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For anyone who writes comedy, makes comedy, loves comedy, or just has an interest in comedians and what makes them so annoying.

For anyone who writes comedy, makes comedy, loves comedy, or just has an interest in comedians and what makes them so annoying.


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For anyone who writes comedy, makes comedy, loves comedy, or just has an interest in comedians and what makes them so annoying.




347 - Paul Sinha Returns

One of the first guests on ComCom about 8 years ago, Paul Sinha has had a rollercoaster of a life in the interim. From fringe comedian to celebrity quizzer as “The Sinnerman” on The Chase (ITV), to a memorable appearance on Taskmaster (Dave) which came just as he was diagnosing himself with Parkinson’s disease, we catch up on how his comedy has metamorphosed from political agitation to personal story-telling. We cover how the mainstream-ification of his audiences changed his comedy; how he...


346 - Gary Gulman

“Hello babies, welcome to Gary Gulman…” A comedian’s comedian in the truest sense, we discuss the making of Gary’s stand-up special/documentary “The Great Depresh”, charting a mental health journey via electroconvulsive therapy and medical ketamine, through recovery to genuine brilliance. We learn the origin of the world’s most humble opening joke and why we should crowds credit for their vocabulary; and also cover the writing tip that’s visible if you freeze-frame a single shot of the...


345 - Larry Dean

Larry Dean is a phenomenal comic who doesn’t coast on his brilliant physicality, but writes hard and really gets to the kernel of what’s funny about his life. We talk about being manipulated into working hard by people who understand you, deliberately mining opportunities for embodying the jokes, and how gay audiences sometimes confuse his self-deprecation for self-hatred. We also unearth the thrill of writing for revenge… TW: @larrydeancomedy | IG:...


344 - Archie Maddocks

Stand-up comic and award-nominated playwright Archie Maddocks loves stitching together routines about kebab shops and his "rough-arse" schooling, with pathos and evocative prose. We talk about writing for the comedy club and the stage, why he's the straight-man to his highly-strung family of actors, and how his play "A Place For We" has been put on hiatus by Covid-19. We also talk about how his show "Matchstick" concluded with a heartfelt examination of the Grenfell Tower fire, and why he...


343 - Nigel Ng

Lean as hell and twice as productive, Nigel Ng is coming to shame your work ethic with his radical efficiency! This hilarious UK-based Malaysian comic lets us in on how his background in data science is helping him hit hard on social media, why he knew Edinburgh reviewers wouldn't like him, why he doesn't know what "texture" means, and what it felt like to gig 5 hours after a huge personal catastrophe. But is he too efficient for his own personal life...? Join the Insiders Club for bonus...


342 - Catherine Cohen

Catherine Cohen took home “Best Newcomer” at the Edinburgh Fringe last year, with a jaw-dropping show bursting with wit, originality and layer upon layer of irony. Her angle of attack, mocking the audience for being so pathetically in love with her, allows her to take huge risks on stage, in a character that was grown through vast quantities of just the right sort of stage time. We talk about why she loves the occasional “stone-faced” audience-member, about playing to win and succeeding,...


341 - Sindhu Vee Returns

...To talk about Stu and Sindhu's new parenting podcast "Child Labour", and to listen back together to three exclusive clips from the show with interviewees Jess Fostekew, Spencer Jones and Athena Kugblenu! Subscribe to Child Labour now! Like right now, there's a trailer up that you can subscribe to and then when it launches on June 1st you'll get episode one with Arabella Weir (The Fast Show) delivered straight to your device... #childlabourpod Subscribe to the show here:...


340 - Pope Lonergan

An intriguing and invigorating "NonComPod" this week with comedian, care home assistant and indeed care home comedian Pope Lonergan. Impressively erudite, Pope has been addicted to drugs as well as to reading about the Hawaiian judicial system; we discuss his lifelong search for transcendence, whether drug-fuelled revelations of great artists count, and how to inhabit the present. @thedailybumbler | Join the Insiders Club now at...


339 - Brett Goldstein

At last! Brett Goldstein (movie star, comedian, writer, super-fan of ComCom and perpetual invite-swerver) drops by for a “NonComPod” that won’t expose at all how crackers he is. Sadly Stu can’t help himself and it all goes a bit “Are You Happy?” A brilliant conversation with a kind, funny, deeply handsome man, who lets us into his mind to discuss humility, boredom and workaholism - and why the comedy community is like an AIDS quilt... 25 mins of extra content available exclusively to...



Every Monday and Thursday night Stu Goldsmith’s Infinite Sofa brings you the warmest and most atmospheric cure for the social-isolation blues! This little trailer lets you eavesdrop on highlights from recent episodes with Russell Howard, Sarah Millican and Abandoman, and gives you a taste of how the whole "massively interactive" concept works. Every voice you can hear besides those three guests and Stu is a member of the public sitting "in the room" with the comedians. Forthcoming guests...


338 - Helen Zaltzman

*New episodes are now streamed live at on 1pm BST every Wednesday, for release the following week* Is this a regular episode or a NonComPod? It matters not as we meet Helen Zaltzman; podcasting matriarch, mentor of Stu’s, co-host with Olly Mann of “Answer Me This”, host of the brilliant “Allusionist” podcast on the Radiotopia network, and very funny lady indeed. We talk about her comedy origins as Josie Long’s embroiderer, her childhood and the positives of...


337 - Alonzo Bodden

Shut up and listen to Alonzo Bodden, a towering comic who wields an absolute authority onstage! In the final pre-pandemic recording, we discover Alonzo's struggles to connect with black audiences, find out why alternative comedy doesn’t exist, and learn whether he’d accept a cure for depression if it meant giving up comedy… 30 mins of extra content available exclusively to members of the Insiders Club include Alonzo’s extraordinary “missed break” after he won season three of Last Comic...


Special Episode: The "Infinite Sofa" & What To Do Next...

I've got two new things to promote, and I'd like your thoughts on what to do next with the podcast. Is it still relevant to talk to comics about gigs when they can't do any? Might it all turn into soupy nostalgia? I think the circuit may undergo radical collapse and rebirth, so I'm inviting your thoughts on What I Do Next With The Pod... STU GOLDSMITH’S INFINITE SOFA Every Monday and Thursday night at 8pm, Stu Goldsmith’s Infinite Sofa brings you the warmest and most atmospheric cure for...


336 - Robert Popper

An experiment was performed in which the co-creator of Look Around You, creator and writer of Friday Night Dinner, former commissioning editor for CH4 and expert Timewaster Robert Popper was subjected to an interview. We talk about FND and why it has become Robert’s best known work, his experience with death threats in the South Park writers room, and how he and Peter Serafinowicz rolled on the floor crying with laughter at “...thants”. Make a note in your copy books now… 30 mins of extra...


335 - Scott Bennett

The hardest-working man in UK comedy, Scott Bennett is tipped for imminent breakthrough to the mainstream, so you won’t be surprised to hear that he grasped the pandemic nettle and started performing online stand-up shows from his shed pretty much on day one. We talk about sacrificing a proper career to become a comic in his thirties, and how he processes the guilt he feels at following his dream, the “elastic limit” he has with his audience, doubling down on your best bits, and that old...


LOCKDOWN SPECIAL - Alexander Bennett

Special mini episode with very funny and thoughtful comic Alexander Bennett on: recovering from a dose of Covid-19, isolating in a new flat with a french woman he doesn't know, and what positives the human race may one day discover after the pandemic. Join the ComCom Insider's Club here: Book a Working Lunch with Stu Goldsmith here:...


334 - Robby Collins

*This episode was recorded before the pandemic if you’re looking for a breath of fresh air* A tub-thumping powerhouse of a comedian basking in a laidback rhythm, Robby Collins is a devoted student of comedy. We talk about how he made his obsession into his art, from renting and re-renting DVDs of the greats as a youth, to opening for Trevor Noah on world tours. We also cover re-learning how to socialise outside the industry, and the long road to making comedy out of the suicide attempt of a...


333 - Steve McNeil

The co-host and co-creator of Dara O Briain's Go 8 Bit, Steve McNeil started his career in sketch comedy, and has enjoyed an invigoratingly twisty journey through multiple genres, currently specialising as a twitch gamer and host, with new project #WiFiWars gathering momentum online as we speak. We talk about his pivot away from TV, the single most agonising factor that led to the demise of "Go 8 Bit", his new special "Hey Listen!" and his recent battles with his mental health. 30 mins of...


332 - Desiree Burch

In a podcast recorded in a less frightening time (about a fortnight ago) Desiree Burch talks us through her upbringing and development to becoming the powerful and hyper-eloquent comic force she is today. We talk about seeking connection, the protective shell of comedy, finding acceptance but to white standards, and why her tremendous debut poster was a literal collage of dick pics. 30 mins worth of extras available exclusively to the Insiders Club include Desiree’s very inspiring thoughts...


Special Episode - Resilience, Self-care and Creativity

In the face of an unprecedented pandemic, most listeners will soon be confined to isolation of one sort or another. Stu tries to make himself and hopefully you feel better about the overwhelming challenges ahead. How can we stay resilient, positive, and maybe creative during this bewildering and frightening time? Support the podcast by joining the Insiders Club today. Sign up at to access all the extras from past episodes, the workspace app, and the new...