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Rob, Krispy, and Kyle record a monthly podcast with the occasional friend to chat about their most recent nerdy passions… or whatever else Rob is annoyed with. Let your dork flag fly high! @dorkgasmpodcast on Twitter.


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Rob, Krispy, and Kyle record a monthly podcast with the occasional friend to chat about their most recent nerdy passions… or whatever else Rob is annoyed with. Let your dork flag fly high! @dorkgasmpodcast on Twitter.






Season 3: Episode 4 – Doom Beneath the Dryer!

Are we really surprised the comic book character Rob identifies most with is an ego-maniacal villain like Dr. Doom? No. Not really. It’s pretty much on-brand for him. But unlike Rob, our guest for this episode is an absolute delight. The charming Kintinue joins us once more as we geek out about Umbrella Academy, the […]


Season 3: Episode 3 – No Say Can You “C”

Let’s just start off by saying that Rob has a very unique political platform he intends to run on in 2020. I can’t honestly say he’s in touch with the issues that concern most Americans but at least he’s passionate about something. We’re not exactly sure what that something is yet, but there’s still time […]


Season 3: Episode 2 – Sirens of Space Time

It’s a very merry episode of the Dorkgasm Podcast because our special guest is TheRockerAngel (aka Jodi). Rocker is a Creative/Talk Show broadcaster on Twitch and you should do yourself a favor and follow her at and on the twitters as @TheRockerAngel We chat about our favorite Christmas traditions and movies to watch (Die Hard IS a Christmas […]


Season 3: Episode 1 – A Homecoming

It’s hard to believe that it’s been two whole years since we last recorded an episode of the Dorkgasm podcast. Well, okay, it’s not THAT hard to believe given the large gaps of time between our recordings before – but this is certainly a new record of procrastination. We’re covering this embarrassing fact up by […]


Episode 45: Ficti-phobia w/ Miss Brie

On our last episode of Season 2, Rob disappeared and left the patients to run the insane asylum. We made due by interviewing the delightful Miss Brie, who you can watch on Twitch at for some fun in the Danger Zone. We also discussed recent television shows, like the Walking Dead, and played a […]


Episode 44: Rob Rants

Justin actually named this episode while it was being recorded. Rob kicks it off with a rant about Crytal Pepsi, freestyle soda machines, gas stations, and movie productions being filmed in his work breakroom. We eventually get back on track with our disappointments in regards to Suicide Squad. Also on the docket: superhero television shows […]


Episode 43: Bahman v. Stuperman: Dumb of Justice

Better late than never, right? Hi, I’m Krispy and I’m posting these “Lost Episodes” of the Dorkgasm Podcast from Season 2. Our special guest for this episode was my nerdy Neighbor Joe! You can find him on twitter as @JosephDitzel and he also blogs regularly at – so make sure to check that out! […]


Episode 42: The Podcast at the End of the Universe

Somehow we’ve made it this far. No Justin this week, but Rob actually pays attention and contributes, so that more than makes up for it. So what do we talk about? Not Batman v Superman, because we recorded this a couple days before it came out. I think we talked about stuff Rob liked and […]


Episode 41: Tonight… You!

We’re back from our traditional four month long holiday break. Kintinue is back with us for the fourth time, which is pretty amazing. We even live streamed recording the show, so there’s some audience interaction, which was pretty cool. And Rob managed to totally forget everything he was excited about. So here they are, in […]


Episode 40: Grognak for President 2280

Kyle is sick and doesn’t talk much here, so that’s good. As for the bad, Kyle does talk some. Also, Rob made a joke that wasn’t funny and in a rare display of empathy, made him feel bad almost as soon as he told it. The joke was in reference to Kripsy and this week’s […]


Episode 39: Kintinue says, “Dammit, Kyle!”

Episode 39? Where the hell is episode 38? Vanished into thin air, my friends. But really, Krispy’s software totally shit the bed and lost it. But that’s cool because that just means we have our very first two time guest, Kintinue. Well, two times as far as we’re concerned. As far as you’re concerned, this […]


Episode 37: Piper’s Pit of Collectibles

So, here’s a spoiler warning. In this podcast, Rob spoils the ending to the 1988 movie, They Live. But let’s get real here for a minute. If you haven’t seen They Live yet, then what the hell are you doing listening to this podcast instead of watching it right the fuck now? Seriously, go watch […]


Episode 36: My Heart Will Go On

To be honest, I thought I’d already posted this. Oops. Well, you didn’t miss much, mostly because our guest this week is Harry, a goddamn Canadian. If you’re interested in such things, you can check out his Youtube channel here.


Episode 35: Twofer

What? Two episodes posted in one day? Yep. I kind of forgot that Krispy got the last one ready to publish. Oops. This week we have no Justin, but we do have a special guest named Jesse from the Undead Domain Youtube channel. We talk about games, movies, the Undead Domain Youtube channel and how […]


Episode 34: The Red Room

Fucking Kyle. He’s the reason we named the episode “the Red Room”. That’s pretty much all I have to say about that. And yes, it certainly does feel like we’ve done 134 of these. Also, in case you didn’t pick up on it, Rob really didn’t care for Furious 7.


Episode 33: Cities Sky Lime Pie

I said on the podcast and I’ll say it again: Cities Skylines is everything that SimCity 2013 wasn’t. Tell you what. Stop reading this and just go buy the game if you’ve ever had any interest in a city builder game. Then, start playing and listen to the podcast while you’re doing that. To be […]


Episode 32: Millenium hand and shrimp

I took the news of Terry Pratchett’s death pretty hard. I’ve read all the Discworld books multiple times, which is something I suggest you all do. The first couple start out as just straight up parodies of fantasy novels, but at around the third book the series takes off into it’s own direction. I (semi) […]


Episode 31: Good Eats Is For Kids

Another day, another episode. For reasons I can’t quite figure out, Netflix seems to think that kids between the ages of 8 and 10 would be interested in watching Good Eats. I don’t know, maybe they are. I remember watching Yan Can Cook when I was a kid, but that was more for Martin Yan’s […]


Episode 30: World Class Fad

It took Krispy some extra time to get this edited and then it took me even longer to post it here. Due to the time delay and the fact that my memory lasts about 72 hours, I have no idea what we talk about in this show. I do know that the whole gang is […]


Episode 29: Bangarang

Krispy picked the name for this episode, in honor of Robin Williams. I liked Hook and all, but for me (Rob), that isn’t the role that I most identify with him. When I was very, very young Mork & Mindy was on and I fucking loved that show. I even had the rainbow suspenders. But […]