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Listen to highlights and extended interviews in the "Ears Edition" of The Daily Show. From Comedy Central’s Podcast Network.




Da’Vine Joy Randolph On "The Holdovers" | Eric Andre On His Extreme Transformations For “The Eric Andre Show”

Comedian Michelle Wolf takes over as The Daily Show guest host this week! She chats with her high school peer, Tony-nominated actress Da'vine Joy Randolph, to talk about her role as Mary in "The Holdovers." Also, Michelle sits with comedian, Eric Andre, to discuss his book "Dumb Ideas" and how he prepared for "The Eric Andre Show." See for privacy information.


The Henry Kissinger GOAT War Criminal Debate | Dr. Stuart Fischbein

Michelle Wolf responds to the latest news including Elon Musk telling boycotting advertisers to go f**k themselves, France banning smoking at various outdoor locations, and Ronny Chieng and Michael Kosta join to discuss Henry Kissinger’s death. Ever wondered why childbirth is so expensive? It’s because like everything in America, healthcare is a business and hospitals look at the uterus like it's an ATM. Michelle Wolf tackles the U.S.’s birthing industrial complex in the latest “Long Story Short.” And Dr. Stuart Fischbein, a community-based practicing obstetrician and co-host of the Birthing Instincts podcast, discusses how hospital birthing practices can be counterintuitive to natural childbirth functions, both out of fear and out of financial interest, and Michelle Wolf shares her own experience doing a home birth. See for privacy information.


George Santos Faces Expulsion | Mehdi Hasan

Michelle Wolf covers George Santos refusing to resign despite facing expulsion as well as Nikki Haley picking up an endorsement from the Koch brothers. Plus, Grace Kuhlenschmidt joins Michelle to discuss all things Buy Buy Baby. Why saddle your kids with debt when you can saddle them with debt AND a horse? Michelle Wolf is here to sell you an upgraded reverse mortgage with AGG (American Geriatric Grift). And MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan speaks on the need for human empathy during the Israel-Hamas conflict, and how his goal in covering the war has been to platform as many voices as possible. He also discusses how his book “Win Every Argument” is meant to provide people with skills and rhetorical tricks and techniques to push back against the bullies, bigots, and gas lighters who have taken over our public square. See for privacy information.


Trump's "Moderate" Abortion Stance | Da’Vine Joy Randolph

Michelle Wolf covers the latest stories, including Trump's "moderate" abortion campaign, UAE's plan to pitch oil and gas deals at the United Nations Climate Conference, and Red Lobster's Endless Shrimp disaster (featuring Ronny Chieng). Plus, a rant on Fox News's Jesse Watters. Grace Kuhlenschmidt meets up with astrophysicist Joshua Spodek to see what “living off the grid” in Manhattan really means, and if she can go electricity-free for 24 hours herself. And Tony-nominated actress Da’Vine Joy Randolph discusses how her love of cooking helped her get into the role of Mary in “The Holdovers,” how hard it was to channel a Boston accent, and how she’d love to star in a biopic one day. See for privacy information.


Michelle Wolf Covers Sexual Assault Allegations Against Eric Adams & Diddy | Eric André

Michelle Wolf covers sexual assault allegations against Diddy, Eric Adams, and Jamie Foxx just before the expiration of New York's Adult Survivors Act. She also takes on a new law banning height and weight discrimination in NYC, King Charles benefitting off of dead Brits, and space travel leading to erectile dysfunction with Michael Kosta. What is the opposite of a Karen? What's the most white woman thing to do? Can men be Karens? Michelle Wolf investigates whether or not white women deserve such a bad reputation. And comedian Eric André discusses why writing “Dumb Ideas” almost felt like a prank on himself, how his extreme transformations for “The Eric André Show” have affected his personal and intimate life, and why he would love to leave America some day. See for privacy information.


Walmart Employees Strike Back & Twinkie's End | TDS Time Machine

The Daily Show jumps back in time to this day in 2012: host Jon Stewart covers employee protests at Wal-Mart during the Thanksgiving weekend and Twinkie production was suspended after Hostess Brands declared bankruptcy and ceased operations. Warren Buffett and financial journalist Carol Loomis discuss the American tax code and their book "Tap Dancing to Work." Buffett also argues that he should pay higher taxes and shouldn't be treated like a bald eagle. See for privacy information.


John Oliver On Finding a Place for Satire | Vashti Harrison On Her Book “Big”

Ronny Chieng guest hosts and sits with former Daily Show correspondent John Oliver who discussed the difficulty of doing comedy in America as an immigrant and remembers the time he offered Ronny words of advice as he began his correspondent career. Next, guest host Dulcé Sloan sits with author and illustrator Vashti Harrison to chat about the personal experiences that led her to writing and illustrating the picture book “Big” and the reason Dulcé Sloan believes there needs to be an “adult” version of the book. See for privacy information.


Sweet Potato Pie vs. Pumpkin Pie | Hold Up with Dulcé Sloan & Josh Johnson

“First of all, I'm a good person. Okay? So you know for fact that I pick sweet potato. Because ain't no way on God's blue marble that I am going to be eating something that people carve faces to.” - Dulcé Sloan “I've never had a bad pumpkin pie, mainly because they've been store bought. But I have had some homemade pumpkin pies that were good.” - Josh Johnson It’s sweet potato pie vs. pumpkin pie this week on Hold Up with Daily Show correspondent Dulcé Sloan and writer Josh Johnson. See for privacy information.


Why Do We Celebrate Black Friday?

Daily Show Host Jon Stewart recounts the trials and tribulations of gathering with family for Thanksgiving and how Thanksgiving has been overtaken by Black Friday. Then, Desi Lydic investigates why we even celebrate Black Friday. And, New Yorkers disprove Ronny Chieng's Thanksgiving opinions. See for privacy information.


Desi Lydic & Jordan Klepper Investigate The War on Christmas | Rep. Jeff Jackson

Desi Lydic & Jordan Klepper cover the latest in the news including Binance's CEO pleading guilty, Biden's cord-cutting proposal, and gender equality for crash test dummies. And Is defending Christmas enough to get you on the nice list? Desi and Jordan head to FOX News All American Christmas tree lighting to investigate the war on Christmas. Plus, Univision had an opportunity to confront Trump on his hardline anti-Latino policies, and instead gave him a glowing review with softball questions. So why is the channel trusted by Latinos pandering to Trump ahead of the 2024 election? John Leguizamo bares it all in a new segment, "In My Opinion." And North Carolina Rep. Jeff Jackson talks to Desi Lydic and Jordan Klepper about combating outrage politics with explainer videos on TikTok and other social media platforms, how some members in Congress treat their jobs as “daily tryouts for the outrageous Olympics,” and why he wants to fight political corruption and gerrymandering as Attorney General of North Carolina. See for privacy information.


Ronny Chieng Reports On A Temporary Truce in the Middle East | John Oliver

Ronny Chieng is at the desk to cover the day's top stories, including talks of a temporary truce in the Middle East, the ousted OpenAI CEO inspiring an employee revolt, and Ozempic's effect on Thanksgiving. Next, Barnaby Durk (Ronny Chieng) has kept schedules for CEOs, titans of industry, and even that NXVIM guy without a problem, but Donald Trump is a whole other beast. Meet the person behind the person, Donald Trump's Official Scheduler. And former Daily Show correspondent John Oliver discusses the difficulty of doing comedy in America as an immigrant, offering Ronny Chieng words of advice as he began his correspondent career and why he enjoys the feeling of being in trouble when it comes to comedy. See for privacy information.


Dulcé Sloan On Argentina's Trump Like President | Vashti Harrison

Dulcé Sloan tackles the election of a new Trump-approved president in Argentina, retailers pulling back on self-checkout, and an apartment fire that brought down a bunch of AI girlfriends. Plus, a company recently developed a machine that simulates period cramps, and better believe that the first thing Dulcé Sloan did was hook it up to some men. And Author and illustrator Vashti Harrison chats about the personal experiences that led her to writing and illustrating the picture book “Big”, the color psychology behind her choosing to use pink throughout the book, and the reason Dulcé Sloan believes there needs to be an “adult” version of the book. See for privacy information.


Leslie Jones On Her Return to the Host Chair

In this podcast exclusive, Leslie Jones and Lenny Marcus unpack Leslie's second week guest hosting The Daily Show, what it was like coming face to face with her MSNBC crush, Steve Kornacki, and how she channels Arsenio Hall and Johnny Carson's interview styles. Plus, she weighs in on the feedback she's been given throughout her career and how she handles feedback. See for privacy information.


Votegasm 2020: The Democratic Debate | TDS Time Machine

The Daily Show jumps in our time machine to when Trevor went LIVE after the Atlanta 2020 Democratic primary debate. Plus, Roy Wood Jr. talks to a panel of Black voters to understand which candidate best understands their needs. And Trevor sits down with MSNBC anchor Alicia Menendez who discusses her new book "The Likeability Trap," and shares her thoughts on the Democratic primary race. See for privacy information.


Leslie Jones at the Thanksgiving Dinner Table | Lisa Leslie and Steve Kornacki

Leslie Jones has her second run of guest hosting The Daily Show this week. She sits with WNBA legend, Lisa Leslie, and gives tips on the best ways to handle awkward conversations with relatives on Thanksgiving. Also, Leslie meets her internet boyfriend for the first time, NBC News and MSNBC political correspondent, Steve Kornacki. See for privacy information.


Leslie Jones and Jordan Klepper Take On George Santos | Taika Waititi

Jordan Klepper and Leslie Jones team up to tackle the day's top stories, including George Santos announcing he won't seek reelection after an ethics report revealed that he used campaign funds on lavish gifts, Biden going from friendly to feisty during China President Xi Jinping's U.S. visit, the Taliban's rollerblade phase, and Andre 3000's new woodwinds album. Leslie Jones asks New Yorkers to dig down deep and say nice things about Ron DeSantis, Putin, Marjorie Taylor Greene and more. And actor and Oscar-winning filmmaker, Taika Waititi, joins Leslie Jones to discuss the true story behind his new film “Next Goal Wins,” the inclusivity of the characters on his show “Our Flag Means Death,” and Taika confirms: he knows how good he looks. See for privacy information.


San Francisco "Cleans Up” for the President of China | Allyson Felix

Leslie Jones covers San Francisco's problematic cleaning spree, USPS's 6.5 billion dollar loss, and Desi Lydic weighs in on the many fights erupting in Congress. As the world is falling apart, Leslie Jones has vowed to set an example and keep calm. Unfortunately, RFK Jr. has other plans. And Olympic champion, Allyson Felix, discusses her favorite track & field event, her fight for maternal protections and who to look out for in the next Olympic Games. See for privacy information.


The Supreme Court Adopts Its First Ethics Code | Steve Kornacki

Leslie Jones discusses SCOTUS's new ethics code, Senator Markwayne Mullin tries to throw down in a Senate hearing, and Dulcé Sloan weighs in on NYC parents filing a petition against non-binary performers in the Macy's Thanksgiving's Day parade. Troy Iwata steps out of his comfort zone and into the cuddle zone to see what this practice is really about. And NBC News & MSNBC national political correspondent, Steve Kornacki, chats with his biggest fan, Leslie Jones, about how he keeps all the facts straight on his ‘Big Board’, what he knows about all 3,143 counties in the U.S., and how he foresees the 2024 election based on current polling. See for privacy information.


Leslie Jones Reports On Trump Calling Opponents 'Vermin' | Lisa Leslie

Leslie Jones is back and covering Tim Scott's departure from the Republican race for president, Trump's vow to "root out the vermin within the country," and Michael Kosta chimes in on the bust of a high-end brothel network. This Thanksgiving, don't worry about how to handle your annoying relatives. For $29.99, Leslie Jones will teach you how to shut down awkward conversations. WNBA legend and basketball Hall-of-Famer Lisa Leslie discusses the success of the WNBA and the importance of teaching financial literacy to young athletes, plus she and Leslie Jones bond over tall girl fashion struggles, playing basketball, and overly-competitive games of spades. See for privacy information.


Steve Carrell Reunites with Jon Stewart | TDS Time Machine

The Daily Show jumps back in time to this day in 2014: host Jon Stewart covers the controversy around purchasing ivory and Minneapolis Mayor, Betsy Hodges, sends news outlets into a frenzy after posing for a picture with a volunteer with "questionable" hand gestures. Also, Jon sits with former Daily Show correspondent Steve Carell to discuss his latest film, "Foxcatcher." See for privacy information.