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Comedian Dana Gould takes a look at our world... through his eyes... for your benefit. Joined by fellow comedians and other interesting people with a focus on the weird and the real. Conversation. Music. Monologues. With Ken Daly, Andy Paley and more.

Comedian Dana Gould takes a look at our world... through his eyes... for your benefit. Joined by fellow comedians and other interesting people with a focus on the weird and the real. Conversation. Music. Monologues. With Ken Daly, Andy Paley and more.


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Comedian Dana Gould takes a look at our world... through his eyes... for your benefit. Joined by fellow comedians and other interesting people with a focus on the weird and the real. Conversation. Music. Monologues. With Ken Daly, Andy Paley and more.







We’re back! So soon? Why not? The rules are out the window! What the hey? I was on the phone with my good friend Danny Bland, punk rocker, poet, rock star tour manager… Danny is the author of I Apologize In Advance For The Awful Things I’m Gonna Do, In Case I Die and the just released, We Shouldn’t Be Doing This. All of these titles are available… at Danny and I were on the phone and he was telling me a hilarious story about having to criss-cross the country just as the nation...


X Marks Their Spot

There have been, so far, only two positives from this pandemic that I can see. One, Zoom technology has finally lead to the long delayed question, “Wait, all this time I could have been doing your podcast from my house???” Turns out yes! I don’t see that going to the how we did it, “In The Before Times” anytime soon. The second cool thing has been the release of ALPHABETLAND by X. John Doe, Exene Cervenka, Billy Zoom and DJ Bonebrake formed X in the heyday of the late '70’s LA punk scene....


Makin’ It Legal

Welcome to April! I hope this finds you happy and healthy and safe and well. And home! We are all fine here high atop the Mulholland Drive view shelf. We are home and doing what we are supposed to are doing (which is not much) and I hope you are doing the same. My guest is Roger Nygard, an incredibly talented director and writer best known for the hit documentary Trekkies. He also made a brilliant film called The Nature Of Existence and his new documentary is called The Truth About...



The Chinese have a curse. May you live in interesting times. Interesting times indeed. The first Dana Gould Hour of the social distancing era gets off to a germ-free start with the hilarious Matt Braunger. Matt has a new album out called Please Hold Me! And you can buy it online from the safety of your own home. Also, True Tales From Weirdsville takes on… DISEASE! How it started, how we get it, transfer it, how it has shaped our history and how we beat it, as well as a great disease thriller...


Kang and Kogen?

We're back! My guest today is Jay Kogen. Now that name is probably mostly familiar to you if you have been a fan of The Simpsons since day one, as he has been there that long. Jay, with his then writing partner Wally Walodarsky, were among the orginal writers who created and formed the show as we know it today. Jay created Duff Beer, Kang & Kodos and so much more. He was also a writer on Frasier for which he won and Emmy and Jay created, with me, one of my first pilots, the late lamented...


Who Is Comic Book Girl 19?

My guest, well, she gained online notoriety as Comic Book Girl 19, and is now rebranding herself simply as Danika. But she is one of those people who is smart, funny and interesting. And her job is being online. We met her at a Halloween party. Uh, my girlfriend and I were dressed as Taylor and Nova from planet of the apes. And we're sitting there judging everyone. And this kindly old nun approached us, and mentioned a mutual friend. And after talking to her for only a few minutes, we...


Happy Holidapes

Happy Holiday! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Kwanza, Stellar Snowman Independence Day, Spooky Snow Halloween! Whatever it takes! We have a wonderful show to send you off into the holidays and then we’ll see you again in the New Year with a couple surprises. Mehopes you like them. Two great guests today, Pixies guitarist Joey Santiago is here. The Pixies have been one of my favorite bands since I first started seeing them when we were both starting out back in Boston. And I’m...


Jack O’ Weenery

It is indeed Halloween, the most wonderful time of the year. And as always, it's the time that we bring you the episode of the podcast that we hope, we try, will stand head and shoulders above the rest. And THIS episode is no exception. Joining us are Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski. They're the writers of Ed Wood, as well as Man On The Moon, The People vs. Larry Flynt, The People vs. OJ Simpson, Auto Focus and the soon-to-be streaming and currently in theaters Eddie Murphy tour de...



An October bonus as we prepare the Halloween show. Hole drummer Patty Schemel with an amazing story of grunge rock, the Cobains, drugs and a survivor's ability to see it all in the rearview. A bonus Patreon-only episode with Eddie Pepitone is available at


Whoopee Cushion Floaty

This episode took a while. See, here’s what happened. I started this episode in late July and the plan was to have it out in early August just before Bobcat Goldthwait and I went back on the road to film our special The Show With Two Heads in Atlanta, Athens and Asheville. But then, I terribly sick, which I NEVER do, and had to deal with that. I was still recovering when it was time to get back ion the road so I figured I’d just pick it up in a week when Bob and I got back. But then, as we...


Music For Weirdos

It’s summertime and that means relaxing with the things you love and for that means music. Loud angry punk music to be specific. What can I tell you, I am who I am. Anyway, I’m a big fan of west coast punk, specifically the bands of the late 70’s early 80’s west coast punk scene. And a year ago found this amazing book by John Doe, of X, one of my favorite bands, and Tom DeSavia, a music A&R exec. The book was called Under The Big Black Sun and it was an oral history of the first three or...


The Apes From The Black Lagoon

Our show this month has two in-depth interviews, one about a book, and one about a documentary, about two classic summer movies, specific to the world of special effects makeup. The book is entitled The Lady From The Black Lagoon and was written by Mallory O’Meara. It tells the story of Millicent Patrick. Millicent worked in the Universal Studios makeup department in the early 1950s. One of the things that Millicent was responsible for was the design of none other than the Creature From The...


Dana Gould Hour Live!

A rare, live show from Dynasty Typewriter in Los Angeles, with Eddie Pepitone, Blaine Capatch, Eliza Skinner, Tom Kenny and the High Seas. Also John Ennis, Two Guys From Boston, the ghost of Johnny Carson & more!


It's Your Thang!

We did it! The March episode is here! Just in time for April! There’s so much going on. We have so much time and so little to do. Strike that, reverse it. In any event, we here, it is now and that’s all that matters. Our theme today is fandom. Having your thing and loving it. And we have some amazing guests who talk that talk and walk that walk. John and Bjo Trimble. For those of you who don’t know John & Bjo, I’m very excited you get to hear their story for the first time. In the late...


Potty Mouthery!

Oh, it’s a deep, dark, long, cold winter but fear not, we are here to help. We have an astounding episode for your listening pleasure. But let me warn you, it has some potty mouthery in it. To begin with From Kids In The Hall and Newsradio, Dave Foley is here, joined by his wife, Crissy Guerrero, as well as Vacant Lot’s Paul Greenberg and his wife Jackie Harris Greenberg. They have a new podcast called Don’t Say Cunt. Yep. So that word gets bandied about a couple times, so enjoy! But all...


The Light & The Dark

Welcome to season 8 of the Dana Gould Hour podcast. We have two amazing guests to kick off the new year. Author of the book The Comedians, a walking, talking, show business encyclopedia, Kliph Nesteroff is here. As well as a man who truly belies description. Raconteur? Gadfly? Human Special Effect? You decide. The great Mike Carano is here, as well as a new Political Talk With Two Guys From Boston, a deep dive into the story of the late, great Brother Theodore and so much more. It's over...



Thanksgiving is over and it’s time for holiday panic. If you are like me, it’s time for planning trips, buying gifts, wrapping gifts, wondering how you’re going to pay for it all, realizing you can’t, and finally throwing up your hands and deciding to get the crew back together for one last heist! We have two awesome interviews this month. One of them, I’m not going to lie, is a holdover from last month. I recorded it for Halloween, but realized that, even for this podcast, a nearly four...


Phantom Of The Halloweenery

Yes, it's that time of year, October. The fall! Halloween. And to kick off my favorite holiday and my favorite episode of show we've got two amazing guests. A man who needs no introduction, Mr. Patton Oswalt is here. You can follow his many adventures on twitter and try to catch him live as he is doing dates all across he country as well as appearing on NBC's AP-Bio. Additionally, Ken Reid is with us. He is the host of the excellent podcast TV Guidance Counsellor, hails from my home state of...


Jail Guitar Doors

September. It is officially pre-halloween season and we have a great pre-halloween episode. Wayne Kramer, the legendary lead guitarist for the MC5 and Père Ubu is here. He's written a new book entitled "The Hard Stuff." As well, we have comedian Matt Braunger. He's here to talk about his new podcast "Advice From a Dipshit." Watch your many social media platforms for specifics of live my live performances. On October 5th, I will be in Massachusetts performing at the Norwood Theater in...


Hot Talk, Cool Dudes

Alas and alack, another summer come and gone, which means that here in Los Angeles, we only have two more months of blazing heat until fall. But we have an amazing show this month! From Turner Classic Movies, Ben Mankiewicz is here. Ben is smart, funny, knows everyone in show business, comes from a family of Hollywood royalty and DC political insiders. Talk about connected. What’s he doing here, you might ask? Well, he thought he was doing WTF. No, I’m just kidding. Ben’s a friend. Also,...