” has sadly passed away. And New Zealand’s “Siren Clubs” are irritating neighbors by blasting Celene Dion at all hours.