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The Swarm by TV's Kyle

While working on new material for this year's February Album Writing Month, I was lamenting how I don't do as many short, weird, uncomfortable songs. Behold, a return to form! From my confusingly-named EP "Your Guide to Live Casino Gaming"


Middle-Aged Man in a Hot Tub by The Chris Waffle Explosion

Here it is. Your song of the summer. Just a little something I threw together while I wait for Breonna Taylor's murderers (Jonathan Mattingly, Brett Hankinson and Myles Cosgrove) to be arrested.


Home Wrecking Bitch by Bad Beth and Beyond

This country song captures three of the genres cliches, but perhaps not in the way people expect. Bad Beth: vocals, electric bouzouki, bass guitar. Featuring LBG on harmonica, Roddy Ory on drums, and Dr. Milo T. Pinkerton III on cowbell.


America's Ass (The Ass-ional Anthem) by Mikey Mason

A song about those star-spangled buttocks on the backside of Steve Rogers!


The Pants Song by Boy Meets Robot

A song about following your dreams... and leaving your pants behind.


Can't Touch My Face by Maria T Comedy

With Covid-19 germs that are all over the place, and all I want to do is touch my face! This is a parody from the song "I Touch Myself" by the Divinyls from 1990.


Florida Man by Steve Goodie

If you're from Florida, this title needs no explanation. If you're from somewhere else... newspapers in Florida so often have headlines such as "Florida Man Runs Himself Over With '63 Corvette," the term "Florida Man" has come to mean any dude from Florida who does stupid/crazy things in public. I realize that this subject has been covered before. Oh well. It was fun to do it, and a true Florida Man wouldn't let a little thing like "it's been done before" stop him! Music and lyrics: Bob...


Pre-Party with Moderate Fierceness by The Gothsicles

Okay, so we were totally slated to play the pre-party for the 2020 installment of the industrial deity-summoning Cold Waves festival, but it had to get corona-cancelled and now you can have our new song.


Walk Like a Walk Guy by TV's Kyle

This is a song about walking and then continuing to do so. Nobody is reading this text. Joe Jakubowski from OK Glass guitars like a guitar guy This song is available on the album "Your Guide to Live Casino Gaming"


My Robot is Too Big by Scooter Picnic

Gee, it's been a while since there was an original Scooter Picnic song, hasn't it? Here's one! It's about giant robots! Massive mechas! Mega... zords! Guess which one of us came up with this idea it was Kyle.


Achievement Unlocked 2020 by Insane Ian

Sometimes we all need that affirmation that what we're doing is worth it...even the little things. To that end, I've updated my song about Real World Achievement Hunting to hopefully help folks get through these "difficult times". Originally released to supporters of my Patreon back in May, this song and a bunch of other rare and unreleased tracks is now on my 4th b-side collection, "Demented Access Memory Nodes", available now on Bandcamp. Purchase today (Friday, July 3rd) and Bandcamp will...


Blow Stuff Up by The Belle Isle Rats

Just in time for the 4th!! This song has no deeper meaning other than it's fun to make stuff go boom!


Zoom Meeting by Devo Spice

Since the pandemic started and people started having to stay at home video conferencing software has gotten a huge spike in uptake and Zoom, for reasons unknown, came out on top, growing from 10 million active daily users to over 200 million. Clearly it's the software of choice despite not being the first to market, a series of security vulnerabilities, and ties to the Chinese government. I use it myself for The FuMPCast each week and have for several years now. I've been working from home...


Pac-Man Is Forty And So Should You by Worm Quartet

"Meet Tim Crist, a man obsessed with Pac-Man." - Fred Willard, 2004 (R.I.P.) Hi. I like Pac-Man, and because of that Fred Willard said my name on VH-1 once and I was more recently in an article for the Smithsonian to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the great yellow semi-circle of life. So if you're interested in Fred Willard saying your name on VH-1 and being in an article for the Smithsonian, I highly recommend liking Pac-Man. It's not hard, because Pac-Man is neat. Anyway, long story...


I'm A Virus by Joe J Thomas

I'm A Virus Parody of "I'm On Fire" by Bruce Springsteen What can I do with the creepiest song by Springsteen? Make it creepier, of course! Written and sung by Joe J Thomas More at: Video at: Copyright 2020, Joe J Thomas, Joe's Dump, All Rights Reserved. Not a Quinn-Martin Production.


Too Soon by Steve Goodie

As we enter the third month of quarantine, everyone is acting like the virus is miraculously gone. It's not. It's SO not. Now where would everyone get THAT idea? Speaking of ideas... this here song is the brainchild of Amanda Cohen, who was kind (and nuts) enough to let me in on writing and producing it. Here's the video! Music: R. Rodgers Lyrics: Amanda Cohen and SG Bass, drums, guitar, vocals: SG Additional vocals: Amanda Cohen Saxophone: Bryan Cumming Guitar: Sachio Goodie


Hotel Concellation by Dave Stagner

As cons were cancelled due to COVID, someone on Facebook started "Concellation"... a con that never actually happens. I thought it needed a theme song, so I wrote one.


Repeat by Mikey Mason

Type type type. Delete delete delete. Drink. Scroll. Sigh. Repeat.


Take Me Out To The Overpriced Ballgame by Carla Ulbrich

Will there be baseball this year? Who knows? One thing we know is once those ballparks are open, they will be back to overcharging us for everything from parking to game tickets to popcorn. Yay, corporations! From The LOUD Album guitar, vocal: Carla Ulbrich lyrics: Carla Ulbrich and Joe Giacoio drums, bass, organ, announcer: Steve Goodie


Ava's Couch by Brian Woodbury

A surf song about couch surfing. From the album "Levity & Novelty." Written by Brian Woodbury & Bill Berry.