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The podcast where two guys you don't know talk about stuff you don't care about.

The podcast where two guys you don't know talk about stuff you don't care about.


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The podcast where two guys you don't know talk about stuff you don't care about.




The Agreeable Brains Ep 100

Scott and Chad are joined by special guests to celebrate our two year anniversary. [ Download Here ]

The Agreeable Brains Ep 99

Chad is joined by Travis and T.Rob to go where no podcast has gone before – we review Star Trek Into Darkness. Warning, our phasers are set to Spoil! [Beam it up here]


The Agreeable Brains Ep 98

Chad is joined by T.Rob to discuss Star Wars, the injustice of the end of happy endings, a possible new D&D movie, and becoming an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. [ download here ]


The Agreeable Brains Ep 97

Chad is joined by Third Brain Travis to discuss the Avengers payroll, the end of the world, free to play games, upcoming movies, and reincarnation. Plus we solve most of the worlds monster problems. [Download Here]


The Agreeable Brains Ep 96

Chad is joined by Jason, Josh, T.Rob, and Movie Brain Travis to totally discuss (and totally spoil) the new movie Iron Man 3. Stay tuned to the end for a very special surprise guest. [Access File]


The Agreeable Brains Ep 95

Chad is joined this week by Jason and Jeremy. We review Man with the Iron Fists and Injustice Gods Among Us. We also discuss the state of the Marvel Universe, Brijes, and the next Xbox. [ download here ]


The Agreeable Brains Ep 94

Chad and Scott leave the safety of their Battlestar and ride their pet snails to a hidden arctic base. Then we team up with the Middleman to bring in Bigfoot alive. Theme song by Sharks in Winter Solstice. [ download here ]

The Agreeable Brains Ep 93

Chad figures out how to poop in space while Jason runs an iron man marathon. We visit the X-men moviverse to catch fish with no blood and then MacGruber our way out of a situation to avert an Infinite Crisis. Theme song by No Good Daredevil [ Download Here ]


The Agreeable Brains Ep 91

Scott buys some bigfoot hair and Chad studies Terraria. We join forces with some ulitmate vault hunters to break down the elf door so we can save the cave men from the menace of gators on YouTube. Theme Song by XXX Hero [ Download ]

The Agreeable Brains Ep 90

Scott beta tests and Chad tests some demos. We join forces with SHIELD, Sherlock, and The Doctor to skin cats and file for divorce with little reason. Theme song by Small Pony Money [download here]

The Agreeable Brains Ep 89

Scott wants to return to Mars and Chad plans his alter ego. We use our sunstone to find a prehistoric lake and then get Shamrock Shakes with assassin pirates. Music by Weaponized Dolphin. [ Download Here ]

The Agreeable Brains Ep 88

Scott raids with vikings while Chad gets dishonored. We fly around in space ship with Russell Crowe and check out bad Star Wars, Shots, and TV shows. Then we check out Pea Porn on Pornazon. Theme song by Microscopic Microscopes. [ Download Here ]


The Agreeable Brains Ep 87

Scott blacks out and Chad dogs dragons. We team up to fight robots and evil corporations with brave warriors who combust spontaneously. Theme song by Flesh Wheel. [ Download Here ]


The Agreeable Brains Ep 86

Scott wants to play a game and Chad visits Defiance. We sleepwalk to meet some artizens and fake bands and then investigate some slime with our Spaceteam. Theme song by Human Puppet. [ Download here ]

The Agreeable Brains Ep 85

Scott and Chad are joined by Charlie to play round two of Drinking Quest. Live play session of Drinking Quest 2: Yeddie Veders Yeti Adventure by Wiseman Innovations. Theme song by Forbidden Lute. [ Download Here ]

The Agreeable Brains Ep 84

Scott crumbles like a house of cards while Chad makes increasingly poor decisions. Then we get involved in a rebellion against the Empire of Spiders. Theme song by Boobies in the Woods. [ Download Here ]

The Agreeable Brains Ep 83

Scott and Chad are joined by special guest Jason to play and review the board game Tahiti by Minion Games. Theme song by Open Coconut. [ Harvest Here ]

The Agreeable Brains Ep 82

Scott gets ruzzled and Chad returns to Portlandia. We follow Kevin Bacon to watch robots fight cave men and sharks. And we don't die at the end. Theme song by Justicism. [ Wrangle it here ]

The Agreeable Brains Ep 81

Scott gets unchained and Chad digs Bigfoot. We catch up on all things Star Wars and steer away from a Fort full of crazy people. Theme song by One Two Many Ohhhs. [ Download Here ]

The Agreeable Brains Ep 80

Scott gets algebraic and Chad goes haywire. We suffer from a cartoon hangover while playing avatar games, discuss the prolific direction of Andersons, and play cards with a vampire. Theme song by The Aquabats! [ Download Here ]