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Episode 318 - Keep Your Friends Close & Your Prosthetic Feet Closer

It's been a bad week for Southwest airlines, first the mid-air accident and now woman claims Southwest lost her mother's prosthetic foot. Meanwhile, a man learned the hard way that you should think before you shoot at someone you think is an intruder. Plus, more proof that everything in Australia is trying to kill you.


Episode 317 - The First Rule of Fight Club

A couple was shocked when they looked at the ultrasound of their bundle of joy and saw the face of one of the aliens from Tim Burton's movie "Mars Attacks." Meanwhile, a substitute teacher learned the hard way that it's critical to explain the rules of "Fight Club" in advance. Plus, school dress codes have changed a lot over the years.


Episode 316 - The Truth Is Out There

It turns out you can add a cadre of Astronauts to the list of people who have seen UFO's. Meanwhile, new data suggests that motherhood is more work than a full-time job. Plus, a roofer in Louisiana repossessed his product when the customer failed to pay on time.


Episode 315 - Alan Dalinka from

A Connecticut man with a crush on singer Taylor Swift came up with an extremely creative way to try to win her over. Meanwhile, a Michigan couple narrowly rescued a winning lottery ticket from the garbage. Plus, Garry checks in with Alan Dalinka from


Episode 314 - Keep A Running Inventory Of Your Chicken Nuggets

Garry's brother Tim found an unlikely supporter in his search for the truth about UFO's. Meanwhile, a listener had a head scratching run-in with the employees at his local Starbucks. Plus, a good reason for adults to carry sippy cups with them any time they are in large groups.


Episode 313 - The Last Who Appreciates A Big Deal

An Illinois man recently won the lottery, but at 91 he might not have a whole lot of time to cash in. Meanwhile, an Iowa man was threatened with a lawsuit by elected officials for complaining about how the town smells. Plus, a Japanese couple is apologizing for getting pregnant before their time.


Episode 312 - Close Encounters Of The Meier Kind

Garry's brother Tim has been on the UFO hunt for a while, but he's definitely the only one seeing strange things in the skies. Meanwhile, a woman got the surprise of her life when she decided to get her DNA tested. Plus, the most heartwarming story about a squirrel you're going to hear today.


Episode 311 - A Nice Walk Through The Tongue

Garry thinks the April Fools tradition may have officially jumped the shark. Meanwhile, homeless people in England have been taking over cemeteries. Plus, if you don't like insects, you might want to avoid the Kansas airport.


Episode 310 - The Disoriented Express

Statistics suggest that many Americans decided to give up watching porn on the internet for Lent. Meanwhile, a New Zealand man had an interesting scam to get intimate with a lady. Plus, an Oregon man on the run for the FBI has a very identifiable tattoo.


Episode 309 - Keep Watching The Skies

There have been more UFO sightings in California, and they look a lot like the strange sighting Garry's brother had. Meanwhile, a friend of Garry was involved in a pretty amazing fake kidnapping scam. Plus, a man's beer belly turned out to be something very different.


Episode 308 - Financial Advice with Danny Kofke

Garry meets Danny Kofke, the author of "The Wealthy Teacher: Lessons for Prospering on a School Teacher's Salary." Meanwhile, if we've learned anything from the last couple of weeks, it's that you should always read the terms of service before you agree to them. Plus, a confusing new dating trend has emerged.


Episode 307 - The Wheels Will Come Off If We Continue On This Path

It turns out Stephen Hawking had a far more eventful personal life than you would have thought possible. Meanwhile, Garry salutes the characters of a highly successful ad campaign. Plus, another news story that will not be helpful for the bureau of tourism in India.


Episode 306 - Five Seconds From Death

A man took his girlfriend to the Bahamas to ask his girlfriend to marry him, but was killed by a big wave before he could do it. Meanwhile, an alleged burglar in Nebraska provides more proof for the Name Theory. Plus, a new survey suggests that men have a hard time letting go of some things from childhood.


Episode 305 - Tech Expert Dan Fedor

The hits keep coming for United Airlines after they had another problem with a pet that was in their care. Meanwhile, across the pond, Princess Kate is getting some criticism for something very unlikely. Plus, technology guru Dan Fedor from Nauto joins Garry to share some tech news and gadgets that will make spring more exciting.


Episode 304 - Probing UFO Encounters

People who think rings are too cumbersome are having diamonds embedded directly into their fingers. Meanwhile, a woman's ice cream craving ended up leading to a big lottery win. Plus, Garry checks in with his brother Tim to talk about his recent encounter with a UFO.


Episode 303 - I'll Never Forget The First Time I Saw A Yeti

It turns out there are quite a few more negative side effects of Daylight Saving Time than even Garry thought. Meanwhile, a man in China was raising what he thought was a puppy, but it turned out to be something very different. Plus, more details have emerged about a disturbing story from earlier in the week.


Episode 301 - Petri Dishes In The Sky

A wedding planner has come up with a way to make a positive impact on her community with wedding leftovers. Meanwhile, Garry wonders what the social media comments would be like if Jesus showed up today. Plus, a man had a unique way of responding to a co-worker who was not receptive to his romantic advances.


Episode 300 - Dealing With Reality

A teen in California decided it was a good idea to pose as a law enforcement officer and do traffic stops and it just got more strange from there. Meanwhile, a man is overcoming his heartbreak by helping another young couple, if they can prove they are in love. Plus, a woman learned the hard way that you should never let your infant play with your smartphone.


Episode 299 - The Devil May Be In Charge Of ABC

A listener makes an offer to Garry and Leslie for some late night entertainment on the lake front in Chicago. Meanwhile, Garry is very disturbed by what he saw on ABC's reality show The Bachelor. Plus, a man learned the hard way that it's not a good idea to give your company credit card to an escort.


Episode 298 - We're Going To Kill Ourselves In Garbage

There's been a spike in animal sightings in Florida, but Garry says you can hardly blame the animals for this problem. Meanwhile, an Illinois man hired a hit man to kill his parents after they stifled his career ambitions. Plus, North Dakota won a very surprising award.


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