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Welcome to The HOUSE OF CUCKOOS! An absurdist play written back in June of 1992 by two delusional young men through sleep deprivation, the House of Cuckoos has now become a radio show! Come on in!

Welcome to The HOUSE OF CUCKOOS! An absurdist play written back in June of 1992 by two delusional young men through sleep deprivation, the House of Cuckoos has now become a radio show! Come on in!
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Welcome to The HOUSE OF CUCKOOS! An absurdist play written back in June of 1992 by two delusional young men through sleep deprivation, the House of Cuckoos has now become a radio show! Come on in!




THoC Episode #110

Comic book geek fun! The House of Cuckoos Radio Show #110 !!! A Comic Book World dominating show but with so much else to offer you as you put your superhero cape on & fly along with The Cuckoos! We consider joining an alcohol church, find a guy on three wheels seeking pizza, get into some sciencey genitalia talk of the butt-clench tightening kind, find the Avengers sex toys, & find some living pig brains! It's delightful madness along with all the usual off-centered fun you love to listen...


THoC Episode #109

Funny fun to funk around with! The House of Cuckoos Radio Show #109 !!! Tarantula burgers, Record Store Day, morning radio, sweatbands, & dead skin eating! We also speak of the history of Velocity Boy's name, & it includes Tony Hawk! Where does the 6th dimensional door lead to? Right to the mics of The House of Cuckoos, that's where! The House of Cuckoos Radio Show #109 !!! It's a yapping good time! CUCKOO! CUCKOO!!! ,


THoC Episode #108

LET'S ROCK!!!!! The House of Cuckoos Radio Show #108 !!! We goose the randy duck of silliness in this episode celebrating 4/20 & The 2018 Rock Hall inductions! The essence of absurdity whisks the non-dairy cream of Cuckoo consciousness mixed with a nice spicy mayo of weirdness is all you need to pour over the eggs-benedict of the greasy elbow type that sizzle in your half-baked mind! Get peppered with us as we seek out the microbiome that is our bodies, pass another rapture date, find the...


THoC Episode #107

Woo-hoo! The House of Cuckoos Radio Show #107 !!! Jump into the CUCKOO fun as we ask what's up with white people lately/always, discover condom snorting, discuss the vampires that stole Stan Lee's blood, consider moving to Iowa for the free land, & mock YouTube posting as a career! Plus, answer a DM from a listener dreaming he is Dr. Antonio, prepare for zombie raccoons, & discuss brain preservation! It's a weird show but isn't everything that's Cuckoo always turn out weird? Of COURSE it...


THoC Episode #106

The House of Cuckoos Radio Show #106 !!! Our (Sorta) Easter/Passover/Spring Episode! The internet reality has descended upon us and we can't help but mock it all the way, no matter which faith is partying! Listen in as a flat-earther rocket gets ribbed, super-gonorrhea threatens us all, genetic cat research becomes a thing, personal thrones most preferred get discussed, a goodbye to the great pervy Craigslist personals, & witnessing a glorious smoking elephant! Plus Dame Helen Mirren's...


THoC Episode #105

The House of Cuckoos Radio Show #105 !!! A fantastic adventure in discussion, entertainment, music, & culture! Or so we'd like to believe long as YOU believe it, too! Madcap madness in the most Cuckoo of style with the most absolute absurdity that only a true Cuckoo fan can enjoy! We shade the face of emotions, find a poop-juice cult, sock rob a store, study an alien skeleton, & mull over the wonderful joys of bee sting acupuncture! PLUS an AMAZING INTERVIEW with the up & coming artist...


THoC Episode #104

Éirinn go Brách! The House O'Cuckoos Radio Show #104 !!! A Cuckoos Cleveland St. Patrick's Day Party Special! We're partying for the green celebration recorded LIVE St. Patrick's 2018 ! But dancing a jig to Irish cliches is not all we do! We also find the history of corned beef with the holiday, debate reusable toilet tissue, find a cashew tooth, prepare for platypus milk, get scared over Disease X, pickle juice slushies, & our goodbye to & discussion of the great physicist Stephen Hawking!...


THoC Episode #103

The House of Cuckoos Radio Show #103 !!! What a wonderful episode filled with ridiculous topics of random news delights! Peep this: wooden skyscrapers, buried treasure in the US, Angie Bowie, Garlic Girls & Curling, recycled meat (yes, that's correct), Big Macs, & Bily Graham! What's inside? Nothing, & there you are! It's The House of Cuckoos Radio Show #103 !!! Come wander along with us & see the next new day of Cuckoo reverie! O YES! .


THoC Episode #102

The House of Cuckoos Radio Show #102 !!! The real Elvis is stalking our windows but that doesn't stop us from going full Cuckoo! And go Cuckoo we do! Fun things are what we speak to you & that includes discussing eye worms, pigeon bio-monitors, aggressive alcohol testing, & what type of meal we would be if we could be one! It's a blustery coaster of salacious humor with a side of metaphorical bacon & cleaning products! The House of Cuckoos Radio Show #102 !!! It's so weird you'll go...


THoC Episode #101

The House of Cuckoos Radio Show #101 !!! Spreading Love as we spread our Cuckoo wings of amorous wishes your way! It's a Vlentine's Day Special! That's right, the crooked cupids gone diaperless, The House of Cuckoos will give you the the worst love relationship advice you will ever want to hear! Plus we review the histories of Valentine's Day, discuss airplane plumbers, consider fast-food fries as a baldness cure, grab some broken heart chicken wings, & eyeballs! With all this fun how could...


THoC Episode #100

The House of Cuckoos Radio Show #100 !!! We made it to a milestone in our episodes! Or a meter-stone for you metric types, but either way we made it to 100 episodes, HOORAY! More famous than our minds can handle yet where are our TV series offers? Join us in the Cuckoo pool as we splash around some inane ideas as the waves of absurdity flatten our inflatable comedy into minimalist steaks that float along the sea of silliness into the mouth of a river of flatulence that breathes the joy of...


THoC Episode #99

The House of Cuckoos Radio Show #99 !!! Crisp as bacon & sweet as crab-cakes on a warm mud pie, the Cuckoos always come out half baked for your delight! It's the last of the double-digit episodes for us numbers but the beginning of the next phase of Cuckoo-ness! Keeping nonsense nonsensical for those who need it! And who doesn't need it?The fun is in the mind you make when your mind hasn't been made up like this before? What? We don't know, just tune in & join in the talk that will have you...


THoC Episode #98

The House of Cuckoos Radio Show #98 !!! Gamer addiction, magic boxes, & pirates! If you stuck your hand in a "magic box", what would you pull out?? ...And with WHAT consequences? A thrilling idea riddled with nonsense & laughter filled mayhem that gets layered with more mayhem followed by a drop of insanity & a dab of malarkey that all combines to become a dandy of a crazy episode of The House of Cuckoos! Are you surprised? Of course not! You're just as Cuckoo, too! Jump into our satirical...


THoC Episode #97

The House of Cuckoos Radio Show #97: Our 8th Annual Winter Christmas Anti-Xmas Holiday Xmas Special!!! Only this time it's HALF-ASSED! That's right, The House of Cuckoos Radio Show Half-Assed Holiday Special! Happy Holidaze & may your yule log get blazed! An enjoyably joyous show of festive talk & yuletide banter along with questionable comedic subversion & a slice of homemade Cuckoo beak humble pie! Get your bells jingled listening to classic Cuckoos holiday skits PLUS BRAND NEW HOLIDAY...


THoC Episode #96

La Casa dei Cuculi stuzzicherà la tua area privata! Questa è la nostra prima frase scritta in Italiano! The House of Cuckoos Radio Show #96 !!! A delightful episode full of wonder & excitement like: How do people enjoy Star Wars sex toys? Yes, Star Wars sex toys! Can dressing like Batman really help you get the job done? Could black holes become potential tourist spots? & what lies beyond the black hole? Is it really a big, heavenly Wal-Mart??? Oh, & we discuss Pizza Hut beer! It's weirdness...


THoC Episode #95

Said you heard? Aye, ya have! IT'S The House of Cuckoos Radio Show #95: Thanksgiving Celebration & Peanut Butter on Celery Episode! A cooked bird stuffed with mocking fun & satiric gravy all topped with crazy cranberry flavored talk with a side of sliced Cuckooness! Listen in as we dramatize mashed potatoes, think of gnome poses, diverge into short togas, consider cheddar jacking, find a way to measure gamer IQ, hear Elvis take a plate, & ponder stoner thoughts of 'octo-porpoises' ((or...


THoC Episode #94

The House of Cuckoos Radio Show #94 !!! Power & pleasure, money & might, cowardice & the pains of self-preservation within the world ourselves created! Yeah, all that crap! We string a hard case of satire & sarcasm against those who get off on their own power! Plus: duty free goods (or is that "dooty free"?), pizza cubes, Facebook nudes, zombie ants, & baby talk from a REAL baby! Laff at the world's insanity with the most Cuckoo people around... The House of Cuckoos! And wow are we CUCKOO!...


THoC Episode #93

The House of Cuckoos Radio Show #93: Our Annual THoC Spooktastic Halloween Special 2017! Our 7th pumpkin lovin' Halloween show jam-packed with candy bites of Cuckoo silliness & chewy caramel Cuckoo musics! Classic skits abound wrapped around an absolutely LIVE case of twitching in studio talk & laughter! Recorded live 2017-10-28 @ the THoC Studios in Cleveland, Boo-hio! Grab your candy sack firmly as we discuss handing candy out with our feet, dressing in costumes no one understands,...


THoC Episode #92

The House of cuckoos Radio Show #92: 7th Anniversary Episode! A stripped down talk show type thang to celebrate our seventh year of utter CUCKOO MADNESS! Our new mixing board has arrived & we can broadcast so much more lovely than before!!! Join us as we debate reality from truth, realize the meaning behind the Three's Company theme song, get ready for Summer humidity, challenge Cthulhu to a Cuckoo standoff, & speak of all our celebrity ghost visits! Music Guest: Secret Salmon! Summer...


THoC Episode #91

The House of Cuckoos Radio Show #91 !!! Making sarcasm great again! We talk of calming the storms of cultural tension, discuss Metal News, take on dragon riding, mock all sensibilities, & give a nod to the late Chris Cornell in this randomly wonderful waltz of tongue twisting nonsense that is so glaringly Cuckoo you will overcome your problems & yell the Cuckoo name! ...Or you'll just laff for awhile before going back to your crazy lives! So get crazy with The Cuckoos instead! Music Guest:...